Championship Wrestling From Florida 9/28/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 9/28/1983

Taped 9/28/1983 at the Sportatorium in Tampa, Florida.

Gordon Solie on commentary. He breaks news that Mike Rotundo beat Ron Bass for the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Barbara Clary joins the show and says she’ll talk to Dusty Rhodes about a recent match between The Midnight Rider and Lucifer. Buddy Colt is also at the announcers table. Solie mentions that wrestling has left The Armory in Tampa, Florida after holding events there for 40 years. They will be moving to the Sun Dome.

Jos LeDuc joins them to talk about the Florida Championship. He claims that he is still the Florida Champion because “the punk” Barry Windham stole the belt from him. LeDuc says Windham can keep all the fat women and he’s taking all the beautiful women and that belt back.

Barry Windham vs. Dr. X

Barry Windham with a takedown on Dr. X. He knocks Dr. X down a few times with a shoulder block. He follows with a pair of body slams on Dr. X. Big forearm by Windham on Dr. X and then follows with a lariat off the ropes on Dr. X and gets the pin. Quick, short match.

WINNER: Barry Windham

J.J. Dillon and Ron Bass join Gordon Solie. Dillon calls the loss of the Southern title to Mike Rotundo by Ron Bass a travesty. He claims that Bass put a regional title at the level of the World title. Dillon calls Rotundo a “nobody” and that he stole the belt from Bass. Ron Bass claims he was thinking of other things when Rotundo beat him. He says that it is a fact that he will get the belt back from Rotundo.

They show the closing moments of the Ron Bass vs. Mike Rotundo Southern Heavyweight Title match. Rotundo catches Bass with a kick and a forearm. He smashes Bass into the top turnbuckle. Rotundo attacks Bass and catches him with a dropkick. Big forearm smashes across the head of Bass. Dillon trips up Rotundo who goes after Dillon outside the ring. Bass tosses the referee over the top rope. Bass regains control of the match as Rotundo enters the ring. Bass gets Rotundo with the Stampede power slam. Rotundo has his leg outside the ring rope as another ref counts the pin. The second ref corrects him. Referee keeps the match going. Bass attacks but Rotundo gets him in the airplane spin and covers Bass for the pin to win the title.

Solie mentions that they had the cameras go to the back after the match. Dillon screams and says it was an outrage that Ron Bass was robbed of the Southern Heavyweight Title. Bass tosses a few chairs in the dressing room. He screams and asks “Who are you Mike Rotundo?” They show Mike Rotundo getting congratulated by some of the other wrestlers. He is proud to have won the title. He vows to be a fighting and good champion.

Kareem Muhammed (w/ Jim Holiday) vs. Blackjack Mulligan for the Florida Brass Knuckles Title

Both men exchange forearms and punches as soon as the bell rings. Muhammed slams Mulligan and drops a fist across his forehead. Another big punch by Muhammed on Mulligan. Headbutt by Muhammed. He sends Mulligan to the outside and smashes Mulligan’s head into the ring post. Muhammed continues his attack on Mulligan. Holiday hands Muhammed a chair and he uses it on Mulligan.

Mulligan heads to the outside but Muhammed continues to attack Mulligan. Match is falls count anywhere so Muhammed goes for a pin on the outside. Mulligan finally starts to fight back against Muhammed. Big punches thrown at Muhammed. He tosses Muhammed to the outside. Wild brawl outside the ring. Mulligan is bleeding from his face. They take the brawl to the outside of the building!

Mulligan and Muhammed fight in the parking lot! Muhammed grabs a tool box out of a truck and slams it on Mulligan. Mulligan grabs something as well from the truck and attacks Muhammed. He grabs a cable from the truck and chokes Muhammed. Mulligan pins Muhammed and wins the Brass Knuckles Trophy.

Hollday and Kareem Muhammed are joined by Elijah Akeem as they attack Mulligan. A group of wrestlers run out to make the save for Mulligan.

WINNER: Blackjack Mulligan

Mike Rotundo vs. Mr. Olympia

The Mr. Olympia in this match IS NOT the one from Mid-South Wrestling.

Fireman’s carry takedown by Rotundo on Mr. Olympia. Rotundo knocks down Mr. Olympia. Some fast-paced action ends with Rotundo getting Mr. Olympia in an armbar. Mr. Olympia regains control of the match by attacking Rotundo in the corner. He gets in a few forearms on Rotundo. Rotundo whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and gets him with an elbow. Follows that up with a dropkick. Rotundo whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and picks him up in the airplane spin and slams him down for the pin.

WINNER: Mike Rotundo

Ron Bass runs out to attack Rotundo but J.J. Dillon stops him from entering the ring.

J.J. Dillon joins Gordon Solie at the commentary desk. Dillon holds onto a briefcase with $10,000 dollars that was entrusted to him by “Gentleman” Jim Holiday.

Abdullah The Butcher (w/ “Gentleman” Jim Holiday) vs. Bruce Walkup (?)

Abdullah attacks Walkup as soon as the bell rings. He slams Walkup on the outside floor. Abdullah headbutts his opponent. He goes for a running elbow drop but refuses to pin him. He goes for a second elbow drop and this time covers him for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Abdullah The Butcher

Dusty Rhodes is interviewed by Barbara Clary. He talks about Abdullah The Butcher and Jim Holiday putting up $10,000 for anyone who thinks they can pin Abdullah. Dusty offers to put up a saddle that his father gave him in exchange if Abdullah can pin him. Rhodes says if Abdullah can’t pin him, he’s going to put the saddle on his back and ride him like a water buffalo.

Barbara asks Dusty about The Midnight Rider beating Lucifer last week and ran him out of the state of Florida. Dusty says he wasn’t there when they went at it. He says Lucifer was Kevin Sullivan. They show highlights of The Midnight Rider vs. Lucifer steel cage match. They show the Midnight Rider removing Lucifer’s mask and revealing it was Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan is banned for one-year from wrestling in the state of Florida.

Hector Guerrero, Mike Davis & Big Daddy vs. Ray Harris, Jim Haley & Tony Diamata

Hector Guerrero and Tony Diamata start the match. Guerrero dropkicks Diamata. He gets him with another dropkick and follows with a headscissors that sends Diamata to the outside. Davis and Haley get in the match. Davis goes for a pin attempt a few times. He tags in Guerrero again and they work on Haley’s left arm.

Guerrero tags in Big Daddy. He whips Haley into the ropes and knocks him down a few times. Haley’s partners refuse to tag in. Harris finally tags in. Big Daddy uses his size to shove Harris away. Davis now in and he body slams Harris a few times and again goes for a pin but Harris kicks out. Guerrero back in. He misses a splash on Harris. Guerrero Irish whips Harris into Big Daddy’s forearm.

Mike Davis with a suplex on Harris. He tags in Guerrero who goes for a legdrop on Harris. Harris tries to fight back. Guerrero with some punches at Harris. Harris is able to tag out and in comes Diamata. Guerrero tags in Big Daddy and Big Daddy splashes into Diamata in the corner. Davis hits Diamata with an elbow. Guerrero flies over the top rope onto Diamata. He gets Diamata down with a side suplex but Diamata kicks out of a pin attempt.

Quick tag work by Davis and Guerrero in the match. Haley comes back into the match. Davis with a forearm across Haley’s side. Big Daddy tags in and knocks Diamata down. Big Daddy tags in Davis and Davis runs the ropes and Big Daddy kind of picks him up and slams him down onto Diamata. Davis covers Diamata for the pin.

WINNERS: Guerrero, Davis & Big Daddy

Gordon Solie recaps all the latest news. Mike Rotundo the new Southern Heavyweight Champion. Kevin Sullivan is barred from wrestling in the state of Florida for a year. Blackjack Mulligan is the new Florida Brass Knuckles Champion.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay and a bit underwhelming episode. I was hoping it would be better when it kicked off with Jos LeDuc looking crazy as usual. The matches were all very short with the one that went the longest being the Mulligan vs. Muhammed match that was more of a brawl. I thought that was the highlight of the show. They did have some good interviews and Gordon Solie always does a great job of letting the viewers know what’s going on in the territory.


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