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All-Star Wrestling 12/31/1977

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 12/31/1977

Taped 12/24/1977 at the Field House in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 12/31/1977.

Vince McMahon opens show and is on commentary.

They show a feature on Juvenile Diabetes featuring Larry Zbyszko and a little kid named Mike.

Tony Garea vs. “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe

They lock-up and Garea is able to take Sharpe down briefly before they go back and forth with some reversals. Sharpe with a leg takedown but Garea escapes and gets Sharpe in a side headlock. Sharpe struggles to escape the headlock. Garea with a hiptoss takedown and he keeps Sharpe in a headlock. Sharpe escapes and gets him in a headscissors. Referee tells Sharpe to break the hold due to him pulling Garea’s hair.

Garea with a step-over and into an armbar takedown. Sharpe reverses it into a hammerlock. He tries to get a pin attempt on Garea but Garea reverses and gets a pin attempt. Sharpe keeps the hammerlock on and keeps Garea down. Both get back up on to their feet and Garea escapes with a hiptoss.

Garea gets Sharpe in another side headlock. Sharpe tosses Garea into the ropes but he drops Sharpe. Garea leapfrogs him a second time off the ropes and gets Sharpe back into a side headlock. Sharpe whips Garea into the ropes but Garea shoulder blocks Sharpe down. Sharpe gets back up in the corner and Garea charges at him, but Sharpe moves out of the way. Sharpe goes to work on Garea’s left arm. He uses the top rope to work on the arm. Sharpe jumps and pulls on Garea’s left arm. He goes back to using an armbar on Garea.

Fans start to cheer on Tony Garea. Sharpe takes Garea back down by pulling his hair. Garea with a hiptoss takedown but Sharpe keeps hold of the arm. Garea does it a second time but Sharpe keeps hold of the left arm. Leg takedown by Garea finally breaks him free. He lays in a few punches on Sharpe and gets him in a headlock. Sharpe shoves Garea into the ropes. Garea lands a dropkick on Sharpe.

Garea goes back to a headlock on Sharpe. Sharpe grabs Garea by the head in an attempt to break the hold. Sharpe gets Garea’s shoulders on the mat a few times and gets two-counts. Both back up to their feet. Sharpe shoves Garea into the ropes and hiptosses him. Sharpe misses an elbow drop! He misses a punch. Garea with a side headlock followed by a couple of punches.

Sharpe whips Garea into the ropes and he goes for a sunset flip pin but Sharpe escapes. More punches thrown by Garea! He goes for a pin but Sharpe quickly kicks out. More punches thrown by Garea. Sharpe whips Garea across the ropes and slams him as the bell rings. The match went the 10-minute time limit.

Referee awards the match to Tony Garea. Sharpe quickly attacks Garea. He whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Sharpe continues to beat on him. He whips him into the ropes again but this time Garea kicks him and follows up with a dropkick that sends Sharpe to the outside. The fans cheer on Garea!

WINNER: Tony Garea via referee’s decision.

Bob Backlund vs. Terry York

Backlund offers to shake hands with York but York refuses. Backlund grabs hold of York who quickly reaches the ropes. York gets Backlund in a side headlock but Bob quickly escapes and gets York in a wristlock. York reaches the ropes.

Bob Backlund trips up Terry York who complains to the referee. Backlund with a fireman’s carry takedown on York who again reaches the ropes to break free. York gets Backlund in a side headlock and punches him. Backlund gets upset and kicks York in the butt and wants to fight him. Backlund gets York in a wristlock and drops his leg across York’s arm.

York gets Backlund with a side headlock and follows with a few elbows and knees to the side of Backlund’s head. York gets knocked down by Backlund. Backlund gets York’s head between his thighs and jumps. He throws York into the corner and Terry York begs off. York cowers away from Backlund. Backlund finally gets him with a wristlock.

Terry York grabs hold of Backlund’s hair and shoves him into the corner and kicks him a few times. Backlund reverses an Irish whip into the corner. He follows with a backdrop off the ropes. He grabs York up high in the air and gets him with an atomic knee drop and covers York for the pin.

WINNER: Bob Backlund

Fred Blassie, Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka join Vince McMahon for an interview. Vince wants to know about the vitamins he gives Fuji and Tanaka. Blassie says they are secret vitamins that only he and Mr. Fuji know what they are. Prof. Toru Tanaka tells them the vitamins are ginseng. Blassie says that the vitamins are not ginseng but they tell Prof. Toru Tanaka that is what they are.

Vince asks Blassie why is he lying to Prof. Toru Tanaka. Blassie tells Vince that they are not lying to Tanaka because he is getting ginseng but they are adding a little extra to it. Vince tells him that’s not what he said earlier. Blassie gets upset and says they stretch the truth about what he gives Tanaka. Blassie shows off his rings and says all his men love to see him in diamonds and in sequence jackets. He says Liberace stole his look and calls him a “pencil-neck geek” and a “ding-a-ling”.

Mr. Fuji says he and Tanaka are honored to be working for Freddie Blassie. He tells Vince that Blassie should be Manager of the Year but he isn’t because there are no Japanese judges voting. He also says that Blassie bought him and Tanaka cars and they have a strong friendship.

Prof. Toru Tanaka says Blassie is the “Number One Hollywood Man” and he came all the way from Los Angeles. He talks about how famous Blassie is and how famous they are in Japan. Blassie talks about how he goes to Japan frequently and stays at Prof. Toru Tanaka’s uncle’s house. Vince mentions that Tanaka’s uncle was indicted. Blassie yells at Vince and says Tanaka’s uncle is not a thief and calls him an honorable man.

Blassie says one of Mr. Fuji’s ancestors made Hawaii. He says Fuji’s ancestor banked Hawaii and claims both Fuji and Tanaka come from a family full of bankers.

Mil Mascaras vs. Frank Williams

Capt. Lou Albano and Freddie Blassie show up ringside before the match starts. They lock-up and reach the ropes where they both break cleanly. Mascaras gets Williams in a side headlock. Test of strength with Mascaras taking Williams down and then goes into a wristlock. Williams with the reversal but Mascaras takes him down.

Frank Williams gets in a few right hands at Mil Mascaras. He grabs hold of Mascaras with a front facelock but Mascaras again with a leg takedown on Williams. Mil Mascaras goes to work on Williams left leg. Williams reaches the ropes.

Williams takes down Mascaras. McMahon mentions how Mascaras follows the rules and is very gentlemanly in the ring. Mascaras gets a near fall as he gets Williams in a submission hold. He rolls over and gets a pin attempt on Williams. Several near falls as Mascaras has Williams in a submission hold. Williams reaches the ropes again. Mascaras backs off.

Williams with an armbar on Mascaras. Mascaras goes for another leg takedown and gets Williams in a leglock. He gets Williams in a surfboard type of submission hold but again Williams escapes. Mascaras with a side headlock but he gets shoved into the ropes. Mil Mascaras knocks him down and then slams him. Mil Mascaras gets Williams in an armbar submission hold. Williams gets his foot on the rope.

Williams with a right hand at Mil Mascaras. He whips Mil into the corner but Mil reverses it and gets Williams up for the slam. Mil Mascaras climbs to the top rope and hits a top rope plancha on Williams for the pin.

WINNER: Mil Mascaras

Ken Patera (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Pete Austin

Ken Patera yells at a few fans as he enters the ring. Fans start to whistle as Patera removes his pants. Patera gets upset and asks Vince McMahon if he put them up to that.

Ken Patera sends Austin thru the ropes and then starts to stomp on him. More kicks from Patera. Austin gets Patera in a headlock but Patera reaches the ropes and lays in a few forearms on him. Patera slams Austin and follows with an elbow drop. Capt. Lou Albano celebrates outside the ring. Patera goes for a pin but Austin kicks out.

More forearms thrown by Patera at Austin. He lands another elbow drop on Austin. Patera gets Austin in a bear hug and Austin submits.

WINNER: Ken Patera

Dominic DeNucci vs. “Dynamite” Jack Evans

Jack Evans attacks Dominic DeNucci right as the bell rings to start the match. He stomps on DeNucci and chokes him. Referee warns Evans but he continues his attack. DeNucci fights back with some fists to Evans. He knocks Evans down and out goes Evans.

Evans removes his wardrobe as he takes a break from the action. He returns to the ring and begs away DeNucci. DeNucci with a big forearm across Evans chest. Evans continues to beg off DeNucci. They finally lock-up and DeNucci gets him in the corner and continues to punch him a few times. DeNucci with a side headlock on Evans. He punches him again while the referee isn’t watching.

DeNucci with a shoulder block off the ropes. Evans follows with a hiptoss but DeNucci kicks him off and goes back to a headlock. He punches Evans again while the referee isn’t watching. Shoulder block by DeNucci on Evans. Evans slams DeNucci but Denucci recovers quickly and goes back to a side headlock. Evans escapes and backdrops DeNucci. He misses a legdrop!

Jack Evans grabs DeNucci in a nerve hold. DeNucci threatens to foul Evans but the referee warns him. They exchange punches and finally DeNucci frees himself. DeNucci with a knee lift. Shoulder block by DeNucci. He goes for a second but Evans tosses the referee into DeNucci who knocks him down. DeNucci goes over to help up the referee. Referee stops the match and disqualifies Jack Evans for throwing him into Denucci.

WINNER: Dominic DeNucci via DQ.

Evans attacks DeNucci but DeNucci gets him with a headbutt and Evans heads to the outside. The fans cheer DeNucci and he carries the referee in celebration.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an okay episode of All-Star Wrestling. The Garea vs. Sharpe match was the best on the show. DeNucci and Mil Mascaras matches were both competitive but much shorter. The other two matches on the show were very short. Highlight of the show might have been the interview featuring Freddie Blassie, Mr. Fuji and Prof. Toru Tanaka about the vitamins they are taking with Tanaka claiming it was ginseng while the other two saying it wasn’t just ginseng and admitting to McMahon that they were lying to Tanaka.


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