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GCW TV 3/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling 3/20/1982

Taped 3/20/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Aired 3/20/1982.

Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper are on commentary. Roddy Piper claims that he destroyed Bob Armstrong and Tommy Rich and says he is on top of the world. Solie tells Piper that they have some surprises coming up for him as there will be some wrestlers that he has yet to beat on the show.

Solie shows highlights of Kerry Von Erich from Texas. It is a match between Kerry Von Erich and Larry Higgins. Higgins charges at Kerry Von Erich but he catches Higgins with a dropkick. Kerry quickly catches Higgins with the Iron Claw and gets the quick win.

Roddy Piper laughs about Solie wanting him to wrestle the “guy with the feathers in his hair”. Solie tells Piper that is not the surprise. Solie mentions some of the stars on the show. Piper asks him who is the surprise and Solie refuses to tell him.

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich vs. Mike Miller

Tommy Rich with a quick takedown on Mike Miller. Fans cheer loudly for Rich. He goes for another takedown on Miller. Rich with a hiptoss on Miller. Piper continues to brag about pinning Rich recently. Rich catches Miller with a dropkick and goes for an armdrag takedown and into an armbar.

Piper asks Solie if he thinks it is a psychological disadvantage for Rich to have him, a superior athlete, watching his match right now. Solie thinks Rich is preoccupied with his match at the moment. Piper tells Solie that is why he is such a good announcer because he’s extremely unbiased but he proved his point. Miller lays in a few forearms but Rich is able to knock him down. Rich gets Miller in a side headlock. Miller tries to get a pin attempt on Rich a couple of times.

Piper keeps wanting to know who this surprise opponent is that Solie keeps mentioning he’s here for Piper. Rich is able to counter a body slam attempt by Miller. He gets in a few punches and elbows on Miller. Rich with a knee lift! He gets in another elbow and whips him into the ropes and gets him with a punch across the stomach. Rich goes back to a rear chinlock on Miller. Miller sends Rich into the corner and starts to punch him a few times. He whips Rich into the ropes but Rich ducks a clothesline and catches Miller with a vertical body block (Thesz Press) for the pin on Miller!

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie. He apologizes for losing to Roddy Piper at the Omni and then losing the National Heavyweight Title to Ron Bass. His main focus is regaining the National Heavyweight title. He doesn’t care about Piper right now and wants Bass any time.

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. The Samoan

Bass with an armbar takedown on The Samoan. He gets The Samoan in a headscissors. Bass follows it up with a wristlock and takes him down on the mat. Piper talks a bit about Rich and is glad that he is busy with Ron Bass right now. Solie reminds Piper that he has someone that he’ll be busy with soon as well which Piper asks again who it is. Bass with another armbar and he keeps The Samoan down on the mat.

The Samoan reverses a wristlock on Ron Bass and he goes to work on Bass’ left arm. Hammerlock by The Samoan on Bass. Bass shoves him into the corner and hits him with a couple of elbows on the jaw. Chinlock by Bass. The Samoan escapes and gets in a few shots at Bass! Bass punches The Samoan and drops him to the mat. Piper asks Solie if he wants him to face Ron Bass for the National Heavyweight Title but Solie tells him that it is not Bass.

Ron Bass slams The Samoan. He gets a two-count. Bass with an elbow on The Samoan. Front facelock by Bass. The Samoan punches his way out of the hold and sends him into the corner. Bass rakes The Samoan’s face. He hits him with another elbow. Bass picks up The Samoan with The Stampede powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Tommy Rich returns for another interview. He mentions all the places that he will be wrestling. He talks about going against Ron Bass and Roddy Piper. He tells Piper that after he’s through with Bass, he’s going after him again.

Bob and Brad Armstrong get interviewed by Gordon Solie. They both mention shows they’ll be on coming up. Bob Armstrong talks about his match at The Omni against The Great Kabuki.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ricky Harris

Roddy Piper interrupts Gordon Solie as he realizes that the surprise that Solie kept referring to is Dick Slater. He tells Solie that he isn’t wrestling Slater anywhere and says he’s a nut.

Wahoo McDaniel with a side headlock on Ricky Harris. Harris tries to break out of the hold. He shoves him into the ropes to get the break. He gets in a cheap shot on Wahoo but Wahoo counters with some chops and again goes back to a side headlock on Harris. Piper praises Wahoo’s toughness. Harris tries to break out of the hold and finally does so when he reaches the ropes again.

McDaniel with some chops in the corner on Harris. He whips him across the ropes and punches Harris in the mid-section. Chinlock on Harris. Fans cheer on Wahoo. McDaniel with more chops at Harris. Harris tries to fight back but Wahoo knocks him down. McDaniel whips him into the ropes and chops him and then lays in a tomahawk chop across Harris head and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel joins Gordon Solie. Solie shows Wahoo McDaniel video recap of the six-man tag team match that featured Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen and Terry Funk. Anderson and Hansen attack Terry Funk after he accidentally hit Ole. Wahoo McDaniel mentions that he and Terry Funk are very close friends and he’s heard that Terry and Dusty are teaming up together. McDaniel says he doesn’t like Ole or Hansen. Solie mentions that Wahoo McDaniel wants a shot at the U.S. Title held by Sgt. Slaughter.

They show a match of Sgt. Slaughter against Steve Muslin from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. It’s a Slaughter beatdown on Muslin.

Wahoo McDaniel says Sgt. Slaughter won the title in a tournament that he wasn’t even a part of so he doesn’t know how Slaughter can call himself the U.S. Champion. He mentions that Slaughter has some new recruits that stand ringside and help him out. He warns Slaughter and his privates (Nelson & Kernoodle) to watch out.

Ole Anderson & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs. Ken Timbs & Tim Horner

Ole Anderson and Tim Horner start the match. Ole gets Horner in a side headlock but Horner reverses. Ole quickly tags in Hansen who starts to beat on Horner. Hansen with a big elbow on Horner and tags in Anderson. Ole misses an elbow on Horner and Timbs is tagged in. Anderson takes down Timbs and gets him in a side headlock.

Hansen stomps on Timbs and gets him in a side headlock. More elbows and forearms thrown at Timbs. Anderson back in and he slams Timbs. Hiplock takedown and into a side headlock by Ole. Anderson snapmares Timbs and he gets him in a facelock. He beats on Timbs on the ropes. Hansen back in the ring and he continues to choke Timbs on the ropes.

Hansen punished Timbs and tags Anderson back in. Double-elbow by Hansen and Anderson. Ole slams Timbs and tags in Hansen. Hansen whips Timbs into the ropes and catches him with the lariat for the win!

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen join Gordon Solie for an interview. They talk about their April 4th match in The Omni against Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk in a bunkhouse match. Hansen screams about how he grew up in the bunkhouse and he’s going to beat on them. Anderson talks about going after the World Tag Team titles, $25,000 and Rhodes & Funk.

Roddy Piper goes on a rant about how he’s willing to wrestle anyone but Slater at the Omni on April 4th. After his rant, Solie tells everyone Piper will wrestle Slater at the Omni.

Dick Slater vs. Chic Donovan

Dick Slater with a hiptoss on Chic Donovan. He whips him into the corner and gets him with another hiptoss. Slater tosses Donovan out of the ring and then brings him back into the ring. Some hard chops thrown by Slater. He takes Donovan down with a headscissors. Donovan escapes.

Chick Donovan gets Slater in a side headlock. Slater quickly escapes. He slams Donovan into the corner. He stomps on Donovan. Slater goes for a cradle pin attempt. Donovan kicks out and he gets in an elbow on Slater. Dick Slater gets Donovan with a couple of headbutts and an elbow. Donovan whips Slater into the corner but Slater reverses it. He lands a top rope elbow on Donovan. Slater gets Donovan with a backdrop suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Dick Slater

Dick Slater joins Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper. Slater tells Piper that he has the face of a “baby’s keyster”. He screams at Piper and tells him that he’s not afraid of him. Piper leaves. Slater said he was watching Piper on TV and it made him and his dog sick. He vows to knock his pretty face and teeth.

Steve O joins Gordon Solie. Roddy Piper returns and yells about Dick Slater calling him “Rodney”!

Second half of the show starts with Roddy Piper talking about his name and how insulted he would get as a kid when he would get called “Rodney”. He tells Solie he can refer to him as “Roddy Piper” or “Roderick Piper”.

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass joins them with his National Heavyweight Title. He talks about Rich crying about how Piper had beaten him prior to their title match and how he wanted a rematch. Bass says he’ll give Rich one more title match.

“Bullet” Bob Armstrong vs. Ricky Harris

Clean break by Bob Armstrong to start the match. Harris gets Armstrong in a full nelson but he gets it reversed. They reach the ropes to break that hold. Harris gets in a punch on Armstrong. Armstrong returns the favor and knocks Harris down. Hiptoss by Armstrong for a pin attempt. Harris kicks out.

Bob Armstrong gets Harris in a headscissors. Harris reaches the rope with his foot. Big forearm across Armstrong’s back. Armstrong fights back and again knocks down Harris. Snapmare by Bob Armstrong. Wristlock by Armstrong on Harris. Harris gets a few forearms and knees into Bob Armstrong. Bob fires back and delivers some forearms across Harris’ chest. Hard chops by Armstrong.

Big knee lift from Bob Armstrong. Double thrust punch by Armstrong. Harris gets Armstrong with an elbow and then whips him into the ropes. Armstrong gets Harris with a kick and some chops and covers Harris for the pin.

WINNER: Bob Armstrong

Bob Armstrong joins Gordon Solie. Piper tells Solie that he’s going to go get a drink of water and will be back later. Solie mentions that Gino Hernandez removed himself from appearing on GCW TV.

They air videotape comments from Gino Hernandez who says he’s sick of the mail he’s getting from people wanting him to appear on Georgia Championship Wrestling TV. He says they pay more in Houston than in Atlanta. He says that if you want him to wrestle on GCW TV, he wants triple the amount given to the highest paid wrestler who’s appeared on the show.

Bob Armstrong says Gino has a high opinion of himself and doesn’t know if he’s worth triple the amount of money. He also talks about Gary Hart aligning himself with dangerous wrestlers like the Great Kabuki. He says that he has to eliminate the head (Gary Hart) before he can get rid of the body (Great Kabuki).

They air a match featuring The Great Kabuki with Roddy Piper managing him while Gary Hart is on commentary. Bob Armstrong again mentions that getting rid of Gary Hart is the key to beating The Great Kabuki.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Mike Miller

Wahoo McDaniel gets Miller in a hammerlock and takes him down. Another takedown by McDaniel as he goes to work on Miller’s left leg. Miller escapes. Miller gets McDaniel in a side headlock. McDaniel escapes with a belly-to-back suplex. He slams Miller and gets him in a headlock. He stomps on Miller’s head. Snapmare by Wahoo and gets Miller in a headlock. Chinlock and a hard chop across Miller’s head.

Mike Miller makes a comeback on Wahoo McDaniel that doesn’t last very long. McDaniel whips Miller into the ropes and gets him with a knee and later a chop. Vertical suplex by McDaniel gets him the pin over Miller.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel and Tommy Rich join Gordon Solie. Rich says it’s good to see Wahoo and Slater back in Georgia. McDaniel says he has been in Japan representing the United States. Wahoo says any time Rich needs him, he just has to ask. Rich suggests that perhaps he and McDaniel will team up in the $25,000 tournaments and a shot at the World Tag Team titles.

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. Tai

Bass goes for a punch but Tai blocks him and takes him down with a headlock. Bass gets back up but Tai keeps Bass locked in the headlock. Bass reaches the ropes to break the hold but Tai gets him in a headlock again. Bass reaches the ropes again.

Bass gets in a shoulder into Tai’s back and starts to beat on him. He gets Tai in a front facelock. He drops an elbow across his back and goes back to a front facelock. He gets Tai in the corner and lays in a few punches on him. He knocks the big Samoan down and picks him up and whips him into the corner. Bass goes for The Stampede powerslam and covers Tai for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Tommy Rich returns to talk about his upcoming match against Ron Bass for the National Heavyweight title on April 4th at the Omni. He says this time his mind would be on The Omni so if Bass beats him, it won’t be a fluke this time.

Ron Bass joins Gordon Solie to talk about the match against Tommy Rich and says Rich has been crying about his title loss.

“Mr. Excitement” Dick Slater vs. Ed Timbs

Dick Slater with a quick drop toe-hold takedown on Ed Timbs. He gets Timbs in a leglock. Slater drops a knee across Ed Timbs leg. Timbs reaches the ropes. Slater grabs hold of Timbs left arm and gets him in a hammerlock. Piper on commentary praises Slater while also saying he could beat Slater and isn’t afraid of him.

Slater with another takedown on Timbs as he switches over to a headscissors. He lands a knee across Timbs head. He picks Ed Timbs up and lands an elbow across his head. Timbs gets in a few punches but Slater reverses a whip into the corner and a slam attempt. Slater goes for a Russian legsweep to get the pin on Ed Timbs.

WINNER: Dick Slater

Dick Slater joins Piper and Solie. Slater asks Piper that he’s head that he doesn’t like to be called “Rodney”. Piper tells Slater that he despises people that call him “Rodney”. Slater tells Piper that he only has one thing to say, “Rodney! Rodney! Rodney!” and asks Piper to do something about that. Piper takes off his jacket and starts to scream at Slater.

Buzz Sawyer talks briefly with Gordon Solie before his match.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Mani

Buzz Sawyer lays in a few forearms across Mani. He goes for a leg takedown on Mani and grabs hold of his left arm as he keeps him on the mat. Referee asks for a break as Mani reaches the ropes but Sawyer stomps on him after the break.

Fireman’s carry takedown by Sawyer into an armbar. Sawyer uses the ropes to attack Mani’s left arm. Sawyer slams Mani and then follows with a knee drop into Mani’s chest. Mani goes to the outside. Sawyer brings him back in with a snapmare. He slams Mani into the turnbuckle. He continues to keep Mani down on the mat.

Buzz Sawyer with a headlock on Mani. Big forearm across Mani’s head. He rakes Mani’s eyes with the top rope. Knee strike by Sawyer at Mani. He goes for a pin but picks Mani back up. Chinlock on Mani and again Sawyer takes him down on the mat. Mani reaches the ropes again but Sawyer still keeps his attack going on him. Big forearm across Mani’s chest.

Sawyer brings Mani back into the ring and grabs hold of his head. He drops another knee on him. Mani tries to fight back but Sawyer gets Mani with a side suplex. He follows with a headbutt on Mani to get the win.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown joins Gordon Solie to talk about the six-man tag match that he will be in on April 4th at the Omni. He teams with Mr. Wrestling II & Michael Hayes against Buzz Sawyer, Super Destroyer & “Big” John Studd.

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen back to talk about thei r upcoming schedule and the match against Terry Funk & Dusty Rhodes.

They air some comments from Dusty Rhodes about Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen. They air a black & white looking promo from Rhodes that had some technical issues.

“Big” John Studd & The Super Destroyer vs. Rick Thor & Tim Horner

The Super Destroyer with a hiptoss on Rick Thor. Super D punishes Thor and tosses him over to his corner so he can tag in Horner. Studd gets in the ring and he slams Horner into the corner and follows with a backbreaker. Super D back in and he chokes Horner.

Horner tags in Thor but he has no luck against the National Tag Team champs! Studd beats on Thor and slams him into the corner. Super D gets Thor with a superplex and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: John Studd & The Super Destroyer

“Big” John Studd and The Super Destroyer join Gordon Solie. Studd said Ron Fuller and Leroy Brown were no competition against them. Super D tells Solie to look at their competition and they try to break a few ribs every time they are in the match. Studd issues a challenge to any tag team that wants a shot at their titles.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. The highlight of this episode was Roddy Piper on commentary with Gordon Solie. Piper finding out that he’d be wrestling Dick Slater at the Omni and Slater calling him “Rodney” was pretty great as well. All squash matches on this show too.


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