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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/26/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 6/26/1982

Taped on 6/23/1982 at the WCPQ TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 6/26/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show with a quick rundown of the matches scheduled for this episode.

Jack Brisco & Rick Steamboat join Bob Caudle for an interview. Brisco mentions that he told Steamboat about his problems with Roddy Piper and Don Muraco and Steamboat has agreed to be his tag team partner and watch his back against them. They show video of Piper attacking Jerry Brisco. They then show a video clip of Roddy Piper attacking Jack Brisco during a match against Don Muraco. Jack Brisco mentions how he was able to move out of a chair shot by Piper.

Brisco says he can handle Piper on his own but needs someone to watch his back because Piper has no problems paying people to attack him. Steamboat talks about how there’s so many run-ins from people helping Piper and Sgt. Slaughter. He mentions having heard about the attacks while in Japan. Steamboat says this all proves they are better wrestlers than Piper and Slaughter. Brisco and Steamboat shake hands.

Jack Brisco & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Matt Borne & Steve Sybert

Ricky Steamboat and Matt Borne start the match. Borne shoves Steamboat off him. They lock-up again and Borne with a fireman’s takedown but Steamboat escapes an elbow drop attempt. They hit the ropes and Steamboat reverses a Borne hiptoss and then gets him with an armdrag. Brisco tags in and attacks Borne’s arm and gets him with a fireman’s carry takedown.

Borne whips Brisco into the ropes but Brisco catches him with a body press for a near fall. Borne recovers and starts to knock Brisco around the ring. He tags in Sybert. Big forearm and takedown by Sybert. Side headlock by Sybert but Brisco throws him off and tags in Steamboat. Steamboat with a leg takedown on Sybert and he attacks his left leg.

Leglock by Steamboat on Sybert. Sybert tries to knock him off but Steamboat gets back up and takes him down again. Steamboat with a leg whip on Sybert and he tags Brisco back in. Brisco with a knee drop off the middle rope at Sybert’s left leg. He weakens Sybert’s leg. Steamboat back in but Sybert tags in Borne.

Borne with some shots at Steamboat. Snapmare into a kneedrop by Borne. He gets Steamboat with a chinlock. Steamboat lifts Borne off the mat but Borne keeps hold of him and tags in Sybert. Sybert misses a shot at Steamboat and hits Borne instead. Hard chop from Steamboat at Sybert! Steamboat tags in Brisco and they double-team Sybert. Borne tries to make a save but gets out. Brisco slams Sybert. He misses a punch and Sybert grabs him. Brisco tags Steamboat while up in the air and then reverses and picks Sybert up. Steamboat jumps off the ropes and chops Sybert and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Jack Brisco & Ricky Steamboat

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper notices that Ricky Steamboat has joined Bob Caudle on commentary. They lock-up and Roberts with an armdrag on Piper. Piper complains to the referee that his hair was pulled. Piper tosses Roberts. Roberts gets back up and tosses Piper. Steamboat wonders who is paying who with Piper bringing in so many bounty hunters.

Piper takes down Roberts but Roberts quickly reverses and gets him in a wristlock. They head to the corner and get tangled until they break up and the referee warns both. Hard chops from Piper on Roberts! He punches Roberts in the face! Piper with a front facelock. They get back on the ropes and come out exchanging chops and Roberts with some punches. Piper rakes Roberts’ eyes and then stomps on him.

Roberts starts to bleed across his forehead. Referee tries to break both apart as they pull at each other’s hair and punch each other. Piper with a suplex and both seem to get hurt. Piper whips Roberts into the ropes but Roberts gets him with a sunset flip for a two-count. Piper gets back up and uses a thumb to the throat to knock Roberts back down. He starts punching at Roberts. Gets another two count on Roberts.

Piper with a knee lift on Roberts. Another near fall on Roberts. Reverse chinlock by Piper as he tells the referee to ask Roberts if he gives up. Piper goes for a sleeper on Roberts! Roberts reaches the bottom rope with his foot. Piper misses a knee drop! They exchange punches. Roberts backdrops Piper and then catches him with the knee lift for a two-count.

Sgt. Slaughter can be seen standing a few feet away from the ring. Roberts hits the ropes and Sgt. Slaughter goes over and trips him up. Referee Sonny Fargo sees this and calls for the bell to DQ Piper. Piper continues to attack Jake Roberts. Ricky Steamboat runs out and stops Piper.

WINNER: Jake Roberts

Pvt. Don Kernoodle and Pvt. Jim Nelson join Bob Caudle for an interview. Kernoodle tells him that they are not only the privates but the NEW Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions! He talks about how they all promised to win back the titles in June. Caudle disagrees. Nelson says that Slaughter told them to get those belts back and they did so and vows to keep the titles for a long time. Kernoodle mentions that Sgt. Slaughter is going to hurt Ricky Steamboat again and mentions he and Nelson want to wrestle Steamboat and Jack Brisco.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Bill White

The music plays as Valiant and White start the match. Valiant sends White to the outside. White gets back into the ring and Valiant pulls his hair to take him down. Chinlock by Valiant. He places a knee across White’s throat. Headlock by Valiant. Valiant gets him in the corner but White reverses and chops Valiant.

Valiant takes White back down and into a headlock. White back up and he gets in a few shots at Valiant. He whips Valiant into the ropes but misses an elbow as Valiant ducks it. Valiant then catches White with an elbow of his own. He gets him with a second elbow and then follows with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Valiant

Sgt. Slaughter, Pvt. Kernoodle, Pvt. Nelson and The Ninja join Bob Caudle. Sgt. Slaughter mentions how he took his recruits from nothing and made them champions. He tells them to get into the ring. Slaughter talks about how the babyfaces tried to form a group to stop them but a lot of them are now gone but he and Roddy Piper are still there. Roddy Piper joins him and the Ninja. He says that they watch each other’s backs and not due to money.

Slaughter tells Piper that he’s going to hand him the mic because no one else can handle it like he does and shakes his hand. Piper talks about how Jack Brisco brought in Ricky Steamboat to watch his back.

Sgt. Slaughter, Pvt. Don Kernoodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson vs. Kelly Kiniski, Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis

Kelly Kiniski and Pvt. Kernoodle start the match. Kernoodle gets in a few forearms at Kiniski but Kelly gets Kernoodle with an armdrag out of the corner. Leg takedown by Kernoodle and he tags in Nelson. Nelson goes after Kiniski’s left leg. Kiniski escapes and tags in Mike Davis. Davis quickly tags in Rotundo.

Quck tags by Rotundo’s team. Kiniski back in with a wristlock on Nelson. Fireman’s carry takedown into an armbar by Kiniski. Nelson slams Kiniski but Davis had just tagged in. He elbows Nelson and then tags Rotundo in. Rotundo with an armlock on Nelson. Nelson tags in Kernoodle. Kernoodle with some forearms across Rotundo’s chest. Rotundo whips Kernoodle into the corner but Slaughter makes the save with his body.

Sgt. Slaughter tags in and slams Rotundo. Kneedrop by Slaughter. He tosses Rotundo into the turnbuckles and the Privates beat on Rotundo. Slaughter tags in Nelson. Davis and Kiniski try to save Rotundo. Nelson with a headlock on Rotundo. Sgt. Slaughter tags back in and he elbows Rotundo. He punches at Rotundo. Slaughter punches Kiniski as well.

Nelson back in and they double- and triple-team Rotundo. Slaughter back in and dropkicks Rotundo. Rotundo tags in Kiniski but Slaughter’s ready for him and he lands some forearms across his back. Nelson tags in and beats on Kiniski. Kernoodle tags in and knocks Rotundo down. Quick tags by the privates. Kiniski reaches over and tags in Rotundo. Rotundo gets knocked down by Nelson and Slaughter gets back into the ring.

Sgt. Slaughter sends Rotundo into Kernoodle’s foot. Kernoodle tags in and he gets Rotundo with a neckbreaker. Rotundo kicks out of a pin attempt but he continues to get punished. Sgt. Slaughter slams Rotundo into the top turnbuckle. The Privates beat on him in the corner. Nelson back in and he elbows Rotundo and gets another two-count. Kernoodle tags in and whips Rotundo into the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow.

Rotundo escapes and tags in Mike Davis! Davis catches Kernoodle with some dropkicks. Kernoodle tags in Nelson and Davis continues to beat hm on offense. Davis and Slaughter now exchange shots and Davis tries for a dropkick but Slaughter moves out of the way. Slaughter with a clothesline on Davis and he covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter, Pvt. Kernoodle & Pvt. Nelson

Kelly Kiniski and Mike Rotundo join Bob Caudle after the match. Kiniski talks about the tough loss to Sgt. Slaughter and his two privates. He mentions that he and Rotundo have been teaming more regularly. Kelly wishes Steamboat the best of luck and agrees with him about wrestlers needing interference to get wins and hopes Steamboat can put a stop to it. Mike Rotundo says he respects the three men that opposed them earlier but doesn’t respect the way they wrestle.

Jay Youngblood & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ali Bey & Ken Timbs

Jay Youngblood and Ali Bey start the match. Ali Bey with a hard shot at Youngblood. Youngblood knocks Ali Bey down and delivers some chops at him. Ali Bey tags in Ken Timbs. Side headlock by Youngblood. Hard chop by Youngblood at Timbs. Youngblood tags in McDaniel.

McDaniel with a power slam on Timbs. He gets Timbs in a reverse chinlock. Follows it up with a chop. More chops in the corner by McDaniel. Youngblood hits Timbs with an elbow. Double thrust by McDaniel and Youngblood. Youngblood gets a two-count after a leg drop. Timbs reaches his corner and gets some knees into the mid-section before tagging in Ali Bey.

Youngblood with a hiptoss on Ali Bey followed by a chop. Timbs tags back in. Youngblood with an atomic drop on Timbs and he gets a two-count. McDaniel tags back in and gets Timbs with another atomic drop. McDaniel attacks Timbs left leg. Ali Bey tries to stop McDaniel but Wahoo chops Ali Bey off the ring apron. Another chop at Timbs. Youngblood with a backdrop on Timbs and he goes for the pin but Ali Bey makes the save. He goes for another suplex on Timbs and covers him for the pin but Timbs kicks out. McDaniel tags in and chops Timbs. He tags in Younblood and he chops Timbs again and then hits the ropes and drops a knife chop across Timbs and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Wahoo McDaniel

Jack Brisco and Paul Jones join Bob Caudle. Jones talks about “Ding Dong” Mosca and doesn’t appreciate that Mosca is bad-mouthing him. Brisco talks about what a great wrestler Ricky Steamboat is and thanks him again for promising to watch his back. He brings up how Piper’s crew tried to take out McDaniel but he’s back too. Brisco vows to not give up the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship and says he looks forward to going after Roddy Piper.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent episode. The Jake Roberts vs. Roddy Piper match was good. Also thought the opening tag match and the six-man tag were pretty good as well. Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter also had very good promos during the show. The Jack Brisco vs. Roddy Piper feud has been very good and now Brisco asking Steamboat to team with him against Piper and Muraco should be fun.


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