Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling 5/1, 5/8 & 5/15/1982

These are all clips from three weeks worth of GCW.

Taped 5/1/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Roddy Piper shows up with a monkey doll hanging from his neck across his back. He talks about Dusty Rhodes and mentions that everywhere he goes someone tells him that he has a gorilla on his back because George “The Animal” Steele is after him. Piper knows Steele is crazy and chews up turnbuckles. He tells Rhodes that he’s not scared and removes the monkey off his back and starts banging him across Gordon Solie’s desk.

Kevin Sullivan shows up and tells Piper (while pointing at the monkey doll) that he shouldn’t be slapping one of his family members because it looks just like Piper. He tells Piper that he and Ole Anderson are going to have to be prepared for when Dusty Rhodes and George Steele get their hands on them. Ole Anderson then comes out to confront Sullivan. Sullivan tells both that their faces are going to be rearranged by Rhodes and The Animal and they’ll look even worse than the monkey doll.

Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper tell Gordon Solie that they are not scared of Rhodes and The Animal, so Ole suggests they put them in the ring right now. Piper and Anderson head over to the ring.

Gordon Solie decides to show the fans what happened last week when Rhodes and Steele showed up. Buzz Sawyer attacks Tommy Rich as a match is going on in the ring. Kevin Sullivan, Ole Anderson, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and George “The Animal” Steele all get involved.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown vs. Rick Harris

Clean break by Rick Harris to start the match. Some shoving with Brown sending Harris across the ring. Top wristlock by Harris and Brown powers out and tosses Harris again. Harris gets Brown in a wristlock but it quickly gets reversed. Brown punishes Harris’ left arm. Harris gets Brown into the ropes and gets in a knee into the mid-section. Brown knocks him off him.

Harris again with a punch across Brown’s back. The Masked Superstar shows up ringside. Harris gets stomped by Brown. He talks to The Masked Superstar outside the ring. Brown jumps off the apron and knocks both down to the floor. He tosses Superstar into the ring and beats on him. Brown goes for Superstar’s mask but Harris makes the save. Brown beats on Harris and whips him into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He follows with a big splash for the pin.

WINNER: Leroy Brown

Brown waves The Masked Superstar into the ring, but he leaves.

We join in progress a match that features Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson teaming up. Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie on commentary. Piper and Anderson beat on their opponent. Piper pins his opponent after a suplex.

Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper head over to the announcer’s desk to confront Tommy Rich. Ole and Rich start to fight over a shirt. George “The Animal” Steele attacks Piper and Anderson. He bear hugs each of them and lays in some punches and tosses them out of the ring.

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich returns holding the shirt and brings a strap that he says is for Piper and Anderson. Roddy Piper attacks Tommy Rich. Rich is able to knock him down and both brawl around the ring. Ole Anderson comes out and attacks Rich. George Steele runs out and attacks Ole Anderson. Piper and Steele both leave. Rich tells Piper and Anderson that, he’ll be bringing Steele to Augusta, Georgia that night.

Taped 5/8/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie to talk about Stan Hansen, Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper. He mentions past rivals who tried to injure him like Terry Funk and Dick Slater. He said that one day he and Tommy Rich talked about teaming up. They have decided to form a tag team.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. David Jones

Sawyer shakes hands with his opponent. He takes him down to the mat and rides Jones to the mat. Roddy Piper is back on commentary and praises Sawyer as a great wrestler and trashes Dusty Rhodes. Sawyer slaps Jones and then backs away. Jones takes down Sawyer and gets him in an armbar. Sawyer slams Jones but he keeps the armbar locked in.

David Jones with a legdrop across Sawyer’s left arm. Sawyer with a stiff forearm across Jones head. He goes for a kneedrop on Jones for a two-count. Front facelock by Sawyer. Jones reaches the ropes. Sawyer gets in a few kicks on Jones. He slams Jones hard into the mat. Kneedrop across Jones’ head. Jones kicks out of a pin attempt. Sawyer takes down Jones with a headlock.

Sawyer keeps Jones on the mat grapevining his legs and taking him back down on the side with a headlock. He places his hand across Jones face and picks him up and dropkicks him. Sawyer with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich join Gordon Solie to talk about their match at the Omni on May 16th. Rhodes announces that he and Rich are a tag team now. Rich tells Anderson and Piper when you put Rich and Rhodes together you get “rough and ready”. They both say that if you want to get thru one, you have to go thru both. Rhodes keeps calling Piper, “Rodney Piper”!

New National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer joins Gordon Solie. He calls himself the “Boy Wonder” and talks about winning the title after paying his dues all over the country. He mentions Rich, Rhodes, Orndorff and Sullivan all want a shot at his title. He says that he is here to stay as champion.

Taped 5/15/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael “P.S.” Hayes vs. Bill White

Roddy Piper is on commentary for this match. Hayes backs White into the ropes and breaks cleanly. Armdrags by Hayes and he gets White in an armbar. Piper keeps praising White. White with a monkey flip but Hayes keeps the armbar locked in. White gets back up on his feet and shoves Hayes into the corner and gets in a few chops. Hayes fights back with some punches at White. He tells the referee that White hit him first.

Hayes gets the fans to clap for him as he dances in the ring for a bit. White with a knee into the mid-section. Hayes with a kick and punch followed by a body slam. He continues to punch on white and finally gets White back down with a rear chinlock. Piper thinks the chinlock looks “kind of tight”. Hayes catches White with a body slam and then follows with a fist drop. White rakes Hayes eyes and Piper continues to praise White and admonish Hayes.

Michael Hayes with an elbow and back to a rear chinlock. Piper claims it is a choke. White escapes and drives a knee into Hayes. He punches at Hayes. Fans start to chant “Freebird” for Hayes. Elbow from White wakes up Hayes and he sends White into the corner and backdrops him. White kicks out of the pin attempt and Hayes gets him back in a chinlock. Piper heads over to the ring and tells the referee that it’s a choke. Hayes walks over to Piper but White attacks him from behind.

Back and forth until Hayes sends White to the outside. Piper heads over to give advice to Bill White. White gets back in the ring and Hayes continues his attack. Hayes gets White with a bulldog and covers him for the pin. Piper places White’s foot on the ropes and tells the referee about it. Referee stops the count and tells Hayes the match is still going. White attacks Hayes. Hayes fights back and unloads on White. The two are exchanging punches near the ropes and Piper trips up Hayes. White falls on Hayes and covers him for the pin!

WINNER: Bill White

Kevin Sullivan and Mr. Wrestling II come out to tell the referee that Piper was involved in the decision. Piper heads over to Solie and starts to praise the victorious Bill White! Hayes rushes over but Sullivan and Mr. Wrestling II hold him back. Piper tells Bill White that he reminds him of himself. Piper on the mic mentions Hayes is angry because he doesn’t know how to lose.

Roddy Piper tells White that he was sensational in the match. Piper mocks Hayes being a Freebird and calls it history in the making because a Freebird is supposed to beat everyone that they face. White thanks Piper for pointing out all the mistakes Hayes was making.

Roddy Piper returns and throws out letters that he has received and talks about how everyone is jealous of him because he is so great. He rips apart an issue of PWI magazine for calling him “Rodney Piper”. Ole Anderson joins them to talk about how everyone is gunning for them.

Ted DiBiase vs. Chic Donovan

Ted DiBiase with a waist lift takedown on Donovan. Some good mat work to start the match. Side headlock, into a hammerlock into a leg takedown for a pin attempt on Donovan. DiBiase again takes Donovan down with a fireman’s carry takdown. Some quick moves from DiBiase off the ropes. He is able to take Donovan down with an armbar.

They get back onto their feet and Donovan whips DiBiase into the ropes but DiBiase slams Donovan. He goes for a pin attempt again but Donovan kicks out. DiBiase gets Donovan back down with an armbar. Piper returns and Solie mentions that he’s probably back because he’s scouting DiBiase in case they ever wrestle which Piper agrees is true. Donovan gets in a few forearms on DiBiase in the corner. He whips DiBiase into the corner and charges with a shoulder block into the mid-section. DiBiase blocks Donovan’s second attempt and chops him. He follows with a high backdrop.

DiBiase catches Donovan with a dropkick. He follows that up with a powerslam and gets Donovan in a figure-four leglock for the submission win.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Brad Armstrong and Kevin Sullivan promo with Gordon Solie. Sullivan said he saw fear in the eyes of Buzz Sawyer because he knows that he can hurt him. He tells Sawyer that he belongs to him, body and soul. Armstrong says he’s wrestled both and won’t miss their matches. He’ll be competing in some bodybuilding competitions and training with Kevin Sullivan and his father Bob Armstrong.

Tommy Rich has a rabbit and a pig in cages and says they are Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson. He warns them that he and Rhodes are going to get them.

Buzz Sawyer promo about Kevin Sullivan and says he has no fear. He removes his boot and claims he jumped into a rattlesnake pit and killed 10 snakes and made boots out of them.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown vs. Ed Timbs

Match is joined in progress with Brown applying a wristlock on Timbs. Ric Flair is on commentary with Gordon Solie. Timbs gets in a few forearm smashes on Brown. Brown counters with some forearms on Timbs. Flair gets upset at Solie for complimenting Brown and tells Solie that anything Brown can do, he can do better. Brown catches Timbs with a clothesline and follows with a big elbow off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Leroy Brown

Ric Flair yells at Leroy Brown and asks what his forte is. Flair tells Brown that he heard that he was a great arm wrestler and calls him over. He tells Solie that he’s not 300 lbs but he’s more man at 240 lbs than most. He gets in Brown’s face and tells him to show him something he could do better than him.

Flair removes his suit jacket and wants to arm wrestle Leroy Brown. He shoves Brown and Brown shoves back. Flair removes his tie and shoves Brown again. They place the desk and start to arm wrestle. Fans cheer loudly for Leroy Brown. Brown beats Flair at arm wrestling. He tells Flair that he hopes that he loved the taste of defeat.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Highlights from three different GCW episodes. Piper was the highlight with that great promo and getting involved in that angle with Michael Hayes. He was fantastic in that segment. Piper’s other promo with the toy monkey was great as well. Flair’s angle with Leroy Brown was great as well.


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