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All-Star Wrestling 11/12/1977

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 11/12/1977

Taped 11/9/1977 at The Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 11/12/1977.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

Chief Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia vs. “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada

Peter Maivia and Johnny Rodz start the match. They run the ropes with Maivia tricking Rodz into continuing to run. Maivia and Strongbow celebrate and mock Rodz. Rodz shoves Maivia into his corner and Estrada holds him by the trunks. Each man takes turns punching and kicking at Maivia. Rodz jumps off the top rope onto the back of Maivia a few times.

Estrada goes for a pin but Maivia reaches the ropes. More double-teaming from Rodz and Estrada. Maivia shoves Estrada into his corner and tags in Strongbow who gets Estrada in a headlock. Estrada moves Strongbow into his corner and Rodz jumps off the top rope on him. Strongbow goes on the warpath and gets fired up and kicks Rodz. Maivia holds Rodz by the trunks in the corner. Strongbow shoves Estrada into him a few times.

Strongbow does a bit of a dance as Estrada stares at him. Rodz charges at Strongbow. Maivia gets involved. Maivia with a headlock on Estrada. Estrada with some elbows to the back of Strongbow. Rodz gets in the ring and continues the attack. He whips him into the corner but Strongbow charges over to tag in Maivia. Maivia whips Rodz into the ropes and chops him. He then rolls over and chops Estrada off the ring apron.

Maivia continues his attack on Rodz. Some comedy with the fans laughing a bit. Rodz gets punched so he heads over to tag Estrada back in. Uppercuts by Maivia on Estrada. He whips Estrada into the ropes as he tags in Strongbow. Strongbow gets Estrada in a sleeperhold and gets the win for his team. Maivia chases Rodz away.

WINNERS: Chief Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia

Strongbow is reluctant to wake up Estrada. The referee and Rodz ask him to do it. Maivia tells Strongbow not to wake him up. Maivia gets Rodz in a sleeperhold but Rodz escapes. Maivia awakens Estrada.

“Polish Power” Ivan Putski vs. Joe Turco

Ivan Putski grabs the mic and introduces himself as “POLISH POWER!!!” They lock-up and Putski gets Turco on the ropes. He pulls Turco by the beard. Turco nearly punches the referee. The fans laugh. Turco gets in a big forearm smash but it has zero effect on Putski.

Putski gets Turco in a headlock and threatens to punch him in the nose. He finally does and Turco goes flying across the ring. Turco rakes Putski’s eyes. He throws a few forearms across Putski’s back. Putski chops him and gets Turco back in a headlock and punches him. He punches him a second time. Chinlock by Putski. Turco escapes.

Turco acts like he’s afraid of Putski before they finally lock-up again. He gets another forearm at Putski but it doesn’t work. Putski grabs Turco in the bearhug and he quickly submits.

WINNER: Ivan Putski

Peter Maivia and Chief Jay Strongbow are interviewed by Vince McMahon. Strongbow mentions that they want to capture the WWWF World Tag Team Titles from Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka. Maivia agrees with him. They talk about what the tag team champs have to their advantage while what they might have an advantage against the champions.

Butcher Vachon (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Steve King

Butcher Vachon and Capt. Lou talk a bit in the corner before the match starts. Vachon punches King and starts biting on King. Capt. Lou could be heard arguing with the fans and using some rather colorful language. Vachon tangles King in the ropes and beats on him until the referee separates them. He stomps on King and follows with a choke.

Vachon with a hiptoss gets a near fall on King. King gets back up and lands a dropkick on Vachon but he doesn’t have much luck after as Vachon beats on him even more. Vachon tosses King into the corner and then gets choked with the ropes. King fights back with a few punches at Vachon! Vachon heads over to talk with Albano again.

Vachon with a takedown on Steve King. He covers King for the pin and then slams King head-first into the mat. Vachon kicks at King. King keeps fighting back. Forearm smash by King and he grabs hold of Vachon by his beard. Vachon whips King into the ropes and catches him with a boot. He follows with a big splash off the ropes on King to get the win.

WINNER: Butcher Vachon

Stan “The Man” Stasiak (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Larry Zbyszko

Stasiak lays in some punches on Zbyszko from the very start of the match. Beats on Zbyszko in the corner. Zbyszko counters and attacks Stasiak with a series of forearms across Stasiak’s left arm. He gets him in an armbar. Stasiak escapes but Zbyszko takes him down with a hammerlock. Stasiak gets back up on his feet but Zbszyko takes him down again.

Grand Wizard yells “No! No! No!” as the referee asks Stasiak if he gives up while Zbyszko has him in an a hammerlock. Stasiak briefly back up but Zbyszko takes him down again and back into a hammerlock. McMahon mentions that Sammartino is very proud of Zbyszko. Larry keeps control of the match by slamming Stasiak and keeping him on the mat with a hammerlock.

Stasiak tries to get Zbyszko with the heart punch but he blocks him off and grabs him in an armbar. Stasiak reaches the ropes but Zbyszko refuses to break the hold. He finally does and Stasiak asks for a break. Fans cheer on for Larry. He threatens to punch Stasiak but Stasiak gets in a knee to Zbyszko and a right hand across the head. Stasiak tosses Zbyszko to the outside.

Stasiak slams Zbyszko’s head into the top turnbuckle. He knocks him back down to the outside. Zbyszko pulls Stasiak by the leg to the outside. The two brawl outside the ring. Referee calls for the bell. They continue to brawl as the bell rings. They both get back into the ring and continue to go at it until Stasiak heads to the outside.

WINNER: Double Count-Out

Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka (w/ Classy Freddie Blassie) vs. Dewey Robertson & Johnny Rivera (Non-Title Match)

Robertson gets in the ring with Tanaka but Tanaka motions to the corner asking to wrestle Johnny Rivera. Tanaka tosses salt at the corners as a ritual. Robertson stays in the ring against Tanaka. Robertson gets Tanaka in a full nelson but he is quickly taken down by Tanaka. Robertson counters with a headscissors. Tanaka escapes and takes down Robertson with a ankle takedown.

Tanaka pulls Robertson by the hair and goes to his corner where Mr. Fuji grabs hold of Robertson’s hair. Johnny Rivera tags in and knocks down Tanaka. He does a senton on Tanaka and goes for a pin but Tanaka kicks out. Tanaka grabs Rivera by his armpits and shoves him to the corner. He tags in Mr. Fuji who knocks Rivera down with some chops. Mr. Fuji slams Rivera and follows with a kick.

Mr. Fuji slams Rivera into the corner and tags Prof. Tanaka. Tanaka grabs Rivera by the neck and takes him down. Mr. Fuji back in and he hip tosses Rivera a few times. Rivera punches back and tags in Robertson. Robertson whips Fuji into the ropes and hits him with a punch. He knocks down Tanaka. Robertson gets Mr. Fuji in an abdominal stretch but Tanaka breaks it up.

Rivera gets in the ring and he attacks Mr. Fuji. Fuji with the Kamikaze clothesline knocks down Rivera and covers Rivera for the pin. Blassie comes in and raises his tag team champions arms up in the air.

WINNERS: Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought the show was a little boring especially the first half of the show. It picked up for the second half with Stasiak and Zbyszko being the best match on the show. The final match seemed to go back to the same pace of the earlier matches. This is definitely a show you would only want to watch if you are feeling a little nostalgic.


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