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ECW TV 2/8/1994

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #43 (2/8/94)

Taped 2/4/1994 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 2/8/1994.

Show opens with a clip from February 5, 1994 “The Night The Line Was Crossed” show. Fans applauding the finish of the Terry Funk vs. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas.

Joey Styles opens the show and talks about the 2/5/1994 ECW Arena show. He mentions how that 60-minute three-way match was a classic. He warns parents that they might not want to have their children see some highlights of Shane Douglas crossing the line.

Styles follows mentioning that they now know the name of the man they previously only knew as “Sabu’s handler” and he is heading to the ring with Paul E. Dangerously and his name is “911”.

911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Mikey Whipwreck

911 steps over the top rope for his match. Paul E. Dangerously climbs up the ropes to give some instructions. 911 quickly grabs hold of Mikey Whipwreck and chokeslams him. He covers Whipwreck for the pin. He then grabs Whipwreck again for a second chokeslam. Paul E. then sits next to Whipwreck and tells him that “ECW is not for everyone and it for sure isn’t for him!”

911 goes for a third chokeslam on Whipwreck while Paul E. distracts the referee. They celebrate after the match as the fans boo them.


Joey Styles talks about how deplorable the actions were from Shane Douglas and they would air what he did on 2/5/1994. That’s then followed by a recap of what happened previously between Johnny Hot Body and Chad Austin.

Johnny Hot Body (w/ Tony Stetson) vs. Chad Austin

Stetson can’t believe Hot Body was knocked out cold by Chad Austin. He gets Hot Body fired up. Hot Body locks up with Austin and gets him in the corner. He breaks the hold as he heads over to argue with Stetson who still can’t believe Hot Body got knocked out by Austin. Hot Body can be heard telling Hot Body that he didn’t let the kid knock him out. As this is going on, Austin rolls up Hot Body for a pin. Hot Body kicks out.

Chad Austin with a hiptoss and Hot Body heads to the outside. Hot Body and Stetson have a discussion outside as Stetson continues to be surprised that Austin got the better of Johnny. Back in the ring, Hot Body gets in an uppercut before he heads back over again to argue with Stetson. Austin rolls Hot Body up for a two-count! He catches Hot Body with a spin kick. Hot Body and Stetson continue to talk about this and Stetson yells at Hot Body that Austin is “a little kid”.

Hot Body gets back in the ring and Austin gets a near fall. He gets back up and attacks Austin. Austin gets clotheslined by Hot Body. More arguing between Hot Body and Stetson. Hot Body slams Austin. Austin reverses a suplex and rolls Hot Body for the pin.

WINNER: Chad Austin

Tony Stetson climbs into the ring and laughs at Johnny Hot Body. They continue to argue and finally leave the ring. Stetson calls Hot Body a disgrace and he’s ashamed that he tagged with him.

Joey Styles talks about next week’s show featuring Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body in a match next week against The Bruise Bros. Also on the show will be Chad Austin vs. Shane Douglas and what happened between Tommy Dreamer and Jimmy Snuka.

Pat Tanaka vs. Keith Scherer

Handshake before the match but Scherer attacked Pat Tanaka from behind. He beats on Tanaka in the corner. Suplex by Scherer followed by a headbutt. He whips Tanaka into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Scherer stomps and kicks Tanaka out of the ring.

Scherer continues to attack Tanaka outside the ring. He sends Tanaka back into the ring and continues the attack. Tanaka makes a comeback with some punches. He whips Scherer into the ropes and kicks him. Tanaka follows with a powerbomb and gets the pin.

WINNER: Pat Tanaka

Matty In The House is at the dressing room area to talk about the biggest story of the year. He interviews wrestlers who were at the press conference were there was an altercation between Terry Funk and Shane Douglas. J.T. Smith said Shane Douglas went over the line with what he did to Terry Funk and that is coming from him still having issues with Funk. Hunter Q. Robbins called the 3-way match, the greatest of all-time, but also felt Shane Douglas crossed over the line in the post-match incident.

The Public Enemy talk about the 3-way match and stealing items. They then talk about their tag match against The Bruise Bros. Rocco Rock asks Johnny Grunge about the press conference after the show and compared it to a gang fight between the Bloods and the Crips. They bring out wallets they stole during the press conference incident including JT Smith’s and Tod Gordon’s wallets.

Jason mentions he was at the ECW press conference and agrees that Shane Douglas definitely crossed the line. Pat Tanaka said he peeped thru the curtains to watch the 3-way match and talks about the reaction the fans gave it comparing it to a match in Japan. He also says Douglas stepped over the line with what he did during the press conference.

Hunter Q. Robbins III announces that he is back in ECW and now managing Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

Prior to the match, Jay Sulli got comments from Jimmy Snuka and Tommy Dreamer. Jimmy Snuka says Tommy Dreamer has no business to be standing next to him. Dreamer talks about growing up a big fan of Snuka and tells Snuka that he has no idea why he’s upset. Tommy says he’s pumped for this match. Snuka asks Dreamer if he’s calling him “old”. Dreamer tells Snuka that he’s a legend and he’s not trying to put him down. Snuka continues to be upset. Sulli interrupts and Snuka insults him. Snuka continues to be upset and tells Dreamer not to touch him. Snuka barks at Dreamer and calls him a punk.

They air the closing moments of their match from 2/5/1994.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Match is joined in progress with Snuka getting Dreamer in a side headlock. Dreamer sends Snuka into the ropes and catches him with a slam. He gets him a second time and Snuka heads to the outside. Snuka gets back in the ring and Dreamer’s fired up. Dreamer charges at Snuka but Jimmy ducks and Dreamer goes flying over the top rope to the floor.

Snuka follows with a stomp to Tommy’s head. He uses a chair across Dreamer’s back. Snuka rolls Dreamer back into the ring. He whips Dreamer into the ropes and catches him with a chop. He follows with a backbreaker. Crowd chants “Piper” at Snuka and are loud during the match. Snuka climbs up to the top rope and lands a top rope splash on Dreamer. Dreamer kicks out of the Superfly Splash!

ECW shows a graphic claiming Dreamer is the first man ever to survive the Superfly Splash.

Snuka continues to attack Dreamer. He lands an elbow on Tommy. Snuka goes for a second Superfly Splash but this time he refuses to cover Dreamer for the pin. The Superfly goes for a third splash on Dreamer and this time he does cover Dreamer for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

After the match Snuka headbutts the referee. He attacks Dreamer who’s bleeding from his mouth. Snuka climbs up the top rope for a FOURTH Superfly Splash on Dreamer! He starts to stomp on the referee. ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon tries to stop Snuka. Snuka lands a top rope elbow across Tod Gordon! Several wrestlers come out to stop Snuka.

Mike Awesome video is shown next.

Joey Styles interviews Terry Funk after winning the ECW Heavyweight title. He’s bloodied and starts to cry and says he loves wrestling. Funk says he’s not happy how wrestling has evolved in some places and says he doesn’t believe WCW is worth a damn. He believes a bunch of people who run WCW and WWF have no respect for the profession. He doesn’t blame the talent. He mentions that his opponents (Sabu and Shane Douglas) were wrestling with their hearts and felt they all gave the fans their money’s worth.

Terry Funk talks about how proud he is of how ECW has grown. He says that he’s making his stand with ECW and not with those other promotions. He mentions having respect for Shane Douglas, Sabu and everyone else in ECW. He tells the fans that he loves them and appreciates them.

That’s followed by Shane Douglas showing up with Sherri to talk to ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon and wants him to declare him the winner and the ECW Heavyweight Champion. He claims that he won the match. Douglas curses and says he took out Terry Funk. He’s upset with how fans have treated him in Philadelphia.

Terry Funk returns and interrupts Shane Douglas. He asks Shane what’s wrong with him and if he’s some kind of a fool. Douglas says what Funk was 10 years ago was a legend but now he’s just an old man. He points out his legs and his face and says Funk was beaten to a pulp. Funk is upset that Douglas is calling him an old man when he earlier just gave both Douglas and Sabu compliments for being good wrestlers. He tells Douglas that he didn’t win.

Douglas tells Funk that giving compliments don’t pay the bills. He says he won because both Funk and Sabu were carried out. Funk tells Douglas how will it feel when this “old man” beats your butt. He follows by telling Douglas that he’ll give him the belt and hands it to him. Funk tells Douglas to take it because he’s going to win it back anyway. Douglas then tells Funk that he doesn’t have to give him the belt because he’ll take it from him and tosses it at Funk’s head.

Terry Funk slaps Douglas! Douglas and Funk start to brawl in the conference room! Several people try to break them apart as the show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Best part of this show might have been the incident between Douglas and Funk along with the back and forth between Tommy Dreamer and Jimmy Snuka during their interview segment before their match. First couple of matches were kept pretty short. The Snuka vs. Dreamer clipped match went longer and was entertaining. I also enjoyed the underdog Chad Austin segment with him getting another win over Johnny Hot Body however this time Hot Body had Tony Stetson in his corner who was busy poking fun at him for having lost to Austin the previous time and then after this loss. Fun show.


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