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SMW TV #46 (12/12/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #46 (12/12/1992)

Taped 11/23/1992 at Clairfield Elementary School in Clairfield, TN. Aired on 12/12/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell holds up some signs with the first saying “Elvis is Dead…” followed by the second sign saying, “And I don’t feel so good myself!” Caudle is shocked to find out that Kevin Sullivan has been reinstated. They mention the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are the new SMW Tag Team Champions.

Dixie Dynamite vs. The Dark Secret

They lock-up and Dark Secret shoves Dixie Dynamite away and poses a bit. He plays to the crowd. Armdrag takedown by Dynamite which leads to Dark Secret complaining that his mask was pulled. Another armdrag by Dynamite and he complains again. Dark Secret gets Dynamite into the ropes and punches him but Dynamite quickly makes a comeback and armdrags him again and catches him with a dropkick. Dark Secret heads to the outside.

Dark Secret gets back in the ring and Dixie Dynamite grabs him in an armbar. He gets Dixie with some forearms but again Dixie catches him by surprise with a leap frog out of the corner and catches him with a superkick for the pin.

WINNER: Dixie Dynamite

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle for an interview. Gibson says he’s keeping his good eye on Jim Cornette in that handicap match. Morton talks about how much Cornette interferes in their matches and having him in a handicap match gives them the chance to beat on him.

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview. He talks about loving be back home and in the South and specifically in the great state of Tennessee. Smothers is happy he can give a rebel yell at home. He wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight title held by The Dirty White Boy.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle and mentions that Kevin Sullivan will be allowed to be back wrestling on TV. He received a 15-page letter from Sullivan’s attorneys and Armstrong reads some of what they asked for if they wanted to bar Sullivan from TV. Armstrong is upset and says that what Sullivan did was abuse and he shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle. They air video highlights of The Mongolian Stomper going up against Kevin Sullivan.

They follow airing a Brian Lee video promo. He talks about how he’ll be at Christmas Chaos to go after Kevin Sullivan. Armstrong mentions that Brian Lee is not ready to come back but said they have signed a tag match between Brian Lee & The Mongolian Stomper against Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker and that it will be non-sanctioned.

Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner do promos for their matches in Barbourville, Kentucky. Smothers finishes with a bit of a poem.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Jeff Daniels

Kevin Sullivan attacks Jeff Daniels as soon as he enters the ring and tosses Daniels to the outside. He beats on Daniels outside the ring. Hard chops and a head butt at Daniels. He kicks at Daniels. The Nightstalker shows up ringside and he too beats on Daniels. Sullivan grabs a table and takes it to the ring. He and The Nightstalker toss Daniels into the table. The referee and the Nightstalker argue as Sullivan continues to attack Daniels.

Kevin Sullivan hits Daniels with a camera tripod and then tosses him into the table again. He follows with a chair shot at Daniels’ head. Again Daniels is tossed into the table. The Nightstalker tosses Daniels into the ring. Daniels is bloody! Sullivan continues to beat on Daniels and stomps on him. The Nightstalker holds up a head stone with Brian Lee’s name on it. Sullivan screams out Brian Lee’s name as he stomps away on Daniels. He tosses Daniels back to the outside. Nightstalker tosses him back in and places him in the tree of woe and Sullivan charges at him.

The referee calls for the bell to end the match. Sullivan continues his attack. A second referee shows up to try to stop them from attacking Daniels. The Nightstalker puts the tomb stone down near Daniels and screams at Brian Lee.

WINNER: Jeff Daniels via DQ

Kevin Sullivan heads over to talk to Bob Caudle and mentions that he has lawyers! He mentions how even Charlie Manson had a lawyer. Sullivan tells Bob Armstrong that he can’t keep him or his followers from doing what they want to do. He says what he did to Lee was an accident. Sullivan talks about Lee’s spleen isn’t right and he mentions people can’t live without them. He then talks about The Mongolian Stomper. He warns them both that what Stomper is doing by taking Lee to that match is like taking him to a butcher shop. Sullivan then talks about how great it is to have lawyers because you can do anything you want!

“Down & Dirty with Dutch” featuring Paul Orndorff, The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright. Mr. Wright is sick of Christmas and wants to tell the kids in his neighborhood to stop singing Christmas Carols because he needs to rest and he’s tired of them. The Dirty White Boy talks about his upcoming match later on the show against Tim Horner. He warns Horner that he might not make it to that tag match at Christmas Chaos. Paul Orndorff said he’s sick and tired of Tim Horner and says he is an international star and Mr. Wonderful is everything that he says he is. He says that they’ll show Horner and Garvin what a true legend team is at Christmas Chaos.

Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle to talk about Christmas Chaos and his match teaming with Ron Garvin against Paul Orndorff & The Dirty White Boy. He vows to win the SMW Heavyweight title later on in the show.

The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs. Rene Riggins & Daniel Little Bear

Jim Cornette does the team introduction. Stan Lane and Rene Riggins start the match. Lane with an armdrag on Riggins and he celebrates. The Stud Stable join the commentary team. Mantell thanks Robert Fuller for the jacket. Riggins gets Lane with a slam and follows with a dropkick. The crowd cheers on Riggins. Lane quickly attacks Riggins and tags in Prichard.
Dr. Tom Prichard gets in and beats on Riggins until Riggins catches him with a surprise sunset flip for a near fall. He gets in some offense. Prichard tags Lane back in and they do some cool double team work against Riggins. Double underhook suplex by Lane and he tags in Prichard. Riggins surprises Prichard with a cross body block and quickly tags in Daniel Little Bear.

Dr. Tom Prichard powerbombs Little Bear! He tags in Lane and they whip him into the ropes and slam him down for the pin. Fuller and Golden talked quite a bit throughout the match wondering why they didn’t get an automatic title match. They got a little loud before leaving.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies join Bob Caudle and Cornette insults the fans. He talks about the handicap match against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and he knows that they want him in the match so they can kill him. He says he’s a friend of Richard Simmons and he’s going to be training and “Sweating to the Oldies”! Prichard said he noticed that The Stubl Stable were out there talking during their match and suggests they stay in their own lane because he would hate to see their friendship come to an end. Lane then says the Stud Stable should stay in their regional, local matches and leave the main event matches to them. He says he would hate to see that friendship end. Cornette says next time Caudle sees him, he’s going to be jacked!

The Dirty White Boy © (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. “White Lightning” Tim Horner for the SMW Heavyweight Title

The Dirty White Boy shoves Tim Horner into the corner. Armdrag takedown by The Dirty White Boy. Horner goes for a waistlock but that gets reversed by The Dirty White Boy but Horner escapes. Side headlock by Horner. DWB whips Horner into the ropes but Horner leapfrogs over him and gets him in a headlock. DWB escapes and gets Horner in a headscissors but Horner escapes and gets DWB back in a side headlock.

In the corner, The Dirty White Boy with some shoulder tackles in the corner. He whips Horner into the ropes but Horner moves and gets DWB back in a side headlock. Horner gets backed into the ropes and DWB punches him but Horner again surprises DWB with a dropkick that sends him through the ropes to the outside. Horner follows and they get back in the ring.

Horner chokes The Dirty White Boy in the corner. He punches DWB as he mentions how DWB put a noose around his neck. DWB heads back to the outside. Mr. Ron Wright hands The Dirty White Boy some brass knuckles and he hits Horner with it as he returns to the ring. He then hands it back to Mr. Wright.

The Dirty White Boy slams Horner and follows with a legdrop for a near fall. He bites Horner! Whips Horner into the ropes and picks him up and drops him down to the mat. Powerslam by DWB for another two-count. Horner fights back! Headbutt from the Dirty White Boy and he slams him into the corner. Snapmare by DWB but he misses a headbutt! Horner with some hard rights thrown at DWB. He whips him out of the corner and elbows him.

Horner continues to have momentum and punches him in the corner. He whips him into the other corner and catches him with the atomic drop. DWB hits the corner and bounces into Horner. Both get knocked down. Horner covers DWB for the pin but DWB’s foot was placed on the bottom rope by Mr. Ron Wright. Horner thinks he won and leaves with the SMW Heavyweight title. Mr. Ron Wright keeps showing the referee that the foot was on the rope. Referee chases after Horner who left to the locker room.

WINNER: No Contest

More promos for the upcoming Barbourville, Kentucky show. The Dirty White Boy calls Tim Horner a thief because he stole his SMW Heavyweight title. Jim Cornette and Dr. Tom Prichard talk about their match in Barbourville. Cornette claims that if DWB is looking for thieves in Barbourville, he’ll have trouble because there are a lot of thieves in that town.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong shows Jeff Daniels injury. He also tells Bob Caudle that The Dirty White Boy’s foot was on the rope so he is still the champion and he’s asking Tim Horner to return the belt.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Best match on the show was the main event while the other matches were kept relatively short with more focus on interviews and continuing to build up storylines. I found it a bit amusing that this show was held at an elementary school and they let Kevin Sullivan do his crazy type of match there. I’d imagine some people might have complained about it at that time. Also liked how they were slowly teasing some issues between The Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable by having the Stud Stable on commentary during the Bodies tag match followed by the Heavenly Bodies warning them to stay in their lane. The Dark Secret is Brian Armstrong (a.k.a. The Road Dogg) under a mask and outfit that kinda looks like Badstreet so I’m guessing he borrows Brad’s gear.


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