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WCCW TV 9/11/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 9/11/1982

Taped 8/31/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 9/11/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Brian Adias vs. Roberto Renesto

Renesto tells the fans to shut up. Adias quickly takes down Renesto and gets him into an armbar. Fans cheer on Adias as Renesto gets back up and whips him into the ropes. Adias toys with Renesto and gets him back down in an armbar. Renesto reaches the ropes with his foot. He gets back up and gets in a couple of forearms at Adias and knocks him down.

Bill Mercer mentions a spectacular show coming up in San Antonio followed by mentioning he’s heard Dizzy Hogan (Ed Leslie) who he refers to as Hulk Hogan’s younger brother will be on the show. Saldi then talks about how everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is and mentions “Hulkamania” and his appearance in the Rocky movie as Thunderlips. Jay also mentions that Hogan’s currently touring Japan. Mercer then mentions that Dizzy Hogan will be coming to World Class soon. (I don’t think he ever did)

Roberto Renesto gains control of the match. He gets Adias in an armbar. Adias punches his way into whipping Renesto into the ropes and then catches him with a dropkick. He sends Renesto into the corner and goes for a headscissors but ends up slipping off and getting tangled in the ropes. Renesto regains control of the match and gets Adias in a headlock. He switches over to a nerve hold.

Brian Adias gets back up and fights his way out of Renesto’s grasp. He slams Renesto and covers him for the pin but Renesto kicks out at two. Renesto begs off Adias. He pulls the straps from his trunks down and wants to fight Adias who promptly kicks him. Hiptoss out of the corner. Renesto then counters with some elbows and a punch into the throat. He whips Adias into the ropes and then Brian tries to go for a headscissors again but messes it up and can’t seem to roll thru so he’s stuck on Renesto’s shoulders and nearly falling out of the ring. Renesto makes the save. Adias comes down and goes for a roll-up for the pin. Well that was something.

WINNER: Brian Adias

Jose Lothario vs. The Superfly (w/ Armand Hussein)

Armand Hussein talks a bit to The Superfly before the match starts. Gets him hyped up. Bell rings and The Superfly gets Lothario on the ropes before Lothario escapes. Jose Lothario gets The Superfly in a side headlock. The Superfly escapes but Lothario gets him back in an armbar and into a wristlock. Lothario applies pressure on his arm. Superfly reaches the ropes.

They lock-up again and The Superfly gets Lothario in a headlock. Fans cheer loudly for Lothario as he struggles to get out of the hold. The Superfly slams Lothario’s head into the top turnbuckle and then beats on him in the corner. Big elbow at Lothario’s head. Lothario fires up, escapes but is held back by the referee.

The Superfly with a leg takedown. He drops an elbow across Lothario’s leg. Lothario counters with a body scissors and promptly gets back up. Jose Lothario with a grapevine kneedrop on Superfly’s left leg. He follows with a leglock. Superfly escapes and throws some punches at Lothario. He kicks Lothario and Hussein ringside asks Lothario why he doesn’t just give up while also blowing a whistle. Lothario raises his fists and challenges The Superfly to a boxing match.

Jose Lothario gets The Superfly in a headlock. The Superfly escapes and Lothario swings with a wide uppercut that nearly knocks him down. They go back to talking about Dizzy Hogan heading to World Class and again mention Hulk Hogan and the Rocky movie. Surfboard by Lothario but Superfly reaches the ropes. Jay Saldi is excited to see Dizzy Hogan wrestle.

Lothario gets The Superfly in a bear hug but Superfly rakes Lothario’s eyes to break out of the hold. The Superfly beats on Lothario while Jay Saldi spends time talking about Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka nearly winning the WWF World Heavyweight title from Backlund. More punches thrown by The Superfly. They both miss punches but Lothario catches him with one.

Hussein interferes and Lothario starts punching him. The Superfly attacks Lothario but Jose recovers and knocks him down and both The Superfly and Hussein flee to the outside. Lothario wins via DQ.

WINNER: Jose Lothario via DQ

Bill Mercer interviews Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki and congratulates The Great Kabuki for winning the All-Asian Heavyweight title. Hart lists some past champions. Mercer asks Hart about a new leg hold that The Great Kabuki is now using and Hart says it is very dangerous and just as impressive as the figure-four leglock and the spinning toe hold. Bill Mercer then asks Hart about new members being added to his stable in Checkmate and Dizzy Hogan. Hart asks Mercer how he knew about Checkmate which Mercer said he just heard about it.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Sal Olivares

Sal Olivares attacks Kabuki as soon as the bell rings and catches him with a dropkick. He hits the ropes again but this time Kabuki’s ready for him and catches him with a thrust kick. Kabuki follows with a chop and kicks at Olivares left leg. More chops and kicks at the left knee.

Kabuki takes Olivares down and continues to attack the left leg. He then uses his new leg hold a couple of times. Olivares is in pain and keeps grabbing hold of his left leg. Referee checks on Olivares and calls for the match to end.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

Bugsy McGraw heads into the ring and shoves Gary Hart out of the way. He attacks The Great Kabuki. McGraw hits the ropes but Hart trips him and Kabuki attacks him. Kabuki climbs to the top rope but McGraw catches him and slams him down. Hart and Kabuki leave as the fans cheer on McGraw.

David Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Armand Hussein)

David Von Erich brings out his bullrope again. Hussein starts to trash talk David Von Erich who talks back and takes a swing at him.

Bundy gets David into the corner but Von Erich escapes and they exchange punches near the ropes. Von Erich pokes Bundy’s eyes and continues his attack on Bundy in the corner. Bundy makes a comeback and beats on Von Erich with forearms and then tosses David to the outside. David gets fired up outside the ring and returns.

David Von Erich back in the ring quickly gets the Iron Claw on King Kong Bundy’s head. Bundy escapes the claw hold but David slams him into the corner turnbuckles. Bundy recovers and slams David and follows with an elbow for a near fall. He gets Von Erich in a chinlock. David elbows his way out of the hold. He charges at Bundy off the ropes and can’t knock him down. He catches Bundy with a running high knee but that doesn’t knock Bundy down. He does it a second time but still can’t knock Bundy down. David tosses Bundy out of the ring!

Bundy and Hussein talk as the fans cheer on David Von Erich. Bundy gets back in the ring and gets David in the corner. He lands a knee across Von Erich’s chest. David tries to fight back but Bundy punches away at him. Headbutt by Von Erich at Bundy’s mid-section. Bundy continues his attack. Hard chop by David as he battles back. Bundy with another forearm. He tackles Von Erich down to the mat. Bundy charges at David again but David ducks and Bundy knocks referee Bronco Lubich down.

A second referee comes out as David Von Erich and King Kong Bundy continue to brawl. David Von Erich dropkicks Bundy who ends up squashing the second referee in the corner. Bronco Lubich gets back up and calls for the bell and tries to break them apart. They continue to brawl.

Bronco Lubich gets shoved out of the way. Armand Hussein and a few other wrestlers come in and separate them. Jose Lothario comes out late to keep them apart. David Von Erich charges at Bundy and everyone tries to break them apart. Armand Hussein finally gets Bundy to leave the ring.

WINNER: Double Disqualification

SHOW THOUGHTS: Another okay episode. The David Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy main event match was good. Rest of the matches weren’t really much to talk about. Lothario vs. Superfly went on for a long time but was a pretty average match. The Adias and Kabuki matches were very short. I liked the interview with Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki. Hart always had a way of going from coming off like a very dangerous individual to a total gentleman depending on what he was talking about.


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