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World Of Sport Ep. #10

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #10

Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) vs. John “Muscles” England

Taped 2/14/1981, Aylesbury

Match is eight 5-minute rounds with 2-falls, 2-submissions or a knockout to decide a winner. Ring Announcer tells the fans that Sammy Lee wanted to let them know that he would like to wrestle the legendary Mick McManus on television which gets some applause from the fans. Mick McManus enters the ring and cuts a promo on Sammy Lee. Sammy Lee tells the ring announcer that if McManus wants to wrestle him so much, they can wrestle now. McManus tells Sammy Lee that he has to wrestle Johnny England now.

Johnny England poses before and right as the match starts. Fans start to argue with England. He poses again and Sammy Lee kicks his back and England goes thru the ropes to the outside. Fans cheer loudly. Sammy Lee trips up England upon returning to the ring. England whips Lee into the corners but Lee hits a cross body block off the ropes only England catches him and slams him down to the mat. Sammy Lee goes for a roll-up but England reverses it.

Sammy Lee gets England with a headscissors and spins him around. England whips Lee into the ropes but Lee backflips over England. Test of strength with Lee taking England down. England bridges so that Lee can’t get his shoulders on the ropes. Monkey flip by England but Lee lands on his feet. Leg takedown by England. Lee catches him with a reverse spin kick.

Johnny England whips Sammy Lee into the ropes but Lee reverses an armdrag and lifts England up and drops him on his knee with a quebradora. England with a double wristlock takedown into a headscissors. Lee escapes as the bell rings announcing the end of the first round.

Round two starts with England taking down Sammy Lee with a single leg takedown. He switches into a Boston Crab but Lee battles his way out of it. Side headlock by England with some punches thrown. Lee gets in a few kicks on England and catches him with a spin kick. England whips Lee again into the corners. Lee flips off the corner and catches England with some kicks. Lee takes down England but England grabs hold of a side headlock.

Sammy Lee lifts England up and slams him onto the mat. They get near the ropes but Lee kicks him anyway. He whips England into the corner and jumps off him and showboats a bit. A series of arm rolls by Lee send England to the outside. Fans cheer loudly. England is counted out and Lee wins via knockout.

WINNER: Sammy Lee via knockout

Sammy Lee vs. Cyanide Sid Cooper

Taped 10/11/1980, Southend

This is Satoru Sayama’s debut match in England. This match is six 5-minute rounds with 2-falls, 2-submissions or a knockout to determine the winner. Sid Cooper trash talks Sammy Lee. Lee walks over with his kendo stick and whacks him over the head with it to the delight of the fans!

Round one starts with Lee doing some kicks as the fans cheer on. He takes Cooper off his legs with several kicks. Cooper whips Lee into the corner and Lee climbs the ropes and hits a reverse cross body block on Cooper for the pin. Lee wins the first fall very quickly! Cooper’s upset and charges to the corner where he slips and the fans cheer Lee on even louder.

Cooper complains to the referee as round two starts. Announcer mentions that Sammy Lee was trained by Karl Gotch. Lee continues to impress and surprise Cooper. He uses his speed and acrobatics to keep Cooper off his feet. Cooper grabs hold of Lee with a wristlock but Lee reverses and sends Cooper back down to the mat. He gets in a few cheap shots on Lee with some punches to the kidney area.

Sammy Lee counters with an uppercut and more kicks that continue to keep Cooper on the mat. Cooper slaps at the mat. Test of strength which Cooper uses to stomp on Lee’s feet. He starts to use some illegal tactics to keep Lee down. Lee fires up and Cooper heads to the outside. Double fist followed by a kick from Lee on Cooper. Cooper with a leg takedown into a leglock. Lee reverses it but Cooper gets him in a full nelson. Lee is able to kick Cooper on the side to break out of the full nelson.

Grapevine by Cooper followed by more punches to the mid-section. He sends Lee into the ropes and punches him. Cooper takes Lee down on the mat but Lee escapes and gets him in a surfboard submission hold. The bell rings ending the second round but Cooper gets in a few more cheap shots on Lee. He’s given a public warning by the referee.

Cooper grabs Lee in a backbreaker over his knee to start round three. He gets in a few punches in on Lee while the referee chases after them to see what he’s doing. Lee recovers with some chops and dropkicks Cooper. Cooper charges at Lee but flies thru the middle rope to the outside. Sid Cooper is counted out in round three and loses via kinockout.

WINNER: Sammy Lee

Pat Roach vs. Magnificent Maurice (1983)

Taped 3/26/1983, Aylesbury

This match is eight 3-minute rounds with 2-falls, 2-submissions or a knockout to determine the winner. Round one starts with Pat Roach getting Magnificent Maurice in a side headlock. Maurice breaks free and charges at him off the ropes but can’t knock him down. He follows with a facelock but Roach picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle.

Magnificent Maurice with a wristlock takedown on Pat Roach. Roach struggles to break out of the hold but he eventually reverses it. He switches it over to an armbar and tries to get a pin. Big forearm by Maurice on Roach but Roach keeps hold of the wristlock. Roach with an arm suplex to take Maurice back down to the mat. Test of strength as the bell rings and Maurice gets in a knee into Roach’s mid-section.

Pat Roach grabs hold of Maurice’s left arm to start round two. Maurice is able to get him in a stranglehold as Roach tries to break out of the hold. Roach is able to reverse it. Some good reversals of this hold. Maurice is able to reach the ropes to force the break. Maurice gets Roach in a full nelson and that gets reversed. Roach gets Maurice in a wheelbarrow and lifts him back up and again gets him in the full nelson as the bell rings.

Round three with Maurice attacking Roach in the corner. Referee breaks it up. Maurice with a leg takedown on Roach. He goes to work on Roach’s left ankle. Roach flips out of the hold and sends Maurice over the top rope but onto the ring apron. Hair pull from Maurice to take down Roach once again. He gets Roach in a headlock. Roach picks him up over his shoulders briefly but Maurice keeps the hold on. Maurice twists Roach’s head. The bell rings to end round three. Maurice gets in a knee on Roach and the referee gives him a public warning.

Side headlock by Roach to start round four. Maurice with a knee to the mid-section followed by some hard rights across Roach’s body. He stomps on Roach and kicks him as well. Senton by Maurice to get the pin on Roach in round four.

Round five starts with Maurice whipping Roach into the corner but Roach gets him with a kick. He whips Maurice into the corner and slams him. Shoulder block by Maurice. He whips Maurice into the corner and gets him with a backbreaker. Roach jumps onto Maurice and covers him for the pin to get his first fall in round five. He’s tied it up 1-1.

They talk about Pat Roach currently working on the latest Bond movie. Roach takes down Maurice in the sixth round. He gets in a forearm on Maurice and dropkicks him over the top rope. Maurice returns to the ring and quickly attacks Roach. He stands on top of Roach while holding the ropes. Front facelock by Maurice on Roach. Referee tells Maurice to break the hold. Roach headbutts Maurice in the mid-section and gets back up and knocks him down with an uppercut. Shoulder block by Roach sends Maurice down to the mat. Body check from Roach and he gets Maurice in a side headlock as the bell rings to end round six. Maurice gets in another cheap shot on Roach and gets another public warning from the referee.

One of the corner cushions falls off as round seven starts. Roach whips Maurice into it and gets him with a backbreaker. He whips Maurice into the ropes and kicks him. Roach slams Maurice and covers him for the pin in 38 seconds in round seven. Roach wins 2-1.

WINNER: Pat Roach

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The two Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) matches were good but kept relatively short. Sayama was outstanding showcasing his speed and athleticism in both matches. The Magnificent Maurice vs. Pat Roach match was a heavyweight encounter that was much slower than the other two matches. That match wasn’t my cup of tea.


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