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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/3/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 7/3/1982

Taped 6/30/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 7/3/1982.

Bob Caudle welcomes us to the show and gives a rundown of what is scheduled this week. Roddy Piper joins Bob Caudle and talks about Jack Brisco and how he’s being threatened with a fine for “stealing” the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship from Brisco. He tells Brisco to bring his friend Ricky Steamboat because he has a Hawaiian friend of his own in The Magnificent Muraco. He tells Caudle to show video of Muraco.

They air a video of a Muraco match with Piper talking during the match and praising Muraco. That’s then followed by a Muraco promo with the background behind him being a photo of him surfing. Muraco mentions how he promised the “broken down Indian” Wahoo McDaniel to be his tag team partner. Muraco said Piper came to him with money and that was all it took. Piper told Muraco that he can take on the “fat Indian”.

Roddy Piper returns and talks about Ricky Steamboat and Jack Brisco and tells them to name any kind of match they want against him and Muraco. Piper then says he knows how Steamboat works and that if you take the steam out of the boat and it won’t float.

Sir Oliver Humperdink comes out to talk about The Ninja and how he’ll be scouting talent in the territory. Humperdink will remain on commentary with Bob Caudle.

“King Kong” Angelo Mosca vs. Jay Youngblood

Jay Youngblood threatens to chop Mosca a couple of times with Mosca backing away every time. Mosca takes Youngblood down with a waistlock but Jay quickly escapes. He takes Youngblood down again by the arm but Jay counters with a fireaman’s carry takedown. Jay whips Mosca into the ropes and catches him with a chop. Follows that up with a side headlock.

Mosca whips Youngblood into the ropes but misses an elbow and Jay catches him with a cross body block for a near fall. He gets Mosca again in a side headlock. Mosca breaks out and lays in some forearms and kicks on Youngblood. He misses an elbow on Youngblood and Jay gets him in a side headlock again. Mosca picks Youngblood up and gets him with a side backbreaker. He lands a knee across Youngblood’s back. He attacks Jay’s back and gets him in a bear hug.

Jay Youngblood escapes the bear hug with a hiptoss but Mosca quickly attacks Youngblood again. He punishes Jay’s back but Jay counters with some chops. Mosca with some punches and he whips Jay into the ropes. Jay catches him with a dropkick and starts whipping him into each corner and hitting Mosca with chops. Mosca kicks out at two and Jay attempts to whip him into the ropes but Mosca counters. He starts choking Youngblood and slamming him into the mat. Mosca shoves the referee out of the way. Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Mosca.

WINNER: Jay Youngblood via DQ.

Mosca continues his attack on Youngblood until Ricky Steamboat makes the save. King Kong Mosca heads over to the announcer’s area and tells Steamboat that he’ll take care of him later for sticking his nose in his business. Mosca then says there are too many “Indians” with Wahoo McDaniel, Jack Brisco and Jay Youngblood. He vows to annihilate Jay Youngblood and start off with him and threatens both Youngblood and Steamboat.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Brock Wood

Greg Valentine takes Brock Wood into the ropes but breaks cleanly. He goes for a roll-up for a quick pin attempt but they get back up with Valentine getting Wood in a front facelock. They reach the corner and referee tells Valentine to break away and he chops Wood as he breaks. Leg takedown by Valentine into an armbar.

Big forearms delivered by Valentine at Wood followed by a strong body slam onto the mat. He gets Wood with a reverse atomic drop. Valentine follows by stomping on Wood for a bit. Valentine pounds away at Wood and tosses him to the outside.

Valentine delivers a couple of hard forearms across Wood’s chest that sends him back to the floor again. Wood finally climbs back into the ring and Valentine delivers an elbow. The Hammer with a back suplex on Wood. Valentine follows with an elbow charging off the ropes for the pin.

WINNER: Greg Valentine

David Patterson and Steve Sybert join Bob Caudle for an interview. Patterson talks about how great Greg Valentine hammered his opponent and vows that they will hammer Jones and McDaniel the same way! Sybert tells Caudle that he’s going to hit them hard and he’s upset at Jones for what he did to him the previous week and vows to get revenge. He then tells Caudle that their friend Sgt. Slaughter sent McDaniel to the hospital so they know how to take him down. Patterson says Steamboat is a great wrestler but all it takes is one mistake for him to take advantage of. Sybert praises Youngblood but says Mosca had more power.

Paul Jones & Wahoo McDaniel vs. David Patterson & Steve Sybert

McDaniel and Patterson start the match off. Armdrag takedown by McDaniel and into an armbar on Patterson. Patterson reaches out and tags in Sybert but he’s caught in an armdrag by McDaniel. Wahoo tags in Jones and Jones gets Sybert in an armbar. Jones uses his speed on Sybert and gets him again in an armbar after they hit the ropes a few times.

Sybert backs Jones into his corner and Patterson tags in. Patterson and Jones exchange punches until Patterson catches Jones with a headbutt but that doesn’t seem to stop Jones. Patterson rakes Jones eyes and lands a knee across Jones face. McDaniel makes the save for Jones on a pin attempt. Sybert tags back in and Jones catches him with a forearm. Jones reaches out and tags McDaniel who catches Sybert with a chop. He gets Sybert back down on the mat with a side headlock.

McDaniel tags in Jones and Paul comes in with some knees across Sybert’s back and follows with a slam. He continues to attack Sybert’s back and tags McDaniel back in. McDaniel gets Sybert in an armbar. He pulls Sybert’s hair to take him down and the referee warns McDaniel. Sybert tags in Patterson. Patterson beats on McDaniel on the ropes. Knee drop across McDaniel’s forehead. McDaniel kicks Patterson away and tags in Jones. Patterson tags in Sybert.

Jones sends Sybert into McDaniel who chops him. McDaniel tags back in and chops Sybert and slams him. He tags in Jones who gets Sybert with the Indian Deathlock for the win!

WINNERS: Paul Jones & Wahoo McDaniel

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine join Bob Caudle. Piper tells Brisco that he wouldn’t let someone do what he did to Brisco with taking his title away from him. He tells Brisco that he has to impress him now.

Sgt. Slaughter talks about Al Haig (Alexander Haig) wanting to be in his corner and Slaughter telling him that he can call him some other time. He insults Wahoo McDaniel. Roddy Piper interrupts and asks Sgt. Slaughter to take care of his belt.

Greg Valentine talks about returning to the Mid-Atlantic area and how he’s a known star around the world and he’s ready for all kinds of action.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Jimmy Patter

Waistlock by Piper to start the match and he takes Patter into the ropes before breaking away cleanly. Side headlock by Piper. Humperdink praises Piper on commentary. Clean break near the ropes and Piper shakes his hand. Patter with a takedown and he gets Piper in an armbar. Another clean break near the ropes.

Fireman’s carry takedown by Piper. He keeps Patter down on the mat. Patter reaches the corner and this time Piper doesn’t break cleanly and chops him. He slams Patter’s head into the top turnbuckle followed by a thumb to the throat. He stomps on Patter and yells at him. Patter tries to fight back but Piper knocks him down. He slams Patter and follows with a knee drop.

Piper picks Patter up and continues his attack. Front facelock by Piper as he tells the referee to “ask him” continuously. Piper counters an armdrag by pulling his arm away and he attacks Patter. Back suplex by Piper and he covers Patter for the pin.

WINNER: Roddy Piper

Bill White joins Bob Caudle and talks about having a tough match coming up with Ricky Steamboat. He also talks about how Jack Brisco is going to have a tough time against Roddy Piper. He says Piper is a wild man. White goes back to talk about Steamboat and says he is a great athlete and how much he’s worked out and says that he’ll try to out maneuver Steamboat in the match.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Bill White

Bill White shoves Ricky Steamboat into the ropes but decides to break cleanly. Steamboat catches White with a series of armdrags and gets White in an armbar. White picks up Steamboat and places him on the top turnbuckle and turns away briefly before turning back and Steamboat jumps over him and gets him in an armdrag and back into an armbar.

They both get back up and get near the ropes. White monkey flips Steamboat but Steamboat lands on his feet and gets White back into an armdrag and into an armbar. White gets Steamboat into the corner and delivers a few knees into Ricky’s mid-section. He whips Steamboat into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Fans start to chant for Steamboat. White sends Steamboat thru the ropes and to the floor.

White charges and slams Steamboat’s head into the side of the ring. He delivers a big forearm across the chest of Steamboat. Steamboat sunset flips back into the ring and gets White with a two-count. He follows with an armdrag on White. Steamboat works on White’s left arm. White back up and whips Steamboat into the ropes but Ricky gets White with an elbow and goes back to working on White’s left arm.

Steamboat knocks White back down and goes for another shoulder at White but White side steps him and Steamboat falls to the floor. White follows by kicking at Steamboat on the floor. Steamboat gets back into the ring and he gets White with some hard chops. Back drop by Steamboat for a two-count on White. He goes for a splash on White but White catches Steamboat with his knees.

White quickly attacks Steamboat. He pulls Steamboat off the ropes and gets him in a chinlock. Steamboat fights his way by lifting White up and charging into the corner to knock White off. He goes for a pin attempt on White but White escapes. They exchange some hard shots. He stomps on White’s forehead. Steamboat whips White into the ropes and catches him with a double thrust for a near fall. Ricky whips White into the ropes again and picks him up on his shoulders for a Samoan drop for the pin.

WINNER: Ricky Steamboat

Jay Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel join Bob Caudle. Youngblood talks about his match with Angelo Mosca. He calls Mosca, “Ping Pong Mosca”! He tells Mosca that he’s just as bad and as tough as him. McDaniel talks about how Jones, Youngblood, Steamboat and Brisco are all helping each other. He vows to get another change for the U.S. title held by Sgt. Slaughter.

Ricky Steamboat joins Bob Caudle and talks about how he’s only been back a few weeks and says it feels like Piper and Muraco have a bounty on him and Jack Brisco. He tells Piper to bring his girlfriend (Muraco) to the ring if he wants a match with him and Brisco.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The Mosca vs. Youngblood and Steamboat vs. White matches were good TV matches. Roddy Piper was the standout again with his great promos. Humperdink was good on commentary as he stayed calm throughout and would usually take a little bit of time to praise some of the heels but at the same time didn’t go too over-the-top and also said some positive things about the babyfaces. The heel side in Mid-Atlantic now is pretty loaded with Piper, Muraco, Slaughter, Mosca and now Valentine returning.


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