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Championship Wrestling From Florida 2/15/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 2/15/1983

Taped 2/15/1983 at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 2/19/1983

Gordon Solie & Buddy Colt are on commentary.

Jake Roberts vs. Charlie Cook

Joined in progress with Jake Roberts sending Cook out of the corner with a hiptoss. Roberts connects with a right hand at Cook. He whips Cook into the corner but Roberts trips as he runs at Cook. Cook charges with a shoulder block and covers Roberts for the pin. Strange finish.

WINNER: Charlie Cook

Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon Solie and Solie asks him about there only being four more days left in Dustry Rhodes suspension. Sullivan knows and says he is not scared of Rhodes returning. He doesn’t know how Rhodes did it with a bounty placed on his head. Sullivan says someday will have to pay.

Ron Bass vs. Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan and Bass lock-up and start throwing punches on the ropes. Bass knocks Sullivan to the outside. Sullivan returns and the two exchange wristlocks. Bass elbows Sullivan and then kicks him again. Sullivan goes back to the outside. Sullivan returns to the ring and he takes down Bass and gets him in an armbar. Buddy Colt joins Solie on commentary. Bass reverses and gets Sullivan in an armbar. Sullivan tosses Bass into the corner and rakes his back and punches his forehead. Sullivan knee drops Bass and continues to stomp on him.

Sullivan tries for a middle rope elbow but Bass catches him and punches him in the stomach. Bass tosses Sullivan into the corner and lays in more punches. Sullivan misses a right hand punch. Bass tosses him into the corner turnbuckles. Bass goes for the Stampede powerslam on Sullivan. Angelo Mosca runs in and attacks Bass! Bass fights back as he is punches Mosca with his right hand that has a cast on it. Sullivan grabs a chair and smashes it into Bass’s right hand. They stomp on Bass and Mosca rips off the cast. Bass rolls to the outside. Referee calls for a DQ on Sullivan.

WINNER: Ron Bass via DQ

The next match was scheduled to be Roddy Piper & Angelo Mosca vs. Barry Windham & Charlie Cook but referee Bill Alfonso informs everyone that Angelo Mosca has been suspended from wrestling on TV. Both Mosca and Sullivan were suspended from wrestling on TV after their actions in the previous match against Ron Bass. Roddy Piper continues to play his bag pipes.

Angelo Mosca goes over to talk to Solie and tells him there is a conspiracy against him. Mosca then pulls Barry Windham by the leg but can’t quite get him so Windham goes to the outside. Mosca and Windham start brawling. Piper then stops playing the bag pipes and tosses Cook to the outside. He piledrives Cook on the floor! Solie asks for some help for Charlie Cook. Buddy Colt says that it looks like Charlie Cook is going to need a lot of help and several people come out to help him.

Barbara Clary does a feature on The Midnight Rider having beaten Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title (on 2/9/1983) with Bob Geigel as the special referee. She said that after the match Geigel went over to congratulate The Midnight Rider but told him that an unknown could not be the World Heavyweight Champion and that he would have to reveal his identity if he wanted to remain champion. The Midnight Rider the following morning told NWA President Bob Geigel that he would not reveal his identity and gave back the NWA World Heavyweight title. Geigel than had the match stricken from the record and returned the title to Ric Flair.

They air an interview with The Midnight Rider. He thanks the fans for their support over the past 60 days. He said that he was leaving and that if and when he’s needed, he will return. He said that he wanted to keep his mask and believed that a man has to keep what makes him strong. He says that he can’t let them catch him and says good bye to all his buckaroos.

The Fabulous Kangaroos (Don Kent & Johnny Heffernan) © vs. Terry Allen & The Midnight Rider for the NWA Florida Global Tag Team Titles

Match is joined in progress with Terry Allen holding Heffernan in a side headlock. Heffernan tries to take Allen down but Allen is able to grab hold of Heffernan in a side headlock again. Heffernan whips Allen into the ropes but Allen catches him with a dropkick. He goes for a second but the Kangaroos double-team Allen and backdrop him. Midnight Rider gets in the ring and the Kangaroos body slam Allen. Heffernan slams Allen again.

Heffernan whips Allen into the corner and in comes Don Kent. Kent slams Allen again in the corner. The Midnight Rider gets in the ring and again the Kangaroos double-team Terry Allen. They cut to a commercial break. We return and the Kangaroos continue to beat on Allen. Don Kent hits a series of forearms over Allen’s back. He follows with a body slam and covers Allen for a pin, but Allen kicks out.

The Midnight Rider stretches his arm out trying to tag Allen. Kent gets Allen in a camel clutch. Allen fights back and gets Kent with a high knee lift and tags in The Midnight Rider who beats on both Kangaroos! He gets in a few elbows but the Kangaroos double-team Rhodes. Allen gets back in and dropkicks Heffernan. Midnight Rider elbow drops Kent and covers him for the pin. New tag team champions! Crowd cheers on loudly.

WINNERS: Terry Allen & The Midnight Rider

Terry Allen & The Midnight Rider are congratulated by Gordon Solie. The Midnight Rider tells Solie that he can’t keep the title so he’s giving both belts to Allen because he “can’t let them catch me”. He then refers to Terry Allen as the Global Tag Team Champion.

Ric Flair © vs. Scott McGhee for the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Both men shake hands before the match starts. Flair fixes his hair and struts a bit after a clean break near the ropes. Flair tries to take McGhee down but McGhee is quickly back up. Nice exchange early on. McGhee catches Flair with a clothesline and then grabs hold of a side headlock on Flair. Flair tries to reverse and get McGhee into a pinning predicament but McGhee keeps the side headlock on.

Ric Flair whips McGhee into the ropes but McGhee reverses and hiptosses Flair and goes back to getting Flair in a headlock. McGhee keeps a strong hold on Flair’s head and twists it just a bit to apply more pressure on Flair’s neck. Flair reaches the ropes and referee calls for the break. Flair takes McGhee down but he reverses it into a headscissors and again McGhee gets Flair in a side headlock. Flair struggles to escape but starts to get back up. Flair breaks free and gets in a hard chop at McGhee and then tosses him to the outside but Scott McGhee runs back into the ring!

Flair gets McGhee in the corner and chops McGhee. McGhee reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops Flair. He attacks Flair and again gets him back in a headlock. Flair sends McGhee into the ropes and Flair hiptosses McGhee but misses an elbow drop. McGhee grabs hold of Flair in a side headlock again. Flair picks McGhee up and drops him across his knee. Flair gets a chop in on McGhee and then gets him with a side suplex. He gets a 2-count as McGhee kicks out. McGhee blocks a suplex attempt by Flair and then reverses it into a suplex of his own on Flair. He covers Flair for the pin but only gets a 2-count. Flair slides to the outside.

Ric Flair returns to the ring. They go for a test of strength but Flair grabs hold of McGhee’s left arm and drives his shoulder into McGhee. McGhee fights back near the corner and they exchange forearms, punches and chops! McGhee whips Flair into the corner and he flies into the turnbuckles and begs off McGhee. McGhee gets suckered in by Flair and he gets in a few shots at McGhee as this hour of the TV show comes to an end.

Match returns on following show with Flair dominating the match at this point. He lands a kneedrop across McGhee’s foreheard and covers him for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Flair gets McGhee with a vertical suplex and again goes for a pin but only gets another 2-count. McGhee gets whipped into the corner twice by Flair and Flair continues to beat on McGhee. Hard chop from Flair knocks McGhee down. Ric Flair piledrives McGhee and covers him for the pin but McGhee’s leg is below the bottom rope. Flair goes for another piledriver but McGhee tosses Flair off him. McGhee reverses a whip into the corner and gets Flair in a sleeperhold!

McGhee takes Flair down as he applies more pressure with the sleeperhold. Flair tries to reach the ropes. Referee checks Flair and as he starts a count, Flair places his right foot over the bottom rope. McGhee breaks the hold and backdrops Flair. He covers Flair but only gets a 2-count. McGhee misses a middle rope headbutt at Flair. Flair whips McGhee into the ropes and misses a chop. McGhee catches Flair with a cross body block but can’t keep the pin. McGhee continues his attack on Flair with a knee lift and a forearm. Flair chops McGhee. Flair attempts a backdrop but McGhee escapes and catches Flair with an atomic drop. McGhee whips Flair into the corner and charges at him but Flair moves out of the way and McGhee hits the corner turnbuckles full force! Ric Flair grabs McGhee and suplexes him and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Leroy Brown vs. Rufus R. Jones in a Lights Out No DQ match

Gordon Solie says that Leroy Brown came into the match with a definite superiority complex. They lock up in a corner and Jones gets a headbutt on Brown and Jones punches Brown away. He struts a bit. Leroy Brown gets a series of forearms on Jones and then gets in a punch at Jones. Buddy Colt mentions that Rufus R. Jones can take a lot of punishment to his head. Brown beats on Jones on the ropes and gets in a few elbows. Jones gets knocked down.

Leroy Brown continues to punish Jones left arm. Jones delivers a few punches at Brown. He knocks Brown down with a big punch! Jones shoulder blocks Brown and sends him to the outside. Jones follows after and the two brawl outside the ring. Brown throws Jones into the ringpost. They brawl near the announcers table. Referee tries to stop Brown but brawl continues as the video comes to an end.

WINNER: Double Count out

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. I believe the video was split from two shows since mid-way thru the Flair match, Solie mentions that the TV show was coming to an end. The Flair vs. McGhee match was the highlight of the show. That was good. The other matches were joined in progress. The segment were they went from Angelo Mosca interfering to help Kevin Sullivan against Ron Bass followed by the referee announcing that Mosca wasn’t allowed to wrestle in the following tag match because he was being suspended for attacking Bass was great. Piper keeps playing his bag pipes as Mosca argues with the referee, then complains to Solie and then starts to brawl with Barry Windham. Piper stops playing the bag pipes and attacks Charlie Cook and piledrives him which made him the even bigger villain of the night. The Midnight Rider stuff was great with him refusing to hold any title because he didn’t want to remove his mask.


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