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Texas Championship Wrestling 10/27/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Texas Championship Wrestling 10/27/1980

Taped 10/27/1980 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas.

WWE Network had this in their Hidden Gems 1980 section. They also had it listed as “Before World Class”.

Boyd Pearce is on commentary.

Killer Tim Brooks vs. Ted Heath

Heath gets Brooks in the corner and throws a big forearm into Brooks mid-section. Brooks complains to referee David Manning. Brooks tries to do the same to Heath on the ropes but Heath blocks his cheapshot and punches Brooks instead. Heath gets a wristlock on Brooks but he reaches the ropes. Heath gets Brooks in a hammerlock.

Killer Brooks lifts Heath over, but Heath keeps hold of Brooks. Brooks grabs hold of the ropes but the referee kicks his hand off the ropes. Brooks is able to reverse the hold on Heath and puts him in a hammerlock of his own. Heath reverses and goes back to the hammerlock that he previously used on Brooks. Brooks briefly escapes but Heat gets him in a headscissors and goes back to work on his left arm. Brooks holds his arm in pain as he heads to the corner to try to get a break.

Heath and Brooks go for a test of strength. Brooks gets in a few kicks on Heath and takes him down. He keeps control of the test of strength until Heath rolls thru and gets the advantage on Killer Brooks. Crowd cheers on Heath. Heath backdrops Brooks and gets him with a wristlock. Brooks grabs hold of Heath’s hair and shoves him into the ropes. He knocks Heath down. He uses a knee at Heath to knock him down a few more times. Big knee drop near the ropes by Brooks on Heath. Brooks uses the ropes but Heath is able to reverse the leverage on the ropes to work on Brooks’ left arm. Brooks lays in a punch to Brooks mid-section. Brooks complains to the referee about Heath using a fist.

Brooks gets Heath near his corner and uses a chain to hit Heath’s back. Brooks lands a knee into the back of Heath a few times. He stomps Heath as well. Heath tries to fight back but Brooks punches and kicks at him. Killer Brooks gets Heath in a bear hug. Heath threatens to punch Brooks but instead slaps Brooks ears to break the bear hug. Brooks sends Heath to the outside but that back fires on him because Heath grabs hold of Brooks dog collar chain and uses it on him! Brooks runs up the aisle. Heath returns to the ring.

Killer Brooks returns to the ring. Heath heads over to grab Brooks dog collar chain and he uses it in the ring on Brooks. Referee David Manning tries to stop Heath from using it. He finally takes it away. Brooks knocks Heath down and start kicking at Heath’s left leg. Heath gets back up and he goes to work on Brooks’ left leg. Brooks raises up his knees to catch Heath when attempts a splash. Killer Brooks then follows that up with a legdrop for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Tim Brooks

Brian Blair vs. The Jackal

Bulldog Brower was originally scheduled to wrestle Blair but he was unable to wrestle due to suffering an injury (shoulder separation) at the hands of David Von Erich. Crowd cheers that news. Referee is Bronco Lubich.

Blair gets a quick 2-count with a backslide on The Jackal. The Jackal gets in a kick but Blair is able to reverse a second attempt at a kick by him and takes down The Jackal. Blair gets The Jackal in a side headlock. Blair and The Jackal work around the ropes for a bit before Blair gets the Jackal again in a side headlock. The Jackal heads to the ropes to escape Blair. Jackal gets caught again in a side headlock by Blair. The Jackal tries to punch Blair on the ropes, but Blair blocks it and gets in a fist on Jackal. He gets The Jackal in a front facelock. They get to the ropes again and The Jackal gets in a few forearms on Blair. He sneaks in a thumb to Blair’s throat. Referee warns him.

He goes with the thumb to the throat a second time and again gets warned. They go back and forth as Blair fights back. Blair takes The Jackal down with a forearm and lands a knee on him. The Jackal pulls the tights to keep Blair away from him but Blair continues to dominate most of this match. The Jackal gets Blair on the ropes and now he starts going on offense. He gets a big forearm in the corner. Big punch by The Jackal at Blair. He snapmares Blair and gets him in a headlock. Blair tries to remove The Jackal’s mask. The Jackal gets a stronger grip on Blair’s head.

Brian Blair keeps loosening The Jackal’s mask. The crowd cheers on as Blair almost removes the mask. The Jackal gets in a few punches on Blair. He drops a fist on Blair’s forehead and then follows with a headbutt. Some chops from The Jackal. He shoves Blair down by the ears. The Jackal bodyslams Blair and then misses a legdrop. Blair gets him with an atomic drop and then climbs to the middle rope and elbowdrops the Jackal. Blair is fired up! Blair catches The Jackal in the abdominal stretch then falls back and gets the pin on The Jackal. Blair tries to unmask The Jackal but he escapes.

WINNER: Brian Blair

Boyd Pearce interview Brian Blair. Blair tells Pearce what he told a kid who asked him what he had to do to be a pro wrestler. He told the kid that he had to train and get in good shape. Also said kids need to stay away from drugs and smoking. He’s stayed away from it and it helped him. He started in amateur wrestling at the age of six. He said one has to dedicate themselves once they become a professional wrestler. He also talks about working at the rodeo. Boyd then asks Blair what he thinks about Fritz Von Erich saying that he wanted to grab a strap and whip Gino Hernandez which Blair said he hopes will happen.

Bruiser Brody vs. Stan Stasiak

Stasiak quickly goes on the attack on Brody, but Brody fights back. Stasiak heads to the outside. They both go outside and then re-enter the ring. Stasiak gets few fists in on Brody’s side. Brody blocks Stasiak’s attempt at a heart punch. Stasiak rakes Brody’s eyes and then slams him into the top turnbuckle. Stasiak gets a nerve hold on Brody’s left shoulder. Stasiak takes Brody down and keeps the nerve hold on him.

Brody fight backs and takes Stasiak down to the mat. He stomps on Stasiak who heads to the outside. Brody chases after him and the brawl continues outside the ring. Brody bites at Stasiak’s forehead. They both get back in the ring. Brody misses a high knee drop on Stasiak! Stasiak gets in a few punches at Brody’s head. Brody holds on to his right knee. Stasiak catches Brody with a big punch and knocks him down and gets the pin.

WINNER: Stan Stasiak

Bruiser Brody, David, Fritz & Kevin Von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez, Gary Young, Pak Song & Stan Stasiak (w/ Gary Hart)

This match has an added stipulation were the first man eliminated from the match must leave the state of Texas for six months. The Von Erichs since they live in Texas will be allowed to stay in the state but will not be allowed to wrestle there for six months should any of them lose.

Brody and Gary Young start the match. Young quickly takes down Brody and gets him in a headlock. Brody whips him into the ropes and hits him in the mid-section. David Von Erich comes in and whips Young into the ropes and backdrops him. He gets Young in an armbar. Gino runs in and hits David with a forearm but Kevin chases after him. The heels get David into their corner and beat on him. Stasiak throws a punch into David’s mid-section. Gino runs in and David escapes and tags in Kevin! Kevin gets a series of knees into Gino and whips him into the corner and backdrops him. Gino runs out and Gary Young comes in. Young knocks Kevin to the outside but David runs over to keep the heels away from him.

Young gets Kevin in a front facelock and tags in Pak Song. Song gets in a kick and chops away at Kevin. Crowd starts cheering for Kevin. Song whips Kevin into the ropes, but Kevin ducks a chop and lands a dropkick on Song. He then applies the claw on Song! David runs in and keeps the heels from getting involved. Song submits to the claw! Pak Song must leave the state of Texas for six months.

Return from break with Brody beating on Gino Hernandez. He takes down both Stasiak and Young as well. Gino gets beaten up by the Von Erichs. Kevin misses a splash on Gino. He tosses Kevin to the outside and Stasiak throws a punch. Gino chokes at Kevin. Fritz Von Erich comes in with a leather belt and whips Gino Hernandez! Gino attacks Fritz. Kevin goes after Gino Hernandez. They brawl in the ring and fall over the top rope. Everyone tries to separate Kevin and Gino as the TV show comes to an end.


SHOW THOUGHTS: I forgot how much I disliked watching Killer Tim Brooks matches. This one had him vs. Ted Heath and I felt it went a little too long considered the other matches that they announced for later on the show. The Blair vs. Jackal match was okay. Stasiak vs. Brody was pretty short. I wish they could have gone a little longer with the main event because it looked like it would have been fun had it gone beyond Pak Song losing the stip and then ending with Gino and Kevin going after each other. I thought this was an okay show that was mostly fun to watch if you are into nostalgia. A good find by WWE among their tape library.


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