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SMW TV #36 (10/3/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #36 (9/21/1992)

Taped 9/21/1992 at Hancock County High School in Sneedville, TN. Aired on 10/3/1992

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Dutch is wearing a silly hat. Bob Caudle has no idea what Dutch is wearing and Dutch says he will have Mr. Ron Wright on this week’s “Down & Dirty” segment.

Ronnie Garvin vs. Mike Sampson

Garvin gets Sampson on the ropes but breaks clean. He gets Sampson with an armbar, but it gets reversed. Garvin takes down Sampson and gets him in a half crab. Sampson reaches the ropes to break the hold. Side headlock into a hammerlock by Garvin and again Sampson reaches the ropes. Sampson shoves Garvin into the corner and lays in some punches and elbows. He chokes Garvin and continues to attack Garvin.

Ronnie Garvin spins Sampson around and chops him. He hiptosses Sampson out of the corner. Garvin with some hard chops at Sampson. Sampson rakes Garvin’s eyes. Garvin taken down off the ropes. He follows with a roll-up but Sampson holds onto the ropes. Garvin punches Sampson and he covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ronnie Garvin

They recap Paul Orndorff ripping apart Ronnie Garvin’s towel and hanging Garvin from the ropes and beating him.

Ronnie Garvin joins Bob Caudle to talk about Paul Orndorff’s attack. He admits that Orndorff kicked his butt however he always comes back. He wants to kick Orndorff out of wrestling.

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “Nitro” Danny Davis

Danny Davis is wearing a t-shirt that says “We’ll Kick Paula’s Butt”! Orndorff attacks Davis before the bell rings. He rips off the t-shirt from Davis. Ronnie Garvin shows up ringside and puts on Orndorff’s robe. Davis hiptosses Orndorff out of the corner and dropkicks him. Orndorff is able to take Davis down. He goes with a few elbows at Davis and chokes him.

Paul Orndorff clotheslines Davis and then stomps on him. Garvin walks around ringside wearing Orndorff’s robe but Orndorff doesn’t notice it because he’s so focused on beating up Davis. Orndorff slams Davis with a suplex. He punches Davis and tells him to get up. Orndorff lands a knee across Davis head. Backdrop suplex by Orndorff and he continues to scream at Davis.

The fans start cheering “Paula” as Garvin gets them fired up. Orndorff continues to attack Davis. Orndorff grabs Davis for a piledriver and finally notices Garvin is wearing his robe. Orndorff gets distracted. Davis rolls up Orndorff and gets the pin.

WINNER: Danny Davis

Orndorff stays in the ring and throws a bit of a fit after the loss.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promo for an upcoming match against The Heavenly Bodies.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Joe Cazana & Paul Lee

Jim Cornette joins Caudle and Mantell on commentary. Morton gets Paul Lee in a headlock but quickly tags in Gibson. Gibson with a knee lift at Lee. He whips Lee into the ropes and backdrops him. Side headlock by Gibson but Lee gets him in his corner and tags in Cazana. Gibson catches Cazana with an armdrag off the ropes. He tags in Morton who attacks Cazana’s left leg. Cornette mentions that he has a surprise for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and he will reveal it at some point during the show.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express quick tags in and out of the ring as they continue to attack Cazana’s left leg. Double-team attack on Cazana followed by double punch attack at Lee to knock him off the apron. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express hits the double dropkick on Cazana and cover him for the pin.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle for an interview. Robert Gibson talks about the double dropkick and says Cornette is scared of that move. Caudle tells Ricky Morton that Cornette has a big surprise for them and he says that he doesn’t know or care what the surprise is. Morton says Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell featuring guests The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright. They show a recap of the previous week’s altercation between Tim Horner, The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright.

They show an interview with Tim Horner who shows the bruising on his neck and he talks about what happened to him the previous week. He says the commissioner promised him he could get a title match against The Dirty White Boy any time and any place. He vows there will be payback

Dutch Mantell is joined by Mr. Ron Wright and The Dirty White Boy to talk about last week’s incident with Tim Horner. Mr. Ron Wright claims that he was out there minding his own business when Tim Horner came out and confronted him. He said Horner threatened to kill him if he wouldn’t give him a title match against The Dirty White Boy. Mr. Wright claims SMW edited the video. The Dirty White Boy said that he saw Horner threatening Mr. Wright and he snapped and attacked Horner. He said his mission is to get Mr. Wright out of his wheelchair and possibly get him back in the wresting ring.

The Dirty White Boy gets told by Dutch Mantell that Horner isn’t there so DWB goes off on Horner. He talks about how if Horner was there he would beat him there. Crowd starts to cheer. Tim Horner runs out and attacks The Dirty White Boy! Mr. Wright wheels himself over to Horner and tells him to stop. Horner goes after him but Mr. Wright begs him not to hurt him. The Dirty White Boy breaks a beer bottle on Horner’s head! Tim Horner’s wife goes and checks on him.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong shows up and fines The Dirty White Boy $2,000. Jim Cornette interrupts Armstrong to talk about something serious. Cornette mentions that the Heavenly Bodies gave The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express one chance at the SMW Tag Team Titles and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express blew it. He says there are other tag teams that are deserving of a tag title match. He brought an injunction notifying SMW that they cannot sign The Heavenly Bodies to wrestle The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for another title match. They can wrestle in non-title matches. Cornette mentions other deserving tag teams like Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis and Joe Cazana & Pat Rose. Bob Armstrong tells Bob Caudle that SMW has lawyers as well and he’s going to do some research on this.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) in a $10,000 bounty match.

The Heavenly Bodies join Mantell and Caudle on commentary. They say that they wanted to put the tag titles on the line against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express but say they unfortunately can’t do it and feel there are other teams worthy of getting title shots. Killer Kyle slams Brian Lee. He slams Lee a second time. Kyle gets Lee in a side headlock. Lee whips Kyle into the ropes and they shoulder block each other. Lee hiptosses Kyle off the ropes. He follows with a body slam and a dropkick at Kyle. Cornette is very upset.

Dutch Mantell and Stan Lane think Jim Cornette could take on Brian Lee. Lane says people underestimate Cornette’s athletic prowess. Lee gets Kyle in a wristlock. Kyle and Lee exchange punches. Lee whips Kyle into the corner but Kyle moves out of the way and Lee charges into the turnbuckles and Kyle’s violin case. Kyle goes to work on Lee’s left arm. He punches Lee’s face. Cornette gets in a cheap shot.

Shoulder breaker by Kyle on Lee. Kyle misses an elbow drop. The Heavenly Bodies and Dutch Mantell claim Bob Caudle is prejudiced against them. Brian Lee starts to regain control of the match. Bob Caudle asks Dutch Mantell where are The Heavenly Bodies going. They run in and attack Brian Lee. All three men beat down Brian Lee. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express go after The Heavenly Bodies. Kyle whips Lee into the ropes but Lee ducks a clothesline from Kyle and instead catches him with one.

Jim Cornette runs into the ring. Lee picks Cornette up. A Samoan wrestler attacks Brian Lee! Danny Davis and The Dixie Dynamite run out to save Brian Lee. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join them in the ring.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies promo for an upcoming match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Brian Lee, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Danny Davis and The Dixie Dynamite join Bob Caudle for interviews. Davis is glad about his win over “Paula” Orndorff and vows to be on Brian Lee’s side whenever he needs it. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vow to get The Heavenly Bodies. Dixie Dynamite says they are united and willing to help Brian Lee. Brian Lee wants to know who the man is behind all these guys that are attacking him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. The highlight of the show was the continuing feud between Tim Horner and The Dirty White Boy. The “Down and Dirty” segment with them on it was great. Mr. Ron Wright was great as usual talking about how Tim Horner threatened to kill him and that’s why The Dirty White Boy did what he did the previous week. The matches this week were okay. They kept several storylines going along with the DWB vs. Horner one as they had Orndorff and Garvin, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies and Brian Lee had yet another stalker attack him this week.


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