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GCW TV 2/20/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV 2/20/1982

Taped 2/20/1982 at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Gordon Solie & Roddy Piper are on commentary. Piper talks about Bob Armstrong being allowed back on the TV studio. He says if Bob Armstrong can’t contain himself then he will. Gary Hart joins them and praises Roddy Piper and says people want to see him give Bob Armstrong a deserved beating. Gary Hart says after the first match, he’s going to show a demonstration of the “Dragon Shai”. Hart tells Piper to be cool because he looks nice in his suit.

Brad Armstrong vs. Rick Benefield

The two exchange forearms but Brad gets the edge and takes Benefield down with a dropkick. Brad Armstrong gets Benefield in a side headlock. Piper talks about how Bob isn’t out there with his son. Armstrong gets Benefield in a hammerlock but breaks due to being close to the ropes. Brad gets Benefield in a headscissors but again reaches the ropes.

Brad Armstrong takes down Benefield again with a headlock. Brad messes up a leapfrog and almost loses his balance but he’s able to recover and hit a dropkick. He goes back to a side headlock on Benefield. Benefield gets Brad in the corner and gets in a few knees into his mid-section. He monkey flips Brad out of the corner and then slams him. He lands an elbow on Brad but Brad gets in a few forearms on Benefield and knocks him down. Brad Armstrong whips Benefield into the ropes and gets him with a powerslam and gets the pin.

WINNER: Brad Armstrong

Gordon Solie interviews the Knoxville mayor Randy Tyree about an upcoming fair. Solie mentions that World Championship Wrestling would hope to take part in the fair with a series of championship matches.

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki join Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper to give a demonstration of the “Dragon Shai” match. Gary Hart hands Gordon Solie $200 and says that after he’s done with the demonstration he wants one of the rising young stars of Georgia Championship Wrestling, Tommy Rogers, to come out and grab the kendo stick. If he can hit Kabuki in any other part of his body with the kendo stick besides his gloved arms, he will get $200.

Roddy Piper is impressed with what Gary Hart is doing because he mentions that some fans watching might not think Hart is trying to hit Kabuki so Hart has decided to let someone else try it out as well.

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki get in the ring. Gary Hart tries to hit Kabuki but Kabuki blocks it with his gloved arms. They have Tommy Rogers come out to attempt to strike any portion of Kabuki’s body besides his gloved arms. Rogers swings the kendo stick hard and Kabuki blocks it with his arms! Tommy Rogers ends up hitting Kabuki in the shoulder! Kabuki pulls out his two swords and blocks off the kendo stick! He kicks Rogers. Gary Hart comes and pulls away the two blades from Kabuki. Kabuki grabs the kendo stick and starts to beat on Rogers. Hart tries to stop him but Kabuki knocks him down. The referees are able to pull Rogers out of the ring. Kabuki spins and he has a bit of a staredown with Hart but finally calms down.

Gary Hart heads over to Gordon Solie and asks if he can have his $200 back. Solie tells him no because he said if Rogers touched Kabuki’s body with his kendo stick he would get $200. Hart claims Rogers hit the gloves but decides to let Solie hand the money to Rogers. Piper tells Solie it isn’t fair that he took the money but then Hart tells him it’s okay because Rogers cheated and cheaters never prosper.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer join Gordon Solie for an interview about the upcoming World Tag Team title tournament. The Super Destroyer vows to get revenge against Ron Fuller and Leroy Brown. The Masked Superstar talks about the upcoming tag team title tournament.

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki return for another interview about the upcoming “Dragon Shai” match against Dusty Rhodes.

Chick Donovan vs. Tom Prichard

Prichard with a fireman’s carry takedown on Donovan to start the match. Donovan gets to the ropes to break away from Prichard. Prichard takes down Donovan again with a wristlock. Donovan goes for a wristlock but Prichard reverses it. Prichard with a kick at Donovan to get him off him.

Donovan grabs hold of the wristlock. Solie mentions that the Knoxville Mayor Randy Tyree is now relaxing watching the matches in the crowd. Prichard with a few forearms and elbows at Donovan’s left arm. Donovan whips Prichard into the ropes and slams him. He misses an elbow and Prichard gets him with an armdrag takedown. Legdrop on Donovan’s left arm. Donovan tries to break out of the armbar submission hold. Prichard switches it into a hammerlock.

Chic Donovan escapes with a snapmare. They continue to exchange holds and Donovan is able to counter him and get him into the ropes. Donovan tries to get Prichard with a gorilla press slam but Prichard slides off and tries for a backslide. Donovan escapes. Some forearms are exchanged and Prichard sends Donova with a high backdrop. Prichard gets Donovan with an enziguiri and gets the pin.

WINNER: Tom Prichard

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown joins Gordon Solie. Brown said that the combination of Ron Fuller’s wrestling and his fighting makes them a dangerous team.

John Studd is interviewed and talks about how he’s the biggest man in pro wrestling. He says he’s bigger than Blackjack Mulligan, Angelo Mosca, Hulk Hogan, Crusher Blackwell and Andre The Giant. He says all of them have to look up to him. He sends a message to the “Tennessee Stud” and says there are only two things that come from Tennessee, “hillbillies” and “rednecks”. He says he can bend bars and planned to destroy all wrestlers.

Leroy Brown says people call him and Fuller a lot of names and says John Studd should show up so they can settle this in the ring.

Gino Hernandez joins Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper for an interview. Piper again asks Solie if he can interview him and says Gino reminds him of Lou Thesz. Gino mentions how all the women were screaming for him during his last appearance and one woman presented him with a towel that had the initials “T.R.” Gino then says the woman explained to him that she had once thought the handsomest man she had seen had those initials but she’s had a change of heart. Piper asks Gino who it was and Gino replies it was that “blond headed punk sissy” Tommy Rich. Piper laughs. Gino says that he can’t accept a gift that was intended for someone else. He asks Gordon Solie to present it to Tommy Rich as a “crying towel” as he loses the masses of his fans. Solie responds with a “WOW!!!”

Gino Hernandez vs. Bobby Garrett

Garrett is returning after being sidelined with a broken arm he suffered during a match against Ric Flair. Hernandez quickly gets Garrett with a armbar. They go down to the mat but Hernandez reaches the ropes. Gino gets a spin kick in on Garrett. Hernandez whips Garrett into the ropes and dropkicks him. He lands an elbow and then follows with a knee drop on Garrett. Hernandez and Garrett fight each other with Garrett whipping Garrett into the corner but Gino gets a knee up and knocks Garrett down.

Gino Hernandez whips Garrett into the ropes and gets him with a dropkick. Piper continues to praise Gino on commentary! Gino slams Garrett and then lands an elbow down on Garrett. He covers Garrett for the pin but lifts his head up. Hernandez gets Garrett with another bodyslam and then climbs up the ropes and hits a reverse elbow drop on Garrett for the pin.

WINNER: Gino Hernandez

Jimmy Garvin vs. Ricky Harris

Ricky Harris pulls Garvin’s hair to take him down. Piper asks Solie if Garvin is a “Southern boy” because he thinks he lacks coaching which he’s seen in many Southern wrestlers. Piper then says he’s going to send all these Southern boys some film of his matches so they can learn to wrestle better because he wants to help them out. Garvin gets Harris in a side headlock but Harris elbows and punches his way out of it. Harris sends Garvin into the turnbuckles but Garvin fights back. Harris gets him with a knee to the mid-section and then slams him.

Harris drops a knee but only gets a 2-count. Harris continues with a few more punches at Garvin and starts choking him on the top rope. Garvin kicks Harris and throws a few punches at him. He gets a 2-count. Garvin goes for a front headlock on Harris. Solie defends Garvin’s coaching and mentions he was coached by John Heath as an amateur. Piper then tells Solie that he’s correct and he knows what he’s talking about unlike some who show up on the show who don’t know what they are talking about. He tells Solie that he admires him. Piper then says maybe he was misunderstood because he didn’t mean the coaches were bad but just that they coached differently. Harris continues to beat on Garvin.

Crowd starts cheering for Garvin as Harris continues his attack and gets in a few fists into Garvin. Harris whips Garvin into the ropes and Garvin surprises Harris with a backslide and gets the pin!

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Bob & Brad Armstrong promo for upcoming shows including the World tag team tournament.

Tommy Rich talks about the upcoming shows he’ll be wrestling on. He says after shows it is going to be “party time” because he’s seen a lot of pretty ladies in those cities.

Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen vs. Ed Timbs & Jim Gallagher

Stan Hansen takes Timbs down with a side headlock. He lands a few elbows on Timbs neck and then just drops a series of knees and elbows at the back of Timbs. Ole gets Timbs in a front chancery but Timbs tags in Gallagher. Ole tags in Hansen. Hansen beats on Gallagher and body slams him. Hansen demolishes Gallagher. Big forearm over Gallagher’s chest. Hansen tags in Ole and Ole gets him in a rear chinlock and then gets him on the ropes. Ole chokes Gallagher. Hansen gets in a cheap shot at Gallagher. Anderson snapmares Gallagher and again gets him in a chinlock.

Hansen gets back in the ring and they double-team Gallagher and knock him down with a double elbow. Hansen gets in another forearm before Gallagher tags in Timbs. Hansen beats on Timbs right away. Hansen gets Timbs in an armbar. Ole gets in and stomps on Timbs. He knocks Timbs down and gets him in an armbar as Hansen yells at Timbs to give it up. They go after Timbs’ left arm. Hansen drops a few knees at Timbs and grabs him in an armbar and continues to beat on him. Hansen whips Timbs into the ropes and charges at him with a shoulder tackle. Hansen with an elbow drop. Ole Anderson gets in and lets Timbs reach his corner.

Ole Anderson beats on Jim Gallagher. Ole sends Gallagher into Hansen’s knee. Hansen comes in and continues to beat on Gallagher. Hansen whips Gallagher into the ropes and hits him with the lariat for the pin!

WINNERS: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen

Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen join Gordon Solie for an interview. Ole talks about why he is teaming with Hansen and he says “money talks” and this world tag team tournament has a $25,000 prize. He says they are the best team that has ever been seen in Georgia and soon they’ll be the best tag team the world has ever seen. Ole Anderson tells Gordon Solie that he’d rather have Roddy Piper interview them, so they ask that he step back with Stan standing in front of him. Piper praises them as a tag team. Hansen says he does what he wants to do and doesn’t care what the fans think. He says Ole waved some money in front of him and that was enough for them to team up again. Ole says that when that 2/28 show ends everyone will be seeing them as the $25,000 winners and new World Tag Team Champions!

Second hour starts with Ron Bass and Buzz Sawyer joining Gordon Solie. Tommy Rich enters the ring and Buzz Sawyer trashes Rich. He says he doesn’t want to wrestle nobodies so he’s going to keep his eyes tuned into the show and if there is someone he thinks is worthy of wrestling him, then he’ll give him a match on TV. Ron Bass talks about still being undefeated. He is upset with Tommy Rich and Jim Garvin and doesn’t want them sticking their nose in his business.

Roddy Piper returns to join Solie in commentary.

Tommy Rich vs. Ricky Harris

Harris misses a big forearm on Rich as he moves out of the way. Rich catches Harris with a backdrop and then takes him down with a pair of armdrags. Harris heads to the outside. Piper talks about having a conversation with judo champion Wilhelm Ruska about a match he had against a Russian. Solie mentions he saw Ruska a few times in matches. Rich gets Harris in a headlock. Harris pulls Rich’s hair to escape the hold.

Top wristlock by Rich. Harris again complains about his hair getting pulled. Solie mentions that Jim Garvin took umbrage with some of the comments Buzz Sawyer made and wants a match against him on TV. Harris lays in a few punches at Rich in the corner. Tommy Rich fights back and whips Harris into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Crowd is cheering loudly for Rich. Harris gets back up and gets in a punch on Rich. He follows with a big knee drop. Body slam by Harris on Rich. Rich gets in a kick on Harris and then headbutts Harris in the mid-section. A series of right hands send Harris down. Rich covers Harris for a pin but only gets a 2-count.

Rich gets Harris with a headlock. Harris whips Rich into the ropes but Rich crawls beneath him. Rich hits the ropes and catches Harris with the Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Ron Bass vs. Jim Gallagher

Bass lays in a bunch of forearms in the corner at Gallagher. He stomps on him and then slams Gallagher. Bass gets in a big boot at Gallagher off the ropes and continues his attack. He tosses Gallagher out of the ring to the concrete floor. Bass grabs him and lays in a forearm across his chest and then snapmares him back into the ring.

Big elbow by Bass at Gallagher and he covers him for the pin but Gallagher reaches the ropes. Gallagher fights back near the corner but Bass gets him with a forearm and stomps on him on the mat. Ron Bass gets Gallagher in a camel clutch. He then twists Gallagher’s head! Bass gets Gallagher in a facelock and twists hard. Gallagher gets in a few punches but Gallagher gets him again with a forearm. Atomic knee drop by Bass and again Gallagher is near the ropes.

Ron Bass continues to destroy Gallagher and refuses to keep him down for the pin. Bass punches at Gallagher’s head. He stomps and hits him again. Big knee lift by Bass! Bass slams Gallagher as the fans yell at him. Again Bass slams him and refuses to pin Gallagher. Bass grabs hold of Gallagher and gets him in the Stampede powerslam and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

The Armstrongs show up for an interview and check in on Gallagher as well. Bob Armstrong talks about the upcoming World Tag Team title tournament at the Omni.

Tommy Rich promo about upcoming shows. He holds up the National title and tells Gino Hernandez any time, any place.

Buzz Sawyer comes out for his match and laughs at Garvin and says he’s going to beat him just like he beat Tommy Rich.

Buzz Sawyer vs. Jimmy Garvin

Buzz Sawyer goes for the drop toe-hold on Garvin but they battle for an advantage on the mat. Sawyer slides out of the ring. Sawyer gets back in the ring and Garvin gets the advantage and grabs hold of Sawyer but Sawyer’s able to escape Garvin’s grasp. Sawyer grabs the referee to stop Garvin. Buzz Sawyer pulls down his straps.

Jimmy Garvin gets Sawyer in a headlock. Sawyer shoves Garvin into the ropes but Garvin knocks him down. Garvin gets Sawyer with an inside cradle but Sawyer breaks out of the pin attempt. Crowd cheers on Garvin. Sawyer gets a kick in on Garvin but Garvin surprises Sawyer with a back slide and gets a 2-count. Sawyer slides to the outside!

Sawyer gets back in the ring and they lock-up. Sawyer lays in some forearms at Garvin in the corner. Garvin reverses a whip into the corner and takes down Sawyer and gets him in a side headlock! Sawyer rolls Garvin over for a pin while Garvin has him in a headlock. Garvin knocks Sawyer off the ropes and then armdrags him and gets him back in the headlock. Ron Bass shows up ringside and cheers on Sawyer. Sawyer shoves Garvin into the turnbuckles and gets in a knee to Garvin’s side. Sawyer slams Garvin’s head into the turnbuckles. Big forearm by Sawyer followed by him choking Garvin with the bottom rope. Buzz Sawyer slams Garvin and then lands a knee over his forehead.

Buzz Sawyer goes for a suplex but Garvin reverses and then rolls up Sawyer for the pin! Garvin gets the surprise 3-count! Bass runs in and he and Sawyer attack Garvin! Bass holds onto Garvin as Sawyer hits a top rope splash on Garvin! They toss out one wrestler who tries to make the save. Tom Prichard, Brad Armstrong and Tommy Rich run out and make the save. Piper on commentary tells Solie that he was going to go in and help but his ribs were a little sore! LOL

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Tommy Rich is upset at what Bass and Sawyer did to his good friend Jim Garvin. He and Garvin are going to take care of business against those two. He says they are “low-down” people.

Kelly Kiniski vs. Bobby Garrett

Kelly Kiniski gets Garrett with some quick armdrags and then goes for an armbar. Piper mentions that he thinks Kelly is a little more agile than his father Gene Kiniski. Kiniski keeps Garrett in that armbar. Garrett gets in a knee into Kelly’s mid-section. Kiniski continues his attack and lands a dropkick on Garrett. He misses a second attempt. Garrett takes Kiniski down but he runs the ropes and Kiniski catches Garrett and gets him with a backbreaker and gets the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Kelly Kiniski

Gordon Solie mentions that Rip Oliver and Buddy Rose will be on next week’s show.

Gino Hernandez joins Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper. Solie asks Gino why he’s all dressed up in his suit if he was suppose to wrestle in this hour. Gino mentions that a lot of people see the “G.G” initials and think it stands for “Generous Gino” but he really is “Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez. He says he’s wrestled a few times already on national TV and has come to the conclusion that if the people want to see him wrestle, they are going to have to pay to see him. Piper asks Gino how Farrah Fawcett is doing and he says she’s doing okay in L.A. and sends her love to Piper. Piper mentions that Gino doesn’t have to prove himself on national TV. Gino tells women to keep their hands off him. He tells Tommy Rich to start sweating because his days are numbered.

Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon Solie and says there are many athletes who have attempted to succeed in two sports but no one has succeeded in three sports and he has. Sullivan says he has won bodybuilding and weight lifting titles. He also says he is a top wrestler. Sullivan says Jimmy Garvin got what he deserved and Buzz Sawyer shut him up. He compares Garvin, Tommy Rich and the Armstrongs to the “Leave It To Beaver” characters in that they don’t know what’s going on.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Allen Tupperello

Sullivan gets in a knee into Tupperello’s back and follows with a forearm. He twists Tupperello’s head and lays in a few more blows at Tupperello’s chest. Sullivan gets him into the corner and continues to destroy the poor guy. Solie asks Piper if he agrees with what Sullivan said about Garvin, which he does and also claims he doesn’t even remember Garvin’s name. Sullivan keeps Tupperello down with a headlock. He punches Tupperello as he tries to break out of the hold.

Kevin Sullivan gets Tupperello in a chinlock. He stomps on Tupperello some more and kicks him in the corner. Sullivan with a big boot on Tupperello. He knocks Tupperello down with a big punch. He drops the elbow on him. Sullivan yells “Get UP!” at Tupperello and then continues to beat on him. Sullivan gets Tupperello in a chinlock again. Solie asks Piper if someday they can film Piper working out and he says he might show some of his training but not all to keep some private. Tupperello gets slammed into the corner and then slammed down. Kevin Sullivan foot stomps Tupperello and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki join Gordon Solie again. Hart says what happened today with the kendo sticks, will not compare to what they will do to Dusty Rhodes.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer promo for upcoming shows and the World Tag Team title tournament.

Buzz Sawyer comes out and tells Solie to stop talking about tag teams when Garvin is out belly aching and Rich is out there talking. Sawyer wants another match with Garvin. He tells Garvin that he’s messing with the wrong guy.

Gordon Solie again mentions that Buddy Rose and Rip Oliver will be on next week’s show. Solie asks Piper about them because he’s wrestled quite a bit in the Northwest. Piper tells Solie that he’s anxious to see Buddy Rose but Rose won’t feel the same.

Bob Armstrong & Brad Armstrong vs. Chic Donovan & Rick Benefield

Chick Donovan gets Brad in a side headlock and quickly goes to tag Benefield. Piper starts poking fun at Bob Armstrong asking if “Daddy’s figured out how to control his temper?” He asks Solie if Bob’s done throwing tantrums. Brad takes down Benefield. Donovan gets back in the ring. Bob Armstrong comes in as well. Bob blocks an attempt at a punch by Donovan. Piper continues to talk about Bob and mentions that at the Omni it took four men to keep him off Bob and maybe he shouldn’t pick on someone inferior.

Bob Armstrong gets Donovan with a snapmare and then gets him in a rear chinlock. Piper mentions Bob doesn’t even look at his direction and doesn’t throw comments at him because he fears him. Benefield gets in the ring and Bob tags in Brad. Brad goes to work on Benefield’s left arm. Benefield gets a few knees into Brad’s mid-section. He tags in Donovan. Donovan knocks down Brad and gets him with a suplex. Donovan doesn’t grab the leg to get the pin. Benefield gets in the match but Brad quickly tags in Bob. He’s able to knock around Benefield before he tags in Donovan.

Bob reverses a whip into the corner and gets him with a hiptoss. Brad gets Donovan with an elbow. He follows with a dropkick. Brad gets Donovan down with a headlock but Donovan reverses it into a headscissors. Brad tags in Bob. Some quick teamwork by the Armstrongs. Brad goes for a kneelift on Benefield but he reaches his corner. Donovan and Benefield double-team Brad Armstrong. Some kicks followed by a forearm by Donovan. He takes Brad down with a clothesline. Donovan tags in Benefield and they double team Brad. Bob has seen enough and he tries to save Brad but the referee stops him.

Brad escapes the corner and tags in Bob Armstrong. He knocks down both Donovan and Benefield. The Armstrongs sends both Donovan and Benefield into each other, knocking them down. Bob Armstrong body slams Benefield and elbow drops him and covers Benefield for the pin. The Armstrongs win!

WINNERS: The Armstrongs

Ole Anderson joins Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper and says he and Hansen might not wrestle on the next show because they don’t want to show all they can do in the ring. He puts down the Armstrongs. Ole says Bob Armstrong is hiding from Roddy Piper. Gary Hart joins them and says he predicts that Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen will win the World Tag Team Title tournament. Ole thanks Hart and says that The Great Kabuki will take down Dusty Rhodes. The heels shake hands and Piper applauds them as the show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show with the Buzz Sawyer vs. Jim Garvin match being the best match on the show. The other match that was pretty good was Tom Prichard vs. Chick Donovan. The final tag match with the Armstrongs was pretty good with the enhancement team getting more offense on them and making it a far more competitive match. Rest of the matches were mostly squashes. Gino Hernandez had a couple of great interviews on this show as well. The segment with Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki doing a “Dragon Shai” demonstration was great as well with them having Tommy Rogers take part in it and obviously Rogers would get in a blow with the kendo stick at Kabuki that resulted in Kabuki beating down Rogers. My favorite part was Kabuki pulling out the blades to combat Rogers with the kendo stick. Good show overall.


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