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EMLL 7/13/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 7/13/1984

Taped 7/13/1984 Arena Mexico.

Kamikaze Misawa (Mitsuharu Misawa), Cachorro Mendoza & Tony Salazar vs. Coloso Colosetti, El Egipcio & Jerry “El Puma” Estrada

Tony Salazar chases El Egipcio out of the ring. He returns to face Salazar to start the first fall of the match. El Egipcio decides to go back out and tags in Jerry Estrada. Salazar tags out and Mendoza gets in the ring. Salazar chases after El Egipcio. Colosetti decides to get in the ring to face Mendoza. He and Estrada attack Mendoza. Meanwhile, Salazar continues to chase after El Egipcio outside the ring.

Mendoza hits Colosetti with a headbutt. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock by Colosetti. He whips Mendoza into the rudos corner. Whips him into the ropes and El Egipcio catches Mendoza with a punch and Salazar promptly gets in the ring and chases him away. Kamikaze Misawa tags in and he takes down Colosetti with a leglock. Colosetti follows that up with a takedown on Misawa and he grabs hold of his right leg. They reverse each others holds. As they are doing this, Salazar runs in and shoves El Egipcio off the ring apron. Nice exchange by Colosetti and Misawa before they both tag out.

Estrada and Mendoza get in the ring and they exchange holds, backdrops and kicks. Mendoza monkey flips Estrada over the top rope to the floor. Salazar tags in and he goes up against El Egipcio, who steps back out of the ring. Fans boo him. Colosetti gets in the ring instead against Salazar but El Egipcio jumps Salazar from behind and punches him. He whips Salazar hard into the corner. Does it a second time but Salazar is ready this time. Salazar slams El Egipcio’s head into the top turnbuckle and follows with a top rope plancha.

Nice back and forth off the ropes until El Egipcio punches Salazar but Salazar gets him back and knocks him down. Misawa and Estrada back in the ring. Fast-paced action between these two. Misawa blocks Estrada’s offense and kicks him out of the ring. Mendoza and Colosetti now in and Mendoza goes for a weheelbarrow into an armdrag. Series of armdrags lead to Colosetti heading to the outside. Misawa and Estrada back in and Estrada gets him with a few dropkicks. Estrada climbs up on Misawa’s shoulders and Salazar tries to dropkick Estrada off him but they both end up going over the top rope to the floor.

Colosetti rushes into the ring and shoves Salazar out of the ring. Mendoza gets in but Colosetti continues to beat him and whips him into the corner only Mendoza reverses and gets Colosetti in an abdominal stretch to get him to submit. Reverse tope by Salazar at El Egipcio and he covers him for the pin. Misawa chases Estrada out of the ring. Tecnicos win first fall.

Jerry Estrada and Kamikaze Misawa start the second fall. Estrada shoves Misawa into the rudos corner and they beat on him. Side headlock by Estrada and he tags in El Egipcio who knocks Misawa out of the ring. Mendoza comes in and El Egipcio knocks him down. He pulls Mendoza by the hair. Salazar tires to make the save but the referees stop him. Misawa finally gets in and jumps on El Egipcio but the rudos make the save.

El Egipcio punches Salazar in the mid-section a few times. Estrada beats on Misawa and sends him to the outside were he whips him into the ring. Colosetti submits Cachorro Mendoza in the ring. Estrada and El Egipcio drag Misawa back into the ring. El Egipcio slams him and Estrada lands a senton on Misawa for the pin. Rudos even it up winning a quick second fall.

Rudos continues to attack Tony Salazar. Wristlock on Salazar. Colosetti tosses Misawa at the ring. Mendoza checks in on Salazar.

Third fall starts with El Egipcio beating on Cachorro Mendoza. Colosetti joins in and beats on Mendoza. Estrada gets back in the ring after spending time outside beating on Misawa. Salazar now in and he gets tossed into the corner by El Egipcio. More double and triple-teaming from the rudos on Salazar. Snapmare by El Egipcio followed by Estrada with a slingshot kneedrop on Salazar. Colosetti and El Egipcio continue to attack Salazar’s left arm.

Cachorro Mendoza’s had enough and he attacks El Egipcio. He gets El Egipcio in a submission hold but Estrada makes the save. Salazar gets back in the ring and whips Estrada into the corner and then catches him with a quebradora. He repeats it again but Colosetti makes the save and kicks Salazar out of the ring. Misawa gets in and chops Colosetti and whips him into the corner.

Misawa gets Colosetti in an abdominal stretch but Estrada makes the save. Misawa gets Estrada in an abdominal stretch but Colosetti kicks him and both go to the outside. Mendoza back in and he punches Colosetti out of the ring. Salazar goes for a jumping armbar on El Egipcio and tries to get him to submit but Colosetti makes the save. Mendoza stops Colosetti.

Dr. Alfonso Morales mentions that Colosetti and Salazar have a long running rivalry because according to Colosetti, Salazar stole a girlfriend from him and he dreams of getting revenge against Salazar! Mendoza gets Coloseitt with a dropkick and follows with a plancha for a near fall. Estrada shoves both out of the ring. Estrada and Misawa back in the ring and Misawa gets Estrada in an abdominal stretch. Egipcio and Colosetti run in to make the save and Estrada slips to the outside. They sends Misawa to the outside.

Salazar and Mendoza get in the ring and slam Colosetti and El Egipcio into each other. They do it a second time and try for a third time only this time Colosetti and El Egipcio slip out and send Salazar and Mendoza into each other. They go for “La Estrella” (The Star) with Misawa slamming down Estrada onto everyone and submitting him with a half crab while his partners pin the other two to win the third fall.

WINNERS: Kamikaze Misawa, Cachorro Mendoza & Tony Salazar

Misawa and Estrada continue to brawl outside the ring. Salazar chases away El Egipcio.

Dr. Alfonso Morales goes over to interview Coloso Colosetti. Colosetti doesn’t want Dr. Morales to mention Tony Salazar and says Salazar is only good for washing dishes. Dr. Morales asks Colosetti if he’s scared of Japanese wrestlers. Colosetti tells him that he’s not scared of Salazar or Misawa and says Misawa is his chauffer driving his car. He sends his greetings to everyone in Los Angeles, California. He praises the almighty dollar and Italy and puts down the Mexicans ringside. He tells Dr. Morales that he is pleased to see him again.

Cien Caras © vs. El Halcon Ortiz for the Mexican National Heavyweight Title

El Dandy is Cien Caras second while Super Halcon is Halcon Ortiz’s second.

They lock-up to start the first fall and quickly break away after reaching the ropes. Ortiz takes Cien Caras down to the mat and gets him in a side headlock. Cien Caras counters with a headscissors. Halcon Ortiz again gets him with a side headlock and then goes for a wristlock for a takedown. Cien Caras with a headscissors but Ortiz is able to escape and get Cien Caras in a side headlock. Cien Caras reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Cien Caras takes Halcon Ortiz down and gets him with a leglock. Ortiz breaks the hold and goes for a pin attempt on Cien Caras. Hiptoss by Ortiz sends Cien Caras back down to the mat. Cien Caras whips Ortiz into the corner and armdrags him. Ortiz gets back up and armdrags Cien Caras and then dropkicks him which sends Cien Caras to the outside.

Referee Gran Davis counts Cien Caras and he eventually gets back in the ring. Ortiz whips Cien Caras into the corner and then slams him. Ortiz with a hiptoss and he tries to get a pin on Cien Caras but Cien kicks out. He gets Ortiz in a leglock. Ortiz escapes and rolls to the outside.

Halcon Ortiz gets back in the ring and Cien Caras slams him back down hard to the mat. He does it a second time. Ortiz with a takedown and elbow. He slams Cien Caras and lands a senton on Cien Caras. He only gets a two count. Ortiz goes for a second senton but Cien Caras moves out of the way and he covers Ortiz for the pin but Ortiz kicks out. They get caught on the ropes and both along with referee Gran Davis fall to the floor! Fans laugh as all three fall to the outside.

Cien Caras and Halcon Ortiz return to the ring. Referee Gran Davis is left laying outside and the fans start a 20-count for him. Ortiz catches Cien Caras with a dropkick but misses a second. Knee lift by Cien Caras on Ortiz. El Dandy hands Cien Caras a foreign object and he uses it on Ortiz and that sends him to the outside. Cien Caras follows. He tells the fans to move as he tosses Ortiz into the first few rows of chairs!

Cien Caras heads into the crowd to go after Halcon Ortiz. Referee is still knocked out on the floor. Cien Caras brings back Ortiz to the ring. He continues to attack Ortiz with some knee drops. Cien Caras follows with a backbreaker and there is no referee still in the ring. Referee Roberto “Guero” Rangel finally shows up and declares Cien Caras the winner of the first fall.

Super Halcon gets in the ring and attacks Cien Caras. He sends Cien Caras to the outside and quickly checks on Halcon Ortiz. Ortiz sells like he’s knocked out as referee Roberto Rangel enters to check on him. El Dandy raises Cien Caras arm in victory. Referee starts to unlace his boots. No doctor is ringside which leads to the announcers trashing the Box y Lucha Commission.

Referee continues to try to revive Halcon Ortiz. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Cachorro Mendoza show up and run off Cien Caras. Cien and El Dandy remain ringside. Rayo de Jalisco chases after Cien Caras. They finally bring out a stretcher and take Halcon Ortiz to the back.

WINNER: No Contest

Dr. Morales interviews Cien Caras who vows to get rid of Rayo de Jalisco Jr. next. Fans boo him loudly. Cien Caras says he won the match because he won the first fall. Dr. Morales asks the ring announcer what the result of the match was but he doesn’t know because the commission isn’t there. Cien Caras tells Dr. Morales that all he knows is that he won the first fall and since Ortiz isn’t there anymore, he should be declared the winner.

They talk to a couple of fans ringside who are not pleased with the result of the title match.

El Satanico gets interviewed by Dr. Alfonso Morales and he tells Morales that he is the #1 rudo in Mexico. He says he’s superior to everyone including Cien Caras and Sangre Chicana. Dr. Morales asks El Satanico how many times has he been in hair matches and he tells Morales that he lost count.

El Satanico vs. Samurai Shiro (Shiro Koshinaka) in a hair vs. hair match

Samurai Shiro attacks El Satanico as soon as he enters the ring! He sends El Satanico to the outside and beats on him. El Satanico still has his ring jacket on as he’s getting beaten by Shiro. The ring announcer makes the introductions. Someone comes over and helps remove El Satanico’s ring jacket. Referee for the match is Eddie Palau.

Samurai Shiro heads back outside and attacks El Satanico to start the first fall. He rolls El Satanico back into the ring and gets him with a wristlock. He twists El Satanico’s arm until El Satanico reaches the ropes but Shiro chops into his left arm. Shiro takes him down with an armbar. El Satanico rolls over and tries to get Samurai Shiro in a pinning predicament but Shiro reverses it. He does it agian but Shiro keeps the arm locked in. El Satanico delivers some knees at Samurai Shiro but Shiro recovers and gets him with some elbows.

Samurai Shiro with a hiptoss off the ropes and back to an armbar. El Satanico kicks at Shiro’s head trying to break the hold. He backdrops Shiro off the ropes and goes for another attempt but Samurai Shiro lands an elbow on El Satanico. Jumping Hip attack by Samurai Shiro gets him a two count on El Satanico. He goes for a cradle on El Satanico but they get near the ropes.

El Satanico surprises Shiro Koshinaka with a slam. He whips Shiro into the ropes but Koshinaka grabs hold of his arms and gets El Satanico with a surprise pin to win the first fall.

Second fall starts with Koshinaka landing an elbow across the back of El Satanico. He stomps on El Satanico’s back a bit more. Shiro slams him into the corner and stomps on him more. Elbow across the back of El Satanico. El Satanico counters with a knee lift at Koshinaka. He knocks down Shiro but Shiro gets back up and headbutts him. He crawls over and gives El Satanico another headbutt!

Samurai Shiro whips El Satanico into the corner. He slams him and Shiro climbs to the top rope and lands a kneedrop on El Satanico that only gets him a two count. Double underhook suplex by Koshinaka gets him another two count. Koshinaka attacks El Satanico’s left leg. He climbs up to the top rope again but El Satanico slams him right off. Koshinaka rolls out to the floor. El Satanico attacks him outside the ring and tosses him into the ring post.

El Satanico continues to attack Samurai Shiro outside the ring. He slams him into the ring post a few more times. El Satanico with a suplex on Shiro Koshinaka followed by a plancha and he goes for the pin but Shiro kicks out. El Satanico hooks Shiro by the arms and rolls him up for the pin to win the second fall. El Satanico continues to attack Koshinaka after the fall ends.

Third fall starts with Samurai Shiro outside the ring and El Satanico waiting for him to return in the ring. Koshinaka tells the referee to get him away and as he climbs back up to the ring, El Satanico knocks him off again. He charges at Shiro again but Koshinaka grabs hold of his leg and whips it off the middle rope. Koshinaka gets back in the ring but El Satanico continues his attack on him. He gouges his eyes. Shiro is able to toss El Satanico to the outside. Shiro’s bleeding from the forehead.

The announcers continue to point out that there is no representative from the Box y Lucha Commission at the show so the luchadores have been more aggressive. Shiro tosses El Satanico into the ring post. They both get back in the ring and now both are bleeding. Shiro bites and claws at El Satanico’s forehead. More chops and stomps by Koshinaka at El Satanico.

El Satanico tosses Koshinaka off him. Shiro stomps on El Satanico and then piledrives him! Dr. Morales mentions that move is prohibited in lucha libre. Koshinaka goes for the pin but El Satanico kicks out. Another headbutt by Koshinaka. El Satanico wipes blood from his forehead and fires up and attacks Koshinaka! He slaps at him. El Satanico punches and kicks at Koshinaka in the corner and then whips him into the other corner and hits him with a shoulder block. He whips Shiro to the other corner but Koshinaka climbs up the ropes and catches El Satanico with a sunset flip for a pin. El Satanico kicks out.

Samurai Shiro goes for a slam but El Satanico escapes. El Satanico tries to roll up Koshinaka but that gets reversed for a pin attempt that El Satanico kicks out of. Samurai Shiro follows that up with a Boston Crab! El Satanico powers out of the hold. Koshinaka rolls up El Satanico for a pin and bridges over him but Satanico kicks out.

El Satanico catches Shiro with a slam but misses a senton off the ropes. Samurai Shiro goes for the pin but El Satanico kicks out. El Satanico again with a body slam and senton combo for a near fall. Koshinaka with an inside cradle for a two-count. El Satanico goes for another slam on Koshinaka but Shiro fouls El Satanico. Koshinaka continues to attack El Satanico. Referee stops the match and disqualifies Shiro Koshinaka for fouling El Satanico with a closed fist.

WINNER: El Satanico

The fans are upset with the result that Shiro was fouled and don’t want him to get his head shaved. The barber shaves Samurai Shiro’s head and the fans boo while that is being done. Koshinaka chases after El Satanico and they stare each other down outside the ring as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The hair and trios matches were good. The title match was cut short with Halcon Ortiz selling a knockout after the first fall. Not sure if he was legit injured or not but at that point was when the announcers pointed out that there was no doctor ringside and no representative from the Box y Lucha commission. The result upset fans. I mostly enjoyed the trios match because of the rarity of seeing Mitsuharu Misawa wrestling in Mexico. He and Jerry Estrada had good chemistry when in against each other. They had the ongoing feud with Tony Salazar and El Egipcio as the other highlight of that match. Colosetti’s great on the mic. The hair match was very good with some good brawling. The finish wasn’t well received by the fans but I guess the tecnico getting caught fouling the rudo to lead to his loss via DQ was an interesting way to end it. Fans didn’t want Samurai Shiro to get his head shaved.


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