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All-Star Wrestling 2/28/1976

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 2/28/1976

Taped 2/18/1976 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/28/1976.

Vince McMahon Jr. and Antonino “Argentina” Rocca on commentary. They talk about a newcomer that Freddie Blassie is bringing in by the name of Stan Hansen.

Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Cowboy Bob

Scicluna and Cerdan start the match. McMahon and Rocca seem to disappear for a bit and don’t do commentary for a bit. Scicluna does some comedy spots as Cerdan keeps taking him down. Vince finally starts doing commentary. Cerdan tags in Parisi. Scicluna knocks down Parisi while running the ropes but Parisi catches him with an armdrag and tags in Cerdan.

Scicluna reaches over and tags in Cowboy Bob. Parisi gets Bob in an armlock. Scicluna tries to get in the ring. Cerdan comes in and replaces Parisi while the referee is distracted. They do it a second time. Parisi threatens to punch Cowboy Bob while Cerdan is holding him. The tag champs keep coming in and out of the match whenever Scicluna distracts the referee. Parisi goes for a pin on Cowboy Bob but Scicluna makes the save.

Tony Parisi gets in the match and grabs Cowboy Bob in a wristlock. Cowboy Bob tags Scicluna while the referee is distracted and doesn’t allow Scicluna to enter the match. Scicluna sneaks in but the referee stops him and again Cerdan comes in for Parisi. They keep trying to get Scicluna to tag in to the match and every time he does the referee doesn’t see it and Cerdan and Parisi switch in and out of the match. Cerdan gets Cowboy Bob in a hammerlock but he reaches the ropes.

Cerdan has Cowboy Bob in a leg submission hold and again they switch as Scicluna tries to get in the match and the referee stops him from entering. Parisi continues to keep Cowboy Bob on the mat. Scicluna finally gets in and attacks Parisi. He beats on Parisi. Cowboy Bob joins in on the attack. Scicluna slams Parisi and goes for a cover but Parisi tosses him off. Referee finally gets Scicluna out of the match but he gets back in. Parisi punches Scicluna. Louis Cerdan slams Cowboy Bob. Tony Parisi lands on Cowboy Bob with a senton for the win.

WINNERS: Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi

Bob Brazil vs. Hans Schroeder

Bobo Brazil gets Schroeder on the ropes. He goes for a wristlock and follows with an armbar on Schroeder. Schroeder gets in a forearm across Brazil’s chest but Brazil counters with a forearm of his own. Capt. Lou Albano shows up ringside and talks to Hans Schroeder. Albano argues with the ringside fans. Schroeder gets Bobo in a bear hug and we see that Capt. Lou Albano is still ringside.

Bobo Brazil escapes the bear hug with an eye poke! Capt. Lou can be heard screaming advice to Schroeder. Bobo chokes Schroeder on the ropes and asks Albano to step into the ring. Albano refuses. Brazil gets Schroeder in a headlock and he follows with a nerve hold. Schroeder reaches the ropes but Brazil refuses to break the hold on him. Schroeder punches his way out of Brazil’s grasp. Brazil catches him with an elbow at the top of his head.

Hans Schroeder begs away but Brazil continues his attack. Side headlock by Schroeder on Brazil. Brazil whips him into the ropes and hiptosses him. Brazil catches Schroeder with the headbutt and gets the pin. Albano gets in the ring and is upset. Schroeder and Albano attack Brazil after the match. Brazil fights back and headbutts Schroeder. Albano calls for help. Johnny Rodz runs in but Brazil headbutts him and knocks him down. More wrestlers run in to attack Brazil but he knocks them all down. Bobo headbutts Albano and the fans cheer on as Brazil cleans house.

WINNER: Bobo Brazil

Vince McMahon interviews Bugsy McGraw and The Grand Wizard. The Grand Wizard calls McGraw unusual and says he is a “317 pound, walking hydrogen warhead” and when he presses the button to release McGraw there will be an explosion. He claims that he’s held him back and is tired of both taking abuse and vows to press the button and let the “warhead explode”. Vince wants to know what “sick power” means and The Grand Wizard says that McGraw is the master of “sick power” because he can think of the most sick and rotten things.

Vince asks The Grand Wizard how he thinks McGraw would do against Bobo Brazil. McGraw responds by laughing and says Bobo likes to scare people because he’s “big, black and ugly”. He tells Vince he’ll do what he can to the best of his ability and then laughs and mentions to Vince that he didn’t think he knew big words. Bugsy says he gets pleasure when he can give out pain. McGraw challenges Bobo Brazil, Bruno Sammartino, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi.

Stan Hansen (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Johnny Rivera

“Classy” Freddie Blassie accompanies his newest charge and newcomer, Stan Hansen! Hansen and Rivera lock-up but Hansen quickly knocks him down with an elbow. He stomps on Rivera and follows up with a forearm across his head. He gets Rivera in a backbreaker. Knee drop by Hansen. He continues to beat on Rivera on the ropes. More forearms and kicks at poor Johnny Rivera. Stan Hansen tosses Rivera into the turnbuckles. Rivera tries to fight back but Hansen knocks him down with a knee. Hansen whips Rivera into the ropes and catches him with a shoulder block. He places a foot on Rivera and gets the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Stan Hansen

Kevin Sullivan & Pat Barrett vs. Billy Coleman & Frank Monte

Frank Monte and Kevin Sullivan start the match and Sullivan gets Monte with a pair of dropkicks that knock him down. Monte goes for an armbar on Sullivan and tags in Coleman. Coleman continues with a wristlock but Sullivan is able to tag in Barrett. Barrett flips over Coleman and legdrops his left arm. Sullivan back in and continues to work on Coleman’s left arm. Quick tags by Sullivan and Barrett. Barrett continues to attack Coleman’s left arm.

Coleman reaches out and tags Monte. They run the ropes and Barrett trips up Monte. He works on Monte’s left arm and tags in Sullivan who leapfrogs over Barrett and lands on Monte’s left arm. Monte recovers and gets in a few shots on Sullivan. He tags in Coleman and he kicks Sullivan. Sullivan fights back and tags in Barrett. Barrett knocks Coleman across the ring. Coleman tags in Monte again.

Frank Mote with some forearms across the back of Barrett. Pat Barrett gets Monte with the Irish Cannonball and it knocks Monte down. Sullivan back in and he trips up Monte. Monte reverses and chokes Sullivan. He punches Sullivan and takes him over to his corner. Monte tags in Coleman. He continues the attack on Sullivan but Kevin crawls to Barrett. Pat Barrett takes on both Coleman and Monte. He gets Coleman with the Irish Cannonball again. Barrett tags in Sullivan and Sullivan goes to the top rope and leaps over Barrett and gets Coleman with a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & Pat Barrett

Dominic DeNucci vs. Louis Cyr

DeNucci gets Cyr with an armbar. Cyr whips DeNucci into the ropes and he takes him down but DeNucci gets up quickly and takes Cyr down with an armdrag and gets him in an armbar. Cyr reverses it into a headscissors. Cyr punches at DeNucci’s mid-section in keeping him in the hold. DeNucci does a head-stand in trying to escape the hold but is unsuccessful the first time. He gets out of it a second time and gets Cyr in a headlock but again Cyr reverses it into a headscissors. He grabs onto DeNucci’s trunks trying to keep him in the hold.

DeNucci tries to escape and does so briefly by flipping over and going for a pin on Cyr. However, Cyr gets DeNucci back in the headscissors. Antonino Rocca tells McMahon that he’s going to take his shoes off because it’s the main event and asks McMahon if he minds. McMahon tells him that he doesn’t mind at all. They go silent for a few seconds. Dominic DeNucci breaks out of the hold and chops Cyr. Cyr pulls DeNucci’s hair and punches him. He slams DeNucci’s head into the top turnbuckle. Cyr starts choking DeNucci with the bottom rope.

Cyr with a foot across DeNucci’s head. DeNucci gets fired up and chops Cyr! He whips Cyr into the corner but Cyr catches him with a punch. He kicks at DeNucci and whips DeNucci into the ropes and catches him with a headbutt. Cyr stomps on DeNucci. He tries to pin DeNucci by using the ropes. The fans yell as Cyr tries to cheat his way to victory. The referee tells Cyr to break the hold as the bell rings because they are out of time.

WINNER: Time-Limit Draw

DeNucci punches Cyr after the bell rings. Cyr raises his arm in victory despite it being declared a draw.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best part of the show was Bobo Brazil taking on Hans Schroeder and Capt. Lou Albano. Albano had others run-in to help him out but Brazil took care of them. The other highlight of the show was that this was Stan Hansen’s debut here. He destroyed his opponent. I thought for the most part the action on the show was just okay. Vince McMahon seems more distracted by whatever Antonino Rocca might say which at times Rocca can say some stuff that I can’t understand and at other times some funny comments like during the last match when he asked McMahon if he could take his shoes off.


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