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GCW TV 2/27/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling 2/27/1982

Taped 2/27/1982 at the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Aired on 2/27/1982.

Gordon Solie is on commentary and runs down what’s scheduled for the show. Roddy Piper joins Solie on commentary and he’s going to interview Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen. Piper asks Ole what it’s like to be in a tag team tournament where you might have to face a friend for a shot at $25,000. Ole asks Piper when has he ever had friends and said he admires people like Piper and Hansen. He talks about how all these tag teams are competing from all over the world for a chance to win $25,000. Piper praises Stan Hansen. Hansen says that he and Anderson are going to do it all over again. “The Hook and The Lariat” will win.

Tom Prichard vs. Mike Jackson

Both men shake hands before match starts. Nice back and forth to start the match. Prichard with a takedown but Jackson breaks free. Jackson gets Prichard down with a hiplock takedown and gets him in a headlock. Prichard whips Jackson across the ropes and Jackson catches him with a hiptoss. Prichard gets back up and takes down Jackson and grabs him in an armbar.

Armdrag twist reversals. Jackson with an attempt at a cross body block off the ropes but Prichard catches him for a slam. Fast-paced back and forth action from the two with tons of cool reversals. Prichard finally gets Jackson in a headscissors. He escapes and grabs hold of Prichard with a headlock. Solie and Piper talk about Jackson being very well educated and also being a basketball coach as well.

Jackson knocks down Prichard but Prichard recovers with a pair of armdrags. He gets Jackson with another armbar. Jackson stands up but Prichard takes him back down with a fireman’s carry takedown while still holding onto the armbar. Forearm smash by Jackson at Prichard. Jackson reverses an armdrag and goes for a hiplock takedown on Prichard and back into a side headlock.

Roddy Piper on commentary was saying people have written in asking that he speak a little slower while calling matches. He starts talking about Jackson taking down Prichard and asks if he’s saying it slow enough for people to understand. Prichard catches Jackson with a dropkick and again with a takedown on Jackson. Jackson whips Prichard off the ropes and catches him with a dropkick and gets him in a headlock. Prichard tries to roll Jackson over for a pin. Prichard reverses into a wristlock but Jackson gets in a few forearms. Prichard whips Jackson into the corner but Jackson climbs up the ropes and goes for a cross body block. Prichard gets Jackson with a backslide but Jackson escapes. Jackson grabs hold of the ropes as Prichard goes for a dropkick. Jackson follows with a legdrop. He goes for the pin but Jackson escapes and turns over Jackson by the side and he’s able to pin him by surprise.

Jackson keeps wrestling until referee Scrappy McGowen tells him the match is over and Prichard pinned him. Jackson congratulates Prichard. Good match.

WINNER: Tom Prichard

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Solie tells Dusty about last week’s Dragon Shai demonstration done by Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki. Dusty jokes that he’s scared to death about being in that match. He says everyone knows what he wants to do with that stick but he can’t say it on TV. Dusty tells anyone that wants a piece of him to get in line. He shows the back of his Black Sabbath t-shirt and says it really is “Heaven and Hell”. He asks where Roddy Piper is that he was suppose to interview him.

The French Angel vs. Ron Horn

The French Angel gets hiptossed by Horn and gets him in a side headlock. Piper returns for commentary. Horn catches The French Angel with a dropkick. Piper’s upset about Rhodes talking about him and others. Horn keeps Angel in a headlock. The French Angel escapes and backdrops Horn. He gets Horn with a rear chinlock.

Piper’s still upset about Dusty Rhodes. The French Angel hits a forearm on Horn. Horn makes a comeback knocking down the French Angel with a few shoulder blocks. Horn nearly gets a pin on the Angel. The French Angel makes a comeback and starts to slam him into the turnbuckles. Back into a headlock by Angel on Horn. The French Angel kicks at Horn and then gets him with a shoulder breaker for the pin.

WINNER: The French Angel

Ron Fuller and Bad Leroy Brown are interviewed by Gordon Solie. Brown says Fuller is here for the Superstar and the Super Destroyer. Fuller says he hasn’t been here because he’s been busy. He shows the fans that he has the Masked Superstar’s mask. He vows that he and Brown will unmask both Superstar and Super Destroyer. Solie says fans have said Fuller is also the “Georgia Stud” because he went to school in Georgia, so Solie asks if he can call him that instead. Fuller says its fine by him.

“The Tennessee Stud” Ron Fuller vs. Bobby Garrett

Leroy Brown stays for commentary during this match. Fuller and Garrett run the ropes and Fuller catches Garret with a pair of armdrags and Garrett rolls to the outside. Garrett gets back in the ring and Fuller with a quick toe-hold takedown on Garrett. Fuller ties up Garrett’s legs but he reaches the ropes. Fuller gets Garrett back down and goes to work on Garrett’s left leg.

Garrett pulls Fuller off him and gets in a few shots at Fuller. Big forearm across Fuller’s back. Fuller whips him across the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Big right hand by Fuller followed by a knee lift at Garrett. Fuller slams Garrett. He follows with a suplex on Garrett but misses an elbow drop. Garrett tries to take him down but Fuller hooks the leg and rolls Garrett over and ends up getting the pin on him.

WINNER: Ron Fuller

NWA World Champion Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie to talk about his upcoming title match against Harley Race at the Omni. Flair says he is going to take Race apart piece by piece and says Race is going to be his. WOOOO!!!

Bob & Brad Armstrong talk about wrestling on upcoming shows.

Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver interviewed by Gordon Solie before their match. Rose says the best are coming from the west and they are going for the $25,000 and the World Tag Team titles. Oliver agrees with Rose. Rose says they are speaking the truth and will take back those tag titles to the west.

“Playboy” Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Ken Timbs & Tim Horner

Buddy Rose and Tim Horner start the match and Rose with a quick body slam but Horner recovers and takes down Rose. Piper returns to commentary and mentions that no one knows more about Mr. Rose than he does due to fighting him in the Northwest. Horner with an armbar on Oliver. Oliver picks up Horner and places him on the top turnbuckle but Horner gets him back in an armbar and tags in Timbs.

Ken Timbs goes to work on Oliver’s left arm. Oliver gets him with a knee near the ropes and tags in Rose. Rose attacks Timbs and lays in a forearm across Timbs’ chest. Elbow and knee drop on Timbs. Rose then stomps on Timbs. Backbreaker on Timbs and Rose covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Solie asks Rich his thoughts on the upcoming Flair vs. Race title match. Rich talks about wrestling Jack Brisco and Terry Funk but says Harley Race is the toughest he’s faced. He says that he’s not taking anything away from Ric Flair because he’s tough but has a big mouth. He respects Race because he doesn’t “hoot or holler” but says he’s going to do something and goes out there and does it. Rich says its going to be a heckuva a match. He compares Race’s situation to that of Muhammad Ali who had his back in the corner when he made his comeback and thinks maybe this might be Race’s last shot at the title.

Ric Flair shows up and interrupts Tommy Rich! He is upset that Rich is making predictions about him vs. Race. Rich says he was asked to give predictions. Rich asks Flair of all the times that he’s wrestled Race has he ever beaten him and Rich says, Flair’s never beaten Race! Rich makes a prediction that Race will beat Flair and says whoever wins he wants a shot at the title. Rich leaves the set and Flair asks Solie what gives that “emaciated punk kid” the right to give predictions about the world heavyweight champion. He then tells Solie why he’s even saying he’s “too well-traveled” and Flair starts screaming and says Race has lost the title six times. Flair says he’s going to win.

They air clips from Nagasaki, Japan of a match between Giant Baba and King Curtis. Solie mentions that Baba is known internationally for his “great tendon strength”. Solie does commentary for the match highlights. Solie mentions that Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen are both watching the match and join Solie on commentary for the match highlights.

They follow that up by airing highlights of Jack & Jerry Brisco with Solie mentioning that they are “well-versed in facing oriental wrestlers”. Briscos are wrestling Hiro Matsuda and Mr. Pogo in the tag match highlights. Jack Brisco puts Sir Oliver Humperdink in a figure-four leglock and then rolls up Matsuda for the pin.

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen talk about the competition in the tag team tournament. Stan Hansen says they are not friends but partners and nothing is more devastating than his lariat.

Ron Fuller and Leroy Brown back for a promo about the tag team tournament in the Omni.

Stan Hansen vs. Rick Thor

Stan Hansen gets Rick Thor in a side headlock and takes him down on the mat. He picks Thor back up and beats on him for a bit. Back into a headlock for Thor. Hansen lays in a knee on Thor’s head and gets him back in a front facelock. Ole Anderson joins Solie and Piper on commentary. Hansen drops an elbow across Thor’s chest. He continues to punish Thor.

Hansen beats on Thor on the ropes. He gets in a punch on Thor. He whips Thor across the ropes and Hansen catches him with a lariat for the pin!

WINNER: Stan Hansen

The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer join Gordon Solie. Super Destroyer says that Ron Fuller didn’t take a mask off him but stole it from him when he was showering and Fuller snuck into the locerk room. The Masked Superstar talks about all the tag teams coming in but he talks about how they hold the National Tag Team titles. He says all those teams have to beat them to win that tournament.

Jerry Brisco promo about the upcoming tag tournament.

Second hour begins with Gordon Solie talking to Steve O who is embarking in a new career. Steve O says that he’d been told by doctors that his hand injury might keep him from wrestling again but he wants to continue in some way in the wrestling business. He said his career move will be trying to emulate Solie as an announcer.

Ric Flair joins them and after hearing what Steve O said, tells Solie wouldn’t it be interesting to hear someone come up there and say that they are going to try to emulate him as a wrestler. He says there is only one and apologizes to Gordon Solie for how he spoke to him earlier on the show. He said all the wrestlers wish they could be up there holding the 10 lbs of gold, making $500,000 a year and driving all the women wild. Ric Flair says he’s made the NWA World Heavyweight title a little more prestigious since winning it.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Bobby Garrett

Jimmy Garvin with a wristlock on Garrett and then hooks his arm back into a hammerlock. Garrett tries to reverse it but Garvin ends up reversing it. Variation of a fireman’s carry takedown by Garvin on Garrett. Garvin punches at Garrett’s arm while still holding onto the arm. Garrett pulls Garvin’s hair and takes him into the ropes. Garrett with a few punches and tries for a wristlock but Garvin regains control and goes on to grab hold of Garrett’s arm.

Roddy Piper talks about how Jimmy Garvin is learning from his mistakes and that shows Piper that Garvin is getting video cassette recordings of PIPER’s matches!!! LOL!

Jimmy Garvin goes for a pin on Garrett but he kicks out. Garvin back to working on Garrett’s left arm. Side headlock, into a headlock and into a hammerlock by Garvin. Garrett rakes Garvin’s eyes and gets him with an elbow. Garrett slams Garvin’s head into the top turnbuckle but that fires up Garvin and he fights back. Garvin whips Garrett into the ropes and catches him with a sleeperhold. Buzz Sawyer climbs up onto the top rope and lands a double axhandle on Garvin from behind! He covers Garvin for the pin and then rolls out of the ring. Referee calls for a DQ.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin via DQ.

Buzz Sawyer tells Roddy Piper that he is correct that Garvin’s learning real well and that Garvin will never jump him from behind like he did last week. Sawyer screams and Piper nods in approval and says Buzz made a “good point”.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Tim Horner

Sawyer with a leg takedown on Horner. He stays on top of Horner until they reach the ropes and have to break. Horner with a takedown and a near fall but Sawyer escapes. Sawyer slams Horner and gets him in a chinlock. Piper says Sawyer has that viciousness that makes him exciting. Horner gets back up and shoulder tackles him but Sawyer is able to get him on the second attempt with a knee into the mid-section. Sawyer smiles as he beats on Horner.

Buzz Sawyer casually pins Horner who kicks out. Horner and Sawyer exchanges blows. Sawyer tosses Horner to the outside. He snapmares Horner back into the ring and goes into a double rear chinlock. Fans start chanting for Jim Garvin and that upsets Sawyer. Sawyer with another takedown and goes for a pin but Horner breaks the pin. However, Sawyer keeps Horner grounded on the mat. He throws a punch at Horner. Horner tries to fight back on Sawyer but he keeps getting taken down. Sawyer uses the ropes to choke Horner with his legs. Side salto suplex by Sawyer and he raises Horner’s head up as he refuses to pin him.

Neckbreaker by Sawyer on Horner as he continues to smile. He again refuses to pin Horner. Sawyer gets Horner up with a suplex. Buzz struts a bit and Jimmy Garvin runs in and attacks Buzz Sawyer. Ron Bass and Kevin Sullivan run in and help Sawyer and attack Garvin. The Armstrongs, Tommy Rich and Tom Prichard run out to help Garvin.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer via DQ.

Ron Bass says that he and Sullivan are going to start watching Buzz Sawyer’s back. Kevin Sullivan chimes in by saying it’s a good thing they ran out to attack Garvin otherwise Sawyer would have destroyed him. Buzz Sawyer calls Jimmy Garvin a dog.

Tommy Rich is upset that they went 3-on-1 and doesn’t blame Garvin for attacking Sawyer after what Sawyer did during Garvin’s match. Rich follows up talking about his upcoming wrestling schedule.

The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer talk about wanting to score a settle with Ron Fuller and also the tag team tournament that is coming up.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Les Thornton joins Gordon Solie and talks about wrestling Brad Armstrong on the show.

Brad Armstrong vs. Les Thornton

Thornton grabs hold of Armstrong’s arm and takes him down to the mat. Armstrong recovers and he’s able to get Thornton in an armbar. He keeps it locked in despite Thornton’s attempt to escape. Thornton lays in a few forearms on Brad but he keeps hold of the armbar. Thornton gets in a forearm on the ropes at Brad and briefly escapes Brad’s grasp.

Brad Armstrong grabs hold of Thornton in another armbar but Thornton gets him with a slam. Near falls by both. Thornton with another takedown on Brad. He gets in a few more forearms across Armstrong’s stomach. Thornton has Armstrong tied up and tries to get a pin on him. Piper starts to insult the fans. Armstrong reverses into a hammerlock. Thornton back up and a takedown on Armstrong.

Thornton keeps tying up Armstrong. Brad escapes and grabs Thornton in a hammerlock and he drops his knee onto Thornton’s arm. Thornton and Armstrong counter each other’s moves. Thornton picks Armstrong up and slams him and again ties Brad up and gets a few near falls on him. Armstrong counters and again gets Thornton in a hammerlock. Piper suggests that Brad has been watching his matches more than his father Bob’s because he’s using moves Piper claims he invented.

Thornton gets back up and beats on Armstrong and gets him in a double under-hook suplex. Armstrong recovers and gets Thornton again in a hammerlock and drops his knee into Thornton’s arm. Thornton with a big forearm across Armstrong’s face. Uppercut by Thornton on Armstrong. He slams Brad’s head into the top turnbuckle. Another side salto suplex by Thornton. Armstrong back to another hammerlock.

Les Thornton with an elbow at Brad’s head. He then slams Armstrong. Brad Armstrong reverses a slam and gets a pin attempt out of it. Armstrong gets a few more pin attempts as the bell rings signaling that the match has ended in a draw.


Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie. Dusty wants to know why every time he comes out for an interview Roddy Piper has to go to the bathroom or powder his nose or get some lunch. Dusty Rhodes says that he’s always “looking to be cooking”, “chucking and jiving, peeping and hiding”. Dusty Rhodes talks about the Dragon Shai match and getting a stick to go against The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart. Dusty Rhodes vows to shove the stick right up Gary Hart’s…Gordon Solie interrupts and sends it to a commercial break.

Gary Hart talks to Gordon Solie about Dusty Rhodes. He shows that he has a black eye that was given to him by Dusty Rhodes. He tells Rhodes that he is going to pay at the hands of The Great Kabuki

Ricky Harris vs. Ken Timbs

Timbs starts by punishing Harris left arm. Harris gets Timbs in a hammerlock but it gets reversed. Timbs with a takedown on Harris and he keeps working on Harris’ left arm. Timbs keeps Harris in an armbar. Harris goes for a bodyslam on Timbs but Timbs keeps hold of the armbar. Harris rakes Timbs eyes. He slams him into the top turnbuckle. Timbs fights back and keeps going to work on Harris left arm.

Ricky Harris gets Timbs into the ropes and knees him in the mid-section. Harris beats on Timbs. Harris slams Timbs head into the top turnbuckle. Timbs fights back and whips Harris off the ropes but Harris catches him with a big boot to the chest. Harris with a side slam on Timbs and then hits a running legdrop on Timbs for the pin.

WINNER: Ricky Harris

Gordon Solie mentions that he has heard there is a match signed between Buzz Sawyer and Jim Garvin but he’s going to wait for verification.

Kevin Sullivan & Ron Bass vs. Ron Horn & Tom Prichard

Ron Bass punches Ron Horn a few times. He tags in Sullivan who beats on Horn. Quick tags from Bass and Sullivan. Bass with a kick into the mid-section at Horn. Sullivan back in and he whips Horn into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Bass now in and he misses an elbow and Horn tags in Prichard. Prichard hiptosses Bass out of the corner. Prichard with a dropkick on Sullivan.

Prichard tags in Horn but Sullivan gets back in control of the match. Bass with an elbow at Horn and he tags Sullivan who slams Horn. Sullivan drops Horn onto Bass’s knee and Bass covers Horn for the pin.

WINNERS: Kevin Sullivan & Ron Bass

Buzz Sawyer talks about Ron Bass and Kevin Sullivan are two great wrestlers. He calls himself the “cock of the walk”. Bass says that he and Sullivan are going to win the tag team titles. Sullivan says $25,000 is a lot of money and he’ll do anything to win it.

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki back to talk about the match against Dusty Rhodes. Hart says Rhodes can joke all he want but the “Boogie Man” is going to get to his soul.

Buddy Rose and Rip Oliver talk about being in the NWA World Tag Team Title tournament and the $25,000 prize.

“Playboy” Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Mike Jackson & Rick Thor

Mike Jackson catches Buddy Rose with a dropkick and tries for a move off the ropes but Rose catches him with a belly-to-back suplex. Rip Oliver now in and he slams on Jackson a few times. Jackson gets to his corner and tags in Thor. Oliver tags in Rose. Rose goes to work on Thor’s left arm. Piper mentions that he might have underrated Rose. Thor tags in Jackson. Jackson and Rose go at it for a bit before Jackson tags in Thor again.

Buddy Rose tags in Oliver and they work on Thor’s left arm. Oliver with a shoulder breaker on Thor for the pin.

WINNERS: Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver

Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki join Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper. To close out the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Ric Flair and Tommy Rich’s confrontation was great. There were a couple of good matches on this show with Tom Prichard vs. Mike Jackson and Brad Armstrong vs. Les Thornton. The back and forth attacks by Buzz Sawyer and Jim Garvin during their matches was great as well. Roddy Piper on commentary was great including him using the fans complaints about how fast he talked and using it as a put down to the fans during commentary. Most everything else on the show were squash matches building up some of the participants in the tag team tournament.


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