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GCW TV January 2, 1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

GCW TV January 2, 1982

Taped 1/2/1982 at WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Cool dance music as part of Georgia Championship Wrestling’s intro video.

Gordon Solie and Roddy Piper are announcing. Solie mentions they’ll be awarding the new National Tag Team belts to Bob & Brad Armstrong. Gary Hart interrupts to let everyone know that he does not appreciate that he is being barred from the building in Atlanta, Georgia. Solie and Hart argue. Solie tells Hart that they are going to be awarding the belts to the Armstrongs right now. Piper agrees with Hart. Bob & Brad Armstrong appear and are awarded their belts. Bob Armstrong thanks Gordon Solie and says he felt that Hart being barred from the building is justified and says Hart & Piper are both buzzards. Piper returns upset and then smiles at the camera. Great opening to the show.

Leroy Brown vs. Marvin Turner

The fans in studio are dancing to “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown’s entrance song. Brown shoves Turner into the corner. Turner gets overpowered by Brown. Piper says this match will be interesting unlike Bob Armstrong. Leroy Brown tosses Turner around and body slams him. Turner rolls to the outside. Turner gets back in the ring and tries for a chop, but Brown hits him with a forearm and then head-butts him to the outside. Turner gets back in the ring and throws a few punches, but Brown gets him with a few and an elbow. Brown slams Turner to the mat and then hits the ropes and lands a big splash on Turner for the 3-count.

WINNER: Leroy Brown

Buzz Sawyer vs. Rick Thor

Sawyer throws a couple of elbows at Thor. Piper mentions how he talked to Hart backstage and he doesn’t agree that Hart should have been barred from the arena. Sawyer rakes Thor’s face with the top rope. Ole Anderson is ringside watching the match and joins the commentary. Ole mentions his brother Gene hasn’t been wrestling lately and he’s searching for someone to team with him and has some interest in Buzz Sawyer. Sawyer slams Thor’s head into the mat. Ole also mentions Terry Gordy as a potential tag team partner. Sawyer with a knee lift on Thor. Sawyer takes Thor down with a headlock. He tosses Thor out of the ring. Ole also agrees what they did with Gary Hart was wrong. Sawyer continues to beat on Thor. Sawyer drags Thor back into the ring. Sawyer keeps Thor down with a front chancery and Buzz is just beating on the poor guy. Thor fires back a few forearms, but Buzz throws some forearms of his own. Sawyer with a chop and then gets Thor in a couple of backbreakers. Sawyer elbow drops Thor and pins him. Big-time squash match.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

Buzz Sawyer joins Ole Anderson and Gordon Solie at the announcer area. Solie asks Sawyer if Ole asks if he’d be his tag partner would he accept and he said yes. Buzz also said hello to all his women out there.

Paul Jones vs. Jim Vertaroso

Solie mentions Vertaroso is a power-lifting champion out of Rome, Georgia right as Paul Jones takes him down. Vertaroso was also a former football player and amateur wrestler. This Vertaroso guy seems to have potential…

Jones slams Vertaroso. Piper’s upset that they awarded the Armstrongs the National Tag Team Titles. Paul Jones keeps working on Vertaroso’s left arm. Vertaroso throws a forearm but Jones hits him with a series of right hands to his face. Vertaroso gets Jones with a knee and slams him. Vertaroso goes for a headlock, but Jones escapes and drops a few knees on Vertaroso’s arm. Vertaroso gets in some offense, but Jones stops him. Jones with an atomic drop and then goes back to an armbar submission. Jones takes Vertaroso down with a front chinlock. Vertaroso breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Vertaroso throws a series of forearms in the corner. Jones retaliates with a series of punches. Jones rushes at Vertaroso and takes him down and follows it up with an Indian deathlock and makes Vertaroso submit. Pretty competitive with Vertaroso looking good despite the loss.

WINNER: Paul Jones

Bob & Brad Armstrong back again for a promo to talk about upcoming shows. Bob Armstrong has a match with Great Kabuki.

Tommy Rich promo talking about an upcoming cage match against the Masked Superstar in Atlanta, GA on January 17th. Tommy says he’s gonna be FIRED UP!!!

Ron Bass vs. Tony Valentino

Bass misses a fist in the corner at Valentino. Piper asks Solie for permission to interview Gary Hart after this match. Bass takes down Valentino with a wristlock. Bass keeps Valentino down by holding his left arm down. Bass stomps on Valentino’s left arm. Bass keeps working on the left arm. The Outlaw tosses Valentino into the corner. Bass dominating the entire match. Bass slams Valentino and then gets him with an elbow. He goes for a pin, but lifts Valentino up by the hair. Bass is relentless in his attack. Piper mentions that the referee should stop the match. Valentino makes a bit of a comeback with some punches, but Bass takes him down again. Bass goes with the Texas Stampede powerslam to get the pin on Tony Valentino. Squash match.

WINNER: Ron Bass

Roddy Piper interviews Gary Hart. Piper says he feels it is an insult have Gary Hart barred from ringside when he is managing a man (Kabuki) who cannot speak English. Hart said he appreciates Piper’s concern and says the truth is “they don’t like Asians in Georgia.” Piper asks Hart if he could be in Mr. Kabuki’s corner on his behalf. Gary Hart calls Piper an international star and accepts that he be ringside with Kabuki. Hart asks Piper if he could play the bag pipe as Kabuki enters the ring.

Jimmy Garvin vs. Ed Timbs

Solie talks about Jimmy Garvin bulking up in his return to Georgia. Garvin takes down Timbs and has his arm in a hammerlock. Piper talks about the importance of bulking up to have a little strength to go against an opponent. Garvin slams Timbs to the mat and goes back to a hammerlock. Garvin goes for an inside cradle for a 2-count, but Timbs kicks out. Timbs goes for a headlock, but Garvin breaks out and goes back to a hammerlock with a quarter nelson. Garvin rolls Timbs over and tries to get the pin. Timbs gets up and throws a couple of punches at Garvin’s midsection, but Garvin stops him with a couple of knees. Garvin whips Timbs into the corner and bounces off the ropes and lands a forearm on Timbs for the win.

WINNER: Jim Garvin

The Masked Superstar and Super Destroyer join Solie on the set with Masked Superstar yelling that he wants Tommy Rich out of professional wrestling.

Ron Bass talks about looking for big fish and trophies. He vows to take the National tag team titles from the Armstrongs.

The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Stroud

The crowd sings “Happy Birthday” to the Masked Superstar as he enters the ring. Masked Superstar throws a couple of forearms at Stroud, but Stroud doesn’t back down. Superstar takes him down to the mat. Stroud quickly broke away. Superstar showing some great matwork against Stroud. He tags in Super Destroyer. Stroud tags in Jackson. Mike Jackson takes down Super Destroyer. Jackson escapes a slam attempt and throws a punch at Super Destroyer, who tags in Masked Superstar. Mike Jackson catches Superstar with a high cross body block. Stroud comes back in. Superstar gets a near fall on Stroud before tagging back out. Super Destroyer can’t keep Stroud down and Jackson gets tagged in. Super Destroyer and Masked Superstar get dropkicked by Jackson. He misses Super Destroyer. Super Destroyer recovers and throws Jackson onto the top rope. Masked Superstar clotheslines Jackson off the ropes and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown & Big Red join Solie. Brown vows revenge on Buzz Sawyer. Big Red and Brown challenge Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer. Big Red said that his first five years he was in a wheelchair.

Second hour of show starts next.

Dick Slater & Jim Garvin join Solie. Slater talks about having a lot of fans. He also mentions how small Garvin was when he first started in wrestling and now he’s in better shape. Garvin wants to wrestle anyone, anywhere, anytime. Slater talks about his feud with Gary Hart & Kabuki.

Dick Slater vs. Tony Valentino

Slater takes down Valentino and keeps him down with a deathlock. He puts Valentino in a hammerlock before breaking away. Slater gets a couple of near falls.Valentino throws a couple of elbows and shoulder tackles at Slater in the corner. Slater whips Valentino into the corner and then chops him. Atomic knee drop by Slater followed with a belly-to-back suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Dick Slater

Buzz Sawyer vs. Mike Jackson

Solie mentions how this could be a good match. Jackson gets Sawyer with a cross body block followed by an armdrag. Ole Anderson joins on commentary. Jackson works on Sawyer’s arm. Jackson catches Sawyer in a couple of hip tosses and goes back to working on Sawyer’s left arm. Sawyer sends Jackson into the ropes and hits him with a knee. Sawyer attacks Jackson outside the ring but he takes him back when Ole instructs him to do it. Sawyer goes with a quick attack and puts him in a chinlock and then tries to cradle him for the pin. Sawyer puts a lot of pressure on Jackson with a rear chinlock. Jackson throws a couple of elbows, but Sawyer takes him back down. They go back and forth before Sawyer takes Jackson down with a front facelock. Jackson goes on the attack and again Sawyer catches him with a slam and then forearms Jackson out of the ring. Sawyer brings Jackson back into the ring and continues to beat on him. Jackson makes a comeback before they both run the ropes and Sawyer catches Jackson in a powerslam and gets the pin.

WINNER: Buzz Sawyer

The Armstrongs back out to cut a promo for upcoming shows. Brad talks about competition is getting stronger. Bob Armstrong heard Ron Bass found a tag team partner and its “Baby Huey” Gordy.
Mr. Wrestling talks about upcoming shows that he’ll be appearing including Dayton, Ohio. He’ll be teaming with Tommy Rich.

Leroy Brown and Big Red join Solie to talk about Buzz Sawyer, Ole Anderson, Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer. Big Red said they are going to get it right.

Stan Hansen vs. Marvin Turner

Hansen throws a few elbows on Turner. He snapmares him down and then drops another elbow on Turner. Hansen gets Turner in a chinlock and continues to drop a couple of elbows. Turner makes a comeback and even takes down Hansen with an armbar. Hansen rakes his eyes and drops a couple of forearms. Big body slam by Hansen. Hansen misses a shoulder tackle in the corner, but hits an elbow at a charging Turner. Hansen hits Turner with a lariat and gets the pin.

WINNER: Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen & Tommy Rich talk about Ole Anderson. Rich talks about all the changes going on in the Georgia territory. Hansen talks about Rich going thru hell for a half-year with so many bounties placed on him. Hansen vows Rich will get revenge on all his rivals.

Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk vs. El Gran Apollo & Tommy Rogers

Terry drops a couple of forearms on Rogers. He backdrops Rogers and then hits a running elbow. Terry tags in Dory and they double-team Rogers and hit double forearms at him. Dory gets Rogers in a double-underhook suplex. Funks keep dominating Rogers. Rogers reverses a whip into the corner by Terry. Terry recovers and again tags in Dory. Dory throws some uppercuts at Rogers in the corner and then drops an elbow. Rogers fires backs some forearms and tags in Gran Apollo. Apollo comes in on fire and takes both Funks down with dropkicks. Rogers gets back in and slams both Funks! Rogers charges in with a shoulder into the corner at Terry. Tries again, but Terry raises up a knee. Terry Funk puts Rogers into the spinning toehold and Rogers submits.

WINNER: Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk

Michael Hayes comes out and the women yell. Hayes gets beeped out when he tells everyone if they don’t like his music to “get the f**k outta my face”! Talks about the upcoming shows he’ll be on.

Ron Bass talks about everyone that he’s challenged like Dusty Rhodes, Dick Slater, Leroy Brown, Stan Hansen and others. Bass vows to take the belts away from the Armstrongs.

Ron Bass vs. Jim Vertaroso

Solie again raves about Jim Vertaroso. Bass shows off his power by shoving Vertaroso away. Vertaroso takes Bass down with an armdrag. Vertaroso throws a few knees on Bass’ left arm. Bass gets up and takes control of the match by throwing a couple of forearms. Bass and Vertaroso keep exchanging punches. Bass hits an elbow on Vertaroso. Bass drives a few knees into Vertaroso’s midsection. Bass smothers Vertaroso with a front chinlock. Vertaroso tries to break out. Bass keeps control of the match. Vertaroso makes a comeback and throws a couple of forearms in the corner but Bass kicks at his midsection and then catches him with a kick on the ropes. Bass gets the win with the Texas Stampede powerslam.

WINNER: Ron Bass

The Masked Superstar talks about his cage match with Tommy Rich on January 17th at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia.

Another Tommy Rich promo for the January 17th show.

Big Red & Leroy Brown vs. Ed Timbs & Rick Harris

Brown and Big Red beat on their opponents. They take down both Harris & Timbs. They overpower Rick Harris, who tags out to Timbs. Big Red throws Timbs into Brown, who tags in and drops a middle-rope elbow on Timbs. Brown slams both his opponents. Brown elbows Timbs and tags in Big Red. Big Red punishes Timbs and gets in a hip attack. Harris makes a brief comeback for his team. Brown drops another elbow on him. Everyone gets in the ring. Big Red hits a splash on Timbs for the pin.

WINNER: Leroy Brown & Big Red

Buzz Sawyer, Terry Gordy and Ole Anderson come out to close the show. Buzz Sawyer calls Leroy Brown and Big Red, overweight and says they will beat on those “fat boys”. Ole doesn’t think Brown & Red are much. Solie disagrees. Gordy rips on “bleach blond” babies that run away. Gordy says he doesn’t run. Sawyer said the difference between them and Brown & Red are that they can wrestle and are athletes.

SHOW THOUGHTS: As was the norm for ’80s wrestling TV shows, a lot of squash matches to build up talent for upcoming shows. Most competitive squash matches on this show were Buzz Sawyer vs. Mike Jackson, Funks vs. Tommy Rogers & Gran Apollo, and both Jim Vertaroso matches. Rest of the matches were total squashes. I enjoyed the flow of the show with interviews & promos mixed in between the action. I was more familiar with Paul Jones as a manager since I started watching wrestling in the mid-80s and by that point he’d only wrestle a few times during the year but in this match he looked great.


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