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GCW TV January 9, 1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Georgia Championship Wrestling TV January 9, 1982

Taped on January 9, 1982 at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Gordon Solie & Roddy Piper on commentary. The Masked Superstar shows up and insults Tommy Rich. He mentions about being in a steel cage match with Tommy Rich. Solie mentions that if they have a cage match, “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown would be ringside. Solie congratulates Roddy Piper for winning the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title.

Tommy Rich vs. Marvin Turner

Rich quickly takes Turner down with an armdrag. He keeps Turner down. Piper mentions Tommy Rich is having a warm-up match because he’s far better than Turner. Solie tries to praise Turner & other enhancement talent after that comment by Piper. The Masked Superstar shows up ringside to watch the match. Rich invites him into the ring. “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown shows up ringside as well. Rich takes down Turner again with a side headlock. The Masked Superstar is upset that Brown showed up ringside as he is scouting Rich’s match. Rich keeps dominating the match. Turner throws a couple of hard fists into Rich. Rich raises a boot and hits Turner. He drops a fist from the middle rope onto Turner. Rich follows with a kneedrop for a near fall. Rich and Turner exchanges punches. Rich hits Turner with an elbow and sends him into the corner. Rich hits the ropes and lands on Turner with the Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer come out for an interview. Ole calls the fans “geeks”. He wants some respect and said that everyone knows Gene Anderson is injured and now working as a manager. Ole has to defend the NWA World Tag Team titles so he’s searching for a tag team partner. Ole doesn’t want to wrestle Leroy Brown or Big Red because he doesn’t like them. Ole wants them to change their opponents. Solie tells Ole that he can find whatever tag partner but he doesn’t have to defend the tag titles, but if he doesn’t defend them against Leroy Brown & Big Red, then Ole will be stripped of the NWA World Tag Team titles. Buzz & Ole leave upset.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Buck Brannigan

Roddy Piper talks about how Georgia Championship Wrestling having rules but said that when they enforce the rules, it makes some men angry. Garvin quickly takes down Brannigan. Garvin keeps working on Brannigan’s legs. Brannigan starts attacking Garvin and taking him to the corner. Garvin fights back with a couple of punches. He takes Brannigan back down but puts him in a headlock. Brannigan and Garvin do some matwork. Brannigan gets a near fall on Garvin. Brannigan raises Garvin up and drops a few forearms on him. He knees Garvin. Garvin fights back with a few punches. Brannigan rakes Garvin’s eyes, but Garvin sends him to the ropes. Garvin hits Brannigan with a forearm off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Tommy Rich and Leroy Brown promos for the Omni show on January 17th. Rich talks about the cage match against The Masked Superstar with Leroy Brown as the ringside “policeman”.

Bob & Brad Armstrong talk about defending the National Tag Team titles against Terry Gordy & Ron Bass at the Omni on January 17th.

The Masked Superstar vs. Vinnie Valentino

The Masked Superstar takes down Valentino and puts him in a front chancery and then follows up with a headlock. He keeps moving around and punishing Valentino. The Super Destroyer shows up ringside. Solie mentions that NWA World Champion Rich Flair just arrived and they hoped to interview him. Tommy Rich, Jimmy Garvin, the Armstrongs, Buzz Sawyer and Ole Anderson also show up ringside. The Masked Superstar stomps on Valentino and then slams him to the mat. He drops a few knees and an elbow on Valentino. Masked Superstar throws a double-thrust chop at Valentino. Masked Superstar gets Valentino in a neckbreaker but refuses to pin him. He leg sweeps Valentino and again refuses to pin him. The Masked Superstar puts Valentino in the cobra clutch and gets the win. Rich gets up in the ring. The heels walk away.

WINNER: The Masked Superstar

Bob Armstrong said that they saw that Ole, Buzz and Super Destroyer showed up ringside, so he, Brad and Jimmy Garvin decided to show up for Tommy Rich. Piper tells Bob that he’s sticking his nose in someone else’s business. Piper tells Bob that he’s cheapen him and Solie by getting involved. Bob tells Piper that he’s right and it is very difficult to cheapen him. Piper wants Bob Armstrong to come up to him and tell him like a man.

Ric Flair joins Gordon Solie for an interview. Solie mentions that Flair will spend 320 to 340 days in the air alone while defending the title. Flair says he’s won the best looking man alive award. Flair calls himself the NWA’s “franchise” and says every wrestler in the world would like their hands on that title. He calls himself the “greatest wrestling machine”. Flair talks about his womanizing which makes Solie roll his eyes. Flair ends the interview by saying “diamonds are forever and so is Ric Flair…WHOOO!!!”

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Ed Timbs

Mr. Wrestling II works on Timbs left arm as Piper and Solie talk about the competition that Flair must face as a champion. Mr. Wrestling II starts working on Timbs left leg. Timbs tries to get Mr. Wrestling II in a chinlock but II is able to escape. Timbs throws a couple of forearms in the corner. Mr. Wrestling II throws a flurry hard right hands at Timbs in the corner. He charges with a shoulder smash at Timbs into the corner. He backdrops Timbs and then hits him with the million-dollar knee-lift for the win!

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Bob Armstrong returns after hearing Roddy Piper insulting him on commentary. Bob comes out and tells Piper that after he’s done with his commitments with his son Brad as a tag team, Piper will be the first on his list. Piper cuts a great promo on Bob. Piper says Bob runs away like a race horse and he never runs.

Ron Bass said when he first showed up, Solie called his finisher a powerslam and he corrected him by telling him it was the Stampede and now they have no problem. Bass says that he’s going to get the Armstrongs National Tag Team titles.

Ron Bass vs. Tony Anthony

Tony Anthony catches Bass with a pair of armdrags. Bass misses an elbow and Anthony slams him and takes him down with a headlock. Bass gets back on his feet and takes Anthony to the corner and bashes his head into the tunbuckles. Bass elbows Anthony and takes him down with a snapmare. Bass tosses Anthony to the corner. Bass slams Anthony down with the stampede and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer talk about their tag team title defense against Leroy Brown and Big Red. Buzz says their opponents are not athletes and are overweight. Ole says they are going to tear them apart.

Leroy Brown and Big Red talk about the possibility of being the first black world tag team champions. Brown said he’s going to give Sawyer the beating his daddy never gave him.

Buzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson vs. Archie Williams & El Gran Apollo

Sawyer throws a quick forearm at Williams and tags in Ole. Ole smashes Williams into Sawyer’s knee. Anderson puts him in a front chinlock. Piper mentions Buzz’s brother Hacksaw Sawyer just won a title in the Pacific Northwest and says that if it wasn’t for the folks there he would not be what he is now. Sawyer has a great grip on Wiliams and then tags Ole in. Gran Apollo makes a brief comeback but Ole reaches his corner and tags in Sawyer. Leroy Brown and Big Red show up ringside. Sawyer suplexes Williams. He throws a forearm at Williams but Williams is able to tag in Gran Apollo. Sawyer gets to his corner. Anderson and Apollo work on the mat with a series of moves. Apollo throws a big forearm at Sawyer off the ropes! Sawyer keeps fighting back. Sawyer gets to his corner and tags in Anderson. Ole tries to suplex Williams but he blocks the move. Buzz & Ole double-team Williams. Sawyer powerslams Williams off the ropes for the win.

WINNERS: Buzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson

Ole Anderson and Buzz Sawyer confront Leroy Brown and Big Red. Ole tells them that he doesn’t like them and that where he comes from they wouldn’t allow them to wrestle people like them and that’s the way it should be. Brown tells Ole that they are not where he comes from and that “when in Rome, you do like the Romans”. Big Red screams as the first hour of the show comes to an end.

Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Buck Brannigan & Rick Harris

Brad and Harris start the match. Piper praises Brad Armstrong while putting down Bob. Harris and Brad Armstrong do a few arm reversals before Brad tagging in Bob. Quick tags from the Armstrongs. Piper gets upset and wants people to notice how long Brad is in the ring and how little time “daddy” is in the ring. Piper says Bob is sacrificing his son and it’s a shame. Harris & Brannigan take control of the match on Brad. Brad and Harris exchange punches before Brad tags in Bob. Bob headbutts Harris. Bob Armstrong punches Harris and again tags in Brad. Piper points out how Brad was still just getting back his wind and “daddy” tags him back in. Piper’s upset and leaves the set. Bob punches Harris in the chest. He drives in a knee and gets a 2-count on Harris. Harris tags in Brannigan. Test of strength turns into a monkey flip by Bob Armstrong on Brannigan. Armstrongs with a quick double-team on Brannigan. Brad gets a near fall on Brannigan. Brannigan sends Brad into his corner at Harris’ knee. Harris back in and starts choking Brad on the top rope. Brad tries to fight his opponents off. Brad hits a cross body block on Brannigan off the ropes and gets the pin. Bob comes in and keeps Harris from making the save.

WINNERS: Bob & Brad Armstrong

The Armstrongs show up to talk to Solie. Bob notices Piper isn’t around. Bob calls Piper “motor-mouth”. He believes Piper went and called Gary Hart since they both are friends. Solie recaps Piper offering to manage The Great Kabuki against Dusty Rhodes at the Omni on January 17th. Piper returns and is upset that Bob Armstrong left.

Austin Idol also calls out Bob Armstrong for being professionally jealous of Piper and Ole Anderson. Idol says it isn’t just Armstrong, but also Tommy Rich and Terry Taylor.

Austin Idol vs. Archie Williams

Idol tells referee Scrappy McGowan to tell Williams the rules and regulations. Idol pulls Williams hair to take him down. He goes to work on Williams left arm and puts him in a headscissors variation. He goes back to an armbar. Solie mentions that Piper is a friend of Idol’s which leads to Piper praising Idol. Williams gets Idol in a headlock, but Idol breaks out and goes back to working on Williams left arm with a wristlock and later an armbar. Williams grabs Idol’s leg in an attempt to escape the hold. Idol takes him down but refuses to break the hold. Idol puts Williams in a guillotine position holding onto the armlock and placing his legs across Williams upper body. They get near the ropes and break the hold cleanly. Williams throws a few elbows but Idol gets in a knee. Idol slams Williams and goes with a running elbow-drop on Williams for the pin.

WINNER: Austin Idol

Tommy Rich does another promo hyping the cage match with The Masked Superstar at the Omni on January 17th. Buzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson cut a promo on their match against Leroy Brown and Big Red on January 17th.

Jimmy Garvin talks about a recent tour he was a part of with Tommy Rich, Michael Hayes and the Armstrongs were in. He wants matches against The Masked Superstar, The Super Destroyer and Austin Idol.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Snake Brown

Solie calls Snake Brown a very devious man. Garvin tries to take Brown to the mat but he keeps reaching the ropes and Brown keeps telling the ref to watch Garvin. Soli talks about Snake Brown having “tendon strength”. Garvin throws a few punches at Brown and then slams him. He throws a few knees at Brown near the ropes and then backdrops him. Garvin gets Brown in a front chancery. The fans cheer for Garvin. Garvin and Brown wrestle on the mat for a bit before Brown escapes and kicks Garvin and throws a few forearms. Brown whips Garvin into the corner, but Garvin charges at Brown with a forearm, knocking Brown down and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Garvin

Solie wants to know about Piper’s allegiance with Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki. Piper doesn’t think Dusty Rhodes was right in attacking Hart and Kabuki. They show highlights of the Great Kabuki attacking Dusty Rhodes at the Omni. Piper shows a video of The Great Kabuki in action. Rhodes said he doesn’t care about Dusty Rhodes. He pokes fun at Dusty painting his face and Piper warns Rhodes not to play with Mr. Kabuki.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Tommy Rogers

Solie brings up how Sullivan has gotten very involved in bodybuilding recently. Quick takedown by Sullivan. Sullivan throws a couple of forearms at Rogers near the ropes. He keeps taking down Rogers. Stomps and forearms Rogers a few times. He dominates Rogers. He gets Rogers in an armbar and puts him back on the ropes were he kicks Rogers a few times. Sullivan whips Rogers to the ropes and elbows him. Sullivan just destroying Rogers in the match. Sullivan gets Rogers in a submission hold and uses the ropes for more leverage. Sullivan keeps destroying Rogers. He throws a punch at Rogers. He throws Rogers onto the ropes. Sullivan climbs up the middle rope and kneedrops Rogers and gets the win.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan joins Solie. He talks about breaking a weight lifting record. He then talks about the Armstrongs, Austin Idol, and Tommy Rich who talk about what they are going to do. He says he doesn’t have to tell people what he’s going to do because he’s already won a weight lifting record, bodybuilding competitions and wrestling titles throughout the world. He doesn’t have to say how pretty his face is because he has a million dollar face. He says his face and ability speak for themselves and anyone who wrestles him is going down.

Ric Flair talks about living the lifestyle of a king. He mentions no other man can endure the schedule he has as world champion. Solie and Flair both mention how if you can see him live in action in any city you are seeing the finest wrestler in the world.

Terry Taylor vs. Marvin Turner

Turner gets a couple of forearms in on Taylor early in the match. Taylor makes a comeback with a few forearms of his own followed by a dropkick. Taylor backdrops Turner and then slams him. Taylor back with a few more forearms. He gets Taylor in a standing guillotine and then drops down for the pin. Quick short match.

WINNER: Terry Taylor

The Masked Superstar and The Super Destroyer talk about being at the Omni. Superstar vows to destroy Tommy Rich in the cage.

Leroy Brown and Big Red promo about the Omni.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. El Gran Apollo & Tony Anthony

El Gran Apollo catches The Masked Superstar with a cross body block early in the match. Piper talks about how wrestlers that come from other countries work harder because they suffered and had to sacrifice to get to wrestle in the U.S. The Masked Superstar and Gran Apollo have a good start to the match. Superstar tags in Super Destroyer who throws a few forearms at Apollo before he tags Tony Anthony. Super Destroyer throws a few forearms at Anthony and then the Super Destroyer & Masked Superstar make some quick tags while controlling the match. Double clothesline sends Anthony down. Apollo makes the save. Super Destroyer puts Anthony in a bear hug but then slams him down for the pin.

WINNERS: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

Tommy Rich, Leroy Brown and Big Red come out to close the show. Rich says he’s ready for The Masked Superstar in the cage. Leroy Brown and Big Red vow to beat Buzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson as Gordon Solie closes the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Most of the matches were just the usual TV squash matches that we’d get often in the ’80s. I thought the Tommy Rich vs. Marvin Turner match to start the first hour had a little more excitement because you had The Masked Superstar show up and then in Masked Superstar’s match later on the show, a lot of people showed up ringside, so at the very least there was some build-up in the Rich – Masked Superstar feud. Piper and Solie were fun on commentary. Some fun promos throughout the show with Ric Flair, Ole & Buzz, Bob Armstrong, Piper and Sullivan. I enjoyed the show more for nostalgia and getting to see some familiar faces from the past.


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