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ECW TV 3/8/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #47 (3/8/1994)

Taped 3/6/1994 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 3/8/1994.

Show opens with the 911 handicap match. Joey Styles is on commentary.

911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Paul Lauria in a handicap match.

Whipwreck and Lauria charge at 911 and he grabs both by their necks and chokeslams them. He then places a boot on Whipwreck to get the pin. 911 follows that up by picking each up again and chokeslamming them. Crowd cheers loudly for both Paul E. and 911.


After match, 911 chokeslams some security guards as well. Crowd cheers them on.

They show the intro and then follow with Joey Styles on commentary as he mentions his guest co-host this week will be Shane Douglas.

The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten) vs. Johnny Hot Body & Tony “The Hitman” Stetson

Axl Rotten and Tony Stetson start the match off. Axl wants a test of strength against Stetson but Stetson refuses. Dougls and Styles spend time poking fun at both guys physiques. Axl with an armdrag on Stetson. Stetson gets Axl in a side headlock and tags in Hot Body. Hot Body hits the ropes and somehow he and Stetson end up colliding with each other. Axl covers Hot Body for the pin. Ian runs in and dropkicks Stetson out of the ring.

Hot Body and Stetson head to the outside and start to argue. They have a bit of a shoving match before getting back on the ring. Stetson gets back in the ring against Axl. Wristlock reversal by Axl and he tags in Ian who lands an elbow across Stetson’s arm. Stetson punches Ian a couple of times. Ian reverses a whip into the corner and catches Stetson with a clothesline. Stetson tries to tag Hot Body but Hot Body refuses to reach out for the tag. Double under hook suplex by Ian Rotten and he tags Axl back in. They whip Stetson into the ropes and Ian with a leg takedown followed by Axl splashing him. Axl covers him for the pin but Stetson kicks out.

Stetson continues to fight and finally Hot Body tags in and continues to beat on Axl Rotten. He catches Axl with a hard clothesline that hit his nose. Might have broken Axl’s nose. Axl with a drop toe hold to take Hot Body down. He tags in Ian Rotten. Ian with a double under hook DDT on Hot Body. He follows with a belly-to-back suplex. Follows with an elbow drop on Hot Body and then he tosses him out.

Ian Rotten jumps off thering apron at Hot Body but Johnny moves and Ian hits the guard rail. Douglas laughs and refers to Ian as a “beach whale” on the cement. Snap suplex by Hot Body on Ian on the floor. He stomps on Ian Rotten. Axl Rotten heads over and makes the save for Ian. Stetson heads over to help Hot Body. Ian and Hot Body get back in the ring with Hot Body getting Ian in a camel clutch.

Hot Body releases the camel clutch and elbows Ian a few times. He powerslams Ian and gets a two-count. Hot Body puts Ian onto the top rope and tries for a superplex and finally pulls it off. Hot Body and Stetson talk in their corner and finally Stetson tags in. While that’s going on, Axl replaces Ian in the ring. Axl gets Stetson with the schoolboy and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Bad Breed

Video of The Sandman and Peaches.

The Sandman vs. Chad Austin

The Sandman attacks Chad Austin and kicks him. He follows with a DDT. He covers Austin for the pin and gets a quick win. 9 second match. He grabs Austin again and spikes him with another DDT. He punches Austin. Ms. Peaches enters the ring and tries to stop him. He grabs Peaches by her arm. Tommy Cairo comes out to stop him. The Sandman sucker punches Tommy Cairo and DDTs him. Peaches gets in the way to stop The Sandman. The Sandman grabs his towel and leaves.

WINNER: The Sandman

The Bruise Brothers (Don Harris & Ron Harris) vs. Chris Ford & Hack Myers

The Bruise Brothers attack Chris Ford and Hack Myers as they enter the ring. They basically drag their opponents into the ring. One of the Harris twins slams Ford and then lands a knee across his head. Ron with the suplex as Douglas tells Styles that he can differentiate the twins. Don Harris beats up Myers outside the ring.

The Bruise Brothers with a double kick at Ford and one of them covers him for the pin. They continue to attack Myers and Ford outside the ring.

WINNERS: The Bruise Brothers

Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac © (w/ Woman) vs. The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & “Flyboy” Rocco Rock) in a No DQ match for the ECW Tag Team Titles

Sullivan and The Tazmaniac attack Public Enemy as soon as they enter the ring. Grunge placed in the tree of woe. Sullivan tosses Rock to the outside and starts to toss chairs at him. He uses a hammer on Rock. Tazmaniac continues to beat on Grunge in the ring. Grunge makes a comeback against him. Sullivan meanwhile keeps attacking Rock and drops onto the guardrail.

The Tazmaniac and Grunge also head to the outside and Taz slams Grunge thru a press table. Sullivan tosses Rock into the ring post. Sullivan uses a chair on Grunge. Taz attacks Rock with a chair too. Sullivan hits Grunge with a hammer in the groin. He brings Grunge back into the ring only to toss him over the top rope. Rock and Taz back in and Sullivan and Taz with a clothesine on Rock.

The Bruise Brothers run out and attack everyone. They all start to brawl. Sullivan goes for a slam on Rock but one of the Bruise Brothers kicks Taz into them and Rock ends up landing on top of Sullivan for the pin. The Public Enemy win the ECW Tag Team titles!

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

Kevin Sullivan gets mad at The Tazmaniac. Woman comes into the ring and slaps Taz for causing the loss.

Jay Sulli heads to the back of ECW Arena to do an interview with The Public Enemy but they get in their car and speed away with their belts.

Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac promo after their loss. Sullilvan says the line has been drawn. Woman tells Sullivan that she has someone to accompany them. They introduce Crash (Bill Demott) and Sullivan talks about total destruction coming to ECW.

Road Warrior Hawk “Iron Man” video is shown.

Matty’s in the House talks about ECW’s 3/26 show featuring an Ultimate Jeopardy match.

Recap of a match between Tommy Dreamer and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with Hunter Q. Robbins getting involved. Robbins hits Dreamer with a cane. Snuka attacks the referee. He follows by tossing Dreamer to the outside and then piledriving Dreamer on the concrete floor. Robbins throws a chair into the ring as Snuka and Dreamer return. Snuka beats Dreamer with the chair and leaves him bloody. Snuka climbs up to the top rope and hits his Superfly Splash on Dreamer!

They air highlights of various feuds going on in ECW.

Road Warrior Hawk vs. The Pitbull (w/ Jason)

Shane Douglas made a comment about wrestling one-on-one against Road Warrior Hawk which leads to Joey Styles asking if he’s willing to have that match. Douglas back tracks and tells Styles he can’t hear him while he’s on commentary.

Hawk gets The Pitbull on the ropes and Hawk breaks cleanly. He gets a knee followed by a chop at Pitbull. Hawk whips Pitbull into the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Follows that up with a gut-wrench suplex. Fist dropped on Pitbull’s forehead. The Pitbull reverses a whip into the ropes and clotheslines Hawk. He delivers some punches and forearms at Hawk.

Hawk charges out of the corner with a clothesline at The PitBull. He follows that up with a top rope clothesline at The Pitbull for the pin. Jason runs in and tries to stop the pin but doesn’t. He kicks Hawk but that doesn’t have any effect on him. Hawk picks up Jason and tosses him at The Pitbull.

WINNER: Road Warrior Hawk

The Public Enemy attack Road Warrior Hawk. The Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan run out and attack The Public Enemy with pipes. Shane Douglas runs out and attacks Sullivan and starts to brawl with The Tazmaniac and Sullivan. Hawk beats on everyone with a pipe. Terry Funk runs in and tosses a ladder into the ring. Hegets in and hits Douglas with the ladder.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Didn’t really have a standout match on it but had a lot going on including The Public Enemy winning the ECW Tag Team titles and the brawl to close out the show. Crash (WCW’s Hugh Morrus) made his ECW TVdebut in an interview segment. The Sandman storyline’s disturbing . Not a big fan of it but it does explain The Sandman going from being a surfer dude to a darker character.


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