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GCW TV 2/13/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV 2/13/1982

Taped 2/13/1982 at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gordon Solie is joined by Roddy Piper on commentary. Piper shows up very loud and happy claiming that he beat Mr. Armstrong. Gary Hart joins them. Solie stops Piper from talking. Solie shows them an interview from Bob Armstrong.

Bob Armstrong has forfeited his TV match because he gave his word that he didn’t want to have any issues with Piper. He said that if he does see Piper, he would “jack his jaw”. His reason for not being on the TV show is that he doesn’t want to risk being fined or suspended because he and Brad want to be in the tag team title tournament.

Roddy Piper reacts to the interview by screaming. Gary Hart tries to calm him down. He tells Piper that he’s one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and doesn’t have to worry about Bob Armstrong. Hart wants to show Piper how he handles these types of situations. He brings out a contract for a “Dragon Shai” match that Dusty Rhodes signed up to be a part of. Piper is thrilled to see Rhodes name on that contract. Hart tells Piper to remain cool.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Tommy Rogers

Kevin Sullivan with a quick takedown on Tommy Rogers. Sullivan keeps Rogers on the mat. Sullivan gets in a series of forearms at Rogers. Rogers gets a 2-count off a sunset flip on Sullivan. Sullivan and Rogers exchange forearms and punches. Sullivan slams Rogers into the turnbuckles and then snapmares Rogers. He works on Rogers left arm. Fireman’s carry takedown by Sullivan on Rogers. Sullivan continues to beat on Rogers. He drives a knee to the back of Rogers.

Tommy Rogers reverses a wristlock on Sullivan. Rogers goes for a pin attempt but Sullivan powers out. He gets in a few knees at Rogers mid-section. Sullivan climbs up the ropes and lands a fist at Rogers. He goes to an armbar on Rogers again. Rogers flips over and kicks Sullivan to escape the armbar. Rogers gets Sullivan into the corner and charges at him but Sullivan gets a big boot up and knocks Rogers down. Sullivan whips Rogers into the ropes and hits him with a punch to the face. He uses his fist again on Rogers. Rogers tries to fight back. Rogers gets Sullivan with a forearm. He misses a dropkick. Sullivan slams Rogers onto the top turnbuckle and then slams him down to the mat. Sullivan then lands a footstomp on Rogers and goes for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Solie talks about how Flair has to wrestle the best competition as champion. Flair talks about how when fans see him, they are seeing the ultimate in professional wrestling. He mentions how everywhere he goes the top competition is after him. He tells Tommy Rich that he’s coming to his backyard and if he’s not careful, he might not make it back to Georgia. Solie asks about Harley Race. Flair says he knows that Race is getting pushed as his top contender. Solie praises Flair as he leaves.

Tommy Rich vs. Buck Brannigan

Brannigan misses a big right hand at Rich. Rich armdrags Brannigan. Solie mentions that they were hoping Dusty Rhodes would be there to do an interview and they hope he’ll be on later on the show. He also mentions that there are fans who have been looking for results from the Georgia area and gives out a phone number where one can call to get results. (Wonder if Ole answered those calls?) Tommy Rich with another armdrag on Brannigan. Rich takes Brannigan down with a drop toe-hold. Brannigan breaks out of the hold. Rich goes back to working on Brannigan’s left leg.

Brannigan kicks Rich and starts to pound on Rich. He slams Rich and gets a 1-count. Rich powers out of the pin and throws a series of punches at Brannigan. Rich whips Brannigan into the ropes, but Brannigan reverses Rich into the ropes. Rich hits the ropes but charges back at Brannigan and lands on him with a Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Tommy Rich thanks all the fans who attended the “Carnival For a Cure”. Rich doesn’t know if he’ll be in the tag team title tournament but does let Ric Flair know that any time and any place, he’ll be ready for him.

Gino Hernandez vs. Brad Armstrong

They lock-up with Brad breaking cleanly when they are on the ropes. Gino armdrags Brad and sends him across the ring. He does it a second time. Solie mentions that Brad Armstrong has a broken nose, which Piper laughs and jokes about. Armstrong gets Hernandez with some armdrags and a dropkick. Hernandez gets back in the ring and gets in a spin kick. Armstrong gets a pin attempt with a sunset flip on Hernandez.

Gino Hernandez gets Armstrong in a wristlock. Armstrong reverses it. Gino gets to the ropes. Hernandez takes down Armstrong but he escapes and gets Hernandez in an armbar. Hernandez gets to the ropes again to break the hold. Gino gets a knee at Brad’s mid-section. Hernandez gets Armstrong with an elbow but then misses an elbow drop. Armstrong gets Gino in a side headlock but Gino gets him with a belly-to-back suplex. Hernandez whips Armstrong into the ropes and hits a dropkick. He only gets a 2-count. Hernandez slams Armstrong and then goes for a knee drop. Armstrong kicks Hernandez a few times. He lays in a few punches and then backdrops Hernandez!

Hernandez should blocks Armstrong down. Armstrong hiptosses Gino and then charges at him. Armstrong goes for a body press and a pin attempt but Gino Hernandez reverses and rolls over Armstrong and gets the pin. Roddy Piper is very impressed and tells Solie he has to talk to this “young fella”!

WINNER: Gino Hernandez

Gino Hernandez blows kisses after winning. Roddy Piper is impressed as Gino poses and talks about meeting him for the first time and how impressed he was with his win over Brad Armstrong. Gino Hernandez calls himself the greatest wrestler of all-time. He tells everyone that he’s only just begun. Hernandez tells Piper how honored he is to be interviewed by him because he too is a great wrestler and then calls Gordon Solie a “Howard Cosell” wannabee. Gino mentions there is a difference between great and being the greatest like himself “Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez, the “Handsome Half Breed”.

Ole Anderson joins Gordon Solie to talk about the tag team title tournament and announcing his tag team partner. His partner is going to be Stan Hansen.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer talk about The Omni show on February 28th and the NWA World Tag Team title tournament. Superstar says they are going to win those titles because they are the National Tag Team champions.

Gary Hart joins Gordon Solie. He brings out two kendo sticks. He explains the “Dragon Shai” match rules. He mentions the two kendo sticks are placed in the center of the ring and make a form of an “X”. Then both men mount the top or middle rope and when the bell rings, both men leap off the ropes to grab a kendo stick. The only way to win is to grab the stick and shove it into your opponents chest area and keep him down on the mat in a pinning position or beating your opponent into submission by knocking him out of the ring and leaving him laying out on the floor. Hart says Kabuki will be demostrating this match style.

Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Len Denton & Butch Bronson

Video is from another territory being aired on the show. Jack starts off with Len Denton with Jack schooling Denton on the mat. Denton breaks out of the hold. Jack goes over and tags Jerry. Jerry Brisco takes down Bronson. Armdrag takedown by Jerry Brisco and he drives in the knee into Bronson’s left arm. He follows with a backdrop of Bronson and a suplex. Jack Brisco back in the ring and he goes to work on Bronson’s leg and gets him in a figure-four leglock. Denton tries to make the save but Jerry stops him. Bronson quickly submits to Jack Brisco’s figure-four leglock.

WINNERS: Jack & Jerry Brisco

Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki join Gordon Solie. Hart brought a box with him. It has a leather glove in it and Hart shows it. He says the glove is to protect yourself from the kendo sticks. Kabuki puts on a glove as he swings the kendo sticks around. Hart cuts a promo on Dusty Rhodes. He says this is all-out war on Rhodes. Hart mentions that Kabuki knows how to use the sticks to attack all parts of the body including Rhodes belly, which he states he has a “whole lot of”. No one can do anything to prevent it. Freddie Miller interrupts to tell Solie that he just saw Dusty Rhodes drive up and he’ll be here soon. Gary Hart tells Solie that he has important business and has to leave.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie. Rhodes says he thought he was going to be interviewed by Roddy Piper and asks Solie where he’s at. Rhodes says he heard something about a “Dragon match” and “sticks” and says he is the “Dragon Slayer”. He wants to know where Roddy Piper, Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki are at.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Deke Rivers

Rivers gets in a few punches, but Garvin gets in a few blows at Rivers. They run the ropes a bit with Garvin knocking him down. He then gets Rivers with a forearm and knocking him down again and getting him for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Dusty Rhodes returns looking for Roddy Piper, Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki. Rhodes said he just heard the rules to the “Dragon Fly” or “Dragon Slayer” match. He then explains about using a “long stick” and a “big glove” and shoving it into the heart of your opponent. He then says Hart and Kabuki know how he has a big heart but for this match he’ll show them his “black heart”. He’s going to wear war paint and slay the dragon.

“Bad” Leroy Brown joins Gordon Solie. He talks about wrestling Masked Superstar and Super Destroyer at the Omni.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. Bruce Gallagher & Gerald Finley

The Super Destroyer starts off punishing Finley with some forearms on the ropes. Finley breaks free and dropkicks Super D and sends him to the outside. Super D gets back in the ring and armdrags Finlay and tags in Masked Superstar. Superstar gets a big double chop at Finley’s throat and then bodyslams him. Double team work by Super D & Superstar on Finlay. Super D slams Finley into the ropes and then stomps on him in the corner. Superstar back in and gets a 2-count on Finley after a neck breaker. Super D gets Finley in a bearhug. Superstar tagged back in and he gets Finley in a bearhug as well. Finley escapes and tags in Gallagher.

Gallagher gets in and gets destroyed by Super D & Superstar. Masked Superstar slams Gallagher a couple of times. He teases going for the pin. Superstar drops Gallagher onto Super D’s knee. Then Super D does the same. Super D knee drops Gallagher and lifts his head up again. They slam Gallagher down to the mat and then Superstar lands an elbow on Gallagher and finally covers him for the pin.

WINNER: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

Tommy Rich and Jim Garvin show up for an interview with Gordon Solie. Rich talks about going after Flair in Charlotte. Garvin talks about wrestling in Marietta.

Second hour of show starts with Solie talking to Roddy Piper who insults Bob Armstrong. Piper thinks Armstrong isn’t there because he can’t handle him. Solie tells him that he’s not there because he doesn’t want to risk a suspension or fine. Gary Hart returns to calm Piper down. He brings up Bob Armstrong’s promo about “race horses” and calls Piper an “Arabian Stallion”.

Buzz Sawyer vs. Rusty Roberts

Buzz Sawyer starts outside the ring and jumps into the ring. He takes Roberts down and rides him. He gets him in a cross bow variation. Piper talks about Buzz Sawyer also looking for a tag team partner and Piper brings up that Buzz has a brother who is currently the Pacific Coast champion. Sawyer knocks Roberts out of the ring. Piper then praises Gino Hernandez and asks Solie if he could interview Gino again. Sawyer beats on Roberts and doesn’t let him get in the ring that easily.

Roberts enters the ring again and Sawyer drags his face across the top rope. Sawyer whips Roberts into the ropes and hits a dropkick. Big forearm to Roberts’ back. Sawyer gets Roberts up in a suplex. Sawyer climbs up to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt on Roberts for the win.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki join Solie and Piper for an interview. Hart is holding a kendo stick. He hits Kabuki with the kendo stick and insults Dusty Rhodes. Piper applauds Hart and Kabuki. Kabuki brings out a sword.

Ole Anderson talking about everything that has been going on and the big Omni show. He mentions that he and Stan Hansen are going to win the tag title tournament.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie who talks about medieval days. He says knights talked about who the greatest knight was and mentions Sir Lancelot. He says the last time he had a man hit him with a stick, he made him eat it. Dusty Rhodes bangs a steel chair over his head and cowboy hat.

Brad Armstrong vs. Chic Donovan

They struggle in their initial lock-up with Donovan taking Armstrong into the ropes. Donovan breaks cleanly but threatens to punch Armstrong. Chic reaches the ropes to break Armstrong’s hold. Test of strength by Donovan. Piper laughs about Brad Armstrong’s misfortune having lost to Gino the previous hour and having a broken nose. Donovan takes Armstrong down but Brad escapes. Brad works on Donovan’s arm. Good technical wrestling early in the match. They run the ropes and Armstrong hiptosses Donovan and gets him in an armbar.

Donovan breaks free and gets in a few forearms and elbows at Armstrong in the corner. He slams Brad into the top rope. Chic gets Armstrong with a neckbreaker. Donovan snapmares Armstrong and then gets him in a chinlock. Armstrong gets in a few elbows to break out of the chinlock but Donovan knees him and follows with a bodyslam. Armstrong fights back! He gets Donovan with a dropkick. Donovan gets whipped into the ropes and Armstrong backdrops him. Armstrong powerslams Donovan and gets the pin. Good match.

WINNNER: Brad Armstrong

“The Outlaw” Ron Bass interviewed by Gordon Solie. Solie mentions that Bass so far is undefeated in Georgia. Bass says he has beaten everybody and he states that he has the brains and strength. He is a bad mood today and he’s going to show everybody what he is talking about and that is hurt somebody.

Ron Bass vs. Ken Timbs

Bass starts by unloading some forearms and punches at Timbs and then tossing him to the outside. He stomps on Timbs and keeps attacking Timbs and not letting him in the ring. Timbs returns to the ring only to have Bass continue to beat on him. Bass stomps on Timbs and follows with some forearms. He asks Timbs to get up. Big elbow by Bass off the ropes. Bass whips Timbs into the ropes and gets a kick into his mid-section. More stomping of poor Ken Timbs. Bass gets Timbs with an atomic drop and refuses to pin Timbs.

Bass whips Timbs into the ropes. He throws a few more punches at Timbs. Bass lifts up Timbs and drops him on his knee and again refuses to pin him. More beatings from Bass on Timbs. Bass gets Timbs with the Stampede and again Bass picks up Timbs and refuses to pin him. Bass piledrives Timbs and refuses to pin him. Referee Nick Patrick keeps warning Bass. Bass goes for the Stampede again and refuses to pin him. Referee calls for the DQ. Bass gets upset and stomps on Timbs. Tommy Rogers, Tommy Rich and Jim Garvin run out to save Timbs. That ends Bass’ undefeated streak.

WINNER: Ken Timbs via DQ

Tommy Rich is upset with what Ron Bass did and calls him a “low down something” and says he puts him in the category of Gary Hart, Kabuki, Piper and Ric Flair as dirty wrestlers. Rich cuts a promo on Flair. Garvin agrees with Rich about how hard it is for young wrestlers to start out with wrestlers like Bass taking liberties on them.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Rick Harris

Some reversals of armbars to start the match. Garvin gets Harris in a wristlock but Harris gets near the ropes. Harris throws a punch at Garvin’s head which upsets Garvin and he threatens payback but Harris gets near the ropes. They run the ropes for a bit and Garvin threatens to punch Harris but instead knocks him out of the ring with a dropkick.

Harris gets back in the ring and gets in a forearm and slams Garvin into the turnbuckles. He beats on Garvin in the corner and then whips him across the ring and drives a shoulder into Garvin’s mid-section. Harris stomps on Garvin. Harris continues to lay in some big forearms on Garvin. Garvin tries to fight back but Harris stops him and chokes him with the top rope. Snapmare followed by a legdrop from Harris gets him a 2-count on Garvin. Harris headbutts Garvin. He slams Garvin and goes for a second slam, but Garvin gets Harris with an inside cradle for the surprise pin!

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Roddy Piper praises Garvin for his win and talks about how much Rick Harris has improved but still had inexperience in getting the win. Piper then starts praising Gino Hernandez. Gino returns to be interviewed by Piper. He apologizes to Gino for not realizing he was Gino Hernandez from Texas who has beaten several opponents. Piper says they have something in common in that Gino beat Brad and Piper beat Bob Armstrong. Gino apologizes for sneaking in to Georgia in a conniving low-key way. Gino insults Dusty Rhodes, that Garvin guy, and the Armstrongs. He then insults Tommy Rich. Rich shows everyone a photos of him with Farrah Fawcett celebrating her birthday with Gino from the previous Tuesday in Houston, Texas. Piper praises Hernandez as Gino kisses the photo of Farrah Fawcett.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Rick Benefield

Sullivan hiptosses Benefield and then slams him into the corner. Hard chop from Sullivan followed by him stomping on Benefield. Sullivan gets Benefield in a rear chinlock. He breaks it to keep beating on Benefield. Kevin Sullivan punches and stomps at Benefield. Hard chops form Sullivan and then he snapmares Benefield and lands a few kneedrops on him. Benefield struggles to get back up while Sullivan continues to just beat on him. Lots of stomping on Benefield from Sullivan. Sullivan slams Benefield onto the top rope. He then slams him down on the mat and lands a footstomp on him for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Piper tells Solie that he’s going to go get a cup of coffee. Dusty Rhodes returns and says he’s seen a lot of stylish things today. He says he took it easy on Ric Flair the last time they wrestled. Dusty is calmer for this interview as he talks about a match that he doesn’t know much about but vows to bring it against Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki.

Tommy Rich talks about what Gino Hernandez said and mentions that while he likes pretty ladies, this is professional wrestling. He then cuts a promo on Flair and some of his upcoming shows.

Ric Flair returns and says he heard what Dusty Rhodes said about taking it easy on him and disagrees by pointing out that Dusty knows what it is to be a champion. Flair cuts a promo on Ricky Steamboat, Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes.

Tommy Rich vs. Rick Conners

Quick takedown and Rich gets Conners in a headscissors. They stay on the mat early on until Conners is forced to break the hold. Conners tries to get an early pin attempt on Rich but they are near the ropes. Rich slams Conners. Conners gets Rich in a hammerlock but Rich breaks free and they continue to have a clean technical match. Piper praises Tommy Rich on commentary as a tough competitor. Conners throws a few punches at Rich’s head as the referee can’t see what he’s doing. Rich fights back and whips Conners into the ropes. He snapmares Conners and gets him in a front chinlock.

Solie talks about how he’s heard that Roddy Piper has two trainers and an exercise regimen that he does on a regular basis. Rich throws a punch at Conners to break from a hold. Piper says many of the best athletes in wrestling have a similar regimen including Piper. Conners whips Rich into the ropes and tries to get him with a fist but Rich ducks and hits a Thesz Press for the pin!

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Gino Hernandez returns with a bottle of Dom Perignon. He thanks Piper for the interview and wants to celebrate with him his triumphant debut in Georgia and showing how the Armstrongs are nothing. He wants to toast with Piper destroying more people like Tommy Rich, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Garvin, etc. Gary Hart joins them and warns Dusty Rhodes about his upcoming match with The Great Kabuki as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show! Gino Hernandez was great in his debut here beating Brad Armstrong in a very competitive match. Followed that up with three excellent interview segments with Roddy Piper. Watching that made me wonder what would a Piper & Hernandez duo would have been like. Would have been awesome! Brad Armstrong was also in the other good match on the show against Chic Donovan. Everything else was mostly just squash matches. The Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Gary Hart interview where all pretty great as well. Dusty went from doing crazy promos to a calmer promo late on the show. He along with Hart & Kabuki did a great job building up their feud and upcoming match.


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