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All Japan Women Classics Ep. #5

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #5

Devil Masami vs. Chigusa Nagayo for the All Pacific Title

Taped 8/22/85 Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

Loud chants from the fans as Chigusa Nagayo walks towards the ring. Masami and Nagayo stare each other down before the match starts.

Slaps exchanged right as the bell starts and then they shake hands! Nagayo with some nice kicks at Masami. Masami takes Nagayo down but Nagayo reaches the ropes to get the break. Nagayo takes Masami down to the mat but they are near the ropes and have to break again. Nagayo kicks Masami while they break away. More kicks exchanged with Nagayo sweeping Masami’s leg and getting her in a half crab. She switches over to a chinlock on Masami.

Devil Masami fights out of the chinlock and into a test of strength with Nagayo arching back until Masami takes her down and gets her in a leglock. Loud chants from the fans for Nagayo. Chinlock on Nagayo switched over into a side headlock by Masami. Nagayo struggles to fight out of the hold. She rolls Masami over for a pin attempt but Masami keeps her in the side headlock. Chigusa Nagayo slips out of the side headlock and gets back up on her feet.

Nagayo with a spin kick at Masami. She takes her down again on the mat and gets Masami in a leglock. Masami fights out and grabs Nagayo’s arm. Devil Masami switches over to attempt a double under hook suplex but ends up just switching that into a regular suplex and gets Nagayo back in a side headlock. Nagayo reaches the ropes. Masami whips Nagayo into the ropes and catches her with a double thrust chop. She rolls Nagayo up for a pin but Nagayo kicks out and grabs Masami in an armbar.

Double underhook suplex by Nagayo on Masami and she keeps hold of her arm and head. Masami bites Nagayo’s right hand but Nagayo keeps hold of her. She gets Masami in a surfboard submission hold. Devil Masami breaks out and she knocks down Nagayo and goes for La Tapatia! Fans chant louder for Nagayo. Kneedrops by Masami across the face of Nagayo. She keeps Nagayo on the mat and continues to stomp on her.

Masami tries to slam her into the corner but Nagayo reverses it and slams her head first into the corner. Nagayo follows with kicks and knee strikes! She whips Masami into the ropes and catches her with a spin kick. She follows that up with a triangle choke hold on Masami. Devil Masami escapes and goes for a leglock on Nagayo. “Chigusa! Chigusa! Chigusa” chants from the fans are heard loudly. Masami picks her up and goes for some knee strikes at her. Nagayo counters with some kicks!

Chigusa Nagayo tries for a piledriver but Masami backdrops her and then gets her in a piledriver of her own! She covers Nagayo for the pin but Nagayo kicks out! Masami goes for a chinlock but Nagayo reaches the ropes. Forearm smash to the back of Nagayo. Some kicks thrown at Nagayo’s back. Nagayo surprises Masami with an abdominal stretch. Masami shoves her off but Nagayo goes for a pin on her but they are near the ropes. Nagayo follows with some knees and then piledrives Masami! She only gets a two-count! Elbowdrops by Nagayo.

Nagayo picks Masami pu and places her on the top rope. Superplex off the ropes and another pin attempt by Nagayo with Masami kicking out at two. Nagayo whips Masami into the ropes and catches her with a chop. She follows with a kick and goes for a second but Masami blocks her and takes Nagayo down with an attempt at a figure-four leglock. She gets it locked in and Nagayo struggles to get out of the hold. She finally reaches the ropes and Masami is forced to break the hold.

Masami rolls to the outside and drags Nagayo out and starts to attack Nagayo’s left leg with kicks and punches! She tosses Nagayo into the table and continues to kick at her. Masami heads back to the ring and has time to get a drink of water while Nagayo tries to make her way back to the ring. Nagayo beats the count but Masami shoves her into the corner post. Masami climbs to the top rope and hits a plancha on Nagayo on the floor!

Fans continue to cheer on Chigusa Nagayo. The women ringside help Nagayo back to the ring. Masami gets Nagayo with a quebradora and goes for the pin but only gets a two-count. Tiger Suplex into a backbreaker by Masami and again Nagayo kicks out of a pin attempt. Nagayo goes for a scorpion deathlock on Masami but Masami blocks it. She knocks down Nagayo again and gets her in a front facelock. Nagayo shoves her off and gets Masami with a suplex for a two count.

Nagayo gets in a few more kicks on Masami. They reverse waistlocks with Masami finally getting Nagayo up with a backdrop suplex. She gets another two-count on Nagayo. Test of strength with Nagayo getting the advantage. She reverses it into a belly-to-back suplex for another pin attempt but Masami kicks out at two. Full nelson by Nagayo and she switches that into a suplex. Kneedrops follow from Nagayo. She whips Masami into the ropes and catches her with a spin kick. Nagayo gets Masami in a scorpion deathlock. Devil Masami reaches the ropes.

Chigusa Nagayo kicks Masami out of the ring and follows with a tope suicida! Masami grabs a stick to help her get back into the ring. She leaves the stick out of the ring. Some punches thrown by Masami at Nagayo. Test of strength and Masami takes Nagayo down but they reach the ropes and she monkey flips Nagayo. Masami whips Nagayo into the ropes and catches her with a forearm. She follows that up with a punch. Belly-to-back suplex by Masami for another two-count!

Devil Masami goes for a suplex into a backbreaker for another near fall on Nagayo. She whips Nagayo into the ropes but Nagayo catches Masami with an enziguiri. Slaps exchanged by both women. Masami lays into Nagayo. Nagayo goes for a Tiger Suplex on Masami and gets a two count. Both women look exhausted. Masami with a big forearm smash across Nagayo’s chest. Nagayo follows with some spin kicks. Masami gets her with some forearms. Nagayo gets a near fall after getting Masami with a piledriver.

More loud chants for Chigusa Nagayo. Masami picks Nagayo up on her shoulders and climbs up to the ropes and backdrops her! Masami follows with a running senton on Nagayo but again only gets a two count. Nagayo ducks a clothesline and catches Masami with a kick. Suplex for a pin attempt by Nagayo. More kicks from Nagayo. Both throw punches and slaps. Masami drops Nagayo down with one punch but picks her back up. More punches exchanged.

Masami with a punch but Nagayo knocks her down with three kicks! Both women are on the mat as the referee starts a 10-count. They both are unable to get back up by the 10-count. Math ends in a double knockout.

WINNER: Double Knockout

After match, Devil Masami tries to help up Chigusa Nagayo. Several people are in the ring checking on both women. After a few seconds they both are back up with the help of the women ringside. Nagayo and Masami hug afterwards.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode with just one match but that match was great. Chigusa Nagayo vs. Devil Masami’s match had some great heat from the crowd and had tons of emotion in it. Really dug that they mixed in a plancha and tope suicida during the match especially the tope and how Masami took longer to get back in the ring and was contemplating the idea of using a stick when she would return but decided not to. That seemed to be the time when you could tell they were building to the finish with both women being exhausted that they would at some point be unable to continue in the match and that was how it turned out.


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