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SMW TV #33 (9/12/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #33 (8/31/1992)

Taped 8/31/1992 at Pikeville College Gym in Pikeville,Kentucky. Aired on 9/12/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Dutch Mantell is holding up “Wanted” posters with Brian Lee’s picture on them. He says his guests for this week are SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong & Brian Lee who are going to be talking about this situation and they received another letter.

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. Ben Jordan

Ben Jordan starts off the match by grabbing Orndorff in a wristlock and landing a few elbows into his left arm. Orndorff breaks free out of the hold and lays into Jordan. He stomps on Jordan near the corner. Big punch thrown at Jordan. Orndorff whips Jordan across the ring but Jordan reverses and takes him down with an armdrag and follows with a pair of superkicks. Jordan climbs up to the top rope and misses a high cross body block off the ropes. Orndorff stomps and punches Jordan.

Paul Orndorff rakes Jordan’s face across his boot. He backdrops Jordan and then follows with a knee drop. Orndorff climbs up to the top rope and lands a knee right on Jordan’s back. Orndorff rolls Jordan over and covers him for the pin.

Orndorff goes back after Jordan and tries to get him in the piledriver but referee Mark Curtis stops him.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Paul Orndorff joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Caudle asks Orndorff is he’s the one who has placed the $10,000 bounty on Brian Lee. Orndorff says that because he has a face like Robert Redford, a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger and a mind like Albert Einstein, everyone is jealous of him. He buries everyone in SMW. He vows to piledrive Ronnie Garvin, Brian Lee and even Bob Caudle!

Recap of The Heavenly Bodies winning back the SMW Tag Team titles against The Fantastics. The Fantastics are upset at how they lost the tag team titles and how Cornette robbed them again. Bobby Fulton said his hatred for Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies has grown. He says they have a surprise for them and its going to be Cornette being handcuffed to Bob Armstrong for their next match. Bob Caudle is joined by Jim Cornette, The Heavenly Bodies and Killer Kyle. Stan Lane says his ear injury is the toughest injury he’s had in his career. Prichard insults the fans.

Cornette makes a joke about it possibly being ether that he used on Bobby Fulton. He also mentions Killer Kyle is going after the $10,000 bounty on Brian Lee and talks about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Cornette says that on next week’s show they will defend the tag titles against the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and that by giving them one shot and should they beat them that will be the last time they would face them because they would have proven they are better than them.

Jim Cornette & The Stud Stable promos about an upcoming show in Beckley, WV.

SMW announces a “Dream Match Contest” for fans to select dream matches for November. Winners will get prizes should that fan’s match be selected. A total of five matches will be selected.

“White Lightning” Tim Horner vs. “The Golden Boy” Joe Cazana

Tim Horner uses his quickness early on Cazana, who gets upset and complains to the referee. The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright appear and talk Bob Caudle. Mr. Wright says that they are not ducking Tim Horner and that Horner is harassing him by calling him at 4 am and waking him up. Horner with a couple of nice armdrags. Mr. Wright says that he can’t even take his medication because Horner has stressed him out and he’s even unplugged his phone. The Dirty White Boy asks Caudle who Tim Horner has beaten in SMW because he hasn’t seen him beat anyone.

Cazana gets in a few punches on Horner in the corner but Horner takes down Cazana again and gets him in a hammerlock. Wristlock by Horner. Caudle wants The Dirty White Boy to wrestle Horner. Cazana with a comeback and gets Horner with a neckbreaker. Horner reverses Cazana’s attempt at slamming him into the turnbuckle. Horner gets Cazana in a suplex and then drops a knee onto his face. Irish whip reversal with Horner getting Cazana with a roll-up into a bridge for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Tim Horner confronts The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright. Mr. Wright says he’s feeling a heart attack going on right now and Horner tells him that he won’t touch him. Horner asks if his name is in the hat as a challenger for the SMW Heavyweight title. They say his name is in the hat and ask him to leave.

“Down & Dirty” with Dutch Mantell with guests Bob Armstrong and Brian Lee with Dutch saying he is on their side and hopes they can find who is behind the bounty on Brian Lee. Armstrong reads the letter about this person “follower” going after Brian Lee. This individual says he’s going to hurt some of Armstrong’s friends and will seek revenge against Armstrong for the wrong he did to him in the past. Armstrong says that if he finds out that anyone in SMW is behind it, they will be banned for life. Brian Lee said that he is losing sleep about this. He said that he has to get stronger and will rip apart anyone who gets in his way.

The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright are back again. Caudle mentions that they agreed to have The Dirty White Boy defend the title every week against the Top 10 Contenders who’s names are in a hat. They ask Dutch for his hat and place the 10 names into the hat. The Dirty White Boy pulls out the name Newton Steffey. Mr. Ron Wright says Newton Steffey is one of the top men in the world.

The Dirty White Boy © vs. Newton Steffey for the SMW Heavyweight Title

Dutch and Bob Caudle talk about whether Newton Steffey is a top contender to the SMW title. Mantell tells Caudle that he has a bio sheet on Steffey and he is the Canadian Champion. Caudle asks Mantell who Steffey beat to win that title which Mantell replies that he beat the champion to win the title. Mantell also claims he’s defended the Canadian title several times.

The Dirty White Boy gets Steffey on the ropes and beats on him for a bit. He gets Steffey with a clothesline and continues the beatdown on the Canadian Champion. The Dirty White Boy suplexes Steffey. Bob Caudle asks to see the strips of paper with names written on them and he reveals that the one strip that was thrown to the floor had Tim Horner’s name on it. The Dirty White Boy drops a few elbows on Steffey. He slams Steffey and then lands a legdrop. Hard chops thrown by The Dirty White Boy.

The Dirty White Boy with a backbreaker on Steffey. Big knee at Steffey’s head and DWB rips at Steffey’s head. DWB with a DDT on Steffey and then refuses to cover him for the pin. He follows it up with a chokeslam and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

Tim Horner shows up and saw that The Dirty White Boy drew his name out of the hat. He says DWB is scared. The Dirty White Boy tells Horner to go back to Morristown, Tennessee before he hurts him. Horner chops DWB. He asks for the mic and tells Horner that he will get a shot at him but in a non-title match and if Horner beats him then he’ll give him a title match.

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) vs. The Dixie Dynamite & “Nitro” Danny Davis

The Stud Stable bring out a stretcher with them to the ring. Fuller & Dixie Dynamite start the match. Dynamite uses his speed against Fuller. Fuller slams down Dynamite and struts a bit. Dixie gets back up and slams both Fuller and Golden. He struts after taking both down. Robert Fuller claims Dixie Dynamite pulled his trunks. He tags in Jimmy Golden. Davis comes in and takes down Golden. Golden whips Davis into the ropes and they criss-cross across the ring. Davis gets Golden a surfboard submission hold.

Jimmy Golden kicks Davis off him and catches Davis off the ropes with a monkey flip. Davis keeeps control of the match until they criss-cross across the ring and Fuller gets in a knee on Davis. Fuller with a foot into the mid-section of Davis. Golden comes in and continues attacking Davis. Davis makes a comeback and tags in Dixie Dynamite. Dynamite takes on both Stud Stable members. He hits both with dropkicks. Davis now back in helping Dynamite. Golden whips Dynamite into the ropes and Dynamite goes for a cross body block off the ropes but Golden ducks. Golden tosses Dixie Dynamite over the top rope. Stud Stable beat on Davis.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come out. Robert Gibson distracts Fuller and the referee. Ricky Morton then trips up Jimmy Golden and Dixie Dynamite lands on him for the pin. Referee rushes over and counts three. Dixie Dynamite and Danny Davis win the match!

WINNERS: Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis

Tim Horner and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for Beckley, WV show.

The Stud Stable join Bob Caudle for an interview. Jimmy Golden insults the fans and then says Ricky Morton robbed him. He says the war is just getting started and says it won’t be over until both Rock ‘n’ Roll Express members are on stretchers. Fuller talks about how the Stud Stable is a tag team that should be in Madison Square Garden or Atlanta and starts screaming at The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express as TV time runs out.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Another good episode. The matches were all pretty short and were used to advance feud. The Brian Lee $10,000 bounty placed by a mystery person continued. That’s been done really well with only the mystery man attacking him and the addition of someone taking credit for these attacks and also vowing revenge on Bob Armstrong has added an extra layer to this story. The Dirty White Boy pulling out contenders names out of a hat has been great as well. They did a great job building up Tim Horner trying to get that title match. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express feud with The Stud Stable continued on this show and now we have The Heavenly Bodies issuing their challenge to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Good show overall.


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