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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/10/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/10/1982

Taped 7/7/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 7/10/1982.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett open the show. Crockett talks about the build-up to the Jack Brisco vs. Roddy Piper match on this episode. He mentions that Piper agreed to wrestle Jack Brisco for the sum of $10,000. Roddy Piper shows up with the stolen Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title and Crockett continues to explain the situation saying that Piper requested that the $10,000 be in cash and not a check.

Roddy Piper brings out the belt and wants to see the $10,000. Crockett hands it to him and Piper counts it. He calls Crockett and Caudle “scum” and claims that there isn’t $10,000 dollars there. He grabs the title. Crockett asks for the money back.

Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat show up and tell Piper he picked a time for this match when Brisco couldn’t get $10,000, so Wahoo tells Piper that he and Steamboat each put in $2,000 each ($4,000 total) to have the full amount. McDaniel tells Piper to get his butt in the ring. He also tells Piper to put the money he has on the desk but Piper instead gives the money to a referee to take care of it. He also gives the referee the belt and tells them he’s going to shove it all down their throat.

Piper then tells everyone that he will not wrestle unless McDaniel and Steamboat leave the studio and they put two security guards to make sure they don’t return during his match. Steamboat tells Piper that Brisco can take care of himself. Piper says if either one enters the studio, he wins automatically and heads to the ring.

Roddy Piper returns and checks in on his money and warns the referee not to leave the studio with his money. He goes on a great crazy rant about how he was able to get Steamboat and McDaniel out of the studio. He repeats that if either enters the room for even one second then he becomes the Mid-Atlantic champion. He yells at the referee and tells him if he leaves the studio with his money, he will kill him.

Jack Brisco © vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Bell rings and the two lock-up. Piper tries for a slam but Brisco blocks it. They lock-up again and Brisco blocks a hiptoss attempt by Piper. Armdrag by Brisco sends Piper to the other side of the ring and he rolls to the outside and complains that his hair was pulled. Waistlock takedown by Piper and they do some cool mat work with Brisco getting the advantage. Caudle and Crockett talk about everything Piper has done to Jack Brisco and injuring Jerry Brisco as well.

Piper and Brisco coninue to go back and forth until Piper grabs hold of Piper’s hair. Brisco sends Piper thru the ropes and to the floor! Piper gets back in the ring. Side headlock by Brisco. Piper whips him into the ropes and leap frogs over Brisco but Brisco bounces off the ropes and clothesline Piper. He gets a two-count on Piper but quickly gets him in a side headlock. Piper tries to counter Brisco with a few pin attempts while in a side headlock.

Brisco back up and he keeps Piper in the headlock. Piper can’t escape as he whips Brisco into the ropes but Jack keeps the hold locked in. Piper lays in some forearms at Brisco’s side but Brisco keeps the side headlock on and even flips off the corner to the mat and keeps the hold on. Brisco tries to pin Piper but Piper kicks out and tries to get Jack in a pin but Brisco escapes. Piper starts to show some fatigue while still being in the headlock.

Piper sends Brisco into the corner and slams his head into the top turnbuckle TWICE but Jack still keeps the headlock on Piper. Piper finally escapes by catches Brisco in a back suplex out of the corner. He kicks at Brisco. Follows with some hard chops that knock Brisco down to the mat. Piper punches Brisco. He gets Brisco in a front facelock. Referee gets in to check if it’s not a choke. Piper appears to be bleeding from his forehead.

Piper tries to roll Brisco over into a pin attempt. He places his foot on the ropes to get some leverage but the referee caught him. Brisco gets slammed head first into the top turnbuckle. Jack Brisco punches at Piper’s knee but Piper sends Brisco to the outside. He follows and the two brawl outside briefly exchanging chops.

They get back in the ring. Brisco goes for a slam but Piper escapes and goes for a sleeper hold! Fans start to chant for Jack Brisco who starts to show signs of life and starts to escape the sleeper. He powers out but Piper pulls the hair and takes Brisco back down. Piper tells the referee that Brisco is done but Brisco raises his arm with one finger pointing up. Brisco picks Piper up and backdrops him!

Both get back up and Piper whips Brisco into the ropes. Brisco gets Piper in a sleeper! Piper almost reaches the ropes but can’t. Brisco thinks Piper’s out. Piper then pulls at Brisco’s hair and then pokes his eye. Brisco slams Piper’s head into the turnbuckles a few times. They exchange punches! Piper falls to the floor. Brisco slams Piper’s head into the ring apron.

Piper pulls something out of his tights. Brisco shoves the referee out of the way. Piper then punches Brisco with the weapon and knocks him out! Piper covers Brisco for the pin and gets the win. The camera zooms into the ring and they show that Piper hit Brisco with a roll of coins and you can see the coins on the mat. Referee raises Piper’s arm up in the air!

WINNER: Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper grabs the title and the money and yells “it’s mine” and that he’s the champion. Caudle and Crockett ask Piper what is all that money in the ring doing there and he replies that “people threw money in the ring”. He calls himself the undisputed champion and asks Caudle who the winner is. Piper says he hit Brisco with power and money! He leaves the studio.

Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat come out to help Jack Brisco out.

Bob Caudle interviews King Parsons and they talk about the Piper vs. Brisco match. Parsons really enjoyed the match and said there had to be a winner. He says if there’s $10,000 on the line, you have to do whatever to get the win and you come out of it $10,000 dollars richer.

Parsons tells Caudle that he wants to tell everyone a little bit about his background. He mentions doing amateur wrestling for five years and also was a boxer. He says when he got into pro wrestling, he had to change how he trained. Parsons says he’s been wrestling professionally for four years. He’s been in Germany and the Northwest and says Mid-Atlantic is the toughest territory that he’s been in. He praises the competition from big guys like Angelo Mosca and Sgt. Slaughter.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. King Parsons

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Sgt. Slaughter slams King Parsons who grabs his back. He gets back up and they lock-up with Slaughter hip tossing Parsons. Parsons blocks a hiptoss attempt by Slaughter and slams him. Slaughter kicks and punches Parsons. Humperdink praises the Piper vs. Brisco match. Slaughter with a backdrop on Parsons and lands a knee on him after for a near fall.

Slaughter with a punch and a dropkick on Parsons. Parsons reverses a whip and backdrops Sgt. Slaughter. He whips Slaughter into the ropes and punches Sarge. Slaughter catches Parsons with a kick and then punches Parsons. Side backbreaker on Parsons for a near fall. Parsons fights back with some punches. Sarge with some hard forearms across Parsons chest and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He gets a two-count on Parsons.

Sgt. Slaughter whips Parsons into the ropes again but Parsons goes for a sunset flip for a two-count. He gets Slaughter with a small package for another two-count. Slaughter gets Parsons on the ropes and lays in some hard right hands on Parsons. Elbows from Slaughter on the top of Parsons head. He slams Parsons and gets another two-count. Parsons escapes another slam attempt and gets a two-count on Slaughter.

More punches thrown by Slaughter at Parsons. Parsons fights back with some punches. Dropkicks thrown at Slaughter. Parsons goes for a third one but Slaughter spears him and knocks him down. He follows with a clothesline on Parsons and gets the pin.

WINNER: Sgt. Slaughter

Roddy Piper returns and joins Bob Caudle. He shows off the title and the money. Piper pokes fun at Jack Brisco, Ricky Steamboat and Wahoo McDaniel. He talks about paying off fines and partying with his money. Piper claims it was too easy to beat Brisco. He then brings out Sgt. Slaughter and says he also has The Magnificent Muraco watching his back.

Sgt. Slaughter congratulates Roddy Piper and asks him if they are going to have a party to celebrate them having all the titles. He shows the damage done to him by McDaniel. He brings out some 3-D glasses that he says McDaniel will need to see when he’s done with him.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Keith Larson

Humperdink talks about how great Valentine looks. Larson gets Valentine in a hammerlock but Valentine reaches the ropes. Good armdrag from Larson and he goes for a second one on Valentine. Armbar by Larson and Valentine whips him into the ropes and hip tosses him. Larson continues to control the match.

Larson has Valentine in an armdrag but Valentine goes for a drop toehold to take Larson down. Valentine with a couple of punches thrown at Larson. Double underhook suplex by Valentine. He lands a knee into Larson’s rib cage. Larson tries to fight back but Valentine lays in a forearm on him. Side suplex by Valentine.

Valentine gets Larson into the corner and whips him into the other side hard. The Hammer with a side headlock while Larson tries to escape. They exchange elbows. Valentine whips Larson into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He follows with an elbowdrop for the pin.

WINNER: Greg Valentine

Greg Valentine joins Bob Caudle and says he feels better than he ever has in his wrestling career. He talks about just returning from wrestling in the Northeast and in Canada. He claims to have beaten Bob Backlund for the World title but says Backlund won’t admit it. He’s glad to be back. Valentine mentions how he’s the man who busted Wahoo McDaniel’s leg and says McDaniel is afraid of him. He asks where Ric Flair is and mentions how he use to be his partner and would like a shot at the NWA World title. He mentions that he’s focusing on Mid-Atlantic because they have all the top wrestlers there.

Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat vs. Ali Bey & Bill White

Jay Youngblood and Bill White start the match. White gets Youngblood in a side headlock and tags in Ali Bey but Youngblood escapes. Youngblood tags in Steamboat and they double team Ali Bey. Youngblood with a chop and Steamboat with a snapmare. Ali Bey tags in White. They double team Steamboat but Steamboat fights back. He gets White in a backbreaker and then slams him.

Youngblood tags back in and they get White with a double chop. Jay heads over and chops Bey as well. Side headlock by Youngblood. Mistimed spot between Ali Bey and Youngblood but Jay catches him with a chop. Steamboat tags back in and goes for a splash on Ali Bey but he raises his knees up. Ali Bey tags in White. Steamboat catches him with some chops and then slams White. Steamboat tags in Youngblood and then Jay charges the ropes and Steamboat picks Jay up and drops him onto White for a big splash and for the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat

Wahoo McDaniel and Jack Brisco join Bob Caudle to talk about what happened earlier on the show. McDaniel says money can be made back up but he says they will get their revenge on Piper. Brisco says he’s never been hit as hard as he was earlier. He thanks Steamboat and McDaniel for pitching in to help him out and tells them he’ll get back the belt from Piper and he’ll pay them back. McDaniel tells him not to worry about the money.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! The first half hour of this show was great with the Piper vs. Brisco match and the opening segment with Piper demanding his $10,000 and then getting Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat banned from the studio during his match. The Slaughter vs. Parsons match that followed was good as well. The last two matches were kept short. Greg Valentine’s interview was good as well with him bringing up his time wrestling in WWF (without mentioning that and just referring to it as the “Northeast”) and reminding everyone of what he did to Wahoo McDaniel in the past and bringing up his former tag team partner Ric Flair.


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