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WCCW TV 9/4/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 9/4/1982

Taped 8/31/1982 at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 9/4/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary. They rundown what’s on this week’s show and Mercer mentions that Kabuki won the All-Asia title and Saldi then brings up that he beat “Jumbo Sunuka” (Jumbo Tsuruta). I think Saldi knew he got the name wrong as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

David Von Erich vs. Roberto Renesto

David brought along a bullrope to the ring. Renesto shoves Von Erich into the corner and goes for a forearm but David moves out of the way and then gives Renesto a finger wag. Nice takedown by Renesto but Von Erich escapes. David monkey flips Renesto off the ropes and he’s fired up.

Renesto gets in a few elbows and punches on Von Erich. He gets in some hard shots on the ropes at David. David fights back and sends Renesto into the corner. He then whips Renesto into the ropes and catches him with a high knee strike to the upper body. Von Erich then whips Renesto again into the ropes and catches him with the sleeper hold. David wins the match!

WINNER: David Von Erich

Bill Mercer heads to the ringside area to interview David Von Erich. He welcomes David back home and he tells Mercer that he’s glad to be home. He talks about how he’s going to bring along the bell and bull rope with him every time he wrestles. Mercer asks David about his match against King Kong Bundy next week. David says he’ll take care of Bundy next week.

Bugsy McGraw vs. Pete Montrose

Bugsy McGraw has an umbrella with him. He points out Mr. Microphone ringside. The announcers mention how McGraw is quite the comedian but he can wrestle and recently held the tag team titles with King Kong Bundy.

Bell rings and McGraw spins around Montrose for a bit. He struts and jokes around a bit. Mercer asks fans to send in letters to share their thoughts on the Flair vs. Kerry match. Saldi complains about champions retaining their titles by getting disqualified. Montrose gets McGraw in a headlock but Bugsy sends him into the ropes. They charge into each other a few times until McGraw tricks Montrose into charging at him and Bugsy sends Montrose flying thru the middle rope. Bugsy dances around in the ring a bit to the delight of the fans.

Bugsy McGraw gets Montrose in an armbar but Montrose escapes and gets in a few shots and a knee to the head. Fans start to cheer on Bugsy. Montrose goes for a clothesline that doesn’t knock McGraw down. Bugsy gets back up and gets in a series of punches at Montrose. He winds up for a round house right and knocks Montrose down. McGraw covers Montrose for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Bugsy McGraw

Bugsy McGraw grabs the mic and tells the fans that they paid their money and suggests The Great Kabuki come out for a match. He keeps asking Kabuki to come out to the ring.

McGraw stays in the ring as Al Madril, The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart show up to the ring. McGraw challenges Kabuki. Fans start to chant “Go Bugsy Go!” The referees try to get McGraw out of the ring. Bill Mercer repeats that The Great Kabuki recently won the All-Asian Heavyweight title and he too has trouble saying Jumbo Tsuruta’s name. McGraw says something else to Kabuki before leaving. Saldi again brings up Jumbo but this time can’t say his name but points out how Flair had his hands full going up against him and Kabuki just beat him for that title. Bill Mercer mentions that referee David Manning was suspended due to what happened to end the Flair vs. Kerry NWA World Title match.

Al Madril vs. The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart)

Bill Mercer mentions that Gary Hart told him that he had a new man coming into the territory named Check Mate. Bell rings. Mercer mentions Madril took Flair to a 15-minute draw recently. Kabuki attempts a superkick at Madril. Madril pops Kabuki across the head. Kabuki grabs hold of Madril’s neck and then elbows him and knocks Madril down. Madril again grabs hold of Kabuki and punches him across the head a few times and that staggers Kabuki. Kabuki spins around and prepares for battle again.

Kabuki kicks at Madril’s left leg. Madril punches Kabuki and then knocks him down and attacks Kabuki’s legs. Kabuki makes a comeback and grabs Madril by the left wrist. Madril counters with an armdrag to get Kabuki off him. Madril gets Kabuki in a headlock. Madril with another series of punches thrown at Kabuki. Kabuki falls to the mat but delivers a kick from the mat at Madril. Madril back at it and whips Kabuki into the corner but Kabuki catches him with a kick.

Kabuki lands a chop off the ropes at Madril and then grabs hold of him with a nerve hold. Madril gets back up and knocks Kabuki down off the ropes. He follows with a susnet flip for a near fall. Both men get back up but Kabuki catches Madril with a thrust kick. He then follows with another nerve hold. Madril gets back up and punches The Great Kabuki. Hard chops delivered by Madril and then punches him.

Al Madril with some more right hands at Kabuki. Crowd cheers loudly for Madril. More chops and punches thrown by Madril. Kabuki catches Madril with a kick and knocks him down. He spins around but Madril catches him with a right hand. He punches Kabuki across the chest and head. They struggle with Madril grabbing Kabuki in a wristlock. Gary Hart looks quietly from the ringside area.

The Great Kabuki catches Madril with another kick that knocks Al down. Hard chops from Kabuki. Kabuki grabs hold of Madril with another nerve hold. He’s able to get Madril’s shoulders on the mat a few times with Al lifting up. Madril breaks free and whips Kabuki into the ropes and punches him again. He whips Kabuki again into the ropes and catches him with a flying shoulder block. He gets a two-count out of it. He whips Kabuki into the ropes again but this time Kabuki kicks him.

The Great Kabuki slams Al Madril. Madril then surprises Kabuki with a roll-up for a two-count. Neckbreaker by Kabuki. Gary Hart heads over to give Kabuki some instructions. Sunset flip pin attempt by Kabuki only gets him a two-count. Madril punches Kabuki across the head. More punches thrown by Madril and he follows with an abdominal stretch on Kabuki.

Al Madril goes for another roll-up after Kabuki escaped the stretch. Bell rings declaring the match a time-limit draw. Gary Hart quickly gets in the ring to separate Kabuki.


Special feature called “The Many Faces of The Great Kabuki” showing highlights from Kabuki’s matches.

King Kong Bundy & “Wild” Bill Irwin (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Brian Adias & Sal Olivares

Wild Bill Irwin and Sal Olivares start the match. Irwin with a waistlock takedown on Olivares but Sal is able to escape Irwin’s grasp. Fans start a “Chauncey” chant directed at Irwin. Irwin gets in some hard forearm shots in the corner. He whips Olivares into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Irwin tags in Bundy.

King Kong Bundy slams Olivares into the corner and then stomps on him. He whips Olivares into the ropes and knocks him down. Olivares makes a brief comeback but Bundy knocks him back down. Olivares is able to reach out and tag in Adias.

Brian Adias gets Bundy with a wristlock. Bundy escapes and catches Adias with some forearms. He slams Adias into the corner and beats on him. Bundy gets Adias with an armbar. Fans cheer on Adias as he struggles in Bundy’s armbar. Bundy tags in Irwin who continues to attack Adias’ left arm. Adias reverses the armbar and takes Irwin down to the mat.

Irwin whips Adias into the ropes but Adias reverses and gets Irwin with a roll-up for a two-count. Wild Bill quickly back up to his feet and attacks Adias and sends him into Bundy’s knee in the corner. Bundy tags back in and continues to beat on Adias. Hussein tells Adias to give up. Bundy whips Adias into the ropes and misses an elbow. Adias then lands a dropkick at Bundy and knocks him down. Brian attacks Bundy and gets him with a wristlock but Bundy elbows him.

Bundy uses the ropes to beat on Adias. Big uppercut by Bundy followed by a big slam. Kneedrop across Adias neck gets Bundy a two-count. Irwin tags back in and he elbows Adias. He whips Adias into the ropes but Adias catches him with a dropkick. Brian Adias gets a two count. Irwin tries to attack Adias but he fights Irwin off.

Adias is able to escape and tag in Olivares who bounces off Bundy. Bundy picks Olivares up over his shoulders and Irwin lands an elbow across Olivares. Irwin covers Olivares for the pin.

WINNERS: King Kong Bundy & “Wild” Bill Irwin

Bill Mercer interviews King Kong Bundy and Armand Hussein about Bundy’s match next week against David Von Erich. Bundy and Hussein both state that David has no shot against Bundy.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best match on the show was The Great Kabuki vs. Al Madril match which ended in a time-limit draw. Seems to be a trend with Madril getting a big match that ends in a time-limit draw. David Von Erich was back and he seemed very excited during his interview. McGraw’s match was kept pretty short while the tag match was one-sided with Bundy and Irwin dominating it. There seemed to be more focus on the David Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy match for next week’s show and them bringing up the Flair vs. Kerry match and the top contenders for the NWA World Heavyweight title.


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