Championship Wrestling From Florida 2/23/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 2/23/1983

Taped 2/23/1983 in Tampa, Florida.

Gordon Solie, Buddy Colt and Barbara Clary open the show. Gordon Solie announces that Dusty Rhodes will be back on next week’s TV show.

They are joined by Scott McGhee who is there to talk about the NWA World Heavyweight Title match against Ric Flair. They air the conclusion of the Ric Flair vs. Scott McGhee NWA World Heavyweight Title match. Ric Flair is dominating the match at this point. He lands a kneedrop across McGhee’s foreheard and covers him for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Flair gets McGhee with a vertical suplex and again goes for a pin but only gets another 2-count. McGhee gets whipped into the corner twice by Flair and Flair continues to beat on McGhee. Hard chop from Flair knocks McGhee down. Ric Flair piledrives McGhee and covers him for the pin but McGhee’s leg is below the bottom rope. Flair goes for another piledriver but McGhee tosses Flair off him. McGhee reverses a whip into the corner and gets Flair in a sleeperhold!

McGhee takes Flair down as he applies more pressure with the sleeperhold. Flair tries to reach the ropes. Referee checks Flair and as he starts a count, Flair places his right foot over the bottom rope. McGhee breaks the hold and backdrops Flair. He covers Flair but only gets a 2-count. McGhee misses a middle rope headbutt at Flair. Flair whips McGhee into the ropes and misses a chop. McGhee catches Flair with a cross body block but can’t keep the pin. McGhee continues his attack on Flair with a knee lift and a forearm. Flair chops McGhee. Flair attempts a backdrop but McGhee escapes and catches Flair with an atomic drop. McGhee whips Flair into the corner and charges at him but Flair moves out of the way and McGhee hits the corner turnbuckles full force! Ric Flair grabs McGhee and suplexes him and covers him for the pin. Ric Flair wins and retains the World Title!

They return to the announcers table and Buddy Colt called that title match one of the best he has ever seen. Colt asks McGhee if he would change any tactics should he get a rematch against Flair. McGhee praised Flair’s conditioning and said he was a great offensive wrestler. He said it was his first time wrestling Ric Flair and said he would just like another match against him.

The Fabulous Kangaroos (Don Kent & Johnny Heffernan) vs. Rocky Raymond & Tommy Wright

Johnny Heffernan starts against Tommy Wright and takes him down with a wristlock and hiptoss. He tags in Don Kent. Wright tags in Raymond. Kent slams Raymond and tags in Heffernan. Heffernan slams Raymond and covers him for the pin but Raymond kicks out. Quick tags by the Kangaroos as they keep their attack on Raymon. Uppercut thrown by Heffernan at Raymond. Heffernan with a double leg pickup and Kent charges with a knee at Raymond’s chest. Heffernan covers Raymond for the pin.

WINNERS: The Fabulous Kangaroos

Rufus R. Jones joins the desk to talk about “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown. He vows to end this war with Brown and is willing to put up $5,000 of his own if Brown can beat him with a headbutt.

They show highlights of a Jones vs. Brown match from the Armory. It is a lights out, no DQ match. Jones trash talks Brown about trying to get him with a headbutt and he also struts a bit before the two lock-up. Brown and Jones exchange headbutts that have no effect on either one. Jones wobbles and moves around a lot. Brown gets in some forearms and punches at Jones’ head. Jones gets in a few shots at Brown to make his comeback. Double chop by Jones and punches that finally knock down Brown. Jones knocks Brown down again with a shoulder tackle and Brown heads to the outside. Rufus follows and both brawl outside. Brown tosses Jones into the ringpost. Brown beats on Jones near the announcer’s table. Referee calls for the bell and gets tossed aside by Brown. The two continue to brawl as they head to a commercial break.

Ron Bass vs. Jake Roberts

Solie mentions that Roberts is the only remaining from the trio with Sullivan and Angelo Mosca because the other two were suspended for two weeks. Bass knocks down Roberts to the delight of the fans. Ron Bass gets Roberts in a side headlock. He keeps it locked in strongly on Roberts. Roberts is able to whip Bass across the ropes but Bass knocks Roberts down with a shoulder block. He goes back to using a headlock on Roberts.

Jake Roberts getsup and tries to break out of the headlock but Bass keeps it locked in. Roberts tries to break out of the hold again with a top wristlock but Bass gets him back in the headlock. Roberts backs away from Bass after he broke out of the headlock and tried to sneak in on Bass. Roberts whips Bass across the ropes but Bass catches him with a bodyslam. Jake Roberts looks like he’s in pain and backs away from Bass.

Roberts kicks at Bass and then punches him a few times. He whips Bass across the corner and then snapmares him. Roberts gets in a series of punches and a high knee lift. He climbs up on the ropes and slips off the ropes. Crowd laughs at Roberts’ mistake. Bass grabs hold of Roberts and bodyslams him. He lands an elbow on Roberts and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Ron Bass joins Gordon Solie for an interview. He says that he and Barry Windham have been having issues with Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca. They want revenge on them and don’t agree with them getting suspended for a few weeks. He wants a match with Angelo Mosca.

Terry Allen joins Barbara Clary to talk about being the Florida Global Tag Team Champion. He is pleased to have won the tag titles with The Midnight Rider. He thanks the Midnight Rider for winning the tag titles and for allowing him to keep the tag titles despite Midnight Rider relinquishing his half of the tag titles due to not wanting to unmask. They air a recap of their tag team title victory over the Fabulous Kangaroos.

Terry Allen mentions that he has two options as to how he can continue to defend the Global Tag Team titles and remain the champion. The first is that he can have the opposing tag team flip a coin to select one team member to challenge him in a singles match for the tag titles. The second would be to find a tag team partner to defend the titles with. Allen said he would prefer to defend them in tag team matches and his preference would be to team with his past tag team partner, Scott McGhee. He realizes that McGhee has prior obligations that can’t be changed so there will be some times that he will have to defend the tag titles on his own.

Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca join the desk to talk about their suspensions. Sullivan thinks it’s strange that they got suspended from wrestling at the same time that Dusty Rhodes is returning. Sullivan knows it was Rhodes under the Midnight Rider mask and says his evil will live on until he gets rid of Rhodes. Mosca is upset that he had his helmet was banned. He calls Rhodes, Windham and Bass all crybabies.

Barry Windham © vs. Jerry Grey for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

Windham takes Grey down with a pair of armdrags. He gets Grey in an armbar. You can hear Sullivan and Mosca are still in the studio and they are screaming at Windham. Buddy Colt mentions that they both could get in trouble. Sullivan tells him that he’s standing near the ring and there is nothing wrong with that. Windham gets an uppercut in on Grey. He whips Grey into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick.

Barry Windham snapmares Grey and follows with an elbow drop. He gets a 2-count. Grey gets in a few shots before Windham recovers and gets in a few shots at Grey. Sullivan gets closer to the ring. Windham whips Grey across the ropes and hits him with the lariat for the win. Barry Windham goes out of the ring and starts to brawl with Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca. Ron Bass runs out and helps Windham. Sullivan and Mosca retreat!

WINNER: Barry Windham

Ron Bass and Barry Windham join the announcer’s desk to talk about Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca. Bass says there won’t be any more back-jumping because they are going to watch each other’s back. Windham says this has nothing to do with wrestling because they are trying to maim others.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The previous episode I recapped had part of this show added to it so it was partially repeated for me while watching it. I don’t know what was going on with Jake Roberts in his match with Ron Bass but he ran up to the ropes twice and the second time slipped off. I thought maybe they were doing some angle were he’s lost in a match without Kevin Sullivan but it could have just been a mistake or bad timing. The final segment with Windham’s match followed by him and Ron Bass brawling with Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca was the best thing on the show.


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