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SMW TV #40 (10/31/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #40 (10/12/1992)

Taped 10/12/1992 at Sand Lick Elementary School in Haysi, Virginia. Aired on 10/31/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell has another sign this week that he shows as Caudle runs down what matches will be on this week’s show. He also mentions that SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong has decided that all matches between the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies will be title matches.

“Wild-Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers vs. Paul Lee

Paul Lee struts around the ring before locking up. Smothers with a quick near fall on Lee who immediately complains about having his trunks pulled. Paul Lee with some shoulder blocks into Smother’s mid-section. Lee sends Smothers into the corner but Smothers catches him with a cross body block off the ropes for a near fall. Smothers armdrags Lee and gets him in a wristlock.

Tracy Smothers goes for another near fall on Lee while still keeping hold of Paul Lee’s left arm. Lee sends Smothers into the ropes but Smothers catches him with a forearm and goes for a near fall. Lee gets Smothers in the corner and gets in a few chops but Smothers reverses it and gets in a few chops of his own on Lee. He whips Lee into the corner but Lee flips over the top corner turnbuckle and runs to the other corner and climbs up to the top. Smothers grabs him and slams him back into the ring. Smothers climbs up to the top rope and hits him with an elbow (the jawjacker) for the pin.

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Bob welcomes Smothers to SMW. Smothers is glad to be back in the south and in the “future of professional wrestling”. He ends his interview saying he’s “American by birth and Southern by the grace of God.”

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle to talk about what happened last week with the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Robert Gibson apologizes for showing up late last week. Ricky Morton tells Robert that he doesn’t have to apologize to him because he made his way on time to help him. Morton wants more from Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies now that it was announced that every match they have will be a title match.

“White Lightning” Tim Horner vs. Mike Sampson

Tim Horner gives a fan ringside a foam lightning bolt. Dutch Mantell pokes fun at that. Tim Horner gets Sampson in a side headlock. He takes Sampson down with a snapmare. Sampson gets knocked down again and back in a side headlock. Mantell mentions that Mr. Ron Wright and The Dirty White Boy have joined them on commentary. Mr. Wright says he has improved his health and is still upset about Horner attacking him.

The Dirty White Boy talks about how Horner jumped on Mr. Wright. Sampson takes over and punches Horner a few times before Horner reverses it into a pin attempt. Horner backdrops Sampson and then lands a knee across his face. Tim Horner rolls up and bridges over Sampson to get the pin. Horner runs out of the ring to go after The Dirty White Boy.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Tim Horner talks about wanting to get even with The Dirty White Boy. He vows to get him somewhere and take the SMW Heavyweight title from him.

Jim Cornette promo for an upcoming show in Paintsville, Kentucky.

Sandy Scott, referee Mark Curtis & SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong join Bob Caudle to talk about whether they should allow The Master to wrestle in SMW. Scott says he doesn’t belong in SMW. Curtis agrees with Scott but also feels that Brian Lee should have the opportunity to get revenge against The Master in a match. Armstrong says yes to having The Master wrestle in SMW. Bob Caudle says the board has all agreed and The Master will wrestle in SMW.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. The Nightstalker

They immediately go at it as soon as Brian Lee gets in the ring. Lee sends The Nightstalker to the outside after a clothesline. Lee follows him and slams The Nightstalker into the ring post. Back in the ring and Lee powerslams The Nightstalker. Big dropkick from Lee and he gets a two-count. Brian Lee whips The Nightstalker into the corner but he moves.

The Nightstalker whips Lee into the corner but Lee catches him with a big boot. Brian Lee chokes The Nightstalker on the ropes. He punches The Nightstalker but Lee gets punched after. The Nightstalker misses an elbow as The Grim Reaper Malachi shows up and throws something into the face of Brian Lee. The Nightstalker starts to beat on Lee. He dropkicks Lee and goes for the pin but Lee gets his foot on the rope. Clothesline from the Nightstalker.

The Nightstalker beats on Brian Lee outside the ring. He suplexes Lee back into the ring. More kicks at Lee’s back. The Nightstalker gets in a few more forearms and follows with a back suplex. He climbs up to the top rope and hits Lee with a clothesline as does the referee. Brian Lee superplexes The Nightstalker! Malachi grabs hold of Brian Lee and The Nightstalker goes for a clothesline but instead hits Malachi. Brian Lee rolls up the Nightstalker for the pin.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Brian Lee joins Bob Caudle and talks about taking down both The Nightstallker and Malachi. He vows to take out The Master next week.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and his guests are Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies. They show a recap of last week’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Heavenly Bodies match. Cornette said they were trying to break his fingers so that he couldn’t talk to his mom who is deaf. He says Stan Lane and Dr. Tom Prichard are the perfect combination to take out the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Prichard says both Morton and Gibson were lucky to leave the ring. Lane says every team that he’s been with has beaten the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and calls The Heavenly Bodies the greatest tag team of all-time.

Danny Davis calls in for an interview and gives everyone an update on his neck injury that he suffered at the hands of Paul Orndorff. He hopes to return soon and hopes Ron Garvin gives Orndorff the same piledriver that he suffered thru.

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle to talk about why he hurt Danny Davis. Orndorff says if Davis shows up again ringside during a match he has with Ronnie Garvin, he will break his neck. He also promises to break any other of Garvin’s friends necks. He tells the fans to stop yelling “Paula”. He yells that he wants his robe back.

Dutch Mantell reads the letter from a fan who picked Ron Garvin vs. Killer Kyle as her dream match.

“Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin vs. Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette)

Ron Garvin shows up still wearing the torn up robe that he stole from Paul Orndorff. Garvin grabs the mic and mentions that he saw that Paul Orndorff was upset and he gets the fans to start a “Paula” chant. He plays around with the robe. Kyle charges at him but Garvin moves out of the way. Kyle shoves away Garvin. Garvin throws a punch at Killer Kyle.

Jim Cornette gives some advice to Killer Kyle as he grabs his eye. Garvin punches Kyle again. He headbutts Kyle and continues to throw more punches. Garvin grabs hold of Kyle but is shoved into the corner. Killer Kyle lays in a few forearms and punches in on Garvin in the corner. He whips Garvin across the ring and charges at him. Garvin moves out of the way and goes for a pin but Kyle kicks out.

They lock-up again. Kyle pulls Garvin down by the hair and gets him in a chinlock. Garvin struggles to escape Killer Kyle’s grasp. Kyle gets in a few shots at Garvin’s back. He gets Garvin in the corner but Garvin fights back and beats on Kyle. Hard chops thrown at Kyle. Kyle reverses a whip into the corner but Garvin gets him with a big kick. Ronnie Garvin goes for the Garvin Stomp!

Paul Orndorff goes over to grab his robe. Garvin knocks him off the ring. Killer Kyle attacks Garvin. Paul Orndorff joins Killer Kyle and they beat on Garvin. Cornette grabs the referee. The Dixie Dynamite runs out and takes the robe away and heads to the back. Orndorff looks for the robe. Garvin knocks out Killer Kyle and leaves the ring. Orndorff returns to the ring and Cornette tells him that Dixie Dynamite stole the robe.

WINNER: Ron Garvin via DQ.

Tim Horner and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for upcoming Paintsville show.

The Fantastics, Bobby & Jackie Fulton, join Bob Caudle and talk about next week’s Dream Match were it will be them two going against each other. Jackie Fulton mentions that he’s going to be doing moves in that match that Bobby taught him and said it would be a good, clean match. Bobby Fulton said he never thought he’d have to wrestle his brother but he’s glad because they don’t have to worry about anyone cheating against them and they can have a clean match.

The Stud Stable interrupts the Fantastics interview. Robert Fuller tells them that no one cares about their match because they are both losers. Jimmy Golden tells them that they can go thru the Fantastics easily. Fuller tells them that he’s tired of fooling around with the likes of them and they get into a shoving match as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. This show was highlighted by the debut of Tracy Smothers. They also continued to progress with several of the feuds which was a strong point for SMW. The matches were okay. The dream match for this week was pretty short and was geared more to move the Garvin and Orndorff feud.


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