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SMW TV #34 (9/19/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #34 (8/31/1992)

Taped on 8/31/1992 at Pikeville College Gym in Pikeville, KY. Aired on 9/19/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Dutch mentions that Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle will be his guests on “Down & Dirty”.

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) vs. Ben Jordan & Rick Newsome

The Stud Stable bring along a stretcher and quickly attack both Jordan and Newsome. Fuller tosses Newsome to the outside. They double-team Jordan. Fuller whips Jordan into the ropes and kicks him. He stomps on Jordan as he yells at him. Fuller tosses Jordan into Golden’s boot. Golden in the match and he continues to destroy Jordan. Jordan is able to tag in Newsome.

Newsome starts off hot but Golden kicks him. The Stud Stable double-team Newsome. Double-armed suplex by Fuller on Newsome. He stomps on Newsome’s arms. Golden slams Newsome’s arm across the ringpost several times. Fuller pulls Newsome back into the ring and then slams him down to the mat. Hammerlock by Fuller. Referee wants Fuller to break the hold and he refuses. Fuller shoves referee Mark Curtis. Golden tosses Jordan out of the ring. Referee disqualifies The Stud Stable. Double suplex on Newsome!

Jimmy Golden brings in the stretcher and they place Newsome on it. They carry him out of the ring and then drop him on the floor. Golden slams the stretcher across Newsome’s back.

WINNERS: Ben Jordan & Rick Newsome via DQ

The Stud Stable talk to Bob Caudle. Golden says The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are in trouble and they are going to put them down. Fuller calls the fans a bunch of hillbillies and that they don’t care about winning but just want to hurt somebody. He proclaims The Stud Stable the Number One Tag Team In The World!

They recap a match between Ronnie Garvin and Paul Orndorff. Orndorff attacks Garvin before the bell rings and rips apart Garvin’s towel. He ties the towel into a knot and chokes Garvin and ties him to the top rope. He proceeds to beat on Garvin. Danny Davis cuts the towel and helps Garvin break out of his towel. Ronnie Garvin is upset at Orndorff for cutting his towel and robbing the fans of him throwing the towel to them. He vows revenge on Orndorff.

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle for an interview and Caudle asks if he’s the one behind the $10,000 bounty on Brian Lee. Orndorff tells him that he has nothing to do with that but he would gladly try to collect on that bounty and will do so on next week’s show in a match against Brian Lee. Caudle asks Orndorff about Ronnie Garvin to which Paul replies, “WHO?”. He says that Garvin is getting under his skin and he’s tired of him. He doesn’t know what the big deal is with his towel and said last time he stuck it down his throat.

Jim Cornette cuts a promo about an upcoming Knoxville show where he’ll be handcuffed with Bob Armstrong during a match between The Heavenly Bodies and The Fantastics. The Stud Stable promo for their stretcher match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in Knoxville. Fuller wants Golden to promise that he’ll make The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express squeal like pigs.

They air comments from Tim Horner and The Dirty White Boy w/ Mr. Ron Wright for their match airing next.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Tim Horner in a non-title match.

Tim Horner goes to work on The Dirty White Boy as he takes him down with some quick wrestling holds. DWB breaks away and looks around stunned. He gets in a few punches on Horner in the corner but Horner again makes another comeback and takes down DWB who rolls to the outside to talk to Mr. Ron Wright.

The Dirty White Boy gets back in the ring and stalls a bit. He takes Horner down but Horner’s quickly back up and DWB backs away. Horner with a side headlock on DWB. Dirty White Boy pulls Horner’s hair and whips him off the ropes but Horner catches him with a dropkick and goes back to a side headlock takedown on DWB. Mr. Wright complains to the referee. The Dirty White Boy shoves Horner into the corner and lays in a few forearms into the mid-section. Reversal by Horner into the corner and again knocks DWB down and again DWB rolls out of the ring.

The Dirty White Boy heads back into the ring and again Horner gets him with a side headlock. DWB catches Horner off the ropes and slams him down to the mat. He stomps on Horner and drops a knee into his upper chest. DWB stands on top of Horner. Another kneedrop into Horner’s mid-section. Horner tries to fight back but DWB kicks him and gets Horner with a bulldog. Elbow smash across Horner’s head. Horner reverses a roll-up attempt but then DWB escapes. Horner goes for a small package and pins The Dirty White Boy! Mr. Ron Wright falls out of his wheelchair!

The Dirty White Boy heads to the outside to help Mr. Wright back into his wheelchair. Horner’s win means he has earned a title shot.

WINNER: Tim Horner

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell and his guests are Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle. Mantell thanks Cornette for being on his show because last week’s show had low ratings due to Bob Armstrong & Brian Lee being the guests. Cornette screams about Bob Armstrong costing The Heavenly Bodies the SMW Tag Team Titles in the past. Cornette says Killer Kyle will also try to collect on the bounty on Brian Lee. He also says he will silence the critics when his team faces The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. He says his team likes the “big girls”, not like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express who charter members of the “Woody Allen dating club”.

They mention the “Dream Match Contest” for fans to enter and win prizes.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle to talk about the bounty on Brian Lee. He mentions they have added extra security tonight for Brian Lee. Armstrong says that the last time the mystery man attacked Brian Lee, he was arrested but was bailed out within hours.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. Mike Sampson

Mike Sampson attacks Brian Lee before the bell rings. Brian Lee catches Sampson with a dropkick off the ropes and then hiptosses him. Brian Lee kicks Sampson and then lifts him up for the “Cancellation” finisher and gets the pin. Quick match.

WINNER: Brian Lee

As Brian Lee raises his arms in the air, the mystery man comes out again and attacks Brian Lee! He clotheslines Brian Lee and then follows with a pair of elbows dropped on him. A couple of wrestlers run out to save Brian Lee and the mystery man destroys all of them. He then goes back to attacking Brian Lee. Tim Horner, Danny Davis, The Dixie Dynamite and Bob Armstrong all run out to help Brian Lee. The mystery man leaves!

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) © vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) for the SMW Tag Team titles

Jim Cornette asks the fans to keep the noise down as Stan Lane is still dealing with an ear injury. The fans cheer louder.

Stan Lane and Robert Gibson start the match and they roll around the ropes. Gibson kicks Lane’s backside and he charges back at him. He gets in a karate kick on Gibson. Follows with a second kick at Gibson. Gibson catches Lane with an enziguiri. Double-team work from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express as they send the Bodies to the outside.

Crowd starts to chant “Rock ‘n’ Roll” loudly! Prichard and Morton now in the match. Prichard knocks Morton down and starts punching at him. He whips him into the ropes and Ricky Morton uses his speed to take Prichard down and does the same to Lane. Punches thrown at Prichard by both Morton and Gibson. Double elbow by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express on Prichard. Gibson with an armdrag takedown on Prichard. Morton comes in and gets Prichard in an armbar. Express keep coming in and out of the ring due to Cornette distracting the referee.

Ricky Morton continues to work on Prichard’s left arm. Quick tags by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express as they continue on Prichard’s left arm. Prichard swings around trying to escape a wristlock. Morton gets back in and keepsPrichard in an armbar. Stan Lane distracts Morton and Prichard knees him in the back and sends him to the outside. Outside the ring, Cornette rams his tennis racket into Morton’s throat. Stan Lane then tosses him into the ringpost. Robert Gibson heads over to help his tag team partner.

Morton gets back in the ring and Prichard continues to attack him. Quick tag work from the Bodies on Morton. Lane with a double chop at Morton. Morton gets a sunset flip pin attempt on Lane but Prichard makes the save. Prichard slams Morton hard to the mat with a suplex and follows with an elbowdrop. Morton rolls over both Bodies and tags in Gibson. Robert Gibson is knocking around both Lane and Prichard when Killer Kyle trips him. Prichard covers him for the pin but Gibson kicks out at two.

More double-teaming from the Heavenly Bodies on Robert Gibson. Referee kicks out Killer Kyle from ringside. Meanwhile, The Stud Stable has shown up. Robert Gibson gets Stan Lane with a cross body block and all four men get in the ring. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express catch Prichard with the double dropkick. Jim Cornette distracts the referee. Jimmy Golden walks over ringside. Lane makes the save for Prichard. Ricky Morton punches Cornette off the ring apron.

All four men are in the ring. Referee is trying to get Morton and Lane out of the ring. Prichard whips Gibson into the ropes and the Stud Stable pull the top rope down and that sends Gibson to the outside of the ring. Jimmy Golden tosses Gibson back into the ring and Tom Prichard covers him for the pin. The Heavenly Bodies steal the win!

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Tim Horner & The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for Knoxville show.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong talks to Bob Caudle. He fines Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden $5,000 each for interfering in the tag title match. He also says The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will get another title shot. Jim Cornette shows up and says that he wants to file a protest against Ricky Morton for punching him in the face. He wants to see him suspended and says Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will not get another title match. Armstrong says they are definitely going to get another title match and the Fantastics are still scheduled to get two more matches against the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette then screams about Armstrong being unfair and says he’s going to take this matter to court.

They announce next week’s main event will be a $10,000 Bounty match between Brian Lee and Paul Orndorff.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode with two important matches on the show. I thought both the tag title match and the Horner vs. Dirty White Boy matches were good. The great thing about SMW was how these shows continue feuds week by week with several storylines including the Brian Lee bounty, the Garvin and Orndorff feud, the Stud Stable & Rock ‘n’ Roll Express feud and Tim Horner finally getting his hands on The Dirty White Boy. Even when there might be someone feuding that isn’t on the show, they give you a reminder during the show.


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