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All Japan Women Classics Ep. #2

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #2

Jaguar Yokota vs. La Galactica in a WWWA Title & Yokota’s Hair vs. La Galactica’s mask match

Taped 5/7/1983 at City Gymnasium in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

La Galactica’s accompanied by Monster Ripper for the match. Yokota’s entrance music was awesome! Monster Ripper is shown giving some advice to La Galactica before the match starts. La Galactica goes after Yokota’s right arm as soon as the bell rings, but they each reverse each other’s holds. Yokota monkey flips La Galactica and then armdrags her down to the mat. They exchange chops with La Galactica complaining to the referee. La Galactica uses a test of strength to take Yokota down, but Yokota reverses it into a body scissors. La Galactica tries to rake Yokota’s face but ref tells her to stop. La Galactica breaks out of the scissors hold by pulling at Yokota’s hair. Yokota gets Galactica back down with a leglock. More hair pulling from La Galactica. Yokota gets La Galactica in a Boston Crab, but Monster Ripper pulls her to the ropes.

La Galactica rolls to the outside for a break. Monster Ripper gives her some advice. La Galactica gets back in the ring and acts like she wants to shake hands. Yokota refuses. They chop each other. Galactica gets her in a chinlock, but they are near the ropes. Galactica takes Yokota to the outside and throws her into the ringpost and then into the seats. Galactica throws Yokota again into the ringpost and then Monster Ripper throws her into the chairs! Galactica attacks Yokota as she returns to the ring. She chokes her on the middle rope. Galactica throws Yokota into the ropes and hits her with an elbow and then follows up with a legdrop. Galactica gets Yokota in a submission hold and bites at Yokota’s fingers despite the ref warning her not to do it. Yokota escapes a pin attempt and then dropkicks La Galactica out of the ring. Yokota sends La Galactica into the chairs. La Galactica gets back in the ring and Yokota kicks at her legs and knocks her down. Yokota puts her in a submission hold. Monster Ripper jumps into the ring and kicks at Yokota but she doesn’t break the leg submission until La Galactica reaches the ropes.

Jaguar Yokota puts La Galactica in a figure four leglock and again Monster Ripper rushes into the ring and stomps on Yokota. Referee pulls her out of the ring. Ripper gets back in the ring and again attacks Yokota, but she doesn’t break the hold. La Galactica reaches the ropes. Yokota whips La Galactica into the ropes and gets her with the jumping hip attack two times! She then uses a double underhook suplex to get a near fall on La Galactica. She piledrives La Galactica, but Galactica lands with her legs on the ropes. La Galactica escapes to the outside.

La Galactica gets back in the ring and gets in a series of kicks before Yokota gets her in another submission hold hooking her arms and taking her down. Yokota gets La Galactica in a Gori Special! Galactica gets a near fall with a rana. Yokota gets another near fall on La Galactica with a backdrop driver but Monster Ripper jumps back into the ring and attacks Yokota and saving La Galactica. Ripper slams Yokota a few times. They take Yokota to the outside and start cutting her hair while dragging her around outside the ring. La Galactica lands a few forearms on Yokota while she’s seated outside. Yokota is shown yelling at the referee. Yokota gets attacked by Ripper and La Galactica again. Yokota grabs the scissors and starts cutting La Galactica’s mask!

They get back in the ring and Yokota gets a 2-count after a suplex. Yokota goes for an abdominal stretch. Ripper comes back into the ring with a chair and tries to hit Yokota but she hits La Galactica instead. Yokota takes away the chair and hits Ripper with it. She then hits both officials multiple times. Yokota does some cool spots running the ropes and dropkicks La Galactica out of the ring. Yokota tries for a dive at La Galactica, but she moves. Ripper brings back Yokota to the ring and slams her down. La Galactica lands a top rope senton on Yokota! La Galactica then slams Yokota a few times and Monster Ripper jumps off the ropes twice with the last one being a plancha. La Galactica pins Yokota and gets the win to the shock of the fans and the announce team!

WINNER: La Galactica

Monster Ripper and La Galactica continue their attack on Jaguar Yokota and also beat up a few of the other female wrestlers ringside. La Galactica grabs the scissors while Monster Ripper holds Yokota and they start cutting her hair. La Galactica tosses Yokota’s hair in the air! Yokota tries to fight them off from cutting her hair. La Galactica uses the scissors to attack Yokota. Jaguar Yokota grabs the mic and screams! Yokota’s upset because she had to wrestle with two people getting involved in the match. They place the WWWA Title around La Galactica’s waist as the referee tells Yokota she has to get her hair cut. La Galactica goes over and cuts more of Yokota’s hair. The camera catches a few girls in the crowd crying as Yokota’s hair is being cut. La Galactica also gets a giant trophy that she carries!

Backstage interview with Jaguar Yokota. She gets her hair cut even shorter. She looks disappointed at her loss as she speaks to a group of reporters.

SHOW THOUGHTS: A one-match show and it was a really wild, good match. The post-match was even better. Tons of heat throughout this match with the women in the crowd screaming and with Yokota losing and getting her hair cut, you see a lot of young girls crying at the result. One of the things you’ll notice in All Japan Women throughout their run was how innovative the style comes across but what is at times forgotten is the impact Mexican female wrestlers had in the style. For several decades women weren’t allowed to wrestle within Mexico City, so they had to work outside of that region in Mexico and would travel to Japan and other parts of the world. Most of the Mexican female wrestlers of that era in the ’70s and ’80s brought with them the lucha libre style and it caught on with the Japanese women as you see a lot of them use moves that weren’t really seen outside of Mexico (or not done by Mexican wrestlers or those who trained/traveled to Mexico) and in All Japan Women, it felt the promotion gravitated to accepting the lucha libre style better than any other promotion/territory for the most part (outside of Mexico and Southern California) during that time period. Just go back and watch territories during the ’70s and ’80s and while you might see someone like Mil Mascaras, Chavo Guerrero, or anyone from Mexico (or Mexican descent), they would get praised for having a different style, but it was usually just them using it and others weren’t really copying it. I think that’s the biggest impact of Rey Mysterio Jr. in that when he brought his style to a national stage and it became popular, wrestlers worldwide were more accepting and started copying it and it led to wrestling evolving.


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