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WCCW TV 1/2/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 1/2/1982

Taped 12/20/1981 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX. Aired on 1/2/1982.

Gene Goodson and Jose Lothario are on commentary. They run down all the matches on this week’s show. They talk about Shaft having won several Tough-man competition and this being his first match in World Class. Goodson mentions this is The Great Kabuki’s first TV match in World Class.

Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft vs. Carlos Zapata

The referee for the match is Bronco Lubich. Mark Lowrance does the ring introductions.

Carlos Zapata attacks Tom Shaft before the bell rings. He gets in a few chops and forearms at Shaft near the ropes. Shaft fights back and knocks Zapata out of the ring with some big forearms. Zapata gets back in the ring and Shaft gets him in a side headlock. Boogaloo Shaft talks a bit to the fans. Zapata breaks out of the hold but Shaft knocks him down a few times and then catches him with a dropkick. He tosses him into the corner and Shaft tries for a pin attempt.

Shaft gets Zapata in another side headlock. Zapata rakes Shaft’s eyes. He rips Shaft’s eyes across the top rope and then bites his nose! Zapata gets in a forearm and then backdrops Shaft. He gets a 2 count on Shaft who tosses him off him. Zapata tosses Shaft across the corners and then chokes him. Shaft reverses a whip into the corner and then backdrops Zapata. Shaft whips Zapata into the ropes and knocks him down with a diving hip attack and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Tom Shaft

Big Daddy Bundy vs. The Monk

The Monk hails from “Parts Unknown”. Big Daddy Bundy is listed as coming from “Nome, Alaska”. Bundy is referred to as a protégé of Jose Lothario. Lothario says he compares Bundy’s strength to that of Andre The Giant.

Big Daddy Bundy knocks down The Monk a few times. He tries to get Bundy in an inverted bear hug but Bundy breaks out and knocks him off with his back side. The Monk heads to the outside and then returns but struggles to get hold of Bundy. Bundy knocks The Monk down with a knee lift. The Monk rakes Bundy’s eyes and throws a few punches and then gets in a few axhandle forearms over Bundy’s back that knock Bundy down to one knee. Bundy counters by catches The Monk off the ropes with an elbow. He grabs hold of The Monk’s arm and legdrops it. He whips The Monk into the ropes and catches him with a bear hug and then slams the Monk down and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Big Daddy Bundy

Gene Goodson interviews Tom Shaft. Shaft is excited about his upcoming matches on shows that he doesn’t know when they are happening in Texas. He vows to beat on Armand Hussein and The Great Kabuki. Goodson asks Shaft about being in a Toughman Competition in Detroit. Shaft says he won competitions in Milwaukee and Detroit. He does these competitions to be prepared for his wrestling matches.

Kevin & Kerry Von Erich are interviewed next by Gene Goodson who asks Kevin about recently wrestling in Atlanta. Kevin said he wrestled there to get some exposure on some worldwide TV but says things are a little slow there and says competition is better in Texas and he plans on staying there. Kerry talks about their upcoming tag match against Hussein and Brooks who are the current U.S. Tag Team Champions. Kevin mentions that Kerry is in tremendous shape because he wrestles alligators. He also talks about how The Great Kabuki has been giving his father, Fritz Von Erich, some trouble by spitting mist into his eyes and he can’t wait to face him.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Jesse “Relampago” Leon

Goodson praises Leon’s athleticism and calls him a good friend. Lothario calls Kabuki a tough and dangerous man. The Great Kabuki spits green mist into the air and into his hands. Kabuki grabs Leon by the throat and starts chopping him and gets him in a chokehold. Relampago escapes by snapmaring Kabuki. Kabuki gets him with another chokehold and then chops and kicks at Leon. Relampago chops him back.

The Great Kabuki gets back into his fighting stance. Leon reverses an armbar and grabs hold of Kabuki. Kabuki escapes gets a few chops in and then catches Leon with a superkick. He then grabs Relampago below the armpits and applies a nerve hold! Referee David Manning checks in on Leon as the crowd cheers him on. Leon gets in a few elbows at Kabuki to escape. Leon knocks down Kabuki and hits the ropes again but this time Kabuki’s ready and knocks Relampago Leon down. He grabs hold of Leon’s arm and puts him in another nerve hold.

Kabuki gets Leon in the corner and delivers a chop. He whips Leon into the corner but Leon grabs hold of the ropes and leapfrogs over Kabuki! He backdrops Kabuki and hits a top rope dropkick and goes for the pin. He only gets a 1-count on Kabuki. Kabuki gets back up and kicks Leon and grabs him again in the nerve hold. Crowd cheers on Leon! Relampago struggles to break free from Kabuki’s nerve hold. Kabuki chops Leon and climbs to the top rope and drops a chop to the top of Leon’s head and again gets him in the nerve hold.

Relampago Leon shoves Kabuki into the ropes and gets in a few elbows into his mid-section. He whips Kabuki into the corner and monkey flips him over! He gets Kabuki with a series of flying headscissors. Kabuki gets up and superkicks Leon! Kabuki spins around and again grabs hold of Leon with the nerve hold. Relampago gets in a few more elbows to break free and whips Kabuki into the ropes and hits a running tope off the ropes. He goes for a second but Kabuki kicks him! Kabuki climbs up to the middle rope and lands a fist-drop at Leon and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

The Great Kabuki starts to bite Leon after the match while Gary Hart and the referee try to calm him down. A couple of wrestlers run out and he knocks them down. Kerry Von Erich runs in and Gary Hart pulls Kabuki out of the ring while referee David Manning tries to keep Kerry away.

Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich vs. Armand Hussein & Killer Tim Brooks

Armand Hussein grabs hold of the mic from Mike Lowrance demanding the fans show him and Killer Brooks some respect. Bronco Lubich and Danny Manning are the referees for the match. Hussein does a “camel walk” that the announcers say is a religious ceremony.

Kerry Von Erich with a takedown of Hussein and grabs him in a headlock. Hussein has his fist on Kerry’s face. Goodson mentions that next week they’ll have Kabuki vs. Kerry Von Erich. Hussein tags in Brooks. Killer Brooks gets Kerry in a facelock but Kerry escapes and reverses it into an armbar. Hussein tries to get in the ring but the referee keeps him from doing so. Brooks and Kerry brawl near the ropes and Kerry knocks Brooks down with a tackle and gets him back in an armbar.

Jose Lothario said that the NWA ordered two referees in tag team matches since one referee can’t control four men. Hussein gets in the ring and he controls the match and beats on Kerry. He whips Kerry into Brooks’ boot in the corner. Killer Brooks keeps Kerry from tagging Kevin. Brooks tags in Hussein who keeps Kerry away from Kevin and beats on him. Kevin gets tagged in but the referees didn’t see it. Hussein throws Kerry into the knee of Killer Brooks. Brooks pulls Kerry out of the ring by his hair. Hussein goes out and slams Kerry on the floor. Kevin goes over and brawls with Hussein and Brooks. Wild brawl between all four. Kevin stomps on Hussein until Lubich gets him to his corner. Brooks gets Kerry in a full nelson in the ring as the fans cheer loudly.

Hussein in the match and Kerry is able to tag in Kevin Von Erich! Kevin dropkicks Hussein and Brooks! Kevin slams them into each other and covers Hussein for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Kevin punches Hussein but he fires back and Hussein gets in a few more shots at Kevin. They exchanges punches and Kevin gets in a few on Brooks and Hussein grabs hold of him. Brooks gets in the ring and Kevin continues his attack on Brooks. He elbowdrops Brooks. Brooks is able to grab hold of Kevin’s head and chokes him. Hussein lands a knee on Kevin as the heels keep Kevin in their corner.

Kevin Von Erich gets the stomach claw on Brooks! Kerry Von Erich gets back in the ring. All four men brawl in the ring. Manning gets Kerry out of the ring. More double-teaming from Hussein and Brooks. Hussein tosses Kevin to the outside. Kerry goes and checks on Kevin. Hussein gets Kevin in his corner and both double-team him but Kerry makes the save. Kevin gets tossed to the outside. Brooks and Hussein slam Kerry to the outside. Brooks catapults Kerry and Hussein punches him! Brooks grabs hold of Kerry to do the catapult again but Kevin climbs to the top rope and catches Brooks with a sunset flip for the pin! Von Erichs win!

All four men continue to brawl in the ring. Brooks and Hussein decide to leave.

WINNERS: Kerry & Kevin Von Erich

Gene Goodson and Jose Lothario talk about next week’s show. Goodson mentions Lothario will be wrestling on that card and Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki will be on as well.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show. I really enjoyed the announcing duo of Gene Goodson and Jose Lothario. Most of my experience watching World Class had Bill Mercer or Mark Lowrance doing the commentary but I really enjoyed Goodson as well. All four matches had some good action in them. I thought the Great Kabuki vs. Relampago Leon match was the best on the show with the tag main being good as well since it was a pretty good wild brawl. Strange seeing this version of Bundy since I’m far more familiar with him being bald and in the black trunks. Here he had pants that seemed to have a rope as a belt. The crowd was really into every match.


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