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All Japan Women Classics Ep. #4

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #4

Show opens with an introduction of the women with a giant trophy as part of the ceremony.

Monster Ripper vs. Yukari Omori

Taped 8/22/85 Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

Omori quickly attacks Monster Ripper with a series of dropkicks. She misses another dropkick and Monster Ripper takes advantage and starts to beat on Omori. She hits her with a clothesline and gloats a bit so Omori sees an opening and attacks again. Ripper gets the advantage again and continues her attack. She slams Omori and lands a legdrop on her.

Some chops are exchanged between the two before they separate for a bit. Monster Ripper continues her attack by stomping on Omori. Omori knocks Ripper down and gets her in a Boston Crab. Monster Ripper powers out of the move. Kicks exchanged. Monster Ripper with a takedown fouled by a double thrust chop to the upper chest region.

Monster Ripper gets Omori with a clothesline. She follows with a second attempt. Goes for a third attempt but Omori ducks the clothesline and catches her with a cross body block. Omori gets Monster Ripper in a waist scissors but Monster Ripper escapes and slams her down to the mat. She body slams her again and lands a big senton on Omori! She kicks at Omori until she falls to the outside of the ring.

Long shot of a guy sitting in the crowd at this point. Then they go to another crowd shot. They finally go back to the ring and we see Monster Ripper splash Omori for the pin.

WINNER: Monster Ripper

Omori starts to shove the referee around after the loss.

Villainous Alliance (Bull Nakano & Dump Matsumoto) vs. The Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki) in a 2-out of-3 falls match

Taped 8/22/85 Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan

Dump Matsumoto starts to swing her kendo stick around and slams it on the tables that are ringside. She tosses the announcers table. Bull Nakano shows off her nunchuck skills in the ring. The Jumping Bomb Angels make their entrance and Dump Matsumoto gets in their way as they try to enter the ring.

Nakano and Matsumoto attack The Jumping Bomb Angels before the bell rings. Matsumoto sends Yamazaki to the outside while Nakano chokes Tateno in the ring before sending her to the outside. The other women accompanying Nakano and Matsumoto get involved as well while they brawl outside.

They get back in the ring and Tateno gets thrown around by her hair by Matsumoto. The fans chant “Noriyo! Noriyo! Noriyo!” Nakano with some kicks to Tateno’s back. She whips Tateno into the ropes and catches her with a clothesline. Tateno is able to reach out to tag in Yamazaki. Fans start an “Itzuki! Itsuki!” chant. Matsumoto attacks Yamazaki from behind to help Nakano.

Bull Nakano rips at Yamazaki’s face but she recovers and kicks Nakano away. She whips Nakano into the ropes and catches her with a headbutt followed by a dropkick. More interference to help Nakano regain the advantage. Matsumoto comes in and lifts Yamazaki up in the air while choking her with a chain. Nakano knocks down Tateno. Tateno tries to help Yamazaki again but Matsumoto tosses her into the ring post.

Matsumoto keeps choking Yamazaki with the chain. She drags her around the ring with the chain wrapped around her neck. Nakano uses her nunchucks on Yamazaki. Female referee hiptosses one of the women interfering during the match. Matsumoto then grabs the referee and tosses her away. Yamazaki with a victory roll on Nakano goes for a near fall but the referee isn’t in the ring.

Noriyo Tateno tags in and catches Bull Nakano with a jumping knee strike. She whips Nakano into the ropes again and gets her again with a jumping knee. Nakano kicks out of a pin attempt and grabs hold of Tateno’s hair. She slams her and Matsumoto lands a seated senton on Tateno. Dump clotheslines Tateno and goes for the pin but Yamazaki makes the save.

Dump Matsumoto slams Tateno to the mat. They double-team Tateno in their corner with Nakano pulling her hair. Matsumoto uses a metal rod to hit Tateno. She hits the referee with it as well. Other women get involved in the match so there’s some back and forth with several other women ringside. Matsumoto continues to attack Tateno outside. Nakano takes Yamazaki outside as well and they brawl around the ring.

Matsumoto goes for a pin on Tateno in the ring. She tags in Nakano who kicks Tateno. She goes for a suplex on Tateno and covers her for the pin but Yamazaki makes the save again. Matsumoto gets back in the ring and kicks Tateno but Tateno ends up falling and reaching out to tag in Yamazaki. Yamazaki with a cross body block off the ropes gets a two count on Matsumoto.

More women run into the ring to stomp on Yamazaki as Matsumoto holds her. They go back to the outside and Matsumoto tosses Yamazaki into the ringpost. She uses a cable to choke Yamazaki. Nakano tosses Tateno outside the ring as well. Matsumoto and Nakano bring in a table to the ring. They hold the table but Tateno and Yamazaki dropkick it and it lands on both of them. They all brawl on the outside again. Yamazaki tosses Nakano into the chairs. Referee keeps counting and both teams are counted out to end the first fall.

Second fall starts with Yamazaki tossing the referee across the ring. Referee tries to take away Matsumoto’s kendo stick, so Dump hits her with it. Nakano sends the referee to the outside. Brawl ensues between both teams. Tateno takes away Nakano’s nunchucks and hits her with them. Referee kicks away some of the women ringside. Dump finally tosses away her kendo stick. Staredown between Matsumoto and Tateno. Test of strength and Matsumoto whips Tateno into the ropes. Tateno with a sunset flip gets a near fall on Dump.

Nakano in the match but Tateno catches her with a pair of clotheslines. Yamazaki hits Nakano with a top rope dropkick. That is followed by a clothesline off the ropes by Tateno on Nakano. Yamazaki goes for the pin but Nakano kicks out. Matsumoto tosses the nunchucks to Nakano and she uses those on Yamazaki. Matsumoto back in the match and she clotheslines Yamazaki and goes for the pin but Yamazaki kicks out.

Bull Nakano misses a top rope seated senton on Yamazaki. Tateno goes for a top rope knee drop but Nakano moves out of the way. Yamazaki catches Nakano with a top rope body press for a pin attempt. Yamazaki hits the ropes but Matsumoto hits her with a small trash can. Matsumoto gets in the ring and picks her up over her shoulders and drops her down to the mat. Some near falls by Matsumoto. Backdrop driver by Matsumoto for another near fall but Yamazaki kicks out. Dump Matsumoto grabs hold of Yamazaki for a piledriver. She gets near her corner so Bull Nakano and Condor Saito can help her with the piledriver. Triple-team piledriver on Yamazaki! Matsumoto covers her for the pin and Dump & Bull win the 2nd fall and match.

WINNERS: Bull Nakano & Dump Matsumoto

Devil Masami & Crush Gals performances to close out the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. First match was pretty short. Second match was a good wild brawl. Episode has some editing issues that make it hard to fully appreciate it. In the first match they went to a different camera shot for a long time as the match was nearing an end. Returned to the match right at the finish so I thought that hurt it. The second match was a wild brawl and only seemed to go two falls with the one noticeable pin being in the second fall by Dump Matsumoto. Both teams were disqualified in the first fall so there is a little confusion with the actual result.


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