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ECW TV 3/1/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #46 (3/1/1994)

Taped 2/4/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 3/1/1994.

Show opens with a recap of the feud between Shane Douglas and Terry Funk.

Joey Styles is on commentary in the Eagle’s Nest in ECW Arena. This ends up being the introduction to last week’s show so that was confusing. Mistake at the editing table I guess.

Jason promo from the shower.

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon talks about ECW being out of line and says fans want to know what he’s going to do to stop what is going on. He says he won’t stop it but TOP it. He then talks about the upcoming ECW 3/5 show.

Salvatore Bellomo, “Iron Man” Tommy Cairo & Tommy Dreamer vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, The Rockin’ Rebel & The Pitbull (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins & Jason)

Sal Bellomo eats popcorn before the match and then tosses it at Robbins and Jason. Tommy Cairo and The Pitbull start the match. Fans throw some more popcorn into the ring. Pitbull with a leg sweep on Cairo and he gets distracted by Bellomo. Belly-to-belly suplex by The Pitbull and he gets a two-count on Cairo. Kick to the jaw by The Pitbull. He gets him with a second kick to the face. Pitbull stomps on Cairo.

Snuka and Rebel double-team Cairo as referee is distracted by Pitbull and the other team. Snap suplex by The Pitbull. Legdrop on Cairo. Cairo starts to get back up and reverses a whip into the ropes and powerslams The Pitbull. He whips Pitbull again into the ropes and catches him with a spin kick. Bellomo tags in and kicks The Pitbull. Headbutt and rake by Bellomo.

Bellomo hammers away at The Pitbull and tags in Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer quickly tags Cairo back in. Pitbull rakes Cairo’s eyes and Rebel tags in. Cairo hip tosses Rebel and tags in Bellomo. Bellomo goes after Jason and Rebel attacks him. Double-team attack on Bellomo in the heel corner. The Pitbull tags in and lands across Bellomo’s back onto the ropes. Bellomo continues to be punished by the Pitbull who tags Rebel back in. Rockin’ Rebel chokes and bites Bellomo. He rakes popcorn across Bellomo’s face. Snuka stomps on Bellomo as Rebel distracts the referee.

More double-teaming by Snuka and the Pitbull in their corner on Bellomo. Snuka finally tags in and continues to beat on Bellomo. Snapmare followed by a fist drop by Snuka. Bellomo with a big forearm and kick at Snuka but Snuka counters with a headbutt. Bellomo blocks a slam and then slams Snuka. Bellomo tags in Dreamer. Snuka gets held back by Rebel and Pitbull. Robbins and Jason join in holding back Snuka.

The Pitbull gets in the ring and Dreamer whips him into the ropes and catches him with a shoulder block. Suplex by Dreamer followed by an elbow drop. He gets a near fall on Pitbull. Cairo tags back in and they continue to beat on Pitbull. Dreamer tags back in and whips Pitbull into the corner, Pitbull moves, Dreamer goes shoulder first into the corner. Rebel and Pitbull double-team Dreamer.

Rebel with a side slam on Dreamer. Dreamer drops Rebel and catches him with an enziguiri. Fans cheer on Dreamer as he tags in Bellomo. Bellomo with a standing dropkick at Rebel. Pitbull and Snuka get in the ring. Bellomo takes out both and slams Rebel. He follows with a big pizza splash for the pin. Everyone else is brawling outside the ring.

WINNERS: Salvatore Bellomo, Tommy Cairo & Tommy Dreamer

Snuka and Pitbull take out Dreamer and Pitbull with a chair. They get back in the ring and attack Bellomo. Dreamer grabs the ring bell and he and Cairo clear out the heels from the ring.

Matty In Da House interviews Jason and asks him about his thoughts on Road Warrior Hawk vs. Mr. Hughes. He gets upset at Matty for mentioning Hawk. Jason mentions something happened to him when he was in WCW in a match against The Road Warriors. He said Hawk took him out with the Doomsday Device. Jason said he was a kid in WCW and said the women preferred him to Hawk because of his bad haircut and face paint. He said that after that match he confronted Hawk but Paul Ellering told him it was professional. Jason said that he’s going to get even with Hawk as Mr. Hughes destroys him.

Sabu & 911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten)

Sabu runs to the ring to attack Bad Breed! 911 follows and a wild brawl ensues in and out of the ring. Sabu slingshots himself out of the ring at Ian Rotten. 911 hammers away at Axl Rotten andgets him in a bear hug. Ian Rotten tries to piledriver Sabu but gets tossed over the guard rail. Sabu with a dive onto Ian Rotten!

Axl Rotten and 911 continue to brawl in the corner while the other two are outside the ring. 911 whips Axl Rotten into the corner and gets him in a bear hug. Ian Rotten backdrops Sabu to the floor and follows with a senton off the ring apron. Paul E. checks on Sabu. 911 gets both Rottens by the throat and the referee disqualifies him for choking them.

Sabu gets back in the ring and continues the attack. He gets a legdrop on Ian Rotten. Sabu gets dragged out of the ringside area by 911 and another handler. Sabu gets back in the ring and gets in another legdrop before being dragged away.

WINNERS: The Bad Breed via DQ

Shane Douglas with Sherri Martel promo about him beating everyone in ECW and how he is “The Franchise” of ECW. That’s followed by a music video (Lenny Kravitz “Are You Gonna Go My Way”)

Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac © (w/ Woman) vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don Harris & Ron Harris) for the ECW Tag Team Titles

Bruise Brothers attack Sullivan and Tazmaniac as they enter the ring. They brawl all over ECW Arena. One of the Bruise Brothers tosses The Tazmaniac into the wall. He then tosses him across the chairs. Sullivan gets choked on the guardrail.

Sullivan and one of the Bruise Bros. brawl in the ring. He knocks the referee down. The other Harris twin gets suplexed by Taz but there’s no referee to count the pin. Sullivan hits the second referee that came in to the match. One of the Harris twins does the worst knee drop I’ve seen. A third referee comes out and the match continues. The Tazmaniac suplexes one Bruise Brother while Sullivan gets pinned by the other. The referee counts the pin and the ring announcer says the Bruise Brothers are the new ECW Tag Team champions.

Sullivan and The Tazmaniac attack The Bruise Brothers with chairs. The Public Enemy shows up and steals the ECW Tag Team titles.

WINNERS: No Contest

Joey Styles isn’t sure what’s going on but sends it to Jay Sulli who is in the back. The Public Enemy join Jay Sulli as they look at the ECW Tag Team titles and talk about other stuff they have stolen. Kevin Sullivan, The Tazmaniac and The Bruise Brothers argue over who hold the tag team titles.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Some wild brawls to close the show that were kept short but did a solid job of continuing storylines with the tag team title situation and also Sabu being wild. As entertaining as Sabu was, 911 wasn’t. He wasn’t good at all and all he did was stay in the corner against Axl Rotten and that wasn’t good at all. The six-man tag was entertaining with them keeping Snuka away from Dreamer. The Jason promo on why he dislikes Road Warrior Hawk was good.


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