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GCW TV 1/30/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV January 30, 1982

Taped 1/30/1982 at WTBS TV Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Gordon Solie & Roddy Piper host the show. Piper quickly starts talking about receiving a lot of fan mail. Solie talks about a tag team tournament that is coming up.

Ron Fuller vs. Ricky Harris

Ron Fuller and Rick Harris run the ropes and Fuller gets him with a sunset flip for a near fall. He sends Harris to the outside early in the match. Harris misses with a right hand at Fuller in the corner and gets dropkicked to the outside as Solie mentions that Fuller is 6 feet 9 inches tall. Piper puts over “The Tennessee Stud” as a tremendous athlete. He says Fuller’s going to show off for the fans and thinks that is a cheap shot.

Harris gets back in the ring and Fuller takes him down and gets him in a pin attempt but Harris reaches the ropes for the break. Harris rakes Fuller’s eyes and slams him into the corner. Harris throws a few punches at Fuller’s stomach but Fuller makes a comeback and takes Harris down. Fuller smashes Harris into the corner and then gets dropped to the mat by Fuller a few times. Piper thinks Fuller is pulling Harris’ hair. Fuller drops a couple of elbows on Harris and gets the pin as the girls in the crowd scream for him.

WINNER: Ron Fuller

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich joins Gordon Solie. A video interview with Harley Race is shown. Harley Race is shown with the NWA World Heavyweight title and he talks about there being a lot of top caliber talent around the country. He vows not to lose the title. Gordon Solie tells the story of how Harley Race a year into wrestling was told he might never walk again after being in a car wreck. Solie then says that Race went on to become World Heavyweight Champion on six different occasions. Tommy Rich praises Race’s accomplishments but says in that video Race had the NWA World Heavyweight title in that video and doesn’t now. Rich tells Race that if he wants to get to win the World title for a 7th time, he has to go through Tommy Rich and says that he knows he wants a shot at Ric Flair as well.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown and Ron Fuller join Gordon Solie to talk about the World Tag Team Title tournament. Brown will be teaming with Fuller. Ron Fuller talks about the importance in training to stay in shape to compete in pro wrestling. They show highlights of Ron Fuller training and wrestling including him applying his submission hold called the “Fuller Leglock”. Fuller also talks about his family being in wrestling and him attending wrestling shows since he was a baby.

Roddy Piper interrupts Fuller and Brown’s interview and doesn’t know what he was suppose to get out of all that film shown on Ron Fuller. Piper doesn’t think running is important in wrestling and doesn’t know why Fuller was training with guys that he felt were half his size. He thinks Fuller was showboating or showing off. Fuller tells Piper that training and running is what a wrestler needs to succeed in wrestling and win championships and he doesn’t know if Piper holds any titles and doesn’t care because he doesn’t like Piper anyway. Roddy Piper walks away.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. Jim Carlisle & Don Gilbert

The Super Destroyer with a quick take down on Carlisle. He drops a knee on Carlisle’s bicep. Super Destroyer tags in The Masked Superstar who continues by taking down Carlisle with a side headlock. Quick tags by Superstar and Destroyer. Carlisle tags in Gilbert. Super Destroyer snap mares Gilbert into the ring and drops a few forearms on him. Superstar follows with more forearms and slams him down to the mat. They punish Gilbert with forearms. Destroyer chokes Gilbert. Piper rejoins Solie and he’s still upset at Ron Fuller but said he wasn’t going to match wits with Fuller. Super Destroyer slams Gilbert and tags in Superstar. The Masked Superstar gets a reverse neckbreaker on Gilbert.

The Super Destroyer drives a knee into Gilbert’s midsection and then steps on him. More right hands and elbows from Destroyer. Gilbert tags in Carlisle but Super Destroyer tosses him into the ring. Masked Superstar and Super D continue to destroy Carlisle. The Masked Superstar hits a clothesline on Carlisle for the win.

WINNERS: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

Ron Fuller and Leroy Brown return to talk to Gordon Solie to promote a match against The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer at the Omni on February 7th.

The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer with the National Tag Team titles are upset that Leroy Brown and Ron Fuller called them stepping stones to the World Tag Team titles.

Steve O joins Gordon Solie to update everyone about his hand and wrist injury. He thanks the fans for the cards and letters they have been sending. He said that he’s recovering from a staph infection in his wrist.

Video of a tag match between Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Rick & John Davidson from Florida is shown. Jack Brisco uses a fireman’s carry on one of the Davidson Bros. Jerry tags in. The Davidson’s struggle against the Briscos to start the match. Jack back in again and works on Davidson’s arm. Bruce Tharpe joins Gordon Solie on commentary. Solie can’t tell the Davidson’s apart, so he just calls them by their last name. The all brawl in the ring until the referee tries to get Jerry out of the ring. The Davidsons try to double-team Jack, but he ends up pinning both.

They return to the studio with Steve O and Roddy Piper with Gordon Solie. Steve O thinks his hand will heal in 2-3 months. Piper interrupts and thinks Steve O is there to get some sympathy. Bob Armstrong shows up and a bunch of wrestlers and referees try to keep him from going after Piper. Steve O tells Piper that if he was healthy, he’d get in the ring with Piper. Piper starts insulting Bob Armstrong and tells Bob that he should hide when he sees Roddy Piper.

Buzz Sawyer joins Solie and Piper and says that he has a similar problem with the Armstrongs. He claims Piper was going to rip Bob Armstrong apart had they not held Armstrong away from him. Sawyer is there to say that he can’t get anyone to wrestle him on TV. He asks where Mr. Wrestling II is because he’s heard that he’s on vacation in Florida because he’s scared of Sawyer. He then puts down the Briscos and says he beat them and has yet to be beaten.

Ron Bass vs. Jim Gallagher

Ron Bass argues a bit with referee Scrappy McGowan before the match starts. Bass quickly takes Gallagher down and starts stomping and working on Gallagher’s left arm. He drives his knee into his left arm and keeps his arm in a hammerlock. Gallagher tries to fight back unsuccessfully. Bass dominates Gallagher by just keeping him in the armlock. Gallagher breaks away briefly but Bass quickly gets back to work on his left arm. He smashes Gallagher’s left arm over his shoulder and then takes him down again and just keep working on his left arm. Bass pounds on Gallagaher’s back and upper shoulder before going back to work on his left arm. Gallagher punches at Bass in the midsection and then makes a nice comeback before Bass punches him and whips him into the ropes. He gets a headbutt and elbowdrop drop on Gallagher and goes back to work on Jim Gallagher’s left arm. Bass whips Gallagher into the corner. Bass then gets Gallagher with the Stampede slam for the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Tommy Rich returns for a promo about a February 7th match at the Omni against Harley Race with Rich defending the National Title against Race.

Ron Bass joins Gordon Solie for an interview. He talks about being able to back up what he said he would do and hypes some of his upcoming appearances including a tag match with him teaming with Terry Gordy against the Armstrongs at the Omni.

Brad Armstrong & Jimmy Garvin vs. Kevin Sullivan & The French Angel

Gordon Solie mentions that Bob Armstrong took himself out of the match. Solie thinks it was due to his earlier confrontation with Piper. Roddy Piper believes it was more because Bob was scared of him. Brad Armstrong and the French Angel start the match quickly. Brad uses his speed to get a near fall on The French Angel. The Angel tags in Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan and Armstrong exchange a few punches before they get tangled together. Brad tags in Jim Garvin. Garvin misses a knee at Sullivan who then tags in The French Angel. He backdrops Garvin and attempts a second one but Garvin kicks the French Angel.

Brad Armstrong gets back in the ring. Heels double-team Armstrong near the corner. Armstrong takes Sullivan down with a shoulder tackle and then punches Sullivan. He tags in Garvin and he gets Sullivan in a headlock but he’s too close to Sullivan’s corner, so he tags in Angel. More double-teaming from the heels to regain control of the match. Garvin tries for a comeback with a dropkick. Sullivan back in and gets Garvin in a wristlock. Garvin reverses the hold and tags in Armstrong.

Bob Armstrong comes out again to confront Roddy Piper. A bunch of wrestlers try to keep Bob away from Piper but he breaks free and attacks Piper. They brawl into the ring while the tag match is taking place. Sullivan throws Brad Armstrong out of the ring. A bunch of people get in and out of the ring trying to break this apart. Crowd is wild for this as Piper and Bob Armstrong are finally pulled apart.

WINNERS: No Contest

“The Tennessee Stud” Ron Fuller joins Gordon Solie and said he was glad to see Bob Armstrong attacked Roddy Piper and said he warned him earlier. He also said that this was not the end of this and Piper better keep watch because Bob Armstrong was coming for him. Ron Fuller calls Piper the most annoying person he knows. Steve O then joins them and also buried Piper.

First hour of show ends.

Second hour opens with Ric Flair joining Gordon Solie. He tells Solie that he doesn’t have to wrestle on TV because he’s the World Champion but he wants to do it this week just to give everyone a reminder why he’s the best.

Tommy Rich vs. Joe Powell

They start with some mat wrestling as Flair stays with Solie on commentary. Rich takes down Powell. Solie mentions how Flair watches a lot of wrestling matches of potential opponents. Flair said he is watching this match with Tommy Rich intently because Rich is a top contender to the NWA World Heavyweight title. Rich takes Powell back down with a drop toe-hold. He gets Powell in a leglock submission but he’s near the ropes. Rich gets Powell in a half crab but again he’s near the ropes and forces Rich to break the hold. Rich again goes after Powell’s left leg.

Flair jokes that this is the first time that he’s seen Tommy Rich in the studio not wearing jeans and $15 imitation cowboy boots. He then says that he’s surprised with all those fans that Tommy Rich has that they can’t start some contribution to get him a new wardrobe. As Rich continues to work on Powell’s left leg, Ric Flair continues to insult Rich’s apparel. Solie tries to defend Rich, but Flair points out that Solie wears custom-made suits too and wants him to tell it like it is. Powell makes a brief comeback before Rich fires up and throws a few punches and whips Powell into the ropes and catches him with the Thesz Press for the pin. Flair then says Rich is a tremendous athlete but not in his class.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Les Thornton vs. Mike Jackson

Jackson tried for a headscissors to start the match but Thornton reverses the hold and takes Jackson down with a headlock. Steve O joins Solie on commentary. Jackson bridges up from the headlock and snapmares Thornton. Really cool spot. Jackson gets Thornton in a an armlock. Thornton tries to reverse the hold and gets him in a single under hook and tries to take him down but Jackson reverses it. Thornton tries to whip Jackson off the ropes but Jackson keeps the hold. Thornton gets Jackson in a double underhook suplex but Jackson still quickly gets back to working on Thornton’s left arm. Freddie Miller interrupts the commentary to mention that they’ll talk about the Bob Armstrong and Roddy Piper incident from the first hour.

Thornton continues to try to break free from Jackson’s grasp but he just can’t. Thornton gets Jackson near the ropes and throws a forearm at Jackson’s midsection. He drives the knee into Jackson’s jaw and then follows up with a couple of uppercuts! Jackson gets a near pin on Thornton. Jackson sends Thornton into the ropes but Les holds onto the ropes and Jackson falls. Thornton takes control of the match. Thornton gets Jackson with a side-salto suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Les Thornton

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer join Gordon Solie to talk about defending their National Tag Team Titles against Leroy Brown and Ron Fuller at the Omni on February 7th. Ron Fuller & Leroy Brown follow to talk about that match on February 7th.

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie to watch a match between Harley Race and Reggie Parks from Florida. This match was from when Race was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Parks gets Race high up in the air with a backdrop. He gets Race in a headlock but has to break the hold due to Race reaching the ropes. Race gets Parks with a knee to the stomach while they were breaking apart near the ropes. Parks reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops Race again. He gets a near fall but Race goes back to work on Parks and drives a knee into Parks. Race tries to slam Parks, but Parks gets him with an inside cradle for a 2-count. Parks gets Race in a side headlock. Race lifts Parks up and slams him onto his knee. Race catches Parks with a modified piledriver and goes for a pin but Parks kicks out. Parks reverses a side salto suplex on Race. He gets another near fall on Race to the delight of the fans. Parks misses a dropkick. Race slams Parks and then hits a middle-rope headbutt on Parks for the pin. Solie mentions that the match that just aired was a match after Race won the title for a second time. Rich talks about wanting to beat Race and then challenge Flair for the World Title.

Ric Flair vs. Rick Benefield

Ric Flair with a quick takedown on Benefield. Clean break in the corner. Flair takes Benefield again with a waist takedown. Benefield escapes but they have to break away again due to being near the ropes. Flair throws a forearm at Benefield’s head. He slams Benefield into the corner and then slams him. Flair with a couple of forearms and knee lifts. Flair with a big chop at Benefield. He whips Benefield into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Flair yells, “Now you’re going to school, brother!” Flair gets Benefield with a vertical suplex followed by an elbow-drop . Flair then gets the win with a figure-four leglock.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Flair then names Rich, Fuller, Mr. Wrestling II, Youngblood, Steamboat, Briscos and Funks and says they are no match for him. He says the 10 lbs of gold make him the owner, the master and the man whether anyone likes it or not. He wants better competition on TV and said if that was all they have to offer then the fans won’t be seeing him wrestle often on TV. He tells Gordon Solie its been his pleasure to have Flair on the show.

Gordon Solie brings back Ron Fuller and Steve O as they recap what happened earlier in the show between Roddy Piper and Bob Armstrong. Fuller said that if there weren’t so many people trying to pull both apart that Piper would have left without his teeth.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Chic Donovan

Good start to the match as they are evenly matches due to their similar size and weight. Garvin takes Donovan down with a shoulder tackle, but Donovan catches him with a slam when Garvin hits the ropes. Donovan misses an elbow drop. Garvin starts going to work on Donovan’s left arm driving his knee into his arm.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Les Thornton and Buzz Sawyer talk about their upcoming matches at The Omni on February 7th. Interview gets cut off as Buzz is about to scream about former world champion Jack Brisco.

Tommy Rich promo about his match against Harley Race on February 7th and he’s FIRED UP!!!

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. Buck Brannigan & Rick Starr

Super Destroyer takes down Rick Starr and starts working on Starr’s left arm. Super D quickly tags in Superstar and he continues to work on Starr. He gets him in an armbar and applies pressure on Starr’s arm. Super D & Superstar destroy Rick Starr and keep working on his left arm. Starr gets slammed to the mat a couple of times. Starr ends up making it to his corner and tags in Brannigan but they continue to just destroy Brannigan. Superstar slams Brannigan a few times. Super D stomps on him and then puts him in a headlock. He follows with some chops. Starr comes back in and he continues to get destroyed. Superstar hits a cross body block on Brannigan and follows with a reverse neckbreaker. Starr makes the save. Super Destroyer hits a dropkick on Brannigan and then droops a series of elbows for the pin. Squash match.

WINNERS: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

Ron Bass says if he wants to be part of the upcoming NWA World Tag Team title tournament that all he has to do is make a phone call and he’ll have himself a tag team partner. The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer join them and Super Destroyer says he already has a great tag team partner. The Masked Superstar vows to real the part of the country again and he vows that they will win the NWA World Tag Team titles. Solie interrupts them to end the show which upsets The Superstar.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. The Roddy Piper and Bob Armstrong altercation was pretty great. A lot of squash matches which was very common on wrestling TV shows but there were a few more competitive matches on this show with Les Thornton and Mike Jackson having a fun TV match. Flair’s appearance on the show was fun with him having an interview segment, doing commentary for a match and then having his own match, and another interview after his match. Thought he was great on commentary talking about Tommy Rich.


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