Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling 4/10/1982 & 4/17/1982

*Mostly just interviews from both shows with two matches from the 4/17 show.

Taped 4/10/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ole Anderson joins Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper for an interview. He talks about taking Dusty Rhodes out of the wrestling business. He wants a match where he and Dusty Rhodes have their heads covered by a black hood where they can’t see each other. He says this type of match only one match will come out of it okay. Ole says it will be the end of Dusty Rhodes.

They air a video interview with Dusty Rhodes. He screams at Ole Anderson and tells him that he can break his arms and break anything else, but it won’t be over. He vows to chase Ole until they are the age that they can’t walk. Rhodes warns Ole that he’ll crawl when he’s old to take out Ole.

Ray Stevens joins them and he tells Ole and Piper that they are in for a rude awakening and something bad is going to happen to them. Ole Anderson calls Stevens and Rhodes blind. Piper covers his face with the hood and pretends to be blind.

Tommy Rich and Bob Armstrong join Gordon Solie for an interview hyping The Omni’s April 18th show. They both are carrying straps. Bob mentions they are going to have a strap match and he’ll be teaming with Tommy Rich and Dick Slater against The Great Kabuki, Gary Hart and Roddy Piper. Rich and Armstrong both start swinging their straps while cutting promos.

Ray Stevens and Gordon Solie talk about Stevens’ reputation as a “Crippler” in pro wrestling. He mentions that when he hurt someone, he did it all by himself and never did it by teaming with others to cripple someone.

Dusty Rhodes talks about putting a hood to wrestle Ole Anderson. He says Ole has been in the dark since he was born. He describes times people have been in the dark from being with a lady or being in an alley fight. Rhodes says he knows what dark is and vows to beat Ole Anderson. He mentions how as long as he can smell Ole Anderson, he can kick his booty!

Brad Armstrong talks about traveling around the world of late. He mentions how he’ll be ringside to strap Gary Hart and Roddy Piper during that six-man tag that his father will be involved in. Brad also talks about the “Minnesota Loggers” match that Ole Anderson came up with where he and Dusty Rhodes will have hoods covering their heads. Armstrong grabs hold of one of the hoods and puts it over his head and demonstrates it. Ole Anderson runs out and attacks Brad Armstrong. Dusty Rhodes runs out to make the save. Tommy Rich and Bob Armstrong follow.

Dusty Rhodes puts on the hood over his head and tells Ole that he can smell him from anywhere.

Roddy Piper returns to talk about the “Canadian Strap” match. He says that no one is going to do it to him.

Dusty Rhodes talks about Ole Anderson and calls him “Miss Piggy” because you can smell him. He puts on the black hood again with a cowboy hat over it and starts to yell, “Oink, Oink!!!” The fans do the same.

Gary Hart and Roddy Piper talk about their upcoming strap match. Gary Hart talks about several babyfaces while Piper hits himself with the strap. He starts swinging it around and starts to yell. Gary Hart tells Piper that Kabuki hates getting hit by a strap and it will drive him mad.

Ole Anderson, Roddy Piper and Gary Hart talk about Dusty Rhodes and how it will be the end of him. Piper tells Solie that they are going to have a bunch of people outside the ring with straps and think that’s going to scare them.

Dusty Rhodes talks about past situations that he’s had with Gary Hart, The Great Kabuki and Roddy Piper. He mentions that he’s working on having a live pig at the studio that he will name “Ole”.

Video of Tommy Rich visiting a kid at the hospital.

Taped 4/17/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gordon Solie is joined by Tommy Rich who has a lot of things on his mind for many reasons according to Solie. Rich talks about Piper and how every time you wrestle Piper, Hart and Kabuki are around. He talks about the six-man strap mach he’ll be a part of.

Roddy Piper shows up with a strap and both men remove their coats. Rich tells Piper that he’s not going to tell him nothing. Bob Armstrong comes out to join Tommy Rich. Bob calls Piper, “Rodney Piper”.

They show a video recap of a recent match between Roddy Piper and Bob Armstrong. Referee gets knocked down and Piper removes his belt and whips Armstrong with it. Armstrong vows to get payback on Piper.

Bob Armstrong returns to the desk to talk more about Roddy Piper and the upcoming strap match. Roddy Piper returns along with Gary Hart. Tommy Rich comes out to side with Armstrong. Piper and Hart both leave. Rich says now you can’t go do an interview or go to the grocery store because Piper, Hart and Kabuki show up as a group everywhere. Armstrong calls Hart an “evil genius”.

Tommy Rich says that Piper and Hart are creating a family. Rich mentions that he and Bob Armstrong are creating a group of their own that includes Dick Slater. Roddy Piper and Gary Hart interrupt the interview again. The Great Kabuki is out with them again. Dick Slater runs out to even up the odds.

Tom Prichard joins Gordon Solie for an interview and he congratulates Prichard for going undefeated. Prichard mentions how he hears Piper cutting down his friends like Bob and Brad Armstrong, Tommy Rich or Dick Slater. He thinks Piper will be the one getting some welts on his body. He mentions everyone is talking about that upcoming “Canadian Lumberjack” match.

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. Jim Dalton

Paul Orndorff takes Dalton down to the mat. Hammerlock by Orndorff. Dalton reverses it but Orndorff lifts Dalton up and slams him down to the mat. Wristlock into a takedown by Orndorff. Dalton tries to fight off Orndorff, but Orndorff gets in a few knees in on Dalton and goes back to grabbing him in an armbar.

Dalton moves Orndorff into the ropes and there is a clean break. Dalton with a punch on Orndorff, but Mr. Wonderful fires back. He catches him with a dropkick and quickly goes for an elbow drop. He gets a two-count on Dalton. Dalton fights back briefly before Orndorff catches him with a clothesline out of the corner. Orndorff gets Dalton in a fisherman’s suplex and gets the pin.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Gary Hart and Roddy Piper talk about the six-man tag team strap match where they’ll be teaming with Kabuki. Gary Hart says that he has so little respect for Tommy Rich that he’ll be wearing a suit much like he does when he is out for an interview or managing someone. Gary Hart asks Gordon Solie if he knows Tommy Rich’s mother, which Solie says he does, so Hart asks Solie to give Rich’s mother a black rose. Roddy Piper laughs as Hart hands Solie the rose.

Roddy Piper starts to scream and use the strap as he goes back and forth around the desk. Gary Hart tries to calm Piper down.

Ole Anderson and Buzz Sawyer join Gordon Solie. Buzz Sawyer tells some fans to shut their mouths. Solie mentions that Ole recently did something reprehensible which Ole says he didn’t. They re-air last week’s attack by Ole Anderson on Brad Armstrong. Ole says Brad was dumb enough to demonstrate. He again repeats that Dusty Rhodes is afraid to face him.

Buzz Sawyer joins Gordon Solie again to talk about his match with Tommy Rich. The winner will become the #1 contender to the National Heavyweight title. Buzz Sawyer says he wants a shot at that title. He’s not worried about Kevin Sullivan and tells Tommy Rich that he is going down in tonight’s match.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Tommy “Wildfire” Rich in a #1 Contender to the National Heavyweight Title match.

Buzz Sawyer with a clean break near the ropes against Tommy Rich. Good reversal by Rich on an armbar but Sawyer reaches the ropes and screams at the referee. Again they get near the ropes and this time Sawyer gets in a forearm on Rich as they break. Buzz Sawyer shoves Rich to the mat but Rich is quickly back up on his feet and gets in a few shots. Rich elbows Sawyer and the Mad Dog goes to the outside!

Sawyer gets back in the ring and they lock-up. He gets Rich in the corner and gets in a few shots before he misses an elbow and Rich takes him down with an armdrag. Rich gets Sawyer in an armbar. Solie reminds everyone that the match has a 20-minute time limit. Rich applies pressure to the armbar on Sawyer and the crowd cheers even louder! Sawyer sends Rich into the ropes and takes him down with a drop toe-hold but Rich is quickly able to get Sawyer back down with a hammerlock.

Tommy Rich gets Sawyer in an armbar. Sawyer again gets Rich into the corner and he drives his shoulder into Rich’s midsection. He gets in a few more shots and whips Rich across the ring but again Rich reverses and gets Sawyer back down with an armdrag and he goes back to an armbar on Sawyer. Crowd cheers loudly for Rich.

Sawyer gets in a few forearms on Rich. He misses an elbowdrop on Rich. Tommy Rich gets Sawyer with an armdrag and again he gets Sawyer back in an armbar. Legdrop across Sawyer’s left arm. Rich concentrates on working Sawyer’s left arm. Sawyer grabs hold of the ropes in an attempt to reverse into a pin attempt on Rich but the referee sees it. Sawyer with a big forearm on Rich but Rich keeps his grip on Sawyer’s left arm.

Sawyer again whips Rich into the ropes and he’s able to land a knee into the side of Rich’s head. Rich falls to the outside. Sawyer attacks Rich by using the ropes to beat on him. He sends Rich back to the outside again. Rich rolls back in and Sawyer backdrops Rich. He misses a knee drop on Rich. Rich gets in some punches on Sawyer and follows with a backdrop. Rich whips Sawyer into the ropes and gets him with a sleeperhold. Sawyer tries to break it but gets thrown into the corner. Rich gets Sawyer again in the sleeperhold.

They go to a commercial break as this is going on. We don’t see the finish which might have been due to it not being recorded or whatever happened at the finish happening during the commercial break.

WINNER: UNKNOWN (Likely Rich due to outside interference)

We return from the break and we see Tommy Rich being helped out of the ring. Gordon Solie mentioning that Rich was attacked and whipped with a strap.

Tommy Rich yells at Roddy Piper, who was the one that attacked Piper during the match. Rich shows his back and promises to get back at Piper.

Kevin Sullivan directs some words at Roddy Piper and Buzz Sawyer. He mentions that he’s whipped many men with a strap but what they did by having one hold down a man while the other whipped him and called them dogs. He calls Sawyer a dog again.

Gary Hart and Roddy Piper are back with Gordon Solie. Hart repeats that he will be wearing his suit in the match at the Omni. Piper laughs and uses the strap as he screams about the match at the Omni.

The Super Destroyer and Big John Studd talk about being winners and still holding the National Tag Team Titles. Super Destroyer says the Armstrongs, Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rich and any other combinations have all fallen in defeat. Studd insults all the “redneck wrestlers” and says there were rednecks everywhere in buildings were they defended their titles. He says they made all the people cry after they beat their favorites. Studd challenges everyone he can name.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Unfortunately there were only interviews from the 4/10 show and some matches for the 4/17 show but I wanted to watch and recap them. Highlight of both shows were the interviews and rivalries going on between Dusty Rhodes and Ole Anderson as well as the feud going on between Piper, Hart & Kabuki against Tommy Rich and Bob Armstrong. Paul Orndorff debuted on the 4/17 show. Also on the 4/17 show they had a Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer match that looked like it could have gone even further along but it ends and unfortunately we don’t see the finish. There’s some really good interviews throughout these shows that are worth watching.


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