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All-Star Wrestling 3/20/1976

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 3/20/1976

Taped 3/10/1976 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 3/20/1976.

Vince McMahon and Antonino “Argentina” Rocca are on commentary. Rocca tells McMahon that he always gives him a reason to take his shoes off. They rundown the show card.

The Executioners (Executioner #1 & Executioner #2) (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Johnny Rivera & Pat Barrett

Capt. Lou Albano argues a bit with Pat Barret before leaving the ring. He remains ringside. Barrett starts off and gets in a few shots on one of the Executioners. Albano complains to the referee about it. Side headlock by Barrett on The Executioner. He uses his speed on The Executioner who heads to the outside to get a break.

The Executioners double-team Barrett and knock him down. One of the Executioners lands a knee off the ropes on Barrett. Albano and The Executioners choke Barrett on the ropes. Barrett gets fired up and fights back against The Executioners. Rivera gets in a few chops and is finally tagged in. Rivera and Barrett whip the Executioner into the corner but he tags in the other Executioner. Quick tags by the Executioners on Rivera. They go to work on their left arm as Albano mocks Barrett.

The Executioners beat on Rivera. They continue to work on Rivera’s left arm. More kneedrops across Rivera’s chest. Hard right hand at Rivera knocks him down. Barrett runs in to help his partner but the referee gets him out of the ring and The Executioners continue their attack on Rivera. Rivera gets whipped into the ropes and gets backdropped. Albano gets in a cheap shot on Rivera. Pat Barrett chases away Albano. He tries to help his tag partner but The Executioners continue to attack him.

Barrett finally gets involved. Capt. Lou returns ringside. Rivera gets thrown over the top rope by one The Executioners. Albano lays in a few kicks. Barrett chases Albano away again. The Executioners beat on Rivera. They each get Rivera in the Giant Swing. Top rope knee at Rivera’s mid-section. The Executioner pins Rivera for the win.

Everyone continues to brawl after the match. Ring announcer leaves immediately. Referee finally gets control of the situation as Capt. Lou Albano and The Executioners leave the ring.

WINNERS: The Executioners

Johnny Rodz vs. Frank Williams

They lock-up but have to break quickly due to reaching the ropes. Rodz gets in a punch on Williams when they lock-up a second time. He does it again a third time and the referee warns him. He starts to stomp on Williams. Knocks him down with a few punches. Rodz climbs up to the middle rope and lands an elbow. He follows that with a middle rope knee drop followed by another middle rope elbow drop.

Rodz tosses Williams into the corner and continues to beat on him. Williams reverses a whip and sends Rodz into the corner. Rodz kicks Williams and then lands a middle rope stomp on him. He covers Williams for the pin but he kicks out. Rodz continues to beat on Williams. They exchange punches with Williams getting the advantage. Williams whips Rodz into the ropes and gets in a punch. Rodz kicks at Williams and again gets in a middle-rope stomp. He follows with legdrop and Rodz covers him for the pin. Referee stops the count at two. Rodz slams Williams and again goes for a middle rope stomp.

Rodz continues to punish Williams with more punches. Williams fights back and gets in a few more punches on Rodz! Rodz cowers away and begs him to stop before kicking at Williams. Another big stomp on Williams. More shots at Williams but he makes a comeback. Frank Williams gets the momentum and slams Rodz head-first into the turnbuckles. Rodz puts a stop to it and slams Williams. He slams him again and then lands a legdrop on Williams for the pin.

WINNER: Johnny Rodz

Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan join Vince McMahon for an interview. They both brought their WWWF World Tag Team Championship Belts. Tony Parisi mentions that he sometimes likes having singles matches mixed in between tag team matches to keep their minds sharp. He mentions some tough competition in the area. Parisi also mentions that he’s lost some weight for endurance purposes because of the size of the competition they faced. Cerdan was impressed by The Executioners and thinks they are their biggest threat. Parisi agrees with Cerdan but he’s bothered that they have Capt. Lou Albano in their corner.

Skandor Akbar (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Pete Sanchez

Sanchez with a quick takedown on Akbar to start the match. Akbar attacks Sanchez and takes him down to the mat. He starts to choke Sanchez but the referee gets him to stop. Akbar stomps on him and tosses Sanchez to the outside. Blassie gets in a few shots at Sanchez.

Akbar and Blassie take turns attacking Sanchez. Akbar gets in a few punches and forearms on Sanchez near the ropes. Blassie follows with another cheap shot. Akbar kicks Sanchez back to the floor. Blassie kicks at Sanchez. Akbar throws more forearms at Sanchez but Sanchez fights back! He throws some punches at Akbar and finally gets in the ring! Sanchez hiptosses Akbar and follows with a pair of dropkicks!

Akbar catches Sanchez with a kick. He picks up Sanchez and it looks like he’s going to go for atomic knee drop but instead drops Sanchez onto the top rope. Referee calls for a DQ on Akbar. Akbar tosses Sanchez to the outside. Dominic DeNucci comes out and helps Sanchez.

WINNER: Pete Sanchez via DQ.

“Crusher” Jerry Blackwell (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Kevin Sullivan

Crusher Blackwell gets in a big forearm across Sullivan’s chest. Blassie holds onto Sullivan’s leg so that Blackwell can continue his attack on him. Side headlock by Blackwell. He gets him in the corner and again Blassie holds Sullivan as Blackwell charges into Sullivan. Punches exchanged by both men. The police come out and escort Blassie to the locker room to the delight of all the fans. Sullivan gets the advantage on Blackwell and knocks him down.

Sullivan with a knee at Blackwell’s mid-section. He follows with more punches at Blackwell! Down goes Blackwell and Sullivan goes for the pin but Blackwell kicks out! More punches thrown by Sullivan. Blackwell gets in a cheap shot on Sullivan and knocks him down. Big legdrop by Blackwell on Sullivan. Fans start to cheer for Sullivan. Blackwell continues his attack. He chokes Sullivan who starts to make a comeback before Blackwell gets him in a side headlock.

Crusher Blackwell continues to beat on Sullivan. Sullivan fights back and tosses Blackwell into the corner. He snapmares Blackwell and follows with a footstomp. He goes for the pin again and gets a two-count. Elbow drop by Sullivan but again Blackwell kicks out! Blackwell whips Sullivan into the ropes and hits him with a hard forearm that knocks Sullivan down. More forearms thrown by Blackwell. He chokes Sullivan without the referee seeing. He goes back to choking Sullivan again on the ropes. Sullivan fights back and gets in a few more shots at Blackwell!

Sullivan whips Blackwell into the corner. He continues to punch at Blackwell. he whips him into the other corner but Blackwell kicks Sullivan. He uses the middle rope to choke Sullivan. Blackwell continues to beat on Sullivan. The bell rings. Blackwell and Sullivan continue to brawl! Sullivan tosses Blackwell who heads to the outside. The match went to a time-limit draw. Referee awards win to Kevin Sullivan.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw, Referee awards win to Kevin Sullivan.

Vince McMahon and Argentina Rocca don’t understand that result. Blackwell was upset with the result.

Bobo Brazil vs. Bugsy McGraw (w/ Ernie Ladd & The Grand Wizard)

Police security show up and argue with Ernie Ladd. He stays ringside though. Brazil gets McGraw in a side headlock. He knocks McGraw down off the ropes. McGraw armdrags Brazil. Ladd tried to go after Brazil but stopped. He gets warned by the referee. Ladd tells the fans to shut up. McGraw gets in a few forearms in the corner at Brazil. He kicks at Brazil and whips him into the corner.

Bobo makes a comeback on McGraw and gets in a few shots. He kicks the top of McGraw’s head near the ropes. Brazil with a few headbutts at McGraw. He goes for the pin but Ernie Ladd runs in. Pete Sanchez, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi all run out to help Bobo Brazil. Bell rings. The match is announced a no-contest due to outside interference from both sides.

WINNER: No Contest

Vince McMahon interviews Bobo Brazil. He says he should have told the referee to send Ladd to the back and was thankful his friends were there to give him a hand. He vows that Ladd will pay for what he did.

Show Thoughts: Good show. I find the combination of Vince McMahon and Argentina Rocca a bit weird but amusing at times on commentary. It almost seems like Rocca’s only there for part of the show. Best match on the show was the Crusher Blackwell vs. Kevin Sullivan match. Everything else was kept pretty short.


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