Championship Wrestling From Florida 10/26/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 10/26/1983

Taped 10/26/1983 in Tampa, Florida.

Gordon Solie on commentary. He’s joined by Barbara Clary and Buddy Colt. They talk about a new talent arriving to Florida who is The One Man Gang. Colt has heard that The One Man Gang has beaten five men at once in a match.

J.J. Dillon and “Cowboy” Ron Bass join Solie and Colt at the announcer’s table. Dillon looks thru an issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He mentions that he spoke to Bill Apter who told him that “Gentleman” Jim Holiday is actually the leading vote getter so far for Manager of The Year and Dillon says it doesn’t bother him because he’s not the jealous type.

Ron Bass says that he heard that Barry Windham has regained the Florida Championship. He tells Windham that if he wants the saddle back to take it home, he wants Windham to put that title on the line. Bass tells Dillon to talk about the feature story in that issue of PWI and Dillon mentions it is about him beating and using a bull rope on Dusty Rhodes. Bass laughs. Dillon wants to be in a double bull rope tag match. Bass calls himself the “King of the Rings”. Bass tells Solie to be quiet and ring the bell for the match to start.

“Cowboy” Ron Bass (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs. Mike Davis

They lock-up and Bass shoves Davis into the ropes. He misses a clothesline off the ropes and Davis catches him with three dropkicks in a row to send Bass to the outside. Dillon and Bass talk outside the ring before he returns. Bass rakes Davis eyes and slams him into the corner.

Ron Bass misses an elbow drop. Davis follows with a body slam and gets Bass in a side headlock! Bass takes Davis into the corner and lays in a forearm across Davis chest. He whips Davis into the corner but Davis climbs up the ropes and catches Bass with a cross body block. Davis gets him back in a headlock. Bass with a backdrop on Davis. He misses a headutt on Davis.

Davis again takes Bass down with a headlock takedown. Bass gets back up and slams Davis into the corner again. He follows with a few punches at Davis. Elbowdrop by Bass but he can’t get the pin on Davis. Bass gets Davis in a headlock. Bass pulls Davis trunks to keep him down on the mat. He rakes Davis eyes.

Mike Davis fights back and gets in a few punches on Bass. Bass reverses a whip but Davis catches Bass with a Thesz Press. He covers Bass for the pin but J.J. Dillon punches Davis. Mike Davis goes after Dillon outside the ring. Bass charges to the outside and attacks Davis. He uses a cowbell on Davis. He hits Davis a few more times with a cowbell. He chokes Davis with the bull rope. Dusty Rhodes runs out and makes the save for Davis.

Referee disqualifies Ron Bass.

WINNER: Mike Davis via DQ.

Ron Bass heads over to the announcer’s table and asks what Dusty Rhodes is doing here. Rhodes wants a double bullrope match against Bass and Dillon. Dillon tells Rhodes that he doesn’t have a partner. Rhodes goes over and asks Davis to be his partner and he agrees to it.

Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Dr. X & Mr. Olympia

Mike Rotundo starts with Mr. Olympia. Quick takedowns by both. Some mat wrestling to start the match. Rotundo tags in Windham who gets Mr. Olympia with a side headlock. Windham with some shoulder tackles off the ropes followed by a dropkick. Mr. Olympia tags in Dr. X.

Windham tags in Rotundo and he keeps Dr. X in a side headlock. Leapfrog into a dropkick by Rotundo followed by a side headlock on Dr. X. Colt raves about Rotundo. Windham comes in and he keeps Dr. X in a side headlock. Dr. X shoves Windham into the corner and drives his shoulder into Windham’s mid-section. Dr. X tags in Mr. Olympia who beats and slams Windham! Windham fights back and whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and dropkicks him.

Windham tags in Rotundo. Rotundo catches Mr. Olympia with an airplane spin and covers him for the pin. Dr. X tries to make the save but trips over the bottom rope as he enters the ring.

WINNERS: Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo

Part three of The Saga of The Family featuring J.J. Dillon. He says they will profile Virgil Runnels, “Dusty Rhodes”. He reads about Dusty Rhodes and says his father wasn’t a very good plumber and some said he was a bit of a lush. Dillon mentions that young Virgil would go with his father to watch Western movies every Saturday. He shows photos of a young Dusty Rhodes. He mentions that Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan became friends as kids and were always fans of Western movies.

Dillon mentions that Rhodes liked being around outlaws from other professions including Hank Williams Jr. and Willie Nelson. They show Dusty at a Willie Nelson concert. Dillon said that Rhodes, Mulligan and Bass bought a ranch together and that they had a disagreement on how they would keep the ranch going. Bass wanted them to improve the “Headlock 1 Ranch” but Dillon claimed that Mulligan and Rhodes didn’t want to add electricity, new plumbing, carpeting or any upgrades to the ranch. They only had three ranchers working for them and Dillon shows a picture of the three named Lefty, Slim and Gabby. Dillon wants anyone who doubts his story to ask Rhodes when they see him.

Big Daddy joins Gordon Solie at the table. Big Daddy brings with him a little toy duck that was given to him by a child at a hospital. He says that some people think they can abuse the duck including Abdullah The Butcher. Big Daddy says the duck and the little kid that gave it to him mean a lot to him. He leaves the duck at the announcer’s table.

Big Daddy vs. Tony D’Amata

D’amata tries to take down Big Daddy but Big Daddy’s too strong for him and he gets knocked down to the mat. Big Daddy breaks out of a hold and shoves him into the corner. D’Amata keeps attacking Big Daddy but with no luck. Big Daddy knocks him down with a forearm.

Big Daddy whips D’Amata into the ropes and body slams him. He whips D’amata into the ropes again and just knocks him down. He does it a second time and Big Daddy hits a big splash on D’Amata for the pin.

WINNER: Big Daddy

The Zambuie Express (Elijah Akeem & Kareem Muhammad) © (w/Jim Holiday) vs. Denny Brown & Hector Guerrero for the NWA Florida United States Tag Team Titles.

Hector Guerrero uses his speed to counter Kareem Muhammad’s size. He finally grabs Guerrero but he slips away yet again. Muhammed slams Guerrero and tries to stomp on him but can’t because Guerrero moves away quickly. Muhammed tags in Akeem.

Elijah Akeem gets in a hard chop across Guerrero’s shoulder. Guerrero catches Akem with a dropkick that sends him into the ropes. Akeem is able to shove Guerrero into his corner and Muhammed gets back in the ring and they double-team Guerrero for a bit. Brown tags in and quickly gets tossed to the outside by Muhammed.

Jim Holliday starts showing some money at Hector Guerrero as he helps Brown back into the ring. Muhammed slams Brown to the mat. Big forearm smash across the back of Brown. Double-team by The Zambuie Express on Brown. Akeem slams Brown into the corner but Brown makes a brief comeback. Akeem slams Brown on the mat. Muhammad back in and he stomps on Brown and lands a diving headbutt on him. Akeem back in and he lands an elbow smash on Brown and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Zambuie Express

“Gentleman” Jim Holiday shows Hector Guerrero the money again. He heads over to the announcer’s table and tells Gordon Solie that he likes Guerrero’s style and he can make him some money. Solie says that he doesn’t think Guerrero will agree to work with Holiday.

Jim Holiday and the Zambuie Express join Barbara Clary and state that they beat Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan in Lakeland, Florida. They show a VTR of the match with Holiday doing some commentary. He agreed to give them a return match on November 5th in Lakeland, Florida. The rematch will be a taped-fist, falls count anywhere match. Barbara Clary tells Jim Holiday that the additional stip in the rematch is that he will be locked in a steel cage above the ring. Holiday gets upset over the added stipulation. Holiday says he is not a caged animal and leaves.

Blackjack Mulligan vs. “Wild” Bill Snyder

Mulligan with an armdrag takedown on Snyder. Leg takedown by Mulligan but Snyder is near the ropes. Snyder punches at Mulligan and tries to whip him across the ring but Mulligan reverses it instead. He gets in an elbow on Snyder. Mulligan slams Snyder. He tosses Snyder into the corner.

Barry Windham joins Gordon Solie at the announcer’s table. Mulligan punches at Snyder. He whips Snyder across the ring and kicks him. Mulligan gets Snyder with the claw and Snyder gets pinned.

WINNER: Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack Mulligan joins Barry Windham and Gordon Solie at the announcer’s table. Barry Windham still wants the saddle that Ron Bass has and he’s willing to put up the Florida title. Mulligan talks about the November 5th match against The Zambuie Express. He says that the reason Holiday is in the cage is so that he and Rhodes don’t get their hands on him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: An okay show overall. The Bass vs. Davis match was the best match on the show with every other match being kept short and some being more of the squash style of that era. The interviews were good though especially the confrontation between Dusty Rhodes with Bass and Dillon. Also the feature with Dillon profiling Dusty Rhodes was very good as well.


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