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All Japan Women Classics Ep. #1

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics Ep. #1

Show opens with the Beauty Pair singing as they show clips from All Japan Women’s shows. They do an introduction to women’s wrestling in Japan. I really wish it was subtitled. They show pics of some of the first females that wrestled in Japan and finally go to highlights of Jumbo Miyamoto. That is followed by highlights of the Beauty Pair, Jackie Sato & Maki Ueda, in singles, tag team action as well as them singing. They also show the Beauty Pair acting in a play as you hear a bunch of girls shrieking. Highlights of a singles match between the Beauty Pair is shown and you hear more girls screaming. They show highlights from other women who wrestled in the past for AJW.

Jumbo Miyamoto © vs. Mach Fumiake for the WWWA Title (3/19/75)

This was a fun match. Jumbo Miyamoto’s tiny but she came off like a bad ass against Fumiake who looked to be at least a foot taller than her. Miyamoto went on the attack immediately at the start of the match by tossing Fumiake around. Miyamoto got a 2-count on Fumiake after a suplex. Fumiake threw a hard chop and then followed that up with a couple of kicks at Miyamoto. Fumiake tried to submit Miyamoto with an octopus, but Miyamoto broke out of the hold. Fumiake went for a double underhook suplex on Miyamoto and got the pin. Fumiake celebrated while Miyamoto threatened a few of the men ringside due to her being upset that she lost.

WINNER: Mach Fumiake wins the WWWA Title

Maki Ueda © vs. Jumbo Miyamoto for the WWWA Title (11/1/76)

They immediately brawl on the outside with Jumbo Miyamoto tossing Maki Ueda into a table. Miyamoto hit a splash on Ueda early for near fall but Ueda was close to the ropes and broke free. Miyamoto kept going for headlocks and then used the ropes to slingshot Ueda around a bit. Ueda on offense went after Miyamoto’s legs to keep her down for a bit. Ueda hit a running knee at Miyamoto and then had her in an abdominal stretch. Ueda continued her attack with several neck breakers and then had Miyamoto in a submission hold, but Miyamoto’s second ran in and shoved Ueda to break the hold. They went back to the outside of the ring and Ueda slammed Miyamoto’s head into the announce table, but then Miyamoto countered by slamming Ueda’s head on the table. They got back in the ring and Miyamoto whipped Ueda into the corner and charged at her. Ueda sunset flipped Miyamoto out of the corner and got the pin. Miyamoto congratulated Ueda after match.

WINNER: Maki Ueda

Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato & Maki Ueda) © vs. Black Pair (Yumi Ikeshita & Shinobu Aso) for the WWWA Tag Team Titles (12/8/76)

As they introduce each of the women in the match they cut away to them nicely dressed outdoors playing badminton. At least that’s what it looked like. Match was noticeably edited. Lots of double-teaming throughout the match by the Black Pair. They fought a bit on the outside but the editing really cut into this match, so it felt more like a nice highlight package. Ueda ends up piledriving Aso to get the pin.

WINNER: Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato & Maki Ueda) retain WWWA Tag Team Titles.

Jackie Sato © vs. Monster Ripper (Rhonda Singh) for the WWWA Title (3/15/80)

This match had some editing as well but not as bad as the previous match. Action started quickly with Jackie Sato going for a clothesline at Monster Ripper right as the bell ran to start the match. Monster Ripper threw some punches and yelled at Sato. Lots of screaming from the girls in the crowd. Sato lifted Monster Ripper over her shoulders and slammed her. Followed that up with a suplex for a 2-count. She went for an octopus submission hold on Ripper, but they had a weird edit at that point and get back to the match with both women holding each other by the head. Ripper carried Sato on her shoulders for a bit before she slammed her to the mat. Sato countered by reversing a whip into the ropes and slammed Ripper to the mat. Sato missed a top rope splash. Monster Ripper then slammed her down to the mat and jumped off the middle rope for a couple of sentons. Ripper then tried to slingshot Sato out of the ring, but couldn’t, so she shoved her out of the ring while she was hanging on the ropes. The Black Pair was ringside in Monster Ripper’s corner, so they went and attacked Jackie Sato. All the other All Japan Women ringside tried to make the save, but Sato was counted out. The girls in the crowd screamed and cried at the result. Monster Ripper won the title via countout.

WINNER: Monster Ripper wins the WWWA title via countout

The show closes by airing highlights of what will be on the next show which will be the Jaguar Yokota vs. La Galactica, title/hair vs. mask match from May 7, 1983.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was more of a show to get yourself introduced to early All Japan Women. The editing in that third match hurt it. The other matches were good and the crowd is really into the matches and not quiet like most Japanese crowds that you might see at wrestling shows. I wish there was more footage from that era but I think the most I’ve seen is a handful of shows/matches from 1978 thru 1979 and a bit more moving into the ’80s. Really fun seeing just how popular The Beauty Pair was at that time. If I had to pick one match to watch from this, I’d probably go with the Jackie Sato vs. Monster Ripper match. The first two were slightly shorter matches and the 3rd match as I said was very edited.


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