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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/4/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 9/4/1982

Taped 9/1/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 9/4/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary. Paul Jones and Sir Oliver Humperdink are in the ring already as Caudle introduces them. Jack Brisco is also in the ring. They head to a break before the match starts.

They return from the break and Bob Caudle’s joined by Wahoo McDaniel, Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco. Jack mentions that he got the match he wanted against Paul Jones and knows what he’s like when he attacks someone in the parking lot and now wants to see what Jones can do in the ring.

Jerry Brisco interrupts him and tells Jack that the doctor told him he needed four weeks to recover and suggests he not wrestle Jones. He doesn’t want Jack not to risk further injury. Paul Jones screams that Jack Brisco signed a contract for the match which Jack agrees with and tells Jerry that he has to wrestle the match. Jack tells Jerry that his leg will be fine. Wahoo McDaniel says they all have pride and thinks Jack’s letting his pride get in the way. He then states that Jack might just be able to beat Jones with one leg because Jones is over confident. Wahoo says his money is on Jack Brisco.

Jack Brisco © vs. Paul “Number One” Jones (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

Bell rings and Sir Oliver Humperdink gives final instructions to Paul Jones. Jack Brisco gets Paul Jones in the corner and delivers some knees to the mid-section followed by him stomping on Jones. David Crockett joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Jones heads to the outside and talks to Humperdink. He gets back into the ring and Jack quickly takes down Jones. He goes to work on Jones’ legs.

Jack Brisco gets Jones in a deathlock and switches over to a crossface. He keeps attacking Jones legs and Jones reaches the ropes. Brisco whips Jones into the ropes and drops him back down with a leg takedown and into another Indian deathlock. He drops a knee across Jones back while keeping the deathlock on. Jones gabs Jack with a headlock. Brisco bridges over to break out of the headlock and keeps the deathlock on. Paul Jones reaches the ropes.

Brisco quickly kicks at Jones and takes him back down to continue to work on his left leg. Fans cheer loudly for Jack Brisco. Jones shoves Brisco’s face and then drops his leg across the face. Jones hobbles around and throws a punch at Brisco. More punches thrown at Jack who grabs Jones by the leg and drops him across his knee. Paul Jones grabs his left leg.

Brisco uses the bottom rope trying to injure Paul Jones left leg. He grabs Jones leg and slams it into the ring post. Brisco slaps at Jones. Jones catches Brisco with a forearm but Brisco takes him back down to the mat. He holds onto Jones left leg. Jones reaches the ropes to break the hold. Jones is able to get Brisco with some elbows followed by a hard right hand.

Paul Jones slams Brisco and goes for the indian Deathlock on Brisco. Brisco punches his way out of the hold. Jones misses a knee drop at Brisco. He goes for a slam but his leg gives out and Jack Brisco lands on him for a pin attempt. Jones kicks out. Brisco back attacking Jones left leg. Brisco drops across Jones left leg while he has him on the bottom rope. He twists away at Jones left leg.

Greg Valentine shows up ringside. He leaves the ringside area. Sir Oliver Humperdink starts to move around the ring. Brisco keeps Jones locked in a leglock. Humperdink joins the commentary team and says he’s upset at the poor officiating in the match as he sees Jack Brisco doing everything illegally against Jones. Hair pulling by Jones to break out of the hold.

Paul Jones tosses Jack Brisco into the ropes. He goes for the Indian Deathlock again but Jack knocks him off and into the corner. Brisco with a series of punches. Jones begs off. Brisco goes for the figure four leglock. Humperdink gets on the ring apron. Brisco chases after Humperdink and when he jumps off the ring apron, his knee gives out.

Jack Brisco gets back into the ring and Paul Jones quickly attacks Brisco’s left leg. He kicks away at it. Caudle and Crockett mention that Brisco slipped on the cord that is on the floor and hurt his leg. Brisco fights back and punches away. He whips Jones into the corner and Jones catches Brisco with a punch to the throat. Paul Jones covers Jack Brisco for the pin and wins the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

WINNER: Paul Jones

Kelly Kiniski joins Bob Caudle for an interview and they talk about the Jack Brisco vs. Paul Jones match. He talks about how much he admires Jack Brisco and how he still wrestled despite being injured. Kiniski also talks about the House of Humperdink stable and how so many of them turned because of the money Humperdink promised them.

Jos LeDuc (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Kelly Kiniski

Jos LeDuc shoves away Kelly Kiniski. Kiniski gets LeDuc in a side headlock. LeDuc whips him into the ropes and catches him with a big forearm across the chest. Front facelock by LeDuc. Kiniski escapes but LeDuc kicks and punchs him and gets him back in a headlock. He punches Kiniski. Chokehold by LeDuc and shoves him into the ropes and delivers a hard right.

LeDuc with a kick at Kiniski and Kinisk grabs his leg and takes him down. LeDuc quickly back up and Kiniski tries to slam him but can’t. Jos LeDuc with some hard forearms in the corner. Kiniski fights back. LeDuc rubs Kiniski’s eyes across the top rope. Kiniski recovers and kicks away LeDuc. They both exchange shots at each other.

LeDuch with a big forearm off the ropes knocks Kiniski down. He smashes Kiniski’s head into the top turnbuckle. More punches thrown by LeDuc. He chokes Kiniski in the corner. Referee warns LeDuc. Kiniski keeps fighting back. Kiniski goes for a dropkick but LeDuc kicks him while he’s up in the air! LeDuc gets Kiniski in a bear hug and drops him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Humperdink yells out that it’s not enough so LeDuc breaks his own pin attempt. LeDuc picks up Kiniski for a backbreaker and covers him for the pin.


Sir Oliver Humperdink, Paul Jones and Jos LeDuc join Bob Caudle. Humperdink congratulates Jones on winning the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title. Jones is happy and says he is a man of his word and won the title. He says he wanted to bring the title out of the closet because Jack Brisco hid behind Wahoo McDaniel and Jerry Brisco. He says Jack even hid behind a crutch accusing him and Greg Valentine of injuring him. Jos LeDuc adds that Jack Brisco hides behind his girlfriend which Jones says that Jack’s girlfriend is probably tougher than him. They all laugh.

Jos LeDuc tells Humperdink that he respects him for bringing him into this territory. He again says that he is there to win matches and make money. He calls himself a winner and says he can find the weakness of everyone. He warns Jimmy Valiant that he will find his weakness and beat him.

Sir Oliver Humpderink and Greg Valentine now join Bob Caudle and Humperdink says that many people have said that money is the root of all evil. He mentions that there are evil people that will do anything for money and when he talks about those people there is one name that comes up and that is Abdullah The Butcher and says he will soon be in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. They show highlights of Abdullah The Butcher who Humperdink says he hired for $5,000 and that he has a job for him and that is to take out Wahoo McDaniel.

Greg Valentine and Sir Oliver Humperdink laugh about what’s coming for Wahoo McDaniel. Valentine says Abdullah’s coming in to soften up Wahoo’s leg and then he’s going to slap on the figure-four leglock and break it again.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Rotundo

They lock-up and break cleanly while on the ropes. Rotundo with a side headlock. Bob Caudle mentions that what Humperdink said about Abdullah The Butcher sounds like a bounty on Wahoo McDaniel. Humperdink says he’s been called worse than a mercenary and doesn’t back away from admitting why he’s bringing in Abdullah. Rotundo gets Valentine in a side headlock but Valentine whips him into the ropes and hip tosses him. Rotundo counters with a kick that sends Valentine to the mat.

Valentine with a leg takedown on Rotundo. He keeps Rotundo in a leglock and follows with a big elbow across his back. Valentine with a knee to the mid-section. He gets Rotundo in the corner and attacks Rotundo’s left leg. He keeps attacking Rotundo’s left leg. Rotundo kicks Valentine off him. He gets some shoulder tackles into Valentine in the corner and then tosses him across the ring.

Valentine regains control of the match and goes for the figure-four leglock but Rotundo kicks him off. The Hammer and Rotundo exchange some hard shots at each other. Rotundo whips Valentine into the ropes getting ready for a back body drop but Valentine drops an elbow across his back. Valentine gets Rotundo in a front facelock. Some more knees to Rotundo’s mid-section. Valentine tosses Rotundo to the outside.

Mike Rotundo tries to get back into the ring but Valentine delivers a hard chop that sends Rotundo back to the floor. Rotundo tries to fight his way back into the ring. He sunset flips Valentine for a near fall. More forearms exchanged between the two. Humperdink praises Rotundo and suggests maybe someday he’ll sign with him. They fight in the corner and Valentine reverses a whip. He follows with two elbowdrops for the pin.

WINNER: Greg Valentine

Bob Caudle is once again joined by Sir Oliver Humperdink who says it is one of the happiest days in his life because he made Paul Jones dream come true of winning a championship. He says Jimmy Valiant has threatened him and he called Jos LeDuc to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on him. He praises Greg Valentine and says Wahoo McDaniel’s days are numbered as U.S. Heavyweight Champion.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Gladiator & The Medic

Wahoo McDaniel and The Gladiator start the match. McDaniel with a takedown on The Gladiator who gets back up and nearly gets punched by Roddy Piper. Wahoo gets The Gladiator in a wristlock and drops him by the mask. He tags in Piper who starts to punch both The Gladiator and the Medic. Hard chops thrown at The Gladiator. He stomps on The Gladiator. The Gladiator tries to fight back but Piper punches him and pokes his eyes. Another hard right hand and he whips The Gladiator into Wahoo for a chop.

Double clothesline by Piper and McDaniel. Wahoo with another hop and then he gets The Gladiator with a headlock. More chops thrown by Wahoo. Piper gets in another shot at the Gladiator. Wahoo slams The Gladiator and covers him for the pin but that gets broken quickly. Headlock by Wahoo and he drags The Gladiator by the mask to tag in Piper.

Roddy Piper slams The Gladiator’s head on the mat. He beats on The Gladiator and chokes him. Suplex by Piper. The Gladiator rakes Piper’s eyes and then delivers a couple of headbutts that do nothing to Piper. Piper gets him with a neckbreaker. He tags Wahoo and whips The Gladiator into the ropes and Wahoo catches him with a chop and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel

Jerry Brisco joins Bob Caudle and he’s upset that Sir Oliver Humperdink and Paul Jones are so proud of what they did and reminds everyone that Jack Brisco was in the ring defying doctor’s orders and won’t make any excuses for his loss. He says Jack will face defeat like a man. He vows revenge against Paul Jones.

Bob Caudle asks Wahoo McDaniel about Sir Oliver Humperdink bringing in Abdullah The Butcher. Wahoo mentions how there are a lot of people out to get him and admits that last year Abdullah The Butcher hurt him so bad that they couldn’t show it on TV. He tells Abdullah that he knows that he’s coming this time.

Roddy Piper says he’s wrestled both Paul Jones and Jack Brisco and Paul Jones couldn’t tie Jack Brisco’s shoes. He reminds everyone that he was the one that brought in Abdullah The Butcher last year.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Great episode! Jack Brisco vs. Paul Jones was a great match and really made this a special episode. Really liked how they teased Greg Valentine getting involved but instead had Humperdink get involved only instead of him doing anything too serious it was actually Jack Brisco slipping on the floor and hurting himself again how they finish the match. Great storytelling in that match. Valentine vs. Rotundo was pretty good too. The interview segments were solid except maybe Kelly Kiniski who struggles doing those. Also Humperdink revealing that he’s bringing in Abdullah The Butcher to destroy Wahoo McDaniel and stating that he doesn’t care that people know he’s behind this was a great heel move. Really enjoyed this episode.


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