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EMLL 2/24/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 2/24/1984

Taped 2/24/84 Arena Mexico.

Opens with Dr. Alfonso Morales interviewing El Talisman but we only get a brief clip on the video.

Ultraman/Cachorro Mendoza/Hombre Bala vs. Jerry Estrada/Talisman/El Supremo

Jerry Estrada attacks Ultraman before the bell rings. Dr. Alfonso Morales joins in on commentary. The rudos all go after Ultraman while the tecnicos try to make the save. All six men start to brawl. Estrada continues his attack on Ultraman. Ultraman and Talisman are the team captains.

Talisman and Cachorro Mendoza start the first fall. He knocks Mendoza out of the ring. Ultraman and Estrada continue to brawl outside the ring. Referee Gran Davis tries to get them to stop. El Supremo and Estrada double-team Ultraman in the ring. Referees Roberto Rangel and Gran Davis can’t keep control of the match. Pedro “El Mago” Septien joins the commentary team. More brawling in and out of the ring by everyone. Talisman gets in a few forearms on Mendoza.

Jerry Estrada kicks Ultraman in the mid-section. Crowd boos him. Ultraman makes a comeback but the other rudos help Estrada. Mendoza dropkicks Talisman. He tricks the rudos into hitting each other. Supremo and Talisman toss Estrada to the outside. Cachorro with a kick at Talisman sends him into the first row seats. Hombre Bala and Supremo in and they speed things up in the ring. Supremo goes flying over the top rope with a “salida de bandera”. He gets back in but Hombre Bala catches him with a tope and covers him for the pin. Cachorro submits Talisman with a double underhook arm submission. Ultraman sends Estrada to the outside. Tecnicos win the first fall!

Whistle sounds for start of the second fall. Hombre Bala and Talisman start the match. Talisman tosses Hombre Bala into the corner. Hombre Bala uses his speed to make his comeback on Talisman. Hombre Bala kicks Talisman to the outside. Supremo and Jerry Estrada both attack Ultraman. Ultraman gets Estrada with a pair of quebradoras! The other rudos jump in but Ultraman sends Estrada to the outside. Mendoza comes in to face El Supremo. He chokes Cachorro and throws in a few punches. Talisman helps El Supremo.

Supremo charges off the ropes at Mendoza, but Mendoza moves out of the way and he instead hits Talisman. Talisman and Cachorro now in the match. He whips Cachorro into the corners hard. More double-team work from the rudos on Mendoza. Snapmare by Talisman followed by a top rope knee drop by Estrada on Mendoza. Crowd wants Ultraman to get in the ring against Estrada.

Rudos all attack Hombre Bala. Supremo whips Hombre Bala ino the corner and suplexes him for the pin. Jerry Estrada gets Ultraman in a submission hold for the win. Rudos win the second fall. The rudos continue their attack on the tecnicos and toss them to the outside.

Third fall starts with rudos attacking Cachorro Mendoza. Talisman kicks at Mendoza while El Supremo holds him. Talisman continues his attack on Mendoza and gets him in a camel clutch. Hombre Bala makes the save. He armdrags Talisman a couple of times. Supremo makes the save. Estrada attacks Ultraman. He and Supremo double-team Ultraman. Ultraman breaks out of a surfboard by reverse kicking Estrada but the rudos continue their attack on him.

Estrada goes for a pin on Ultraman but Cachorro makes the save. Mendoza tosses Estrada. Talisman makes the save. Tirabuzon by Talisman on Mendoza but Hombre Bala makes the save. He catapults Talisman but again Supremo makes the save. Ultraman with a quebradora on El Supremo. Estrada again attacks Ultraman and tosses him over the corner. Rudos all attack Cachorro Mendoza. They follow attacking Hombre Bala.

Ultraman gets in the ring and superkicks all three rudos! Supremo goes over the top rope trying to grab Ultraman. Cachorro and Talisman bump into each other. Supremo and Hombre Bala get each of their opponents with planchas and cover them for the pin. Ultraman and Estrada take those two out. It comes cown to Estrada and Ultraman. Estrada gets Ultraman in a variation of a scorpion deathlock and gets Ultraman to submit. Rudos win third fall.

WINNERS: Jerry Estrada, Talisman and El Supremo

After match Jerry Estrada issued a challenge to Ultraman for the Mexican National Middleweight Title. Ultraman accepts only if Estrada can prove himself. Estrada gets upset. Dr. Alfonso Morales goes ringside to conduct interviews. Cachorro Mendoza and Ultraman both say that Estrada hasn’t done enough to deserve a shot at his title.

Maquina Salvaje talked to Dr. Alfonso Morales before the match.

Maquina Salvaje/Popitekus/MS-1 vs. Villano III/Guerrero Azteca/El Jalisco (Mario Gallegos)

MS-1 and Villano III are the team captains. First fall starts with Maquina Salvaje and Guerrero Azteca. They lock-up near the ropes. Guerrero Azteca takes Maquina Salvaje down but he gets Guerrero Azteca in a hammerlock. Guerrero Azteca escapes the hammerlock by flipping Maquina Salvaje off him. Maquina Salvaje lands a dropkick. Guerrero Azteca with a hiptoss. They exchange holds early on. Side headlock by Maquina Salvaje gets reversed into a headscissors. Big forearm smash by Maquina Salvaje when he breaks out of the headscissors. Refs and Guerrero Azteca argue about what Maquina Salvaje did. Dr. Alfonso Morales keeps calling Maquina Salvaje by his real name, “Lalo Mercado”.

MS-1 and El Jalisco get into the ring. Jalisco misses a dropkick but MS-1 heads to the outside as Jalisco chases him. Villano III also chases MS-1 outside the ring. The crowd whistles at MS-1. Popitekus enters the ring. Some stalling until Villano III enters the ring. MS-1 then gets back in the ring. MS-1 refuses to stay in the ring as Jalisco tries to face him. He finally enters. MS-1 with a hard chop but Jalisco uses his speed against MS-1. Jalisco sends MS-1 to the outside and they continue to brawl.

Villano III and Popitekus enter the ring. Popitekus poses for the fans. He kicks Villano III and whips him into the corner. He whips him into the ropes again but Villano III hits him with an elbow. Popi gets Villano III with a knee. Villano III gets Popi with a knee lift of his own and then tosses him over the top rope. Villano III knocks Popitekus down with an elbow on the floor.

Guerrero Azteca and Maquina Salvaje back in the ring. Back and forth with Guerrero Azteca knocking down Maquina Salvaje to the delight of the fans. Big forearm across Guerrero Azteca’s head by Maquina Salvaje. He beats on Guerrero Azteca near the rudo corner. Guerrero Azteca gets tossed to the outside. Popitekus back in with Villano III. Popitekus shoves Villano III into the corner. He poses again for the fans. Villano III attacks him and grabs hold of him from behind. Popi tries to do the same spot against V-3 but instead he charges into the corner. Rudos start to double-team Villano III.

Villano III backdrops Maquina Salvaje. There’s a mistake made when Guerrero Azteca tries to hit a dive on Maquina Salvaje. Jalisco and MS-1 are quick in the ring. MS-1 beats on Jalisco. Jalisco delivers a few punches at MS-1.Villano III knocks MS-1 down with a dropkick to help Halisco out. Popitekus and Villano III get back into the match.

Villano III continues to dominate the rudos. Guerrero Azteca goes for a top rope plancha on Maquina Salvaje. Popitekus tries a senton on Guerrero Azteca but he moves and Popi ends up landing on Maquina Salvaje. Guerrero Azteca pins Maquina Salvaje. El Jalisco with a huracanrana gets the pin on Popitekus. Villano III gets MS-1 in an abdominal stretch. Tecnicos win a long first fall.

MS-1 mocks the tecnicos from outside the ring. Second fall starts with Popitekus and Guerrero Azteca. Jalisco quickly jumps in to replace Guerrero Azteca. He backdrops Popitekus! Monkey flip by Jalisco on Popi not once but twice as he sends Popi to the outside! MS-1 and Guerrero Azteca now in. Guerrero Azteca armdrags MS-1 a few times. MS-1 misses a senton and gets thrown to the outside. Villano III and Maquina Salvaje both get in the ring. Maquina takes down Villano III with a few forearms.

The tecnicos are upset because they think Maquina Salvaje has a chain hidden in his arm pad. Maquina Salvaje beats on Jalisco and sends him to the outside. Rudos attack Guerrero Azteca. MS-1 with a big right across Guerrero Azteca’s chest. He slams Guerrero Azteca and punches him. Villano III back in the ring but Popitekus helps MS-1. Rudos beat on Villano III. They use the top rope to take down Villano III.

Jalisco runs in and he’s met by all the rudos. Popitekus slams Jalisco and MS-1 lands a frog splash for the pin on Jalisco. Popitekus sits on top of both for the pin. Popitekus follows with a slam on Villano III and then climbs up the top rope and splashes him for the pin. Rudos win the 2nd fall. Popitekus threatens to do a second splash but the referees stop him.

Third fall starts with Popitekus tossing Villano III to the outside. MS-1 and Popitekus double-team Guerrero Azteca. Popi slams Guerrero Azteca into the corner. MS-1 kicks Guerrero Azteca near the groin area but the refs don’t call it a foul. MS-1 starts to beat on Jalisco. Jalisco fires back!!! Punches thrown by Jalisco knock MS-1 down! Referee Gran Davis warns Jalisco.

MS-1 claims he was fouled. The fans yell that he wasn’t fouled. The referees discuss it but keep the match going. Tecnicos beat on MS-1. Popitekus and Maquina Salvaje get involved. Villano III tackles Maquina Salvaje. Villano III took the chain away from Maquina Salvaje. Guerrero Azteca with a senton on Popitekus. Maquina Salvaje gets back in the ring and shoulder blocks Jalisco out of the ring. Guerrero Azteca gets Maquina Salvaje in an armlock but MS-1 makes the save. Some near falls with everyone making saves for their partners.

Jalisco with a big backdrop on Popitekus. He dropkicks Popitekus and rolls him up with a rana. All four go back and fourth with ranas. The three tecnicos get the rudos in ranas. Popi and Maquina Salvaje get tossed to the outside. Salida de bandera sends MS-1 to the outside. Villano III with a dive off the top rope onto MS-1. Guerrero Azteca and Jalisco hit tope suicidas to the outside!

Villano III grabs Guerrero Azteca and Jalisco and throws them into the ring. He then climbs into the ring and the tecnicos win the third fall and match! Rudos are counted out.

WINNERS: Villano III, Guerrero Azteca & El Jalisco via countout.

Villano III is interviewed after the match by Dr. Alfonso Morales.

Manuel “Mocho” Cota/Herodes/El Faraon vs. Lizmark/Ringo Mendoza/Tony Salazar

First fall is joined in progress with Herodes punching Tony Salazar. He knocks Salazar out of the ring. Ringo Mendoza then jumps into the ring. Mocho Cota attacks Ringo from behind and Cota and Herodes beat on Ringo. Lizmark tries to make the save. Faraon joins in and the rudos beat on the tecnicos. El Faraon with a knee at Salazar’s chest. They slam Salazar into Lizmark and sendhim to the outside. El Faraon slams Lizmark on the floor!

Herodes tosses Salazar into the ringpost. In the ring, Mocho Cota gets Ringo Mendoza with a pair of dropkicks followed by a senton and Cota covers Mendoza for the pin. Herodes beats on Salazar on the outside. El Faraon with a senton on Lizmark and he covers him for the pin. Rudos win the first fall.

Team captains appear to be Tony Salazar and Herodes. Herodes continues to beat on Salazar outside the ring. Second fall starts with the rudos continuing with a 3-on-1 advantage over Tony Salazar in the ring. Salazar is bleeding from his forehead and Herodes continues to punch and bite at Salazar! Referees try to get him off Salazar. Rudos toss all the tecnicos out of the ring.

Ringo Mendoza grabs hold of Herodes but the rudos continue their attack. Herodes goes after Salazar and we see that Salazar is bleeding profusely from his forehead. He gets tossed to the outside again. Rudos kick both Ringo Mendoza and Lizmark out of the ring. Herodes heads to the outside to grab hold of Tony Salazar and the rudos continue their attack. Herodes beats on Salazar and the referees finally disqualify the rudos. Herodes tosses both referees as the rudos continue to beat on Salazar. Tecnicos win the second fall via DQ.

Rudos toss Salazar to the outside. Ringo Mendoza checks on Salazar. Lizmark charges into the ring to attack the rudos but the odds are against him and they beat him down. Crowd boos the rudos. Rudos continue to attack Tony Salazar. Herodes tosses him into the ringpost. Faraon and Mocho Cota beat on Lizmark.

Third fall starts with Ringo Mendoza going into the ring and the rudos continue their attack on him and quickly turn their attention on Tony Salazar. Lizmark gets in the ring to help Salazar. El Faraon fouls Lizmark but the referees did not see it. Mocho Cota and El Faraon get in a few knees into Ringo’s mid-section before he’s tossed to the outside. Rudos continue their brutal attack on Tony Salazar!

Ringo Mendoza runs in and punches all the rudos. Lizmark jumps in and beats on El Faraon. Lizmark and El Faraon brawl on the outside. Ringo Mendoza knocks down Herodes and calls for Tony Salazar to beat on Herodes. Salazar bites at Herodes forehead! Referees try to break them up. Salazar tosses Herodes into the corner. Herodes now bleeding as well! Lizmark and Ringo won’t let Mocho Cota or El Faraon into the ring. Lizmark and Ringo Mendoza hit dives over the ropes at Mocho Cota and Faraon.

Tony Salazar beats on Herodes outside the ring and rolls him back in. Series of punches thrown by Salazar! Back and forth punches exchanged with Salazar getting the advantage. Salazar punches Faraon off the ropes. Salazar punches Herodes. Herodes tries to foul Salazar but Salazar caught his leg and instead Salazar fouls Herodes! Tecnicos are disqualified after Salazar fouled Herodes!

WINNERS: Herodes, Mocho Cota & El Faraon via DQ

Tony Salazar starts signaling that he wants a hair match against Herodes.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought the main event was a really solid brawl with the focus being on Tony Salazar and Herodes feud. Both bled during the match and Salazar took quite the beatdown throughout the match. The first match on the show was building up a Jerry Estrada vs. Ultraman match. I think the first match would probably be the one geared to fans who like the faster paced lucha libre matches while the second and third match were more of a brawling style took more of the focus of those matches.


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