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All Japan Women Classics Ep. #3

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #3

Bull Nakano vs. Itsuki Yamazaki

Taped 5/7/1983

They shake hands before the bell rings but Bull Nakano attacks Itsuki Yamazaki from behind as she turned to return to her corner. Yamazaki slaps Nakano and follows with a dropkick. She slams Nakano and goes for a quick pin but Nakano kicks out.

Yamazaki continues to use her speed to take Nakano down again to the mat. Nakano gets caught in a leglock and tries to punch her way out of the hold. Nakano is able to knock Yamazaki down and starts choking her. Yamazaki takes Nakano down again but Nakano has her in a bodyscissors hold.

Bull Nakano gets Yamazaki down as the fans start to chant “Itsuki”! They head to the outside and Nakano tosses Yamazki into the chairs and the ring post. Nakano heads back to the ring. Yamazaki gets back in the ring and Nakano tosses her around by her hair! Dump Matsumoto jumps in the ring and they double-team Yamazaki.

Nakano continues to attack Yamazaki and grabs her by the hair. She chokes her near the ropes. Matsumoto gets involved again. Nakano continues to choke Yamazaki. Referee refuses to break the hold. Bull steps on Yamazaki’s hair and grabs her by the arms and lifts her up. Dump’s Army all jump into the ring and attack Yamazaki.

Yamazaki continues to fight out of trouble against Nakano but Bull keeps her on the mat. She grinds Yamazaki’s face into the mat and on her knee. Yamazaki fights back and each go after each other’s eyes. Nakano with a leg takedown on Yamazaki and into an armbar. Yamazaki escapes and slaps Bull! She pulls Nakano by the hair.

Dump’s Army again gets involved and beat on Yamazaki. They take her to the outside and all attack her. Yamazaki returns to the ring with a sunset flip on Nakano. She follows with a cross body block off the ropes on Nakano. Abdominal stretch on Nakano and Yamazaki breaks the hold as Dump Matsumoto tries to sneak into the ring. Yamazaki gets Nakano in a figure-four leglock as the referee tells Dump to get out of the ring.

Bull Nakano reaches the ropes while in the figure-four leglock but Yamazaki takes her time breaking the hold. Nakano rolls to the outside. Yamazaki dives to the outside but Nakano moves out of the way! Nakano tosses Yamazaki onto one of the tables ringside. Some of the women try to stop Nakano from attacking Yamazaki. She fights with them for a bit before returning to the ring.

Yamazaki gets back in the ring and Nakano quickly goes after her left leg. “Itsuki! Itsuki!” chants continue. Nakano whips Yamazaki into the corner but Yamazaki reverses it and goes for a sunset flip on Bull. Nakano then reverses the sunset flip and lands on top of Yamazaki. She continues to attack her left leg! Bull grabs onto Yamazaki’s left leg and puts her in a leglock.

Bull Nakano starts kicking at Yamazaki’s left leg. Dump starts slamming a rod at Yamazaki’s left leg as well! Nakano keeps going after Yamazaki’s leg despite her reaching the ropes. More kicks from Nakano. She goes for the pin but Yamazaki bridges out.

Yamazaki gets Nakano in an abdominal stretch. Yamazaki climbs the ropes and hits both Nakano and the referee. Another ringside girl comes in and they double-team Nakano for a bit. Nakano is able to knock Yamazaki down and continues her attack on her left leg. Bull whips her into the ropes but Yamazaki goes for a kick only Nakano catches her and drops her on the mat.

They both end up on the outside and Dump Matsumoto gets involved. Yamazaki’s corner women bring her back to the ring. One of Dump’s girls slams Yamazaki on the mat and Bull Nakano goes for a top rope splash but Yamazaki moves out of the way. Yamazaki whips Nakano into the ropes but again Dump’s army attack Yamazaki and drag her back to the outside.

Bull Nakano brings Yamazaki back in the ring and body tackles her a few times. She goes for the pin but Yamazaki kicks out again. Bull with a suplex on Yamazaki and again she can’t keep her down for the pin. Nakano gets caught by a cross body block and then a dropkick from Yamazaki. She goes for a top rope sunset flip on Nakano but only gets a two-count. Dump’s Army all run-in to the ring and attack Yamazaki. Referee calls for the bell and gives Bull Nakano the DQ.

WINNER: Itsuki Yamazaki

All the women get in the ring and fight. Yamazaki is upset despite being given a championship belt.

Mika Komatsu vs. Kazue Nagahori

Taped 4/2/1985

Komatsu slams Nagahori head-first into the mat. Nagahori counters with a monkey flip and goes for a second but Komatsu stops her. Komatsu gets Nagahori in a side headlock and takes her down to the mat. Komatsu whips Nagahori into the ropes and headbutts her in the mid-section. She follows with a slam and gets a two-count. They battle on the mat with Komatsu holding on with a bodyscissors on Nagahori.

Nagahori picks Komatsu up and slams her down on the mat. She gets Komatsu in a leglock submission hold. She stomps on Komatsu’s back. Komatsu takes Nagahori down and gets her in a bow and arrow submission hold. She slams Nagahori again into the mat several times and goes for the pin but Nagahori kicks out.

Komatsu attacks Nagahori’s back. She gets her in a camel clutch. Komatsu pulls Nagahori’s hair while she has her in the camel clutch. Komatsu stomps on Nagahori who briefly gets a pin attempt on Komatsu. Bodyscissors by Nagahori on Komatsu. Komatsu places her shoulders on the mat. She escapes and kicks Nagahori’s right leg. Leglock on Nagahori but she escapes. Komatsu continues her attack with kicks at Nagahori’s right leg.

Right forearm thrown at Nagahori but she still is able to fight back and starts tossing Komatsu around by the hair. Nagahori and Komatsu run into each other of the ropes. Komatsu slams Nagahori and gets her in a headscissors. Nagahori escapes and tries to slam Komatsu but she gets cradled for a near fall. Komatsu goes to work on Nagahori’s right arm now. Armbar on Nagahori. She grabs both of Nagahori’s arms. Komatsu keeps trying to pin Nagahori but can’t quite pull it off.

Nagahori gets Komatsu in a hammerlock and then tries for an armbar submission. Back and forth between the two with each getting near falls on the other. Nagahori with a dropkick out of the corner. She misses a legdrop. Komatsu whips her into the ropes but Nagahori catches her with a spin kick. She backdrops Komatsu off the ropes. She does it a second time. Nagahori slams Komatsu and goes for the pin but Komatsu powers out.

Front chancery by Nagahori gets reversed into a Boston Crab by Komatsu. She switches over to a leglock on Nagahori. She stomps on Nagahori some more. Nagahori knocks her down. Komatsu catches her again with a headbutt into the chest a few times. She catches Nagahori with a side slam and tries to get the pin. She’s able to keep her down and gets the pin on Nagahori.

WINNER: Mika Komatsu

Yumiko Hotta vs. Kyoko Asoh

Taped 7/4/1985

Yumiko Hotta gets Kyoko Asoh down a few times with a couple of snapmares and armdrags. She gets Asoh in a side headlock before Asoh escapes and gets her in a headscissors. Hotta escapes and gets her in a leglock. Armdrag by Hotta but Asoh is quickly able to get Hotta down with a leglock. She stomps on Hotta and tosses her around a bit.

Asoh tosses Hotta a few more times. She gets her in an armbar and kicks Hotta. They continue on until Hotta knocks Asoh down. More exchanges as each women takes turns on offense. Hotta cradles Asoh near the ropes but can’t get the pin.

More of the same for much of the match. Hotta gets Asoh in a front facelock. Asoh catches Hotta with a couple of dropkicks which seems to have awaken the crowd a bit. Fujiwara armbar by Asoh on Hotta. Match doesn’t seem to have commentary now after starting with it for a bit. Big elbow by Hotta at Asoh.

Hotta tries for a suplex but Asoh reverses it in a cradle. Hotta is able to then reverse that cradle and get Asoh for the pin.

WINNER: Yumiko Hotta

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. The first match between Yamazaki and Nakano was very intense. It had some wild moments in it and there never seemed to be any down time during the match. Thought it was a pretty good match. The second match seemed to go a little longer than it should have. It was okay but a bit “dry” with the crowd not really reacting to much. It had some good matwork in it but it didn’t seem to come off as exciting. Last match on the show was pretty boring. I think the last two matches on this show were added to show us early matches of Mika Komatsu and Yumiko Hotta and not meant to be these memorable good matches. Watch the first match, don’t really need to seek out the other two.


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