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SMW TV #51 (1/16/1993)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #51 (1/16/1993)

Taped 12/12/1992 at East High School in Morristown, TN. Aired on 1/16/1993.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell’s signs this week are not fit for TV but this being the early ’90s, he got away with it. He also claims that he received a degree recently and should now be referred to as Dr. Mantell.

The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright join Bob Caudle to talk about the upcoming SMW Beat The Champ TV title match that’s coming up later on the show. DWB doesn’t care about winning the title but does care about winning $1,000 every week. He says he’s the SMW Champion and all he cares about with the Beat the Champ TV title is the money.

Bob Caudle calls over Reno Riggins to talk about Mr. Ron Wright’s offer for him to join him and The Dirty White Boy. Mr. Wright says Riggins would pretty much have to take care of him and carry the Dirty White Boys bags around and in return they would take him under their wings. He thinks Riggins has already agreed to the deal. Riggins backs away and tells Mr. Wright not to rush into things. He is grateful that Mr. Wright made the offer but he still has more to think about. He asks Mr. Wright for more time which upsets him.

“Down & Dirty with Dutch” featuring “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. Before talking to Orndorff, they show a recap of the tag match between Orndorff & The Dirty White Boy vs. Tim Horner & Ronnie Garvin. Orndorff congratulates Dr. Dutch Mantell and says Dutch is smarter than the people in attendance. He insults Tim Horner and insults his high school. Orndorff talks about having wrestled all over the world and mentions having just been in WCW and beating Ron Simmons. He then asks what happened to Hulk Hogan, which Dutch says he’s retired. Orndorff says he’s everything everyone would like to be.

Orndorff brings over a fan that it’s “White Lightning”. Orndorff can’t understand what he says so he asks to repeat it and tells the kid he can’t even talk right. He then asks the kid why Horner is his favorite wrestler and he replies that it’s because he should be the champion. Orndorff laughs and tells the kid that he just saw him beat Horner in the ring fair and square. He then insults his dad and the women in the city.

Orndorff then insults Horner and calls him a “local hillbilly”. He then tells the kid that he’s going to give him a chance to join the Mr. Wonderful bandwagon. Paul notices the kid is holding a lightning bolt toy that Horner use to sell at shows and asks how much it costs and the kid tells him it was $3. Orndorff tells the kid that his daddy had to work a month just to buy him that lightning bolt and then he starts to rip it apart. The little kid looks in shock. Tim Horner runs out and attacks Orndorff! They brawl in and out of the ring.

Orndorff starts to beat on Horner in the ring but he makes a comeback. He whips Orndorff into the ropes and punches him. Orndorff rolls out of the ring and leaves.

Tracy Smothers and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for upcoming SMW shows.

They show the rules for the “Beat The Champ” TV Title Four-man Elimination match.
1 – Every man for himself
2 – Tag can be made to any man. Failure to accept the tag will be an automatic disqualification.
3 – Pinfall means elimination
4 – Last man in ring wins!

Tracy Smothers vs. The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Jimmy Golden in an elimination match to become the first SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion.

Tracy Smothers and Killer Kyle start the match and Smothers quickly gets Kyle in a small package for a pin in seconds! Cornette is outraged. Golden and Kyle argue. Fans start a “Cornette sucks” chant! Kyle and Cornette leave the ring.

Smothers now in against Jimmy Golden. He goes for another quick pin on Golden but Jimmy kicks out and complains about his trunks getting pulled. Side headlock by Golden. Smothers hiptosses Golden off him and again he complains about his trunks getting pulled. The Dirty White Boy agrees that Golden’s trunks were pulled.

Golden beats on Smothers in the corner. He gets in a big right hand on Somethers. Golden whips Smothers into the corner but Smothers counters and catches Golden with a body press off the ropes. He can’t get the pin so he gets Golden in an armbar. Smothers drops his knee and a legdrop across Golden’s left arm. Golden gets Smothers in the corner where The Dirty White Boy is standing and DWB grabs hold of Smothers and Golden charges at him with a forearm but Smothers moves and he hits DWB instead.

Smothers tells The Dirty White Boy that Golden hit him on purpose and tries to get him riled up and wanting to fight Golden. Test of strength between Smothers and Golden. Smothers escapes and dropkicks Golden. He gets Golden with an armdrag and gets him in an armbar. Golden shoves Smothers into DWB and again tries to go for a forearm and Smothers moves only this time Golden stops before he accidentally hits DWB. Smothers grabs both by their heads and slams them into each other.

Golden recovers and starts to beat on Smothers. He gets Smothers in an abdominal stretch. Golden with some forearms across Smothers chest in the corner but Smothers recovers and reverses a whip into the corner. Smothers then gets Golden with a sunset flip for the pin.

The Dirty White Boy quickly attacks Smothers while Golden argues with the referee over being eliminated. DDT by The Dirty White Boy on Smothers. DWB and Golden argue a bit as Golden is leaving. Suplex by DWB on Smothers. He follows with a knee drop across Smothers’ face. The Dirty White Boy gets a near fall on Smothers. Elbow at Smothers followed by DWB tossing Smothers over the top rope only Smothers holds on. DWB sees that Smothers is trying to get back in the ring so he clotheslines him out of the ring and onto the floor!

Smothers tries to get back in the ring but The Dirty White Boy knocks him back down to the floor. He makes another attempt with a sunset flip but DWB punches him off. Some chops and eye pokes by DWB. Shoulder tackle by DWB. He waves to Smothers to get up. DWB goes for a tackle but Smothers moves out of the way and DWB falls to the floor. DWB blocks Smothers from trying to slam his head into the turnbuckle and does it to Smothers instead.

The Dirty White Boy climbs to the top rope and goes for a body press at Smothers. Smothers rolls thru and covers DWB for the pin! He wins the money and the title!

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle after his win. He talks about having wrestled every major star in the sport but said he wrestled three of the toughest in one night. Smothers feels that he deserves a shot at the SMW Heavyweight title. He mentions that if he can successfully defend the “Beat The Champ” TV title five times in a row he’ll get a $5,000 bonus.

They show an altercation between The Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable. Jim Cornette shows up and pokes fun at Mark Curtis and the announcer. The Stud Stable shows up and they argue with Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette tells Fuller & Golden they shouldn’t call them the Stud Stable instead they should be called the “Over The Hill Gang” which sets things off and they all start to shove each other.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies join Bob Caudle for an interview. Cornette says they were never friends with The Stud Stable and want their belts back from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins them and says there will be a SMW Tag Team title match in two weeks on TV. Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies are happy to hear that news. Armstrong says the #1 Contenders will wrestle for the tag team titles. He tells Cornette that he has two weeks to decide who the #1 contenders are. Armstrong then warns Dr. Tom Prichard about his loaded boot and says he’s going to run a thorough investigation and if he finds anything they’ll all be in trouble. They all think it’s a conspiracy and Prichard claims he has a broken ankle. Lane says there is jealousy running rampant in SMW.

The Mongolian Stomper vs. “The Master” Kevin Sullivan

They immediately start to brawl outside the ring. They go into the crowd and back into the ringside area. The Mongolian Stomper with a big boot across Sullivan’s head. He slams Sullivan into the guardrail and they go back to brawling in the crowd. Stomper has the advantage as he pounds away at Sullivan. The referee is able to get them back into the ringside area.

Referee is in the ring and can’t get them to stop brawling. Sullivan finally gets in the ring and chops away at The Mongolian Stomper who finally enters the ring. He headbutts the Stomper but Stomper tosses him back to the outside. The Mongolian Stomper kicks and chops Sullivan. They go back and forth attacking each other.

They get back in the ring and The Mongolian Stomper stomps him in the corner. He whips Sullivan into the corner but Sullivan catches him with a kick. He follows with a chop off the ropes on Stomper. Sullivan stomps on Stomper. The Mongolian Stomper recovers and uses his boot to beat on Sullivan. The Nightstalker shows up and the Stomper attacks him. Mongolian Stomper gets back in the ring and Sullivan throws a fireball at him. Sullivan and The Nightstalker beat on The Mongolian Stomper until Brian Lee runs out and makes the save.

Brian Lee is then beaten by Sullivan and The Nightstalker as The Mongolian Stomper is grabbing his face outside the ring. Referees and wrestlers run out. Dixie Dynamite and Tracy Smothers are able to clean house.

WINNER: The Mongolian Stomper

The Dirty White Boy and Jim Cornette promos for upcoming SMW shows. DBW talks about wrestling Tracy Smothers and Cornette talks about The Heavenly Bodies going up against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and he jokes that the last time he was in Barberville, Kentucky a guy wanted to introduce him to his wife and sister and it was the same woman.

Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker join Bob Caudle and he yells at SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and how he got The Mongolian Stomper and Brian Lee going after them and it hasn’t worked. Sullivan warns them that what he’s going to do next they can’t lock him up for doing. Brian Lee charges after both of them and the brawl continues. Sullivan holds onto Lee as The Nightstalker kicks him. He slams Brian Lee on the floor. The Mongolian Stomper comes over and beats them with his boot.

TV show ends with Bob Caudle giving a preview for next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with Smothers winning the SMW “Beat The Champ” TV title and the wild brawl between Sullivan and the Mongolian Stomper. The interview segments were good with Orndorff putting down Horner in front a fan only to have Horner attack him and the interview segment with the Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable was good as well. The matches themselves were okay but there was more focus on building up rivalries throughout the show and I thought they did a great job building up Tracy Smothers in the Beat the Champ match with him getting a quick pin on Killer Kyle and winning against all odds.


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