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GCW TV 2/6/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV 2/6/1982

Gordon Solie is joined by Steve O on commentary. Steve O’s hand injury is starting to show some progress. Solie mentioned that both Roddy Piper & Bob Armstrong have been given some interview time during the show but the NWA & Georgia Championship Wrestling have decided that they cannot to the interview at the same time or be in the studio together. Solie mentions that Jim Crockett will be making an announcement as well on this episode.

Solie interviewed Tommy Rich, Steve O and from the Atlanta Falcons Fulton Kuykendall. They are doing a “Carnival For a Cure” benefit for research on leukemia. Kuykendall mentions that some Atlanta Hawks, Braves, Falcons players will be at this benefit along with Steve O and Tommy Rich.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Bill White

White pulls Garvin down by the hair and gets a warning from the referee. Garvin gets him in a wristlock but White escapes and tries to rough up Garvin. Garvin fights back and sends him into the ropes and gets him in a rear chinlock. Solie mentions Piper isn’t allowed to do commentary this week and only allowed into the studio to do his interview. White whips Garvin into the ropes and Garvin catches White with a cross body block. They go at it on the mat until Garvin gets back up and gets White in an armbar. White gets Garvin in the corner and throws a forearm into Garvin’s midsection. He throws a few punches at Garvin in the corner. Garvin fights back with some punches of his own and knocks White down and gets him back in a rear chinlock.

Garvin gets White in a side headlock until White breaks away on the ropes. White gets a knee in and then slams Garvin into the corner turnbuckle. Garvin fights back again and whips him into the corner. They keep fighting in the corner. Garvin charges from the corner with a forearm at White and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

“Tennessee Stud” Ron Fuller joins Solie for an interview. Fuller understands why Bob Armstrong and Roddy Piper are being kept separate. They replay what happened last week between Bob Armstrong and Piper. Fuller said he was glad to see Bob Armstrong beat on Piper because he deserves it.
NWA President Jim Crockett has an announcement! Crockett mentions the problems between Bob Armstrong and Roddy Piper for the past several weeks. He mentioned how Piper and Armstrong have threatened to fight each other in parking lots or shopping malls and said the NWA cannot allow that, so they have decided to have them wrestle in a match.

Ron Fuller tells Solie that he loves the idea of Armstrong vs. Piper in a match and he wishes Piper luck because he’s going to need it because Bob is going to beat him bad.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Ken Hall

Ken Hall uses his athleticism to take down Sullivan. Sullivan gets in a knee on Hall and then elbows him. Kevin Sullivan starts attacking Hall’s left arm and drops some big forearms on his arm. Sullivan gets Hall in a hammerlock and tries to get a pin on Hall. Sullivan goes for another pin attempt on Hall. Hall gets up and goes for a wristlock but Sullivan punches him and continues his attack on Hall. Sullivan slams Hall onto the top turnbuckle and then lands a footstomp on Hall and gets the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Bob Armstrong joins Gordon Solie for his interview segment. Armstrong said Piper made some hurtful remarks about him and his son Brad. Bob apologizes for what he did the previous week because he should have kept things in the ring. He’s glad the NWA has set-up a singles match between the two. Bob Armstrong says it is time for some “Georgia Jaw Jacking”!

Ron Fuller and Leroy Brown out for a promo about their match against Super Destroyer & Masked Superstar at the Omni.

Buzz Sawyer and Kevin Sullivan interview. Sawyer said he can’t get anyone to wrestle him in the ring. He says Tommy Rich won’t give him a title match. Buzz thinks he must be the greatest wrestler because no one wants to wrestle him! Sullivan is upset that Tommy Rich keeps getting title shots. Sullivan calls Tommy Rich a coward. They both are upset that they are not getting title shots or getting any competition. Sawyer insults Ron Fuller who is in the ring.

Ron Fuller vs. Steve Siebert

They run the ropes and Fuller armdrags Siebert out of the ring. Roddy Piper shows up to do commentary with Solie. He tells Solie that no one tells him what to do. Solie then tells Piper he has to leave the commentary area because that’s what the NWA wants. Piper tells Mr. Solie that he does what he wants to do and tells him he leaves him. Solie says that if Piper hadn’t left, he’d have had a police officer escort him out of the building. Leroy Brown joins Solie on commentary as Fuller is beating on Siebert.

Fuller gets Siebert in a wristlock. Siebert shoves Fuller into the corner and charges at him with a shoulder tackle. Siebert continues to beat on Fuller until Fuller hits a big forearm over Siebert’s face. He knocks him down to the mat. Fuller gets in a big forearm and then slams Siebert. He hits a suplex and drops a series of elbows on Siebert and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ron Fuller

Blackjack Mulligan tells Solie that he must be amazed to be seeing a real man. He puts down Ron Fuller. Mulligan said he’s been talking to Ron Bass and he starts insulting the Von Erichs, Funks, Fullers, Andersons, Armstrongs and several others. He says he’s going to make examples of everyone.

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Ed Timbs

Mulligan attacks Ed Timbs before the bell rings. Gets him with a big boot into Timbs chest. Mulligan keeps beating on Timbs with stomps, punches, forearms, etc. He gets a thumb into the throat of Timbs. Big Red joins Solie on commentary. Mulligan whips Timbs into the ropes and kicks him. He gets Timbs down for a pin but picks him back up to beat on him a little more. Timbs makes a brief come back before Mulligan knocks him down again. He hits him with an elbow and then puts on the claw on Timbs for the win.

WINNER: Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack Mulligan returns to continue talking with Solie and asks Solie what Big Red is doing there. Big Red tells him that it is his interview time. Mulligan tells Solie to get Big Red out of here. Blackjack Mulligan tells Big Red to never say anything negative about the great state of Texas. He puts down Big Red and calls him “boy” which Big Red takes as an insult. Mulligan touches Big Red’s coat and they start arguing as they go to commercials.

Brad Armstrong vs. Ken Timbs

They lock-up and break away a few times until they get near the ropes. Armstrong knocks down Timbs off the ropes. Piper returns to commentary to insult Brad Armstrong. Brad gets Timbs in a side headlock. Timbs gets Armstrong on the ropes and punches him. They run the ropes again and Armstrong takes Timbs down and gets him again in a side headlock.

Solie again kicks Piper out again. Piper tells him that he’ll leave because he wants to. Timbs backdrops Armstrong and slams him to the mat. Steve O returns to commentary and calls Piper, “Mr. Hyper Piper”. Timbs continues to control the match. He knocks down Armstrong off the ropes a few times and tries to get a few pinfalls. Brad monkey flips Timbs and then dropkicks him. Hits Timbs with a forearm. Armstrong whips him across the ropes and hits Timbs with a cross body block for the pin.

WINNER: Brad Armstrong

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Solie tells Rich that some others are upset that he’s getting another shot at Ric Flair.

They show a Harley Race interview. He’s upset that he has to beat Tommy Rich to get the #1 Contenders spot despite being a 6-time champion. Race says he’s coming for the National title and then he’s going after the NWA World Heavyweight Title held by Ric Flair. He tells Rich that he knows who the ultimate man is because Rich has a reputation as the shortest reigning NWA World Champion.

Tommy Rich says Race is coming to his territory. He vows to beat Race in the Omni and wants Race to be ready for a helluva match.

Roddy Piper returns for his interview with Gordon Solie. He said that he demanded the match with Bob Armstrong and that Bob tried to throw a cheapshot at him. Piper mentions that this will be the first time he has a match at the Omni. He warns Armstrong that he’s not all there and says no one tells him what to do.

Gordon Solie interview Eddie Graham about the World Tag Team Title tournament. Graham said that the Andersons were tag team champions for a long time but Gene got hurt and they did not defend them at a timely fashion. Ole tried to get a tag team partner to defend them but they decided to vacate the titles. Graham said that the tournament will be held throughout the country. He also mentioned traveling to Europe and Japan to look for more teams.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. Tommy Rogers & Rick Connors

The Super Destroyer beats on Tommy Rogers as soon as the bell rings. Super D knocks Rogers down with an elbow and then tags in The Masked Superstar. Superstar slams Rogers and then gets him in a front chinlock. Rogers struggles to escape Superstar’s hold. Super D gets back in the ring. Connors gets in and Super D beats on him and tags in Superstar who continues to beat on Connors.

Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer are quick tagging in and out and double-teaming their opponents. Connors gets picked up by Superstar and dropped on Super D’s knee. Super D drops a big elbow on Connors and pins him for the win. Easy win for the National Tag Team Champions.

WINNERS: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

Ron Fuller, Leroy Brown & Big Red join Gordon Solie. Brown mentions that they are out to get The Masked Superstar and Super Destroyer. Fuller agrees and wants to win the National Tag Team Titles. Freddie Miller interrupts to promote the upcoming The Omni show and other upcoming shows. Big Red agreed to wrestle Blackjack Mulligan and vows not to back up from Mulligan.

Second hour begins with Gordon Solie and Steve O. Ric Flair joins Solie for an interview. Flair says he likes making this show the finest program every time he’s in town.

Tommy Rich is scheduled to wrestle Rick Starr. Buzz Sawyer interrupts the match. Sawyer is joined by Kevin Sullivan. Sawyer grabs the mic and says Rich always wrestles nobodies and tells Rich he should wrestle him instead. Sawyer climbs up in the ring and tells Rick Starr to leave. Rich agrees to wrestle Sawyer!

Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer

Sawyer slams Rich and then struts a bit and trash-talks Rich. Sawyer poses after every move he does and struts a bit. Crowd soundly behind Rich. Rich catches Sawyer with a couple of armdrags and he rolls to the outside. Sawyer gets back in the ring and Rich gets him in a side headlock. Crowd loudly chants “Go Tommy Go!” Sawyer escapes briefly but showboats a bit and Rich gets him again in a side headlock. Rich blocks a move by Sawyer and catches him with an atomic drop and back into a side headlock.

Flair talking about how this is a great opportunity for the fans to watch this match. Sawyer rolls Rich over for a pin attempt but only gets a 2-count. Sawyer gets Rich in the corner and delivers a few shoulder tackles and a few hard right hands at Rich. He whips Rich into the corner, but Rich reverses and again gets Sawyer in a side headlock! Sawyer struggles to escape Rich’s grasp. Sawyer goes to the outside but Rich keeps him in the headlock. Rich drags Sawyer back into the ring while still keeping him in a headlock!

Sawyer whips Rich into the ropes and hits him with his hip and that sends RIch to the outside. Sawyer heads to the outside and slams Rich’s back into the ring. Rich gets back in the ring and Sawyer uses the ropes to choke Rich. Buzz Sawyer chokes Rich with his boot and follows it up with a punch at Rich’s face. Sawyer throws Rich to the outside again but quickly returns. Rich gets Sawyer with a headbutt. Sawyer whips Rich into the corner but Rich moves out of the way and regains control of the match. Rich throws a few punches at Sawyer. They run the ropes and then collide with each other in mid-air!

Buzz Sawyer goes for a big splash but Rich moves out of the way! Rich goes for the pin on Sawyer, but Kevin Sullivan runs out to make the save. Rich sees him and starts hammering Sullivan in the corner. The bell rings as the referee DQs Sawyer. Sawyer gets back up and he and Sullivan start double-teaming Rich. Sawyer climbs up to the top rope as Sullivan holds Rich, but Jimmy Garvin runs out and shoves Sawyer off the ropes! Wild brawl between all four men before Sullivan pulls Sawyer out of the ring.

WINNER: Tommy Rich via DQ

Solie talks to Ric Flair again and he says he loved the action and that it showed that everyone wants a shot at his NWA World Title. He cuts a promo on Ricky Steamboat and Tommy Rich about defending the title against them on upcoming shows.

Ole Anderson comes out to make an announcement that he’ll be teaming with someone that he’s teamed with in the past. They are going after the NWA World Tag Team Titles. He tells Solie that next week he will announce who his partner will be.

Tommy Rich joins Solie and mentions that he had no beef with Buzz Sawyer or Kevin Sullivan. He doesn’t know if they are Harley Race’s flunkies because Race wasn’t sure he could get the job done. He tells both any time, any place, he’ll fight them.

Roddy Piper now joins Gordon Solie and Steve O. He tells Steve O to back off since he only has one hand (the other hand is injured). Piper wants them to show the tape of what happened last week. He says he was doing commentary during a nice wrestling match and providing intelligent comments. Piper says maybe Bob Armstrong didn’t appreciate those comments. He does commentary during his and Bob’s brawl and says he heard Brad crying as they both brawl. Piper talks about all the people holding them back and then says Bob can’t get to him but points out that he breaks away to go after Bob again and then gets dragged away. Piper tells Armstrong that he’s “feet strong, head strong, and just strong”. Piper says he doesn’t let anyone push him around and starts screaming as he walks off the set.

Tommy Rogers vs. Ricky Starr

They lock-up and go after each other on the ropes. Rogers gets Starr in a side headlock and takes him down. Starr whips Rogers into the ropes but Rogers doesn’t break the headlock. Rogers knocks Starr down with a shoulder block. Rogers takes down Starr and goes back to a side headlock. Starr lifts Rogers up and slams him to the mat. He starts attacking Rogers’ back. They exchange a few punches. Starr gets Rogers with a backbreaker and locks in a rear chinlock. Rogers breaks out and whips him into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. He goes for a second but Starr holds on to the ropes and goes for a pin. Rogers kicks out. Starr slams Rogers and goes for another pin attempt. Rogers goes for a pin attempt with an inside cradle. More pin attempts exchanged by both.

Starr headbutts Rogers and then gets him on the ropes and hits a few forearms on Rogers. Starr then follows with an armbar. Steve O mentions how at a recent show at The Omni, Andy Kaufman was in attendance. Rogers breaks from the hold and misses another dropkick. Starr goes for a slam but Rogers slips out and tries to go for a pin but Starr holds onto the ropes. Rogers monkey flips Starr and then rolls over and pins him. Good match.

WINNER: Tommy Rogers

Roddy Piper returns and walks in circles around Gordon Solie. Piper cuts another promo on Bob Armstrong as he removes his coat and shirt. He tells Armstrong to come to the ring “Mr. Race Horse Driver”.

Buzz Sawyer shows up irate and asks Solie who Jim Garvin thinks he is to interfere in his match with Tommy Rich. He vows to end Garvin.

Blackjack Mulligan and Ron Bass join Solie for an interview. Barr said he looked for the biggest and nastiest man to challenge for the World Tag Team titles. He said they were being too nice and now its time to get mean and nasty. Mulligan stays to do commentary with Solie.

Ron Bass vs. Ken Hall

Solie calls Hall a “clever competitor”. Bass then beats on Hall. He tosses Hall to the outside. Mulligan says Hall has no chance in this match. Bass lands an elbow on Hall and then slams him. He gets him in an atomic drop. Bass goes for a pin but picks him up to continue to punish Hall. Bass slams Hall’s head into the corner and then drops a few elbows and punches at Hall. Bass then uses the Stampede (powerslam) to get the pin on Hall.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Mulligan and Bass warn everyone that every title is in jeopardy. Mulligan vows to beat up Big Red at the Omni.

Les Thornton mentions that he will be going on a world tour. He looks forward to the challenges from Tommy Rogers and Steve O when he returns. Thornton says he doesn’t think there is anyone in the world that can beat him.

Les Thornton vs. Don Gilbert

Thornton takes Gilbert down and start doing a little mat wrestling. He gets him with a nice suplex and continues with some uppercuts on Gilbert. Thornton shows an array of moves as he keeps control of the match. He holds onto Gilbert’s head with a headlock variation. Thornton takes Gilbert back down and this time gets him in an armbar. Thornton gets Gilbert in a wristlock and then a fireman’s carry takedown. He goes for a pin but they are near the ropes. Thornton using his knee to hit Gilbert’s face. Referee Scrappy McGowan checks to see if Gilbert’s shoulders are on the mat as Thornton keeps him on the mat with a variety of submission holds. Thornton gets Gilbert with a double underhook suplex. He follows with a backbreaker and gets the pin.

WINNER: Les Thornton

Bob Armstrong joins Gordon Solie to talk about his upcoming match with Roddy Piper. Armstrong mentions that he heard Piper talking about race horses and there is one thing he knows about race horses, “jackasses don’t run with race horses”. He tells Piper to play his bag pipes because he has a place to put those bag pipes.

Tommy Rich returns for another interview and talks about Sawyer and Sullivan and whether they are Race’s flunkies.

Ron Fuller & Leroy Brown vs. Buck Brannigan & Ed Timbs

Brown takes Brannigan down with a body slam. Brown tags in Fuller and he gets Brannigan with a forearm. Fuller whips Brannigan into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He tags in Brown who comes in with a middle rope elbowdrop on Brannigan. Brown holds Brannigan by the wrist. Brannigan gets near his corner and tags in Timbs. Timbs success is short-lived as Brown hits him with a few elbows and tags in Fuller. Fuller takes Timbs down with a wristlock and continues to drop elbows on Timbs’ shoulder.

Brown comes back into the ring and continues to work on Timbs. Splash by Brown on Timbs left arm. Bad Leroy Brown slams Timbs head into the top turnbuckle and then tags in Fuller. Fuller knee drops Timbs left arm. They continue to beat on Timbs until he finally tags in Brannigan. Brannigan gets Brown in a corner and hits him with some shoulder tackles. Brown reverses and goes back to beating up on Brannigan. Fuller comes in and does the same. Match keeps going despite it being clearly dominated by Fuller and Brown. Timbs gets back in the ring. Fuller knocks him down with a big right hand. Brown whips Timbs into the ropes and Fuller hits him with a dropkick. Double clothesline from Fuller and Brown. Brown knocks Brannigan off the ring. Brown drops an elbow on Timbs and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Ron Full & Leroy Brown

The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer show up and insult Leroy Brown and Ron Fuller as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. A really fun match between Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer at the start of the second hour after Sawyer and Sullivan insulted Rich in the first half of the show. The other match that I thought was pretty good was the Tommy Rogers vs. Rick Starr match. Most everything else was your usual squash matches you would get on this show. The interview segments were really good especially the Roddy Piper and Bob Armstrong back and forth over their previous week’s altercation and upcoming match.


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