Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #16

The Elite (Johnny Saint & Steve Best) vs Mick McManus & Steve Logan

Taped 5/4/1974 in Walthamstow

Match is two falls, 20-minute time limit. Johnny Saint and Mick McManus start the match. McManus gets Saint in a side headlock and takes him down to the mat. Saint quickly escapes in his usual creative way. They get a cheap shot on Saint in the corner. McManus tosses Saint across the ring by the head and then tags in Logan.

Steve Logan gets Saint on the ropes and is forced to break but quickly knocks Saint down to the mat.He goes for a snapmare but Saint counters by following thru into a cartwheel. Saint with a snapmare of his own into a headlock. Logan escapes and gets him in a hammerlock but Saint escapes and lands a knee at Logan. Steve Best tags in.

Steve Logan with a punch at Best. Best with a wristlock on Logan. They power thru and Logan breaks out of the hold and tags in McManus who quickly goes for a choke on Best. Referee can’t see it. Best tags in Saint and he lands an elbow at the top of McManus head. McManus goes for a headlock that is quickly countered by Saint and he takes him down and stomps on his head. McManus gets back up and hits Saint with a forearm that knocks him down.

Front facelock by McManus on Saint. He snapmares Saint and is quickly countered. Saint catches McManus with a pair of dropkicks and tries to run away from Saint and eventually tags in Logan. Logan knocks down Saint. He grabs hold of Saint and gets him in a nerve hold. Best tags in and dopkicks Logan. He whips him across the ring. Hiptoss by Best.

Logan knocks down Best and tags in McManus. McManus with some knee lifts on Best. He tags Logan back in and he takes Best down with an uppercut but Best tags in Saint. Saint with a quick twist into a wristlock followed by a dropkick. He grabs hold of McManus by the wrist again and attacks his left arm. He tags in Logan and Logan attacks Saint. Uppercut knocks down Saint. Logan with a nerve hold but Saint quickly escapes and whips Logan into the corner.

Steve Best tags in and he gets in a shot at Logan’s face. He hiptosses Logan across the ring and Logan tags in McManus who gets tossed around by Best. Best pulls McManus by the ears. He goes for a second attempt but McManus punches him in the stomach. Both men tag out and Logan and Saint back in. Saint goes for a spinning toe hold and attacks Logan’s left leg.

Saint uses his speed to keep Logan down on the mat and continues to attack his left leg. McManus tries to get in claiming he was tagged and the referee doesn’t allow it. Logan breaks out of the hold and tags McManus. Saint grabs McManus again by the ears. He uses his elbows to go after McManus ears again. McManus gets in a cheap shot on Saint. He lands a forearm at both Saint and Best. McManus gets a public warning for a cheap shot at Saint. He grabs hold of Saint and powerbombs him to the mat for the pin. Logan and McManus get the 1st fall win.

Second fall starts with McManus and Saint continuing the match. McManus with some punches to the mid-section. He uses the ropes to whip Saint across the ropes. Goes for a second attempt but Saint counters. He goes for a body press at McManus and covers him for the quick pin! Saint and Best win the 2nd fall.

Third fall starts with Saint taking McManus into the corner. McManus whips Saint into the other corner but Saint uses his quickness to take down McManus. McManus gets Saint in a body scissors but Saint picks him up and rocks him back and forth to where McManus’ head hits the mat. Dropkick at McManus. He gets a second one and McManus rushes over and tags in Logan.

Best tags in but he and Saint use quick tags to keep Logan off his feet. Logan whips Best into the ropes and gets him with a forearm. He slams Best and covers him for the pin. Quick win for McManus and Logan in the third fall.

WINNERS: Mick McManus & Steve Logan

Johnny Saint vs Johnny Kidd

Taped 8/1/1981 in Wembley

This match is six 5-minute rounds and two falls to determine match. Saint gets Kidd down with a headlock. Kidd escapes and gets Saint in a hammerlock but Saint quickly escapes. Some cool reversals with both using creative ways to escape each other’s holds. Saint gets Kidd in a headscissors. Kidd escapes. They continue to do some reversals and the crowd applauds them.

Saint with a full nelson on Kidd. Kidd escapes and reverses it but Saint uses one of his creative escapes. Double-arm surfboard but Saint escapes and gets Kidd in a submission hold. Kidd with a leg spread but Saint is ready for him. Saint with a hammerlock into a takedown for a near fall. Kidd gets Saint in a headscissors but Saint quickly escapes and turns it into a Boston Crab. They go for pin attempts.

Saint with an armlock takedown on Kidd. Kidd whips Saint into the ropes but Saint keeps the arm locked. Kidd uses the referee and Saint to escape the hold and gets Saint in an arm submission. Saint quickly back out. Saint rolls himself into a ball and Kidd has no idea what to do. He breaks cleanly. Bell rings ad Saint grabs hold of Kidd. 1st round comes to an end.

Round two starts with Saint moving out of the way of Kidd which brings some laughter from the audience. Kidd gets Saint with a bodyscissors. Saint slides out of the hold to the delight of the fans. Kidd grabs Saint in a hammerlock but Saint again escapes and counters it. Some quick pin attempts.Kidd back up and he gets Saint again with a hammerlock. Saint charges to the other side and that sends Kidd to the outside.

Kidd gets back in and charges at Saint who gets him in a pin attempt. They go back and forth on pins. Saint out with a carthwheel. He goes for a body press on Kidd for a near fall. Kidd grabs hold of Saint’s hands and twist them around him. Saint lays on the mat and flips over and reverses the hold on Kidd. Leg takedown by Kidd into a bow and arrow submission hold on Saint. Saint bridges over and escapes.

Saint and Kidd go back to the mat and Saint monkey flips Kidd off him. They shake hands as they hit the ropes. Kidd with a leg takedown on Saint that is quickly countered with Saint getting Kidd in an armlock. Saint whips Kidd by the arm. Kidd slides Saint into a pin attempt but Saint escapes. Kidd with a takedown for a pin attempt but Saint escapes. Bell rings to end 2nd round.

Third round starts with Johnny Saint taking down Johnny Kidd. Announcer mentions Johnny Kidd is a prodigy of Ken Joyce. Kidd places Saint onto the top turnbuckle as he escapes a hold. Some cool reversals by Saint as he and Kidd ocntinue to have a fun match. Kidd tries to get Saint in a headlock but Saint escapes. Saint grabs hold of Kidd’s arms and takes him down to the mat. He then grabs his legs and bridges over into a pin. Saint wins his 1st fall. Kidd congratulates Saint.

Round four starts with Saint tossing Kidd in the ring. Kidd back up and gets Saint in an abdominal stretch. Saint twists around and takes Kidd down. Saint with a leg takedown but Kidd gets him with a side headlock. Saint goes for a pin attempt but Kidd escapes. Kidd tries to whip Saint into the ropes but Saint grabs him. He goes for another whip into the ropes but Saint uses his speed to keep away from Kidd.

Saint runs on top of Kidd’s back as they run the ropes. He ducks a clothesline and then rolls up Kidd for the pin. Everyone applauds Saint’s performance including the referee.

WINNER: Johnny Saint

Johnny Kidd vs “Iron Fist” Clive Myers

Taped 12/1/1984 in Dartford

This match is 2 falls with a 20-minute time limit. Johnny Kidd gets Clive Myers on the ropes but breaks cleanly. Some fast action to start the match with both countering each other. Myers gets Kidd in a wristlock but he quickly escapes. Side headlock by Myers but Kidd again quickly escapes. Myers breaks out of a hold by just picking up Kidd and taking him to the ropes.

Myers with a double underhook suplex for a near fall on Kidd. Kidd gets Myers in a surfboard. He switches that over to stretch Myers arms out but Myers kicks out. Myers goes for a near fall but Kidd escapes. Abdominal stretch by Kidd and he switches it over to a pin attempt. Myers catches Kidd with a kick. Kidd tosses Myers into the corner. Myers counters and whips him into the corner but Kidd flies off the ropes and surprises Myers with a knee lift. Myers whips Kidd again into the ropes and catches him by surprise with a roll-up for the pin. Myers gets his first fall win.

Match continues with Kidd and Myers locking up and Myers taking Kidd down. He teases possibly getting in a cheap shot but doesn’t do it. Instead, Myers grabs Kidd’s arms and stretches him. Kidd escapes and he gets Myers in a chicken wing but Myers picks him up. Kidd goes for a pin attempt as he slides off Myers. He grabs Myers’ leg but can’t grab the other as Myers hops up.

Kidd goes for a headscissors but Myers escapes. Myers with a full nelson on Kidd. They land on the mat with Myers holding him in a body scissors. He then switches to holding onto Kidd’s arms. Kidd escapes and gets Myers in a leglock. He goes for a pin attempt but Myers escapes. Myers with a roll-up for a pin attempt.

Kidd with a takedown into a headscissors that Myers quickly escapes. Myers takes Kidd down but Kidd escapes by grabbing onto Myers as he got back up off the mat. Kidd again with a surfboard variation on Myers. Quick armdrag by Kidd but Myers lands on the ropes. Myers gets in a punch and snapmares Kidd but again near the ropes.

Myers with a takedown into a pin attempt but Kidd powers out. Fans applaud Kidd. Myers with a fishhook and then goes for the pin on Kidd. Front facelock by Kidd but Myers escapes. Myers with a half nelson into a pin attempt and again Kidd escapes the pin attempt. Myers charges off the ropes but Kidd knocks him down. Back and forth off the ropes and Myers catches Kidd with a super kick. They keep hitting the ropes and Myers catches Kidd in a pin for the win.

WINNER: Clive Myers

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The two singles matches were great with so much going on with Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd being absolute masters of wrestling technique and also using their quickness. Clive Myers was awesome as well. Tag match to open the show was good. Just a lot of fast-paced action with great wrestling technique which you expect from Saint but on this episode you also got that from Johnny Kidd and Clive Myers.


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