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WCCW TV 8/28/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 8/28/1982

Taped 8/15/1982 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. “WCCW Wrestling Star Wars”. Aired on 8/28/1982.

Bill Mercer opens the show. Followed by an interview with Kerry Von Erich who says he really wants the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and believes he will win it tonight! H said he slept, dreamed and ate the belt! That’s followed by an interview with Ric Flair who said it would be one of the toughest matches he’ll have as champion but believes in himself and says he’s confident he’ll win and doesn’t believe Kerry Von Erich is ready for this.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “The Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the NWA World Heavyweight title

The crowd clearly in favor of Kerry Von Erich as you hear loud cheers when he’s introduced. Alfred Neely was assigned as special referee for this match. Flair strolls around the ring before the match starts. They have a staredown as the referee gives them the rules. Bill Mercer reminds everyone that this match will be 2-out-of-3 falls. Referee shows everyone the title.

Bell rings to start the first fall. Kerry nearly gets in a shot on Flair as they get close up. Flair struts away. They lock-up and reach the corner with Flair breaking away cleanly. Side headlock by Ric Flair into a takedown but Kerry reverses it into a headscissors. Flair escapes and gets Kerry in a leglock and quickly dives at Kerry into a headlock but Kerry responds and gets Flair back in a headscissors. Flair reaches the bottom rope with his leg. Referee tells Kerry to break.

Flair tells the referee that as soon as his foot reaches the rope, he should start counting. They lock-up again and Kerry gets Flair in a side headlock. Flair tries to escape by whipping Kerry off the ropes but Kerry keeps the headlock on! Flair tries again but no luck! Test of strength by Flair and the fans cheer loudly as Kerry starts to get the advantage and takes Flair down into an armbar.

Von Erich gets Flair back into a headlock again. Flair breaks out again but Kerry powers him back into the side headlock. They reach the ropes and shove each other away. Wristlock reversal by Von Erich and he drops a knee across Flair’s left arm. He gets Flair in an armbar and works on his shoulder. They get back up and Flair whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry knocks him down. Flair goes for a leapfrog but Von Erich catches him. He goes for a pin attempt and they tumble into the ropes. Referee separates them.

Flair shoves Von Erich into the corner and kicks and chops him. He tosses Kerry into the corner turnbuckle. He tells the referee to get out of his way. Flair whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry gets him with a sunset flip. Flair tries to stop him but Von Erich gets him down for a two-count. Flair cowers away into the corner and tells the referee to get Kerry away. Crowd boos.

Kerry gets Flair back into a side headlock. Flair whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry reverses it into a hiptoss and gets him back into a headlock. Flair rolls him over for a pin attempt but Kerry kicks out and keeps him in the headlock. Von Erich tells the referee that Flair keeps pulling his trunks for the pin attempts. Flair keeps doing it but Kerry won’t break the headlock. Referee warns Flair.

Flair whips Von Erich into the ropes but he’s knocked down by a shoulder block. Kerry misses with an armdrag and Flair tosses Kerry to the outside onto the concrete floor. Von Erich quickly gets back in and Flair sling shots him into the ring and delivers some hard chops at Kerry. Kerry recovers and delivers a series of punches that knock Flair down! Crowd erupts! Flair heads into the corner and Kerry whips him and backdrops Flair. Ric Flair catches Kerry with a knee to the mid-section. He gets in another chop and follows with a reverse chinlock. Fans start to chant “Go Kerry Go”!

Von Erich tries to battle his way out of the hold and powers out only to see Flair pull him by the hair and get him back in a headlock. Flair tells the fans to keep their mouths shut. He gets Kerry on the ropes and starts to chop away at him. Von Erich fights back with some punches. Flair whips Kerry into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. He covers Von Erich for the pin but Kerry kicks out at two. He slams Von Erich but misses an elbow drop.

Flair picks Von Erich up and whips him into the ropes. Kerry reverses Flair’s attempt at an abdominal stretch! Flair refuses to give up. Von Erich goes for the Claw on Flair’s side. Flair jabs Kerry in the eyes to knock him away. Flair gets in a few punches followed by some chops. Back drop suplex by Flair for a two count on Von Erich. Kerry gets back up and catches Flair with a pair of dropkicks. He whips Flair into the ropes but misses a dropkick attempt!

Flair picks Kerry up and drops him head first into the top rope! He follows with a knee drop across Von Erich’s head and goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. Kerry tries to fight back but Flair picks him up for a piledriver and again only gets a two-count. Flair goes for a second piledriver but Kerry drops him and follows with a knee drop. Flair misses a punch and Kerry takes him down. He goes for the claw but Flair blocks it and knocks Von Erich away. Flair back up with some hard chops at Kerry in the corner.

Kerry punches back but Flair goes back and chops away at Kerry. Referee tries to break them apart. Flair tosses him aside and goes back after Kerry. Referee grabs Flair and Kerry goes for a discus punch only he misses Flair and hits referee Alfred Neely and knocks him out. Flair and Von Erich continue to wrestle. Referee Bronco Lubich comes out. Flair whips Kerry into the ropes but Kerry catches him with a cross body block. Referee David Manning heads into the ring to continue the match while Lubich helps Neely out.

Von Erich gets Flair in a sleeper hold! Flair tries to reach for the ropes. Referee Alfred Neely gets back in the ring and calls for the bell while Kerry has Flair in the sleeper. Kerry Von Erich breaks the hold because he thinks he won the first fall. Referee Alfred Neely talks with referee David Manning and Kerry Von Erich. Referee Bronco Lubich enters the ring as well. Flair starts to recover while all this is going on.

Neely and Manning start to argue over the first fall finish. He declares that Kerry Von Erich was disqualified in the first fall for punching him. Crowd doesn’t like the result and boo the decision.

Second fall kicks off with Kerry Von Erich wanting to get things going right away as Flair backs away. Von Erich attacks Flair and punches him in the corner. Flair counters but gets a whip into the corner reversed. Von Erich gets Flair in another sleeper hold but Flair charges into the ropes and sends Kerry Von Erich to the outside!

Kerry goes after Ric Flair’s left leg! Flair counters with a kick at Kerry’s head followed by some chops. He stomps on Kerry near the corner and the referee warns him. Flair charges and chokes away Von Erich. Kerry gets back up and hits him with an elbow. He punches away at Flair and whips him into the corner where Flair bounces off. Flair recovers and picks up Kerry and drops his right knee across his own knee to take him down.

Flair attacks Kerry’s right knee. Referee pulls Flair off Kerry by his hair. Flair continues to go after his knee using the bottom rope. Back in the corner and Flair goes back and forth with chops and attacking Von Erich’s right knee. Kerry heads to the outside but Flair gets him back into the ring with a suplex. Elbow drop by Flair. He goes for the figure-four leglock on Kerry Von Erich! Crowd loudly cheers on for Kerry as he battles to break out of the hold. Von Erich reverses it by turning it around. Flair screams but he reaches the ropes. He quickly gets Kerry and delivers a couple of knees and goes back for a figure-four leglock again only Kerry grabs him with the Iron Claw! Flair’s forehead is bleeding. He punches away at Kerry’s right knee but Kerry keeps the pressure on Flair. Flair goes down and Kerry goes for a pin but he kicks out at two.

Kerry goes for a second attempt at a pin while keeping Flair in the claw and he gets the three count! He’s tied it up 1-1.

Ric Flair’s face is covered in blood and he screams at the fans and the referee. Von Erich attacks Flair as the bell rings to start the third fall. Flair counters with a chop and then gets in some punches on Kerry. He shoves the referee off him. Kerry Von Erich fights back and knocks Flair down with a discus punch. He continues to punch away on Flair. Referee warns both. They continue to punch away at each other and the referee calls for the bell. He tries to separate them again but both shove him away.

Several referees along with Brian Adias and Jose Lothario come out to break them apart. Flair kicks Manning and Adias away. Kerry gets away from everyone who’s holding him back and punches Flair and that sends him over the top rope. Flair grabs the NWA World Heavyweight title. Ring announcer Mark Lowrance says the match ended because the referee feels the match was out of control. Fritz Von Erich heads out to argue with referee Alfred Neely.

Fritz attacks the referee. He shoves the other referees away. Fritz raises Kerry’s arm in the air. Crowd cheers him.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Fritz Von Erich hugs Kerry before they leave the ring.

Bill Mercer closes the show declaring Kerry Von Erich the true uncrown world heavyweight champion.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode! You can’t go wrong with an episode devoted to just one match that happens to be Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich. Match was great! I remember watching this years ago when ESPN use to air the Legends of World Class episodes every weekday afternoon. This match definitely aged well. Great crowd heat and Flair was great as the heel champion getting everyone emotionally invested in the outcome and I thought the way they handled it with everyone arguing over the result was great. Fun show.


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