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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/11/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/11/1982

Taped 9/8/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 9/11/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary and welcomes everyone to this week’s episode. Sir Oliver Humperdink, Jos LeDuc and Leroy Brown join Caudle and Humperdink talks about Jimmy Valiant threatening him because he cut some of his hair but he’s not scared of Valiant as long as Jos LeDuc is by his side. Jimmy Valiant’s music starts to play and he dances around them and into the ring.

Jimmy Valiant calls them both out. Juan Reynosa attacks him from behind. LeDuc and Brown start to stomp away on Valiant’s cassette player breaking it into pieces. Valiant chases after them and starts to grab all the pieces left of his cassette player.

Jimmy Valiant yells at Humperdink and says first he cut his hair and now he destroyed his music and now it is personal. He yells at Juan Reynosa and says he’s going to pay for it.

“Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant vs. Juan Reynosa

Valiant charges back into the ring and starts to beat on Reynosa. Reynosa heads to the outside. He tries to get back in the ring but Valiant kicks him back out of the ring. He returns to the ring but Valiant beats on him and hits him with an elbow and follows with an elbow drop to get the win. Valiant wins within seconds.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Jos LeDuc & “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Rotundo & Kelly Kiniski

Leroy Brown and Mike Rotundo start the match. Brown gets Rotundo in an armlock and yells a bit but Rotundo quickly reverses it into a wristlock. Leroy reaches the ropes to break the hold. Routndo whips Brown into the ropes but Brown keeps him in a side headlock. Greg Valentine enters the studio and talks to Humperdink. Rotundo tries to break out of the hold but Brown holds his hair. He’s finally able to tag in Kiniski who takes Brown down with a side headlock. Humperdink joins Caudle on commentary and tells Caudle that he doesn’t care what he thinks about them destroying Valiant’s portable cassette player. He wants to talk about the team he’s put together.

Kiniski keeps Brown in a headlock while Brown tries to break out of it. Brown takes Kiniski to the corner and tags in LeDuc. LeDuc with a hard forearm across Kiniski’s chest. He misses a dropkick to Kiniski and then Kiniski struggles to get LeDuc in an armdrag but he’s able to tag in Rotundo. Humperdink mentions how he’s like to convince Rotundo to join the House of Humperdink.

Rotundo and LeDuc go back and forth until LeDuc pulls his hair and knocks him down. LeDuc whips Rotundo into the ropes and hits him with a knee across the mid-section. He tags in Brown who gets Rotundo in a wristlock. He drops Rotundo and then stomps on him. Humperdink keeps talking about how he could make Rotundo a star. Rotundo with some forearms across Brown’s chest but he tags in LeDuc. LeDuc with a kick at Rotundo.

LeDuc gets Rotundo in a side headlock and then punches him. Kiniski reaches out and tags in. He gets LeDuc with a snapmare but LeDuc gets back up and gets Kiniski on the ropes. He regains control of the match and tags in Brown who kicks Kiniski. He kicks him a second time. Brown with a slam and he gets Kiniski in a chinlock. He tags LeDuc back in.

LeDuc with another kick to the mid-section and he sends Kiniski into Brown’s knee in the corner. Some quick tags between LeDuc and Brown. LeDuc picks up Kiniski and slams his back into his knee for the win. They try to keep attacking Kiniski but Rotundo makes the save.

WINNERS: Jos LeDuc & Leroy Brown

Jim Dalton and Ben Alexander join Bob Caudle for interviews. They talk about the previous match and Dalton agreeing tells Caudle that he agrees with the style of wrestling they used to win their match. Dalton says the business is only about championships, money and fame and says the ends justify the means. He talks about how some guys don’t want it as much so they go out there and cry and he and Alexander don’t cry. Alexander agrees with Dalton. Dalton then says Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Jack Brisco and others are cry babies. He praises Paul Jones and Jos LeDuc who train non-stop and prepare for their matches and says that’s why those other guys are losers and will always be losers.

Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Paul “Number One” Jones (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Greg Valentine and Jack Brisco start the match and they quickly go to the mat. They get back up and reach the ropes were Valentine tries to land a right at Brisco but he blocks it and Valentine backs away. Brisco gets Valentine in a front facelock. Caudle mentions that promoters have been trying to get a match between NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and his top contender Wahoo McDaniel but Flair keeps side stepping out of that match.

Brisco tags in Wahoo McDaniel who keeps Valentine in a side headlock as the fans cheer loudly. Valentine gets McDaniel on the ropes and kicks him a couple of times. Test of strength but Valentine goes with a leg takedown however Wahoo gets him in a headscissors. Valentine reaches out and tags in Paul Jones. Wahoo with a big chop across Jones chest. Jones walks away.

McDaniel takes Jones down and quickly tags in Jack Brisco who goes to work on Jones left arm. He tosses Jones into the corners left-arm first. Brisco goes for the Indian Deathlock but Jones reaches the ropes. Brisco again with a leg takedown and keeps Jones one the mat. Valentine stretches out trying to tag in. Brisco attacks Jones left leg and applies pressure on it. Jones reaches back and crossfaces Brisco and finally tags in Valentine who drops a knee across the mid-section. Valentine drops across Brisco’s left leg.

Valentine with some strong forearms at Brisco and then he drops Brisco’s knee into a knee breaker. Valentine goes for a figure-four leglock but Brisco cradles him for a near fall. The Hammer reaches out and tags in Jones. Kneebreaker by Brisco on Jones and he tags in McDaniel. Wahoo attacks Jones left leg. He tags Brisco back in and whips Jones into the ropes. Brisco chops him and then gets Jones in the figure-four leglock. Valentine runs in and misses the elbow on Brisco. McDaniel comes in and all four are now in the ring.

Humperdink gets involved and pulls Paul Jones to the ropes. Jack Brisco goes after Humperdink. He drops Humperdink over the ropes. Brisco and Jones brawl and he and Wahoo clean house. Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies the House of Humperdink. Jones and Valentine keep trying to get back into the ring but they get knocked out of the ring.

WINNERS: Wahoo McDaniel & Jack Brisco via DQ.

Jimmy Valiant joins Bob Caudle and yells about Humperdink stopping his music and vowing revenge. Ricky Steamboat also vows to get revenge on Humperdink. Jack Brisco also complains about Humperdink but vows to get Paul Jones and that his brother Jerry will be returning soon. Wahoo McDaniel mentions that Humperdink is bringing in Abdullah The Butcher to go after him. He’s upset that Humpderink put $5,000 to bring Abdullah to get rid of him.

Ricky Steamboat vs. The Gladiator

Steamboat ducks a few times from The Gladiator which upsets the Gladiator. He finally corners him but Steamboat chops him. Steamboat whips The Glaidator into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick that sends him to the outside. He gets back in the ring and they go for a test of strength that The Gladiator quickly breaks and takes Steamboat down with a headlock.

Some quick action with each knocking each other down ends with Steamboat grabbing hold of The Gladiator in an armbar. The Gladiator pulls Steamboat by the hair and he gets him in a headlock. Fans start to cheer for Steamboat. He whips The Gladiator into the ropes and catches him with a chop and back into an armbar.

The Gladiator with a headbutt to break out of the armbar. He gets Steamboat in a headlock again. Steamboat whips The Gladiator into the ropes and misses a chop and The Gladiator catches him with a clothesline and gets Ricky back into a headlock. Fans start to chant even louder for Steamboat. Sir Oliver Humperdink and Leroy Brown show up ringside. Steamboat surprises The Gladiator with a cross body block and gets him in an armbar.

Humperdink insults Steamboat on commentary. He mentions recently Ricky Steamboat brought his younger brother Victor who sat ringside and Humperdink says he’s got the same problems that Ricky does. The Gladiator regains control of the match. He whips Steamboat into the ropes and elbows him. He follows with a kneedrop and a neck breaker. Steamboat gets in some chops as they brawl near the ropes. He whips The Gladiator into the ropes and chops him. Steamboat goes after The Gladiator’s mask and takes it off. He chops The Gladiator and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Ricky Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat heads to the outside to confront Sir Oliver Humperdink and Leroy Brown. They tell him it’s two against one and Steamboat starts to whistle. Out comes Jay Youngblood with a strap and he whips them. Steamboat tells Caudle that he’s been working on some stipulations. They recap the finish of the match and it turns out that The Gladiator was Ken Timbs!

Keith Larson and King Parsons join Bob Caudle for interviews. Larson talks about his upcoming match against Gene Anderson. He says Gene has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and all he can do is out-wrestle him and hope to beat him. Larson says Humperdink, LeDuc and Brown made a mistake destroying Valiant’s cassette player.

Parsons mentions how he was close with Leroy Brown who he met thru Pork Chop Cash back in Texas. He can’t believe money would change Brown like it did. Parsons tells him he made the biggest mistake of his career. He says that him and Pork Chop want nothing to do with Leroy Brown now.

Gene Anderson (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Keith Larson

They get on the ropes and are forced to break a few times. Anderson gets Larson in a headlock but that’s reversed into a wristlock by Larson. He gets Anderson with an atomic knee drop and then slams Gene. Armbar by Larson. Gene gets a knee into the mid-section to break out of the headlock. He punches Larson.

Gene Anderson with a punch to Larson’s mouth! Front facelock by Anderson. He places a foot onto Larson’s ankle to keep control of Larson. Larson gets on his feet and fights out of the facelock only to get punches a few times by Gene. Larson makes a comeback and whips him into the corner. He slams Anderson and goes for the pin but Gene escapes.

Larson gets thrown into the ropes face-first by Gene. He follows with the neckbreaker on Larson and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Gene Anderson

The House of Humpderink joins Bob Caudle. Sir Oliver Humperdink warns Jack Brisco and Jay Youngblood about laying their hands on him because it won’t go well for them. He then calls the Briscos, “the Brisco Sisters”. Valentine says it is uncalled for that everyone tries to go after Humperdink and wants it to stop. He still wants to get Wahoo McDaniel. Paul Jones says they were still in a good mood and said McDaniel and Brisco were lucky they were in a good mood. Paul Jones says the Indian Deathlock was invented by a white man in Texas to beat Indians. They don’t care about the Briscos and suggest that he and Valentine should make it a fair fight and take on everyone. Humperdink warns everyone again about messing with them as TV time runs out.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Hard to follow the previous week with Brisco vs. Jones but this was pretty solid with a good tag match between Valentine & Jones against Brisco & McDaniel. They had the big angle with Valiant’s cassette player being destroyed by The House of Humperdink. Also Jay Youngblood showing up to even up the sides with Steamboat against Humperdink and Brown. This also had a really great promo from journeyman Jim Dalton.


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