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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/18/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/18/1982

Taped 9/15/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 9/18/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary. Caudle calls over Jimmy Valiant and tells him they have a big surprise for him from all of his wrestling friends. Ricky Steamboat, Wahoo McDaniel and Jack Brisco are there as Jimmy Valiant opens up his gift. Valiant says he’s speechless and gives everyone a hug. He turns on his radio and starts to dance. He grabs his title belt and dances around the studio.

Wahoo McDaniel says all the guys got together and bought him that stereo because Jimmy’s a good guy. He talks about all the guys out to get them. Steamboat agrees a lot of people after them. He says that they’ve gone to the NWA to talk about a way to contain Sir Oliver Humperdink and they came to an agreement that Humperdink will be strapped to other wrestlers. Brisco talks about Jones and Valentine attacking him in the parking lot and says his brother Jerry is on his way back. Wahoo mentions Abdullah The Butcher is on his way and he’s not afraid of any man and this time he is prepared.

Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco vs. Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Ken Timbs

Jack Brisco and Ken Timbs start the match. Brisco whips Timbs into the ropes and catches him with an armdrag into an armbar. He tags in McDaniel who armdrags him down and gets him in a wristlock. Kernoodle gets upset and the ref keeps him from entering the ring. McDaniel gets Timbs in a side headlock. They’re forced to break near the ropes.

Leg sweep takedown by Wahoo McDaniel. Timbs tries to fight his way out of the leglock. Wahoo with a knee to the leg and he tags in Brisco. Timbs tags in Kernoodle. Fireman’s carry takedown by Brisco. Kernoodle follows with the same move into a pin attempt. Brisco escapes and rolls over Kernoodle. Side headlock by Brisco. Kernoodle grabs hold of Brisco’s knee and drops him but Jack tags in McDaniel.

McDaniel with a spinning toe hold on Kernoodle. He attacks Kernoodle’s left leg. Brisco tags back in and drops on top of Kernoodle’s left leg and keeps the toe hold on. Knee drops at Kernoodle’s leg. He reaches the ropes and pokes Brisco’s eyes. Kernoodle tags in Timbs and they double-team Brisco in their corner. Timbs whips Brisco into his corner but Wahoo shields the corner to protect Brisco.

Jack Brisco with some punches and he tags in McDaniel who chops Timbs. Powerslam by Wahoo! He twists Timbs head and then delivers another chop. Snapmare into a foot stomp and back into a headlock. Kernoodle runs in for the save but Brisco runs him off. McDaniel sends Timbs to the floor. Brisco slams Timbs head into the ring apron.

Timbs gets back in and Wahoo chops him. Timbs tries to trade blows but gets knocked down. Double clothesline by Brisco and McDaniel. Jack Brisco gets Timbs in a figure-four leglock for the win. Wahoo chops Kernoodle as he tries to make the save.

WINNERS: Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Mike Rotundo join Bob Caudle with Humperdink trying to recruit Rotundo. Mike tells Humperdink that he’s not interested and just wants to wrestle his match. Humperdink stays ringside as Rotundo heads to the ring.

Mike Rotundo vs. Ben Alexander

Rotundo takes Alexander down with an armbar. Alexander reverses it into a headscissors. Rotundo escapes and gets Alexander in a headlock. Alexander escapes and gets him in a hammerlock. He misses an elbow in the corner and Rotundo takes him back down with a wristlock. Alexander slams Rotundo but misses an elbow drop. Rotundo with an elbow on Alexander’s arm.

Rotundo has Alexander on the mat and goes for a pin but Alexander bridges out of it. He escapes with a snapmare and gets in some knees and forearms at Rotundo. He tosses him into the turnbuckles. Alexander goes for the pin but Rotundo kicks out. Front facelock by Alexander and Humperdink keeps yelling for Rotundo to pull his tights.

Humperdink joins Caudle on commentary and he tells Caudle he can make Rotundo a star if he listens to him. Caudle tells him all he’s yelling is for Rotundo to do illegal moves in the ring. Humperdink doesn’t understand why Rotundo won’t take his instructions. Alexander continues to beat on Rotundo. Mike makes a comeback with some forearms and uppercuts. Humperdink yells at Rotundo to kick him. Alexander makes a comeback and chokes Rotundo on the ropes.

More forearms thrown by Alexander in the corner but Rotundo counters and then whips Alexander into the corner. He gets a two-count on Alexander. Powerslam followed by a legdrop by Rotundo for another near fall. Front facelock by Rotundo. Alexander escapes. Some mat wrestling between the two. Alexander gets Rotundo on the ropes and then whips him but gets caught with a boot to the face. Rotundo whips Alexander to the ropes and picks him up for the airplane spin and the pin

Sir Oliver Humperdink enters the ring wanting to shake Mike Rotundo’s hand but Rotundo refuses to do so. He tells Humperdink that he doesn’t need him and shoves him. Humperdink shakes his finger at him and leaves.

WINNER: Mike Rotundo

Mike Davis and King Parsons join Bob Caudle for an interview talking about going up against The House of Humperdink. Davis calls Parsons a good tag team partner. He says House of Humperdink is growing but there are many like Rotundo, Wahoo, himself and others who want no part of him and want to take him apart. Parsons talks about Jos LeDuc and he’s heard of him when he was in Texas and in Portland. He promises to his best. Parsons is still upset at Leroy Brown turning heel. Davis talks about how Humperdink being ringside makes it 3-on-2 but he hopes that Humperdink sticks his nose into the match so he can hit him.

Jos LeDuc & “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Davis & King Parsons

Jos LeDuc and King Parsons start the match. LeDuc shoves Parsons away. He quickly tags in Leroy Brown who kicks and chops Parsons. Front facelock by Brown and he tags in LeDuc. LeDuc kicks Parsons a few times. He whips Parsons into the ropes and takes him down with a hard right hand. Brown back in and he kicks Parsons. He whips Parsons into the ropes and elbows him.

Brown pokes at both of Parsons’ eyes. He tries to rip away at Parsons mouth. LeDuc back in and he whips Parsons into the ropes and kicks him. Parsons fights back with some punches but LeDuc knocks him down with one hard right. Brown back in and he elbows Parsons. Hard chop in the corner by Brown. Parsons reverses a whip to the corner and tags in Davis.

Mike Davis with a quick attack on Brown but Brown picks him up and slams him. LeDuc with a backbreaker followed by a legdrop for the pin. Short match.

WINNERS: Jos LeDuc & Leroy Brown

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Jos LeDuc join Bob Caudle and Humperdink is upset at Mike Rotundo and vows to get him for putting his hands on him. Humperdink mentions that he saw what they did earlier for Jimmy Valiant and says he’s not happy for him and he hates Valiant. LeDuc says it was nice of the people to buy Valiant a nice radio. He tells Valiant that the Carolinas are not a music city and he wants the TV title and will get it. Leroy Brown joins them and talks about wanting to get Ricky Steamboat.

Leroy Brown holding up a stick and trash talks Ricky Steamboat. He warns Steamboat that he might take that stick and beat him. Caudle tries to get them to leave the studio as Steamboat and Youngblood enter the ring.

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Jim Dalton & Juan Reynosa

Jay Youngblood and Jim Dalton start the match. Dalton with a takedown that quickly gets reversed into a headscissors by Jay. Dalton quickly escapes but gets caught by a chop from Youngblood. Youngblood with an armdrag. He tags in Steamboat who takes Dalton down into an armbar. Dalton reverses but Steamboat quickly back out and lands a few knees at Dalton’s back. Youngblood tags back in and lands an elbow across Dalton’s arm and back.

Dalton reverses but Youngblood does the same. He tags in Reynosa. Reynosa shoves Youngblood into the corner but Jay gets him with a hard chop. Headlock by Youngblood. Some near falls by Reynosa as he pulls the tights to get a pin attempt on Youngblood. Steamboat tags in and Youngblood chops Reynosa on his way out. Headlock by Steamboat.

Reynosa whips Steamboatinto the ropes but Steamboat catches him with a double thrust chop and for a near fall. Steamboat with another headlock and he tags in Youngblood. Youngblood knocks down Reynosa but gets caught by surprise by Reynosa who tags in Dalton. Dalton attacks Youngblood and eventually back drops him. He goes for a pin on Youngblood but he kicks out. Body slam by Dalton. A knee to the mid-section at Youngblood. Dalton tags in Reynosa. Reynosa beats on Youngblood.

Youngblood with a chop off the ropes and he tags in Steamboat. They double chop Reynosa. Steamboat tags Youngblood back in and picks him up and Youngblood dropkicks Reynosa for a pin attempt. Youngblood tags in Steambaot and he chops Reynosa. He powerslams Reynosa but Dalton makes the save. Reynosa misses a punch and Steamboat with a backdrop for another near fall.

Steamboat slams Reynosa and tags in Youngblood. He then slingshots Youngblood onto Reynosa with a splash for another near fall. Youngblood tags Steamboat and then grabs hold of Reynosa. Steamboat climbs to the top rope and lands a flying body press for the pin.

WINNERS: Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Pork Chop Cash and Keith Larson join Bob Caudle for an interview. Keith Larson said he’s looking forward to the tag match and teaming with Pork Chop Cash for the first time. He talks about all the things they have to worry about against their opponents. Cash says they like it rough and tough and he says they’ll do their best.

Paul “Number One” Jones & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Keith Larson & Pork Chop Cash

Greg Valentine and Keith Larson start the match. Larson gets Valentine in a hammerlock but Greg reaches the ropes. Side headlock by Larson. Greg picks him up and drops him across his leg with an atomic drop. He tags in Jones who beats on Larson. Knee to the back of Larson. Jones whips Larson into the ropes and backdrops him. Valentine tags back in.

Valentine with a side slam. He gets Larson with a chinlock. Larson tries to stretch out and tag in Cash. Valentine goes for a pin on Larson. Larson kicks away Valentine and tags in Pork Chop Cash who fires away at Valentine and whips him into the corner. He punches Valentine a few times. Cash with a side headlock but Valentine picks Cash up and slams him down. Jones tags in.

Jones and Cash exchange punches. Cash with a hiptoss followed by a dropkick at Jones. Jones kicks away Cash and tries for the Indian Deathlock only Cash kicks him away. Valentine tags back in and lands an ax handle across Cash’s back. More elbows at Cash’s left leg. Cash tries to break out of Valentine’s leg hold. He kicks free but Valentine grabs him and elbows him. They stagger around the ring. Valentine picks Cash up and drops him down. Jones tags back in.

Jones continues to work over Cash’s left leg. Spinning toe hold on Cash. Cash headbutts Jones to escape. He tags in Larson. Keith Larson with some punches thrown at Jones. They exchange punches. Larson whips Jones into the corner and then hip tosses him out. He follows with a dropkick. Jones recovers and gets Larson with a knee to the side. Football tackles by Jones and he tags in Valentine who lands an elbow across Larson.

Valentine with a few more elbows. He then gets Larson in the figure-four leglock and gets the win.

WINNERS: Paul Jones & Greg Valentine

The House of Humperdink joins Bob Caudle. Humperdink is pleased with the results. He talks about their being too many “Indians” in the Mid-Atlantic area. Jones says he and Valentine could talk an hour about Wahoo McDaniel and Jack Brisco if they were tough but they are not. Jones is upset that they paid off Valiant by buying him a gift. Jones thinks they want to jump them in the parking lot. Valentine says that Jack Brisco is a liar and that they never jumped him in the parking lot. He says he and Jones are upstanding citizens that wouldn’t jump anyone.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay show with the highlight being the babyfaces buying Jimmy Valiant a stereo after his old one was destroyed by House of Humperdink recently. Matches for the most part were very competitive except the LeDuc & Brown tag match which they dominated. Thought best match on the show was probably the Rotundo vs. Alexander match which had Humperdink trying to get Rotundo to cheat and then getting turned down by Rotundo.


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