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All-Star Wrestling 1/17/1976

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 1/17/1976

Taped 1/7/1976 at the Fieldhouse, Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 1/17/1976.

Vince McMahon Jr. and Antonino “Argentina” Rocca on commentary.

“Superstar” Billy Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Sylvano Sousa

Superstar Graham enters the ring and does a few poses. Grand Wizard removes his hat and vest and Graham keeps posing. Grand Wizard then places wristbands on Graham. Graham shoves Sousa into the ropes and hits him with a forearm. He tosses him head-first into the corner turnbuckles. Graham kicks and knees Sousa in the corner. He follows with a big forearm across Sousa’s back. Sousa fights back but with no luck as Graham continues to beat on him.

Graham tosses Sousa to the outside but Sousa’s foot gets caught in the ropes and he’s hanging out of the ring. Superstar starts to kick at him and tosses some board at him. Referee finally releases Sousa from the ropes. Graham gets back in the ring and brings Sousa back in and whips him into the corner. More forearms at Sousa by Graham. He whips Sousa into the corner and Graham catches Sousa in the bear hug and wins the match via submission.

Graham refuses to break the bear hug and keeps it on while the Grand Wizard distracts the referee. He finally breaks the hold and stomps on Sousa.

WINNER: Billy Graham

Bugsy McGraw (w/ Ivan Koloff, Capt. Lou Albano & The Grand Wizard) vs. “Polish Power” Ivan Putski (w/ Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi)

Crowd cheers as Putski enters the ring. Vince asks Antonino why Koloff, Albano and the Grand Wizard are all ringside. Ivan Putski tells the ref that he’s not pleased but instead heads to the back and brings Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi to be in his corner!

Bugsy McGraw pushes Ivan Putski back into the corner to start the match. Putski then does the same to McGraw. They lock up again and Putski gets McGraw in a side headlock. McGraw reverses into a wristlock. Putski powers out of the hold but McGraw is able to get Putski back down. Putski again tries to power out this time using both his arms and sends Bugsy flying across the ring!

McGraw attacks Putski from behind. He kicks and punches at Putski. McGraw pushes the referee away. Putski counters and throws a few punches at McGraw. He too shoves the referee out of the way. Ivan Putski jumps into the ring. Cerdan and Parisi get in the ring as well. Capt. Lou Albano follows. Wild brawl in the ring! Bobo Brazil runs out and helps Putski, Cerdan and Parisi!

WINNER: DRAW (Both men are DQed)

Ivan Putski calls everyone out and says he has four men in the ring and wants the other four to come back. He says that the heels only want to wrestle someone 4-on-1.

Vince McMahon interviews Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi about what happened in the previous match between McGraw and Putski. Cerdan is upset that Koloff and the others interfered during the match. Parisi says all those guys are always sticking their noses in other people’s business. He says Albano has a grudge against them because they beat the Blackjacks. Cerdan says they have open contracts and are willing to defend their tag team titles against anyone. They also talk about their workout schedule.

Louis Cyr (w/ “Classy” Freddie Blassie) vs. Johnny Rivera

Louis Cyr shoves Johnny Rivera into the ropes a few times to start the match. He follows with a few hiptoss on Rivera. Rivera makes a comeback and grabs hold of Cyr’s left arm. Cyr tosses Rivera and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Cyr gets Rivera in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and gets Rivera’s head near the ropes. Referee tells Cyr to break the hold.

Cyr continues to dominate Rivera. He tosses Rivera across the ropes. He whips Rivera into the ropes and hits him in the mid-section. Blassie tells Cyr not to pin Rivera yet. Cyr pulls at Rivera’s mouth. He gets a knee to the back of Rivera. Cyr lifts up Rivera every time he teases going for a pin. He whips Rivera into the corner. He follows by whipping him into the ropes and catching Rivera in a bear hug and slamming him into the turnbuckles. Cyr places Rivera on the top rope and knees him. Cyr goes for a pin but again pulls Rivera back up.

Johnny Rivera fights back on Cyr but he gets knocked down by one big left punch. Cyr whips Rivera into the corners. He picks Rivera up with a side suplex. Uppercut on Rivera. Cyr whips Rivera into the ropes and kicks him. Another side suplex by Cyr on Rivera. He follows with a shoulder breaker and Cyr covers Rivera for the pin.

WINNER: Louis Cyr

“Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Pete McKay

Capt. Lou Albano wants the fans to cheer for Koloff, but they refuse and boo even louder. He can be heard yelling at the fans. Koloff takes McKay down. He stomps on McKay. He goes after McKay’s mid-section with a claw-like hold. Rocca thinks Koloff looks better now than he did 4-5 years ago. Koloff with a knee at McKay’s mid-section and he goes back to using that claw-like hold on him.

Capt. Lou Albano and Argentina Rocca yell at each other! Koloff backdrops McKay and then follows with another knee at McKay’s mid-section. He tosses McKay out of the corner. Big forearm by Koloff at McKay’s back. He kicks at McKay as Albano yells at the fans. Double foot stomp by Koloff on McKay. Backbreaker followed by an elbow drop by Koloff. He goes for a second elbow and then lands another knee on McKay. Koloff teases pinning McKay. He climbs up to the top rope and lands a kneedrop on McKay for the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

“The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd vs. Pete Sanchez

Ernie Ladd puts his cowboy hat on the ring attendant and does it so it covers the guy’s entire head! LOL! Ladd tells the referee that Sanchez is really small. He gets on his knees to mock Sanchez but Sanchez catches him with a dropkick! Sanchez with an armdrag on Ladd. Crowd cheers loudly as Ladd complains to the referee claiming Sanchez pulled his trunks! Crowd starts a “Go Pete Go” chant!

Pete Sanchez again armdrags Ladd. The Big Cat argues with the referee and the fans. Ladd places Sanchez in the corner but misses a forearm. Sanchez dropkicks Ladd and he gets stuck on the ropes. Sanchez gets in a punch and tosses Ladd into the corner. Hard rights thrown by Sanchez at Ladd. Ernie Ladd reaches into his tights and punches Sanchez with a foreign object. The Big Cat smiles as he jams a thumb into the neck of Pete Sanchez.

Referee wants to check Ladd for any weapons but can’t find anything because Ladd hid what he had on his thumb in his trunks. Crowd starts an even louder “Go Pete Go!” chant. Sanchez fights back on Ladd. He whips Ladd into the ropes and catches him with a punch into the mid-section. Sanchez stomps on Ladd. Ladd headbutts Sanchez in the mid-section. He kicks at Sanchez and follows with a forearm to the back. Ladd chokes Sanchez over the top rope. He punches Sanchez. Sanchez continues to fight back.

Pete Sanchez whips Ladd into the corner but Ladd uses his loaded thumb to knock him down. Ladd sends Sanchez to the outside after hitting him with his thumb again. Referee counts out Sanchez. Ladd threatens to jump to the outside but the referee keeps him from doing it.

WINNER: Ernie Ladd via countout

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode of All-Star Wrestling. The last match on the show was the best match with Ernie Ladd really giving Pete Sanchez a lot of offense and it made for a fun competitive match. Ladd looked like he was having fun during the match and that made the match that much better. The other match of note on the show was the Putski vs. McGraw match which was relatively short but also had a wild brawl with several wrestlers and managers involved. The other three matches were squash matches. Really the last match is what made this a far more enjoyable show overall.


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