Championship Wrestling From Florida 11/16/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 11/16/1983

Taped 11/16/1983 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 11/19/1983.

Gordon Solie is on commentary and is joined by Buddy Colt and Barbara Clary. Solie mentions that Mike Rotundo reminds him of Jack Brisco. They talk about Mike Rotundo’s recent NWA World Title match against Harley Race.

They talk about the upcoming match between Windham and Bass. Buddy Colt said he gets asked by people all the time what’s the story about the saddle and all he knows is what Bass said that it was a gift given to him by Dusty Rhodes’ mom. They show highlights of Windham and Bass issuing the title vs. saddle challenge that included J.J. Dillon tossing the contract at Windham. Solie mentions that The Midnight Rider and Blackjack Mulligan have told Bass to leave the saddle alone but Barry Windham wants to bring that saddle back to “The Family.”

Gordon Solie mentions that the match will be given the entire TV hour as requested by J.J. Dillon. He mentions they have stand-by video packages and matches should it not go the entire hour. Solie mentions that they will air another part of the “Saga of The Family” feature with J.J. Dillon.

“The Saga of The Family” with J.J. Dillon airs next. He wants to give Blackjack Mulligan and Dusty Rhodes an opportunity to appear and defend themselves. Dillon airs a taped interview from Rhodes where Rhodes warns Dillon not to step into his ranch.

He airs video of going to Rhodes home. Blackjack Mulligan and someone else are shown fixing a tractor. Dusty Rhodes rides in on a horse. He asks Mulligan if they fixed the tractor yet and Mulligan asks why they can’t just buy a new one. They refer to each other by their real names. Mulligan notices that there is a car driving down to them. J.J. Dillon walks out. Mulligan grabs a rifle and warns Dillon to leave. He shoots the rifle and Dillon runs away!

Bruce Tharpe is shown at the ranch. He mentions they haven’t seen Dillon in the last 2-3 hours. They have someone go search for Dillon. J.J. Dillon mentions that he was lost for 6 hours and had to go thru fences and manure. He said he suffered a non-poisonous snake bite. Dillon believes Mulligan and Rhodes are a danger to young wrestlers and he wants to clean up wrestling.

Barry Windham © vs. “Cowboy” Ron Bass (w/ James J. Dillon) in a NWA Florida Heavyweight Title vs. Saddle match.

They lock-up and Windham gets Bass on the ropes but breaks cleanly. Bass gets Windham in a side headlock but Windham escapes. Windham takes Bass down with a side headlock but Bass gets him in a headscissors. Barry escapes and gets Bass in a wristlock. Bass shoves him into the corner and gets in a forearm. Windham with a reverse whip into the ropes and an armdrag and into a chinlock. Bass reaches the ropes and slides to the outside.

Windham with a side headlock. Bass whips him into the ropes and misses a few punches. Windham with a cross body block off the ropes for a near fall. He gets Bass in a side headlock but Bass rolls Windham over onto his shoulders while also pulling his trunks. Solie mentions that they might have to get some more security ringside because a lot of the fans have gotten just as excited about this match as Bass and Windham. Bass whips Windham into the ropes but Windham dives off with a reverse cross body block into a forearm at Bass! Windham lands a legdrop on Bass and gets another near fall.

Barry Windham with a side headlock again on Bass. Bass tosses Windham into the turnbuckles. Windham blocks a third attempt and tosses Bass into the corner. He gets in a few forearms at Bass’ mid-section and gets Bass back down on the mat with a hiplock takedown and into a side headlock. Both men continue to battle. Windham gets knocked down by Bass. He leapfrogs Bass and monkey flips him and goes back to a side headlock on Bass.

Bass escapes but gets body slammed by Windham. Uppercuts from Windham and back to a side headlock on Bass. Bass whips Windham into the ropes and he catches him with a knee into the chest. Bass places Windham on the top rope and then takes him down with a suplex. Windham kicks out at two. Backbreaker by Bass on Windham followed by an elbow drop. Bass continues to attack Windham’s back. He goes for an atomic knee drop on Windham. Bass shoves him into the ropes and whips him into the ropes and gets him in an abdominal stretch.

Ron Bass gets some extra leverage by holding the trunks on Windham. They return from a break with Windham slipping out of the abdominal stretch. Bass has Windham in a front facelock. Windham punches out of the hold. He knocks down Bass but Bass grabs hold of Windham’s head and throws him to the outside. Bass sends Windham into the ring post. He punches Windham outside the ring. Bass follows with a fist drop.

Bass punches at a very bloody Barry Windham. Windham moves out of the way of a Bass diving headbutt. Barry dropkicks Bass and he falls to the outside. Windham follows and tosses Bass into the studio wall. He continues to punch at Bass. Bass is now bleeding from his forehead.

They both get back in the ring and exchange punches. Windham knocks Bass down and covers him for the pin but again Bass kicks out. Headbutt from Bass and both men fall to the mat. Dillon heads over to talk to Bass. Back suplex by Bass sends both down on the mat. Referee starts to count. Bass covers Windham for the pin but again Barry kicks out. Both knock each other down off the ropes.

Windham and Bass continue to punch each other. Windham gets Bass with a suplex. Bass and Windham continue to brawl around the ring. He slams Windham’s head into the top turnbuckle. Windham counters with some punches. He reverses a whip and catches Bass with a lariat and gets the pin on Bass! Barry Windham wins the saddle!

WINNER: Barry Windham

Ron Bass attacks Windham after the match. Backbreaker on Windham. The One Man Gang and J.J. Dillon enter the ring. Bass tosses referee Bill Alfonso out of the ring. They shoves Windham around. Bass grabs the saddle and places it on top of Windham and rides him to humiliate him.

Bass takes the saddle with him and tells Solie and Colt that Windham is a “yellow dog”.

The One Man Gang (w/ Jim Holiday) vs. Dennis Brown, Hector Guerrero & Mike Fever

Dennis Brown gets in several shots on The One Man Gang but it has no effect on OMG. The One Man Gang knocks down Brown and starts to beat on him in the corner. Shoulder blocks at Brown’s back. Brown crawls around and is able to tag in Mike Fever. J.J. Dillon joins in on commentary and mentions that he exclusively manages Ron Bass and Holliday managers The One Man Gang. He mentions that they hope to challenge for the U.S. Tag Team titles with Bass and The One Man Gang teaming up.

Mike Fever in the ring gets destroyed by The One Man Gang. Shoulder tackles into Fever’s mid-section in the corner. The One Man Gagn slams and legdrops Fever. He follows with a pair of elbow drops. Kneedrop on Fever. “Gentleman” Jim Holiday talks to Hector Guerrero outside the ring. He shows Guerrero some money and Hector walks out. Holiday leaves as well. The One Man Gang slams Fever and follows with a big splash for the pin. The One Man Gang tosses Dennis Brown out of the ring.

WINNER: The One Man Gang

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the focus on the Barry Windham vs. Ron Bass match and the segment on Dillon trying to expose the Family. Thought the segment with Dillon was very well done with him trying to get to Dusty Rhodes ranch and then getting run off it by Rhodes and Mulligan. The Bass and Windham match was very good. You could see the fans ringside wanting to get involved a few times especially when they kept getting upset that Bass was cheating and then the post-match attack was great. The One Man Gang match was a squash but that too had Hector Guerrero looking like he was going to turn heel and join Jim Holliday’s group.


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