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All-Star Wrestling 1/10/1976

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 1/10/1976

Taped 1/7/1976 at The Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 1/10/1976.

Vince McMahon and Antonino “Argentina” Rocca are on commentary.

Bobo Brazil vs. Davey O’Hannon

Bobo Brazil is the current U.S. Heavyweight Champion. O’Hannon offers a handshake to Brazil and they actually do shake hands. Clean breaks to start the match between the two. Brazil gets O’Hannon in an armbar. They continue to break clean whenever they reach the ropes. Brazil gets O’Hannon in a side headlock. This time they get near the ropes and O’Hannon gets in a cheap shot at Brazil.

Davey O’Hannon tries to get in another cheap shot, but Brazil raises his big fist to threaten O’Hannon who backs away. Test of strength by Brazil takes O’Hannon down. O’Hannon fights back but Brazil keeps applying more pressure. O’Hannon tries to reach the ropes but he’s not close enough. Brazil places O’Hannon’s hands on the mat and then steps on them!

Brazil gets O’Hannon in a wristlock and starts to work on the left arm. O’Hannon pokes Brazil’s eyes and throws a few forearms at him. Brazil gets upset and fires up and tosses O’Hannon out of one corner into the direction of the other. O’Hannon looks scared and begs for mercy. They tie-up again and Brazil gets O’Hannon in a corner and lays in a big forearm on him. He slams O’Hannon head first into the top turnbuckle. O’Hannon throws a few punches at Brazil’s mid-section. Bobo stalks O’Hannon and gets in an elbow before he gets him in a facelock.

Rocca wonders if O’Hannon likes to take punishment. O’Hannon throws a flurry of punches at Bobo and then gets him in a headlock. Brazil whips O’Hannon into the ropes and backdrops him. O’Hannon stays outside the ring but Brazil slingshots him back into the ring. Bobo gets O’Hannon in a chokehold. O’Hannon counters with a chokehold of his own. Brazil gets O’Hannon with a headbutt and then hiptosses O’Hannon. Bobo gets O’Hannon with another headbutt and then covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Bobo Brazil

Bobo Brazil and Davey O’Hannon shake hands after the match but O’Hannon quickly leaves the ring.

Louis Cyr (w/ Freddie Blassie) vs. Pete McKay

They lock-up and Cyr tosses McKay into the ropes. Cyr gets McKay in a headlock and then takes him down. McKay recovers and gets Cyr in a headlock but Cyr whips him into the ropes and drives a big knee into McKay’s mid-section. Louis Cyr tosses McKay and then gets in a few punches in on McKay. He tosses McKay into the corners.

Fred Blassie goes to the announcers and talks about Louis Cyr and he wants the announcers to praise Cyr. Cyr spins McKay around by grabbing a hold of his lip. He stomps on McKay. Cyr then slams McKay into the mat. He throws a few punches at McKay in the corner and the referee warns him. Cyr kicks McKay and then tosses him across the ring. More kicks from Louis Cyr. A big punch to McKay and then he whips McKay into the corner and starts choking him with the bottom rope.

The referee warns Fred Blassie. Cyr tosses McKay into the corner but on the second attempt McKay reverses only to have Cyr catch him with a kick. Belly-to-back suplex by Cyr and then he follows with a shoulder breaker on McKay to get the pin.

Freddie Blassie distracts the referee while Louis Cyr gets McKay with another shoulder breaker.

WINNER: Louis Cyr

“The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd joins Vince McMahon Jr. for an interview about his upcoming handicap match. Ladd said wrestling one man wasn’t enough for him so he asked for two wrestlers specifically Ivan Putski and Bobo Brazil for a warm-up before he goes up against who he really wants in the ring, Bruno Sammartino. He wants to beat Sammartino on TV so millions can see him embarrass Sammartino. Ladd said that he really wanted Brazil, Putski or Dominic DeNucci in a handicap match. Ladd said that none of them wanted to face him in a handicap match. Vince Jr. then asked him why and Ladd said they cried to the promoters. He wants to run Bobo Brazil out of wrestling because he’s not an athlete. Vince asks him why he doesn’t think Brazil isn’t an athlete and Ladd tells him anyone who uses a headbutt can’t be too smart. Ladd then said Putski is kind of like Sampson only he’s strong under the arms and says Putski isn’t smart because he spent one night studying for a blood test.

He then wants to talk about athletes like Superstar Graham, “The Golden Greek” (Spiros Arion) and the “Russian Bear” (Ivan Koloff). Ladd also considers himself an athlete and then suggests a starting four featuring those four as his front-four for his football team. He then calls Vince, “Mr. TV announcer”. Ladd then claims Sammartino uses DeNucci who he sends out before him. He calls DeNucci a stooge that nearly loses his life every time he wrestles just to protect Bruno. He then calls Bobo Brazil another stooge and an “Uncle Tom”. Ladd spits at all of these men and insults “Mr. TV Announcer”. He then looks at Vince and tells him that he knows he’s upset him and Vince probably wishes he was 10 lbs heavier so he could go up against Ladd, but Ladd warns him never think about doing that “Mr. TV Announcer.”

Ernie Ladd vs. Sylvano Sousa & Tito Torres in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

“The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd gets a lot of boos from the crowd. He offers to shake hands with Sylvano Sousa and does so. They lock-up and Ladd breaks cleanly before he hiptosses Sousa. He slams Sousa’s head into the top turnbuckle and then gets him in a bear hug. Torres runs in to help Sousa. He gets both in a double bear hug!

Ladd knocks Torres down with a few forearms. He tosses Sousa into the corner and then tosses Torres into his partner. He slams their heads together. He slams both. He gets a big boot on Sousa. Ladd picks up Torres and places him on the top turnbuckle and starts laying in some forearms. Sousa makes the save and whips Ladd into the corner. He gets in a few shots on Ladd but that doesn’t last very long. Ladd continues to beat on both his opponents. Ladd chokes Torres. Ladd kicks on Sousa and tosses Torres to the outside. Ladd uses his taped thumb on Sousa.

Ernie Ladd chokes Sousa as Torres gets back in the ring. Ladd chops down Torres. Torres gets tossed to the outside but his escape comes off like a comedy spot. Ladd lands a legdrop on Torres and the ref counts the pin while Ladd lands a knee on Torres. Ladd continues to beat on Sylvano Sousa!

WINNER: Ernie Ladd

Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Vincente Pometti

Capt. Lou Albano shows up ringside and talks to the heels and then leaves. Parisi armdrags Scicluna a few times to start the match. Parisi gets Scicluna in a wristlock and then tags in Cerdan. Pometti gets in and kicks at Cerdan. Cerdan goes back to a wristlock on Scicluna. Pometti keeps getting involved. Scicluna tries to get in some offense but Cerdan counters him. Parisi comes in and helps Cerdan drag Scicluna into their corner. Parisi now in the match. Some quick action with Parisi doing a cool spot off the ropes. Scicluna body slams Parisi but he kicks out of a pin attempt and tags in Cerdan.

Cerdan threatens to punch Scicluna but he doesn’t and Scicluna starts to beat on him. Scicluna gets Cerdan near his corner and tags in Pometti. Cerdan is able to get to his corner and tag in Parisi. Parisi controls the action against Pometti. He gets Pometti in a headlock and also grabs hold of his beard. Parisi tags in Cerdan. Cerdan steps over Pometti and goes back to a headlock. Parisi back in and again he holds onto Pometti with a headlock.

Another tag with Cerdan now in against Pometti and he puts him in a chinlock before he tosses him into his corner where Parisi hits Pometti with a forearm. Parisi with a big elbow drop on Pometti and he covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi

Crusher Blackwell (w/ Freddie Blassie) & Bugsy McGraw (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Francisco Flores & Kevin Sullivan

The heels huddle together to talk strategy before the match starts. Sullivan and Blackwell get the action going. Sullivan ducks out of Blackwell’s grasp until they finally lock up. Blackwell misses a punch at Sullivan. Crusher Blackwell gets Sullivan in a side headlock and knocks him down off the ropes. Sullivan gets Blackwell with an armdrag and tags in Francisco Flores who goes to work on Blackwell’s left arm. Blackwell reaches out trying to tag McGraw but Sullivan helps Flores pull Blackwell closer to their corner. McGraw gets in the ring but the referee keeps him away and Sullivan and Flores do the switch.

McGraw finally gets in the ring and goes up against Kevin Sullivan. McGraw uses his strength against Sullivan. Blassie reaches into the ring to grab at Sullivan’s foot. Bugsy gets Sullivan in a headlock and then starts knocking Sullivan down off the ropes until Sullivan gets in a chop at McGraw’s chest. Bugsy tags in Blackwell.

Crusher Blackwell grabs hold of Sullivan and shoves him into their corner. Blackwell tags in McGraw who kicks Sullivan and then throws a bunch of punches at Sullivan in the corner. He whips Sullivan into the corner and kicks him some more. McGraw tosses Sullivan to the outside. McGraw gets a big forearm at Sullivan. Sullivan tries to get back in the ring but Blackwell and McGraw knock him down and Sullivan’s leg gets caught between the middle and bottom ropes. Francisco Flores heads over to protect his tag partner. Referee calls for the bell and raises McGraw’s arm. Sullivan was counted out.

WINNERS: Crusher Blackwell & Bugsy McGraw via countout.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show. Best part of the show was Ernie Ladd’s great interview. Actually his match might have been my favorite on the show. The other matches weren’t as good. The Brazil and Cyr matches were geared more to put them over on TV. The two tag matches had some good moments but were pretty average. Seriously, watch the Ernie Ladd interview with him burying the babyfaces and Vince Jr. That was great!


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